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					     MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report: July 19, 2010

     Status by Release

     Release 10: Student Financials, Master Data Management (MDM), Admissions Application,
     Extended Studies, and CRM 9.1 (Target go-live: July 1, 2010)
         Main portal profile pagelet is in testing. Production target is currently 7/21.
         The ISIS-to-DARS file extract to support the load and evaluation of AP, IB and CLEP scores was migrated to
            production on July 7th. On July 12th, the batch process was run for the first time and it extracted, loaded
            and evaluated over 8,400 AP/IB/CLEP test scores for more than 2,000 undergraduates students who were
            admitted for fall 2010. Over 16,000 hours of transfer credit was awarded during this process. This
            process will now run once every two weeks but this particular load included the highest volume and is
            considered critical in terms of supporting the remaining Orientation sessions at CUBLD.
         MDM
            o MDM load process has begun and is on schedule. Asynchronous transactional processing of
                messages should commence by August 1.
            o CS data clean up lists are being generated by MDM as part of load process. Lists will be distributed to
                CC as needed for correction. Some constituents will not be loaded into MDM due to data issues.
            o Functional testing continues in SIT. Two known errors will be addressed in CS/PS next week.
            o Deletion of records is a larger issue for MDM. We need to address implications of not deleting data
                at a field, CS source record and MDM constituent level to ensure proper interpretation of data over
                time. At the field level, a solution is required before we can allow source consumption of MDM data.
                (This impacts R10.2).
               o    Publish messaging progress was minimal this week due to schedule conflicts and access set
                    up hurdles as we transition workload from integration team to consultant. By Monday
                    morning, proper pieces should be in place to facilitate productive effort. We anticipate
                    good progress next week and are striving for completion of secure messaging from MDM to
               o   Failover set up and testing is not yet complete. VIP set up is posing challenges in Siebel application
                   connections. At this point we are at risk of going live without failover in place.
               o Oracle SR: 3-1590633991 appears to be stalled once again. We have gotten no response from
                   support in response to log files submitted over a week ago. This issue has been open for several
                   months. It is related to management of the Existing Duplicate Queue. This issue is important for
                   longer term data management (aka August) but is not a show stopper for go-live.
               o An MDM originated duplicate resolution process has been presented to the CC team. We are
                   currently working to develop processes for data enrichment to expedite duplicate list distribution and
                   research. 2 new CEMLI’s have been created to support this process. John Tucker and Rob Evans are
                   heavily involved with development of a solution. Some additional query work is being slated for
                   development by GSD. Meetings this week will solidify requirements.
              Financial Aid
               o E-FA-42 Work Study extension is being tested and will be migrated to CSPROD this month.
               o CS Bundle 17 was delayed again due to issues with the bundle application process and concern
                   regarding the impact on Admissions and Student Records. To provide FA with an environment to test
                   the bundle along with current data, CSSITFA was created. This will allow FA (and other areas, e.g.,
                   DATC, SF) a refreshed and patched environment to test in and to validate the bundle prior to applying
                   it to PREP and PROD.
               o UCD has a fall program that begins in July. UCD Bursars is planning on calculating tuition for these
                   students the third week of July. UCD FA is coordinating with Bursars regarding disbursement of aid
                   and refunds for these (approximately 100) students.
               o CU Loan processing has begun with both UCD and UCB transmitting loan origination files to the
                   Federal COD.
              Student Financials
MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                     Page 1 of 10
               o   Account Detail Conversion C-SF-01 – The conversion was completed and all accounts are updated in
               o Incremental Account Detail Conversion C-SF-07 – This is running daily; Frank Libeau is working on
                   automating the ISIS side to load those files that don’t need any changes made prior to loading. Pam
                   is working on automating this on the SIS side so that it can run without any operator intervention.
               o Comments Conversion C-SF-03 – Conversion has been run in PROD.
               o ACH Conversion C-SF-06 – Conversion has been run in PROD
               o NelNet Student Payments and EBills I-SF-10 – Everything is in production; all payments are now being
                   processed through ISIS. Boulder has successfully produced bills in ISIS and FTP’d the bills to NelNet.
               o Interface with A/P for refunding I-SF-05 – This is in Production and we have successfully run warrant
               o ProBill Interface I-SF-07 – Development is complete and test processes are being run in CSSIT. We are
                   currently running all processes out of SIS. We are hoping to have this in ISIS by the end of July.
               o Campus Partners I-SF-06 – This has been broken out into 4 parts (A, B, C & D). A & B are needed by
                   July 1, C is needed by mid August and D should be done by December. D is the file that feeds the
                   transactions to FIN and this process can continue to run off of the mainframe. GSD is working on the
                   development of A and B. We are currently running all processes out of SIS. We are hoping to have
                   this in ISIS by the end of July.
               o Interface with Paris Software I-SF-12 – We are still testing all the pieces of this; our hopes are to get it
                   migrated tonight or tomorrow. For now demand warrants are being processed through SIS and then
                   the transaction comes over in the incremental.
               o Departmental External File Loads I-SF-11 – Configuration is complete and everything is ready for the
                   departments to start loading transactions into ISIS.
               o Department Receipt Description E-SF-65 – This is in production
               o Calculate Waivers E-SF-66 – This is in production
               o ACH Refunds E-SF-57 – Linda Warren is working on this, she thinks we can use the delivered AP
                   functionality to process ACH refunds. We should be testing this sometime this w -eek.
               o Late Fees E-SF-70 - This has been assigned to Thomas Pond from UIS and he is currently working on it.
               o Final Configuration for everything but tuition calculation has been completed and is in production.
                   We will be doing a final test of the tuition calcs this week and move the tables to production this
                   week. First Calc will be run the weekend of July 24 .
               o Equations Help – The consultant has completed her work on these equations and they are ready to
                   be tested.
              CRM
               o We continue to verify data in the production environment and we are planning on having our first
                   large email sent out of the system by the Boulder campus this Thursday July, 23.
               o There have been a few issues discovered with data in the production environment, but nearly all of
                   them have been resolved. There are currently only two outstanding issues that we are aware of, but
                   we will continue to verify this data throughout the course of the week.
                    One of these issues relates to Ethnicity data. It is not being sent over via incremental EIPs, but
                         we do have a temporary workaround that we are testing in other environments now. No
                         customizations are needed for this solution. A Priority 1 ticket is logged with Oracle.
                    The other issue relates to errors we are getting under certain circumstances when phone
                         numbers are deleted. These errors are happening quite frequently (~30/day). Again, a
                         workaround is being tested, but we also have Priority 1 ticket on this item.
               o Scott will be out of town for two weeks, but is available via phone and plans to be monitoring the
                   system as much as possible remotely. Jennifer Schufer from Boulder will let Scott know when the
                   first emails are expected to go out on Thursday.
               o There was a database crash over the July 17 weekend which caused an outage for several hours.
                   The issue was resolve with no data loss. The assumption is that this was caused by a conflict in the
                   nightly scheduled backup of CRPROD and a refresh that was going on of CRPREP.
               o While we are completing our production data verification, work also continues on additional Profiles ,
                   Documents and Dialogs which are needed as part of our Post go-live plan.
              Student Account Conversions.
MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                        Page 2 of 10
               o    Worked with SF team to resolve any data issues from student account detail. Data has been supplied
                    to SF team to load.
               o    Technical development of automation of the SF detail incremental is under development on both the
                    extract and load side. Customer feedback received and product will be released shortly for testing.
                    Next steps, run in manual automation mode, then UC4 automation.

