swios training 2012 by B7BONZL


									                 South West Idaho Operator Section
                                       of the
                     Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association
                              SWIOS Training for 2012

  February 15th                                                       Meridian WWTF
8:00am-1:00p.m.              Introduction to Programmable
                                      Controllers                  3401 N. Ten Mile Rd.
(0.3 DW/WW CEU)                                                    Meridian, Idaho 83646
                                    By: Curt Landreth,
                                 Advanced Control Systems            Business Meeting
                                                                      Lunch Provided
    April 11th                                                    Garden City, PW Building
 8:00am-1:00p.m.             Pump and Pipeline Hydraulics                     th
                                                                      207 E 38 Street
(0.3 DW/WW CEU)                           By: Joe Evans              Garden City, Idaho
                                                                      Business Meeting
                                                                       Lunch Provided
    June 13th                                                       Lander Street WWTF
 8:00am-3:00p.m.            Wastewater Treatment III and IV
                                   Exam Review                      790 Lander Street
  (0.6 WW CEU)                                                      Boise, Idaho 83703
                                         By: Pat Brown
                                      Brown Environmental            Business Meeting
                                                                      Lunch Provided
   August 15th                                                         Kuna WWTF
 8:00am-1:00p.m.              GIS and Asset Management
                                                                     6950 N 10 mile Rd
(0.3 DW/WW CEU)                         By: David Watkins             Kuna, ID 83634
                                       Brown and Caldwell
                                                                     Business Meeting
                                                                      Lunch Provided
   October 10th                                                      West Boise WWTF
 8:00am-1:00p.m.             Pipe Bursting, Slip Lining, and
                                                                      11818 Joplin Rd
(0.3 DW/WW CEU)
                                  Directional Drilling                Boise, ID 83714
                                       By: Robyn Mattison            Business Meeting
                                     Forsgren and Associates          Lunch Provided
  December 5th                15 Annual Sponsor Appreciation        Nampa Civic Center
10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.                Day & Holiday Meeting                Fun & Prizes

    No CEU’S                         Election of Offices             Business Meeting
                             Operator of the Year Awards & More       Lunch Provided

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