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                                                 AUGUST ISSUE
                                                                                                              VOLUME 1, ISSUE 8

                             Headquarters and Service Company, 1st Marine
                             Logistics Group                “Victory Through Logistics”
  Commanding Officer
                           Dear Families and Friends,
    Maj J. G. Garza

   Executive Officer
  1stLt K. N. Hardesty  Greetings from Al Taqaddum. It is hard to believe that the month of August is over. The days went by quickly
First Sergeant & Family and for those of us deployed for the duration of OIF 08, we are finally past the half way point. These past seven
    Readiness Officer   months have gone by quickly and we are all looking forward to returning home to our loved ones.
    1stSgt J. L. Morris

   Company Gunnery
       Sergeant            A majority of our OIF 08.1 personnel departed during the month of August. Again, I want to thank them for a job
  GySgt T. A. Belleville   well done. Their contributions during the deployment had a significant impact on 1st MLG’s mission.

     Capt O. Mozon
                         Our newly joined personnel for OIF 08.2 are an equally motivated and professional group of Marines and Sailors.
Family Readiness Officer The transition from OIF 08.1 to OIF 08.2 has been seamless. In the upcoming months, this new group of
Camp Pendleton Contact personnel will have additional tasks and responsibilities from providing logistics support to security. I know that
    Ms. Kristin Day      they are ready for the challenge and will perform superbly.


                           On 27 August 2008, we took time to recognize 1st MLG Sailors that qualified for the Fleet Marine Force (FMF)
                           Warfare pin. The FMF Warfare qualification is unique to the other warfare qualifications of the Navy because
                           the final determination for approval resides with the Marine Corps Commander. Participants are required to
                           pass a Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (enlisted), complete a six mile hike (officers), pass written and
                           practical application examinations and pass an oral board of senior qualified FMF board members. The FMF
                           program for the 1st MLG was overseen by Commander Jones, Group Surgeon, and Master Chief Fiesco,
                           Command Master Chief. Additionally, several Marines and FMF qualified Sailors provided assistance with the
                           program. As a result, 1st MLG qualified 58 officers and 108 enlisted Sailors during the OIF 08.1. Commander
                           Penta, Group Surgeon for OIF 08.2, has assumed responsibilities of the program.
 Support Resources
MCCS One Source:
1-800-869-0278             Finally, I want to thank our families and friends for their continued support. I know that time away from your
24-hour Hotline            loved ones is difficult. We appreciate the sacrifices that you make on a daily basis while your Marine or Sailor is
                           deployed in support of OIF. Thank you for your love and support. Semper Fidelis.
Navy and Marine Corps
Relief Society
American Red Cross
http://www.redcross.org/   Major John G. Garza

                           Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Service Company

                           1st Marine Logistics Group
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        Congratulations to the following Marines and sailors for receiving the Navy and Marine
Corps Achievement Medal: 1stLt Jennifer K. Carson (G-3), PO1 Dina E. Mitchell (G-7), SSgt
Torrence T. Glover (Postal), Sgt Samuel C. Waers (G-3), Sgt Jisela Melendez (CO Office), Sgt
Collin M. Volkart (G-3), Sgt Rudy Espinoza (Motor-T), Sgt Dallas B. Duncantell (LSST), Sgt
Nickalos O. Lundin (G-3), Sgt Christopher P. Donovan (PRP), LCpl Kareem D. Lisbey (CO OFF),
SSgt Torrence T. Glover (Postal), Sgt Shaun T. Doyle (G-3).