     Release 11: Financial Aid Disbursement, Graduation Processing, Grading and End of Term
     Processing (Target go-live: Fall 2010)
         Business case is complete for UCB Student Employment portal pagelet.
         Business case is complete for UCB LMS course request portal pagelet.
         Batch degree audit process – Functional design document and an estimate of development time need to
            be completed before determining whether R11 is feasible for this process. Batch degree audits support
            requests for more than one audit (e.g., to support graduation processing) and also support the aggregate
            reporting capabilities of DARS.
         FA will authorize around August 2 (UCB) and disburse funds to student bills on August 13 (ten days
                                                  nd                                                        th

            before classes). This is a slight change from the legacy process. In order to have student funds appear on
            their bills in SIS, it was necessary to run the disbursement process a month before the start of classes (but
            with an effective date equal to ten days before). In CS aid will appear on bills prior to disbursement as
            “anticipated aid” according to how the funds have been configured. Excess funds (the credit remaining
            after the student’s bill is paid) are available to be released to students three days prior to the start of
         As a pilot, the UCD financial aid office has authorized and disbursed aid for a student whose fall study
            abroad program begins in July.
         CS Bundle 18 is targeted to be release by Oracle on 7/30/10 and has a Requested Production Deadline for
            CU of 8/30/10.
         Conversion
            o Transcript Text, Honors and Awards Conversion – tested, waiting for transcript compare completion
                 or sign off in order to proceed to next test environment.
            o Relationships Conversion on target.
            o FA conversions – C-FA-12 moving toward getting ready for customer testing.

