CONCLUSIONS by yurtgc548


       Assessment / Evaluation
• Is increasingly important
  – To ensure best research quality
     • Including reassuring public
  – To demonstrate value for money

• Demonstrated CERIF has already (the majority
  of) the parameters required
  – As atomic components that can be aggregated
                                        Next Steps
•   Maximise capture of institutional green OA output with associated CERIF-CRIS by mandating full
    text deposit
     –   To improve availability of publications
     –   To improve additional information e.g. Citations, and many other metrics
     –   euroCRIS to continue to work with OA community
•   Promote CERIF-CRIS success stories throughout Europe (and wider)
     –   euroCRIS member meetings
     –   Cooperate with ALLEA
     –   Cooperate with EUNIS – conferences / meetings
     –   Cooperate with CODATA – 2012 conference, Data Science Journal
•   ESF, ERC have already specified CERIF – get CERIF implemented in CORDIS and EPSS and national
    funding councils via euroHORCs
     –   EC to fulfil the EU recommendation to member states also themselves
     –   Cooperate with ESF on CERIF implementation
•   Work with Thomson-Reuters (WoS) and publishers (incl. Elsevier:SCOPUS) and Google scholar to
    obtain CERIF-compatibility
     –   For information exchange
     –   To benefit uploads for research institutions
•   Set up test environment for identifiers e.g. Persons, publications, organisational units )COST

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