     Congratulations to the following Marines for receiving the Navy and Marine Corps
Commendation Medal: Capt Matthew C. Lariscy (G-3), and Capt Anthony G. Yarrell (G-3).
                                                                                                    “SUPPORT FROM
        Congratulations to the following Marines for receiving Certificate of Commendation:         HOME HAS BEEN
HM1 Joshua T. Hammons (G-3), HM1 Brandie A. Collins (G-3), HM1 Steven M. Anderson (G-7),            GREAT. PLEASE
HM2 Jasmin S. Enciso (G-3),HM2 Janice S. Beard (G-3), HM2 Alvin D. Jules (G-3), PS2
                                                                                                    KEEP THE LETTERS,
Christopher D. Youso (G-1), Sgt Lynsey C. Devane (G-3), Cpl Nancy P. Hernandez (CCU), Cpl
                                                                                                    PACKAGES AND E-
Heather N. Evans (Supply), Cpl Freda L. Cooke (CO OFF), Cpl Michael R. Perkins (G-3), Cpl
                                                                                                    MAILS COMING.
Justin A. Richardson (G-3), Cpl Trent J. Countryman (G-3), Cpl Joseph D. Weaver (Motor T), Cpl
Benjamin P. Eberle (PAO), Cpl Jay S. Milinichik (Motor T), Cpl Emery K. Leyva (CO OFF), HM3         EACH MARINE AND
Derek J. Morrison (G-3), HM3 Dustin R. Winnon (G-3), LCpl Erik A. Retzman (G-3), LCpl Emeka         SAILOR HOPES TO
N. Akalanze (Motor T), and LCpl Conrado L. Morales (Motor T),                                       HEAR FROM YOU
        Congratulations to the following Marines for receiving a Meritorious Mast this month:       -1STSGT MORRIS
Cpl Scott I. Halisky (PRP), LCpl Brendan T. Koch (PRP), Lcpl Nicholas A. Divito (PRP), LCpl Nam
P. Le (PRP), LCpl William L. Perkins (PRP), LCpl Cesar Pequeno (Postal), LCpl Jonathan
Knowles (Postal), LCpl Dennis Barrett (Postal), LCpl Gabriel Rivera (Postal), LCpl Carlton
Nance (Postal), LCpl Mario A. Castro III (Motor T), LCpl Micheal A. OdorisioGallardo (Motor T),
Cpl Aaron Crawford (PRP), Cpl John R. Rivello (PRP), and Cpl Keith A, Jakway (Motor T).

        Congratulations to the following Marines for their regular promotion on 1 September
2008: MSgt Jonathan S. Lindquist (PX), GySgt Jeffrey A. Callahan (CO OFF), SSgt Christopher
E. Crowderbarnes (PRP), Cpl Jennifer A. Rich (CCU), Cpl Scott I. Halisky (PRP), Andrew J. Herp
(PX), Cpl Eddie I. Granda (G-3), Cpl Kyle J. Roberts (G-7), Cpl Henry C. Woolery (Postal), LCpl
David C. Castillo (Postal), and LCpl Alexander V. Mota (G-6).

       Support from home has been great. Please keep the letters, packages and e-mails
coming. Each Marine and Sailor hopes to hear from you soon!
Very Respectfully,

First Sergeant Jonathan L. Morris
Company First Sergeant
Headquarters and Service Company
1st Marine Logistics Group
Multi National Force - West
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                                                               Sgt Keyser gets to have a little fun knocking down the
                                                               HESCO barriers with the Tram...

That is one big mess to clean up!

                                                   Practice Makes Perfect!

          FALL IN! Marines stand in formation awaiting award
          ceremony.                                                      Sgt Keyser has a little fun knocking down hesco barriers wi
                                                                         the Tram...
                                                                            Don’t move Cpl Monroe!

                                                                     SSgt Lacanilao, a former Drill Instructor helps a few of the
                                                                     Marines with drill in preparation for the Corporals Course.
          Cpl Rangel marches his detail around supply
          learning drill movements.
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 Hi, all! I’m GySgt Walker A.J., and I’ll be writing the newsletter article for the Food Service side of the house for the duration of
the deployment.

 GySgt Thomas, SSgt Ruyle, Sgt Cezair, Cpl Schuler, and Cpl Arrivillaga are headed home very soon and will be dearly missed
here at TQ, but we wish them a safe trip home and wish all their friends and family well.

 GySgt Walker, SSgt Brown, Sgt Tomaneng, Cpl Adams, and LCpl Nguyen came on deck in mid-August to take the spots of the
ones going home. We’ve been here for about 2 weeks now, and are learning to quickly adjust to the heat. We look forward to
the cooling months, however.

 The picture below was taken about 10 minutes after we landed in Iraq. We were waiting for our transportation to be taken to
our new work and living spaces.

 We hope all is well with you and your families and hope you have a safe Labor Day holiday!

          GySgt Adrian J. Walker
          1stMLG H&S Co, FdSvc SNCOIC

                                                               From left to right are SSgt Brown, Percival, Lcpl Nguyen, Sgt Tomaneng, Cpl Adams,
                                                               and Gysgt Walker.