     Release 12 (Target go-live: December 1, 2010)
         No new processes will go live for FA on 12/1/10. This period will involve ongoing fixes to and configuration
            of the Summer Application, updates to the configuration of the Scholarship Application, testing and
            refinement of Fall term end/ Spring term start processing, and changes to configuration or extensions if
            required by federal, state, or institutional regulations or policies.

     Status by Area

     Campus Community
         The legal presence conversion is in prod (on 7/10).
         The Affiliations – Quick Provisioning extension is scheduled for 7/12.
         The Relationships conversion is scheduled for 8/2.
         The fsaATLAS interface is scheduled for 8/2,
         The Housing photo IDs interface is scheduled for 8/2.
         The Housing addresses interface is scheduled for 8/2.
         The ISO number to external ID interface is scheduled for 8/2.
         The Recording Disabilities and accommodations interface is scheduled for 8/2.
         We are looking in to whether the NID/TIN problem (Oracle bug) has been resolved in a bundle application.
          We’re hoping to cancel the workaround extension.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                     Page 3 of 10
              The Selective Service SS extension is scheduled for 8/1. Art would like to develop the form in Singularity
               and is writing up the functional spec.
              The Facullty/Staff Email (populating in CS) interface is requested for 8/1. Carol has given the
               documentation to the interface team. In the meantime we have a work around.
              Wardenburg Student Health Center staff have requested additions to the translate table for Immunization
               Status (CC>Personal Information>Health Information>Immunizations and Health>Immunization
               (tab)>Immunization Status (drop-down) to include: Age Exempt and Incomplete. If possible they would
               like to remove Partial and Unknown from the same table.

               Also, they have requested the addition of values to the Test Result translate table (CC>Personal
               Information>Health Information>Immunizations and Health>Health Test (tab)> Test Result (drop-down)
               to include: Equivocal, Normal, and Abnormal. If possible they would like to remove: Neutral from same
               table. This appears to be achievable via configuration.
              Sally and Carol A. are working with the campuses to do some record clean up ahead of orientation
               students attempting to register, etc.
              Duplicate Resolution work is getting a cross institution tune up with a standardization of process and
               planning to utilize MDM functionality after it comes up.
              Art has been working on the disability services mod. Margie will become the owner. Configuration still
               needs to be done. We’re still trying to acquire full buy-in on tracking from the disabilities offices. Art will
               provide some training/background.

