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Computer Assisted Language Learning _CALL_ by yurtgc548


									Computer Assisted Language
     Learning (CALL)

   Experience of my E-Pal
Final Project and Presentation

       Name: Blake Kuo
  Student Number: A9415056
      Instructor: Shuli-lai
• My E-Pal
• English usages I learned
• Cultural gap or similarities I found
• How I was different due to project
•My frustration and final reflection
• Conclusion
        Detail of my E-Pal 1
• Name: Shierly
• Nickname: Ruka
• Nationality:Perth,Australia
• Age: 26
• Vocation: Student
• Gender: Female
• Descent: Chinese
• Number of mail: 8

• Duration: 2006-10-16 to present
         Detail of my E-Pal 2
• Name: Emely Alfaro
• Nickname: Eme
• Nationality: NY,US
• Age: 44
• Vocation:
  Executive Assistant
• Gender: Female
• Number of mail: 4
• Duration: 2006-10-27 to present
                 Usage Unit
• Greetings:
• Dear Mr/Mrs XXX 、 What‘s cooking? 、In the
 middle of something? What‘s up? 、What’s going
 on? 、Keeping busy? How have you been?

• Colloquial Languages:
• It’s been a while 、 Sth + was hell 、Same old,
 Same old、Meet up with someone 、Let me get
 that 、Right behind you、 Hit on、Get in (into)
 your pants、What’s the rush?
 Cultural gap or similarities I found
• Differences :
Restaurant manners
Financial affairs

• Similarities :
Western men are the same as Eastern men in sex.
 Different due to this project
• It destroyed my traditional idea in English

• I have a habit to read English article every week

• Let me have world view before I started this
  My frustration and final reflection

• It was very difficult that I kept the contact with
  my E-Pal.

• I understood English how I use it in my life.

• I would see the guidepost When I walked on
  the road
• I have more foreign experience due to project

• I studied some usage Colloquial Languages

• Respect is the best way that we make friends.

• I try to get with English speaking

• Keep walking and English is a tool.

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