  Just some Humor to pass the time...

LCpl Flores showing off some of that BLING

                                                                                                   Here is LCpl Valdez posing as FLAVA FLAV!

                                                   LCpl Cook… Is that you??
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 This month saw a number of special events, with personnel arriving and departing, as well as the rotation of many people
 to the support site known as CLSA Savannah.

 It was my privilege to spend several days there, along with my trusty sidekick, RP3 Ross Curiel, and conduct worship
 services, visit with service members, engage in stimulating discussions on topics both religious and secular, and to watch
 many heroes conducting their operations with honor, courage, and commitment.

 Many of our US Navy personnel (myself included) had the opportunity to earn the “Fleet Marine Force” pin, which involved
 several months of study, personal qualifications, testing, and oral boards. It is a privilege to wear my FMF chaplain’s pin
 on my uniform.

 The interesting and unique thing about the program is that it is actually a “warfare qualification” and the Navy-Marine
 Corps team came up with a professional program for chaplains, who are by law, non-combatants. Our pin does not have
 rifles on it, like the pin for the enlisted communities and the officer communities who are permitted to carry arms.

 Please continue to pray for our success and be assured of my continued prayers for all of you. Be proud of the
 outstanding work that your loved ones are doing here and know how grateful I am to be able to work with them.

 Very Respectfully, -kjs- Keith

 K J Shuley
 1st MLG Catholic Chaplain
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       It’s been seven months now and a lot has changed from the first day we got here. The excitement
and nervousness about what to expect and do out here has been replaced with that confidence and
cockiness that makes us Marines – the confidence of knowing that we can do any task assigned to us. We
have also had a cultural shock of sorts. Interacting with the Iraqi populace on a regular basis has shown us
a completely different side of Iraq. Not the one that is portrayed as constant battle, but one where Marines
and soldiers’ jobs have shifted from war fighting to building a nation up from years of oppression. We all
had a hand in it, and should be proud of what we have done.

  The 8.2 TQ Disbursing Detachment has arrived! Some of the old faces have stayed to finish out
  the year. Maj Irwin, 1st Lt Melesky, CWO2 Sheets, MSgt Williams, Cpl Polancomercedes, and
  Cpl Taylor have now been joined by GySgt Howard, Cpl Downs, Cpl Curiel, Cpl Connelly, and Cpl

                    August 2008, it was our pleasure to witness the promotion of CWO2 Jason
                    A. Sheets to his present grade. Below is a photo of all the Marines that
                    came out to witness the promotion ceremony of CWO2 Sheets.
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           Once again we have the awesome opportunity to send a joyous “Hello” to all our families and friends at home and keep you
informed of situation forward. Last month we presented the different missions that we accomplished and our role to help make life better
for all tenant Commands aboard Camp Al Taqaddum. This month we are heavily engaged in numerous projects of different scales. The top
three involves the three main commodities within the BOS, Power Generation, Construction, and Customer Service/Future Ops.

         During this period, the Construction section worked on building the two biggest South West Asia (SWA) huts aboard this camp.
They each are 32 feet wide by 100 feet long. This is over 3,000 square feet for each SWA hut. Sgt Hines and Cpl McCabe are the on-sight
foremen for this project with Cpl Campos, LCpl Terry, LCpl Kennedy, LCpl Oldchief and PFC Fields working alongside. These new facilities
being constructed by our Marines are for improvements within the Joint Air Cargo Operations Terminal (JACOT) to improve the facilities there
adding space to ensure that the Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen have a comfortable place to wait for departure from the Iraqi desert.

           The Utility section sent Sgt Dewitt and LCpl Roberts down to Habbaniyah for two weeks to work with the 1 st Battalion 2nd Marines
 Camp Mayor to assist with improving the power generation and electrical system that are aboard that base. Upon returning from
 Habbaniyah, Cpl Gant assisted Sgt Dewitt and LCpl Robert with various wiring projects to include the TS Co. Armory SWA hut as well as re-
 distribute to the newly added FSR trailer to assist VMU-2 with maintaining flight control and maintenance on the unmanned aircraft.

           Sgt DeWitt and LCpl Roberts received Letter’s of Appreciation from AAFES for installing three new refer units when the pre-
 existing refer units had broken down thus saving thousands of dollars worth of meat.