         Monitoring incremental load issues and insuring success. Reporting errors for SR cleanup work.
         Auditing enrollments by comparing SIS to ISIS. Any mismatches will be converted into production
         Ongoing program/plan mapping tasks.
         Working on modification to transfer credit incremental to determine how summary only conversion could
           work if needed.
         Working Pre-88 transfer credit issue to analyze change as approved by Registrar’s. This will make pre-88
           transfer coursework appear as transfer, not enrollment.
         Historical Load
           o Sign off needed in order to proceed with first load.
           o TEST of historical data is progressing into CON4. Met with DBA to discuss plan to review some of the
               longer running conversions.
           o Reviewing load schedule to see if there are ways to shorten time to load.
           o Business processes to support error processing are needed.
         Non Conversion Support
           o Conversion team has allocated a good chunk of time to other items unrelated to conversions.
                Duplicate resolution reporting process
                MDM testing
                Continue as part of team with consultant who is working on E-SR-05, cumulative stats (People
                Analysis of data for interface team as needed.
                Support for Admission team as needed.
           o Run process to fix program requirement errors caused by admission process.
           o Archive to enrollment requests process will need testing. This should improve performance.
           o Continue to support SR team.
                Data reporting and analysis.
           o Continue to support DARS team as needed.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                          Page 4 of 10
     Data Warehouse
         The business analyst consultant is approximately half way through his contract term and has been
           working effectively with primary report writers, especially from the Registrar’s offices at Boulder and
           Denver with some assistance to Colorado Springs and the AMC campus. Between one and two dozen
           Cognos reports should be in or beyond development by the end of his contract term.
         One hundred thirty new CEMLIs have been created by the Boulder Registrar’s office to track newly
           identified reports that must be constructed. Required production deadlines have been established for
           only twelve of them, mostly reports required for Athletics.
         A two day meeting was held with a PeopleSoft data warehouse industry expert involving warehouse
           project staff and representatives from all the IR offices. Contract efforts will be made to see further
           assistance from this resource. The two day meeting suggested that valuable additional contributions
           could be made. The IR office representatives must be able to contribute significant contact hours in a
           block of time before bringing the resource aboard for further assistance.
         Concerns have been expressed about who can execute and seek results of public queries or write private
           queries containing sensitive data. Much effort has been expended by the security consultant whose
           contract has been extended. Current plans are to test more granular query security this month for
           implementation in production, probably in August. The granularity of reporting security in the
           transactional system will be watched closely to set standards for the granularity of report security in
           Cognos for CIW data.
         A problem was discovered with how a number of queries in production were constructed causing them to
           run excessively long when run by scheduled execution. Some ran for days. The identified problematic
           ones were all immediately fixed. All other PUBLIC queries in production that have this construction
           problem have also been repared. Efforts are underway to get authors of PRIVATE queries in production to
           fix or delete all such queries. This will be monitored until all queries with this type of improper
           construction are repaired in production.
         A database enhancement called “Total Recall” has been licensed from Oracle. This product permits all
           changes to data to be continuously recorded for any database tables where this is desired. The Total
           Recall enhancement is employed in the QA instance of the Central Information Warehouse and is due to
           be working in production before August 1 . With Total Recall, the state of tables managed by Total Recall
           can always be reconstructed for any arbitrary past time, so snapshots on particular dates will no longer be
           necessary. Total Recall will be used as the primary method to capture Fall Census snapshot data.

     Degree Audit and Transfer Articulation System
         The Degree Audit Steering Committee (DASC), Academic Administrators - Special Interest Group (AA-SIG),
            and the DATC functional team met to discuss the known issues around transfer credit processing. The
            group decided that each campus should form a task force to focus on the issues identified because the
            solutions may be campus-specific.
         Transfer evaluations for 4,904 admitted fall 2010 students have been sent to ISIS via the ISIS/DARS
            transfer credit interface.
         The contract to subscribe to redLantern’s u.Select product, which exposes degree audit and transfer
            articulations to prospective students, was signed on June 30th. Implementation timeline is not yet
         Due to the upcoming change in provisioning in the recruitment portal, the DARSweb application that
            exposes transfer credit to admitted students in this portal will no longer be accessible. The portal team is
            currently working on replacing the DARSweb link with a link to the ISIS Student Center. This will meet the
            need for matriculated students but the DATC team will continue to research the best long-term solution
            for both admitted and matriculated students.
         Functional team continues to encode, test and release degree programs. Below is the number of
                                                                                    th            th
            DARSweb audits requested by advisors and students between June 14 and July 13 :

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                     Page 5 of 10
                                                       DARSweb Advisor             DARSweb Student
                                      CUBLD            7,477                       4,903
                                      CUDEN              475                         549
                                      CUSPG            3,415                       2,311
                                      TOTAL            11,367                       7,763

     Document Management
         Cedar Crestone Admissions Application Status:
          o The office are creating new document classes where needed. Some for Mass Access forms some for
              uploaded documents. This will be an ongoing process even after the go-live as the offices better
              define their processes and is normal.
          o Mass Access PDF form testing and tweaking continues.
          o Some users have decided to not use Mass Access PDF forms for some of their longer and difficult
              forms. The reason for this is that the office does not expect the student to be able to fill out these
              large and complex forms in one sitting. As an alternative, they will host these complex PDF forms on a
              publically accessible web site to allow the student to download the form, fill it out, then submit it as
              an uploaded document into Cedar. The Cedar app will then push these upload forms into Singularity
              for that student.. The Document Management Project Team is discouraging this practice unless
              absolutely necessary as the form will no longer contain any of the prefilled bio demo data.
          o Mass Access PDF form testing has shown a minor PDF design issue. If a field is added to a PDF form
              and the field is expected to contain a large amount of text, the field needs to be large enough to
              show all of the text without scroll bars. The reason for this is that all fields are set to read only (as
              they should be) once they get submitted into Singularity. So if there is text in a field and the field is
              set to scroll, only the text that actually fits into the field display will be visible. The workaround is to
              use larger text fields when necessary.
          o A meeting was held with two of the UCB Engineering Grad Advisors to get a better understanding of
              their business process. The results were positive. They now have a better understanding of Singularity
              and the DM project staff will work on a couple of functional issues to help them in their business
         Two application bugs were identified last month. One has been corrected by Hershey the other is
         Document Management System Stats:
          o Total Document classes: 1,033
          o Total Users in Singularity: 852
                                                  Number of Documents in Singularity
                                           Converted             1,646,776
                                           New                    286,770
                                           TOTAL                 1,933,546

              Implementations for the Final 6 Months of MetamorphoSIS
              July 2010
               o Fax processing for various campuses and departments
                     UCB Financial Aid: Testing is complete and the fax processes are in production.
                     UCD Financial Aid and UCD Bursar: Testing is complete and the fax processes are in production.
                     UCB Admissions: Procurement is pending.
                     UCD Records: Testing is complete and the fax processes are in production.
                     UCCS Financial Aid: Testing is underway.
               o Conversions:
                     UCB Bursar conversion will begin 07/19
                     UCD Records conversion will begin 07/19
                     UCB Financial Aid conversion resumed 07/12
               o Singularity 7.05 upgrade

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                      Page 6 of 10
                      7.05 Testing has been halted. 7.06 is a week from release and testing will be shifted to that
               o Go-Live for UCD International Admissions
                    All configurations are complete. Waiting on a re-build of their scanning station.
               o Expansion into non-Metamorphosis areas (LASP)
                    Demos are complete. Hershey is consulting with the department.
              August 2010
               o Go-Live for AMC Nursing
                    Analysis is underway
               o Report import automation for UCB Bursar
                    Testing is underway
               o Singularity, DARS, and ISIS Transcript processing
                    Business processes are being developed, integrations are being tested, OCR templates are being
                       developed. College transcript workflow is being developed.
              September 2010
               o Prepare Singularity for CS tools upgrade in October
               o Prepare for go-lives for other 2nd phase departments (CE, LAW, International Education)
                    List of initial Phase 2 departments is being formed.
              October 2010
               o Financial Aid processing enhancement and ISIS integration
               o Go-lives for other 2nd phase departments (CE, LAW)
              November 2010
               o More go-lives for 2nd phase departments
               o Singularity 7.1 upgrade
              December 2010
               o More go-lives for 2nd phase departments
              January 2011
               o More go-lives for 2nd phase departments

     Financial Aid
          Although the Financial Aid status is green overall, due to concern over the specific populations indicated
            below, the status is set to Yellow for this month:
            o Duplicate prevention and resolution.
            o Converted records: John Tucker has provided a list of the students whose statistical data appears to
                 be off. The Financial Aid offices have access to this list and will use it to determine if aid applicants are
                 affected. There appear to be some GPA issues with UCB students who participated in Course
                 Repetition in the past.
            o Cumulative Statistics: Once statistical issues are resolved, Financial Aid can query for discrepancies
                 and reprocess student budgets and awards as necessary. Extensive validation of the cumulative
                 statistics modification is required.
          FA has approval to bring Meagan back for 4 weeks. She will be onsite the weeks of 7/26 and 8/9 and
            during census date processing.
          The percentage of loaded ISIRs relative to total ISIRs read is as expected (after factoring out students who
            are in suspense due to duplicate records). ISIR files provided to an institution by the Dept. of Education
            contain all students who listed that institution, regardless of the student’s admission status or whether
            the student applied for admission.
          Students at all three campuses are using the Online Student Center to report private scholarships, view
            checklists (to do items), and accept/decline awards.
          All institutions continue to package students with actual awards. Initial packaging dates were ahead of or
            on par with last year’s dates. Populations being packaged at this time are as follows:
            o UCCS: All students
            o UCD: All students
            o UCB: All students

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                         Page 7 of 10
              Summary of Financial Aid Processing as of 7/18:

               Total ISIRs Read from            Loaded        MILs               Scholarship                   Award Letters
               File                             ISIRs                            Communications
     UCB                                                                                                        9,948 (Paper)
                                     53,767          33,235                                    6,227 (Email)              15,495