          Sgt Garcia our Motor Transport Chief continues to work with all units aboard the base assisting them with there vehicles. He has
 also been tasked with escorting the local nationals that come aboard the base to assist with the clean-up of the base.

          We also welcome Sgt Costa to the Base Operations Utility Section who is joining us from Combat Logistics Batallion 1 along with
 Sgt Schultz from 1st Supply Battalion who will be working in the Contracting Section. Both of these Marines voluntarily extended over here
 for an additional six months.

            This month the Customer Service/Work Orders section has ensured the smooth running and quality life support of Camp Al
 Taqaddum. Sgt Hernandez, Work Orders and Customer Service NCO, has done an excellent job in ensuring the life support services for all
 military tenants aboard Camp Taqaddum are provided in a timely manner. He also played a big role in ensuring all requests for ground
 transport and coordination of all transportation requests and any material handling equipment supporting numerous projects aboard
 Camp Al Taqaddum. Additionally, we are currently overseeing the application of the External Insulation To Temporary Structures (EITS)
 project, Project Eskimo. It consist of five teams that apply foam insulation to any soft structures aboard Camp Taqaddum creating better
 insulation, comfort, and dust abatement for Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors. The project is well on the way and making great progress. The
 Mainside Exchange is completed and the high occupancy areas are currently in progress.
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                                                             It’s the rebuilding that makes you work...

                 Tearing down is the easy part...

            Preventive Medicine Unit 1st MLG has settled in and completed turnover with the first rotation crew. They are already
  providing Force Health Protection services to the AO and building relationships with the troops and the Iraqi population. Ensign Jeff
  Moody (Environmental Health Officer) and his staff of Preventive Medicine Technicians, HM1(FMF) Chris Turner (Senior Enlisted
  Leader), HM2(FMF) Genesia Salgado, and HM2(FMF) Hugh Regidor are providing consultation and design implementation on a
  drinking water treatment system for an Iraqi village. With this system, the villagers will have clean drinking water free of disease
  causing virus and bacteria and will greatly enhance the quality of life. They have volunteered there expertise and time to make a
  difference in peoples lives. This is public health and humanitarian support at it’s finest. With the hot months almost behind us, HM2
  Hurtado (Safety Representative) and HM2 Salgado had diligently conducted heat stress surveillance on several structures to ensure
  workers and their patrons were not continually working in extremely hot conditions. They continued to create heat stress best
  practices and awareness through monitoring and education to the leaders of 1 st MLG. Their ultimate mission is to enhance troop
  health and wellness and improve the quality of life. They are doing this everyday by actively engaging units/facilities and by
  conducting environmental health assessments and ensuring corrective action. We are very excited to have them on board and look
  forward to the health services they provide in keeping our troops healthy.

               … and work.

                                                           ENS Jeff Moody greeting the local children while assessing the water
                                                           distribution network in Kabani village.
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                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY LCPL BOLIVAR!

            The commitment and dedication of the Marines from 08.1 was greatly appreciated but now its time for a new start. The
   month of August marked the change in attitude and the new image for Supply. The turnover with the first rotation has been
   completed and things are going pretty well. As always, as the days go by, the temperature continues to rise. A lot of hydration and
   1 month of acclimatizing, we are already getting used to it and ready to roll. We have only been here a month and some change
   and the unit already notices the difference. We have cleaned and organized the back lot so that issue and receiving is more

              The Marines at supply enjoy the amusement that the sections provide. Like for instance, the airmen submitted a
   request for moisture wicking bras, sections asking for $5K worth of earplugs, and the likes. If you fill out a request for something
   like that, we will laugh at you behind your back. On a different note, we just recently celebrated LCpl Bolivar’s birthday, he just
   turned 14 (J/K)! We had to improvise and used chemlight as a candle. Let’s just say he had a hard time blowing it out. Every
   Sunday, we conduct PME’s to increase the confidence and morale in the shop. For the month of September, I will be attending
   Cpl’s course. Watch out Communications Company! Until next month.

            Thank you for your support!

                                Cpl Kula Mando
                                Supply NCO

                                                       From left to right: Cpl Monroe, Cpl Mando, SSgt Lacanilao, Sgt Briitzman,
                                                       LCpl Bolivar, and LCpl Sosoli.

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