     UCCS                                                                                                       6,642 (Paper)
                                     15,809           8,530   3,570 (Paper)                    1,460 (Paper)
                                                                                                                1,052 (Email)

     UCD                             29,519          16,542    3,917 (Email)                                    9,671 (Email)

     TOTAL                           99,095          58,307            21,897                          7,687              42,808

              Scholarship Stats as of 7/18:

                                              Number of Unique Users     Total Selected Scholarships
                                   UCB                4,793                        22,772
                                   UCCS                463                           531
                                   UCD                1,834                         1,698
                                   TOTAL              7,090                        25,001

          New servers were installed to support the CRM 9.1 application and to add resources to the PROD
             environment. CRM 9.1.
          New database servers were also installed to support newer versions of Oracle (11g), to relieve the load on
             the development database server, and to host the pre-production (PREP) environments, which were
             previously hosted on production hardware.
          Load testing is being planned for the type of activity occurring on the first day of classes (Drop/add,
             schedule lookup, etc.).

          Student Finance – six interfaces went into PROD 7/1, three interfaces currently in SIT and will be placed
             into PROD as soon as testing is complete. Five interfaces in DEV now planned for PROD 8/2.
          DARS – twelve interfaces have gone live to PROD, the final batch degree audit interface is in
             requirements/design phase
             o Student Records
                   Received 2 new interface requests week of July 12 for interfaces needed by early August (UCD
                     SAN and UCB Leeds). Resource assignments are in review to see if they may be shifted to try and
                     accommodate these requests
                   I-Clicker Interface – seeking clarity about how this interface will be produced; two requests for
                     the same interface exist – one batch and one through the portal. Burton and Traci meeting to
                     clarify. This interface may be at risk depending on when it is needed and how it will be
                   AMC Interface – waiting for Daniel Parks to determine if this interface is needed. The original
                     request indicated the interface was needed by 8/1, but have received no response since May
                     11 .
                   AMCAS Admissions Bulk Load interface is in development. Planned SIT date 9/15, PROD 10/1.
                   LMS – UCD Blackboard is in PROD, UCCS is in PREP, eCollege for both campuses in SIT and
                     planned for 8/1 PROD. UCB enrollment interface in SIT, needed ASAP.
MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                         Page 8 of 10
                    SASC – interface in development for 8/2
                    FSA Atlas – in SIT. Planning for 8/2 in PROD
                    AMC – Early Alert in PREP planned for 8/2 in PROD
               o Campus Community
                         Housing photos – gathering requirements and updating spec. GSD will begin development
                             as soon as a spec is ready, but are unable to plan a delivery date at this time without the
                             spec. Needed in PROD in August.
                         Housing addresses – waiting for ITS requirements and spec updates. Again, GSD will begin
                             development when the spec is ready, but they are unable to commit to delivery dates.
                             Needed in PROD in August.
                         ISO to External ID – specification is not complete – same situation as housing interfaces.
                             Needed in PROD in August
               o Financial Aid / Student Records
                         Job Search interface is in development, ready for SIT 7/28 needed in PROD 8/2
                         NCAA interface is being estimated by GSD and have not provided a code completion date
                             yet. (note, the specifications were sent to GSD 7/15) PROD date is 8/2, but this is not likely
                             to be ready by then.
               The interfaces developers are assisting with the Admissions go-live, providing new login pages and
               ensuring the integration is properly functioning.
              We are interviewing candidates for the Interfaces team for two Sr. Software Engineer positions opened
               due to attrition. Another senior engineer left UIS last week who was on loan to the project. Focusing
               more on hiring for SOA integrations skills.
              GSD has 2 resources in Boulder fixing high priority bugs and coordinating CEMLI assignments for off
               shore. They are also actively working on Bundle 17 testing / integration, Admissions go-live integrations.

     Mainframe Decommissioning
         We have an agreement with ISP (3 party vendor) to exchange data. Terry has sent them a copy of our

            schema and they will do initial analysis.
         Carl Sorenson is doing initial arrangements for Oracle table set ups and space requirements for copy of
         We may not be able to do a Sole Source agreement to acquire the contract with ISP, in which case we
            would have to put it out to bid.
         We are targeting the business office interviews for requirements gathering in July.

         Functional design is complete for "My Counselor" pagelet in recruitment portal pagelet.
         The portal team is assisting with some of the ripples from the Cedar Crestone implementation, including:
            articulating role requirements for the recruitment portals, customizing login pages to deal with CS
            OperIDs rather than email/password, assisting with migration of new "popover" prospect card.
         The portal team is losing an analyst resource: Paula Vaughan is quitting. We are pursuing the possibility of
            hiring an Oracle consultant to fill this vacuum.

         Grad student and hand matriculated provisioning is continuing to be monitored on a daily basis. This is a
            manual process of querying for the population of students who now have an active program plan but do
            not have operid. Then using an iMacro to do the provisioning.
         Duplicate entries in OPERMAP is continuing to be a monitored on a daily basis. This monitoring will have
            to continue till we have a delete method being passed down to OPERMAP from PSOPERDEFN messages.
            Without the delete method, duplicates in OPERMAP build daily and have to be manually checked,
            verified, and removed.
         Large numbers of faculty continue to be identified by the campuses and submitted to Security to be
            added to the system. The provision process is a very time consuming for this population. 280 faculty were
            added in the past two weeks.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                        Page 9 of 10
              Work to remove HR type (six digit emplid) of person records continues, we are now down to 134 that still
               need to be removed. This is from a high of over 2300.

     Student Financials
         Cashiering Hardware I-SF-01 – This is in production, we are still having some issues with what version of IE
            the printer is capable with, and we are looking at how we can fix that.
         Processing Credit Cards in Cashiering I-SF-03 – This is in production.
         View 1098T Data in Student Center E-SS-65 – Elopement is complete and has been tested. Our current
            plan is put his in production in December.
         Interface with IRS I-SF-13 – Development has not started on this; we don’t need this until January 2011.

     Student Records
         E-SR-05 (CU Cumulative Statistics)-Currently there are five unresolved errors with E-SR-05 in Production:
            o Post/Unpost of Transfer Credit
            o Applying/Removing Negative Credit Adjustments
            o Quick Admit
            o Batch Term Activation
            o Level Calculation within Term Activation
            The current work around for correcting the student statistics remains in place until permanent solutions
            can be migrated to production.
         E-SR-46B (CU Quick Enroll - the modification that will allow for the pre-registration application,
            registration, and payment of continuing education/extended studies students via self-service) is
            underway. Team members from each of the campuses met and decided for a variety of reasons that the
            business processes surrounding extended studies should be delayed until August 1. Below are some key
            o The GSD code has just been migrated to SIT so team members will begin to test the full process
                 (Cedar Crestone applicant to fee paying student using GSD code) on Monday, July 19, 2010.
            o Boulder Campus needs to test their pretty quick provisioning against this population.
            o Denver and Colorado Springs have decided to rely on the current campus provisioning process for
                 these students due to the workflow complications for students if a bypass process is created.
            o New Release date: August 1.
         The release of the graduation application into production has been delayed due to conflicting priorities
            and the identification of a variety of errors that require resolution with GSD. The release date of this
            extension is still being determined.
         Student Records has prioritized all JIRA bugs and all remaining CEMLIS in development. The team has
            developed a list of prioritized items and submit it to the liaisons and project management for review
            weekly. Current Active JIRA bugs for Student Records: 29. Bugs include production issues, bug fixes for
            modifications still in unit testing, and other outstanding items in the instances.
         The first round of the side by side comparison of the CU Common Transcript between SIS and ISIS
            revealed several issues/bugs. The student records team has submitted roughly 20 bugs to GSD to resolve
            how the information is being displayed on the ISIS transcript. In addition, the extensions surrounding
            career based transcripts (i.e. Law), transcript requesting, and batch production of transcripts still requires
            extensive unit testing. The offices will engage in several more side by side compares over the coming
            month. Current release date into PROD is Sept 2.
         The unit testing of the extensions surrounding grading has been delayed due to conflicting priorities for
            the team members. The release date for the grading modifications into PROD has been moved to Sept 2.
         The Student Records team is starting to have discussions with the project training coordinator around the
            training requirements for upcoming releases. Key areas that require training documentation and training
            sessions: graduation processing, grading, transcripts, professional school extensions, and end of term
            processing (i.e. dean’s list).

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 19, 2010                                                      Page 10 of 10

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