the GSCCC 2009 Summer Day - Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast

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					                                        GSCCC 2009 Summer Day Camp Listings
*Note* Day Camps are volunteer run and the registration is separate from council registration. In most cases, registration forms and payments are
sent directly to the Day Camp registrar. For more information on each of the below day camps, please go to and
click on the event or contact the “For More Information” Contact on the last column of this worksheet.
(For necessary forms referred to in the “How to Register” column please visit:

Name of         Location        Dates       Time     Grade         Cost   How to Register                     For More Information
Day Camp                                             Levels
Super Girl      Henry Cowell    Mon.        9:00AM   (1st Grade)   $90    Send Registration form, Health      Cheryl Hash
Camp            Park,           June 22-    -        D,B,J,C              History Form, Medication  
                Felton,         Fri. June   3:00PM                        Permission Slip Girl Release Form
                                26, 2009                                  and fees to:
                                                                          Henry Cowell Day Camp
                                                                          C/O Cheryl Hash
                                                                          155 Homestead Trail
                                                                          Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Toro Park Day   Toro Park,      Mon.        9:00AM   D,B,J,C,S,A   TBD    Send Registration form, Health      Mary Andrade
Camp            Salinas         June 15-    -                             History Form, Medication            831-754-0500
                                Fri. June   3:00PM                        Permission Slip Girl Release Form
                                19, 2009                                  and fees to:
                                                                          Mary Andrade
                                                                          706 Campus Ave.
                                                                          Salinas, CA 93901
Happy           Pioneer Park,   Mon.        Mon-     D,B,J         $50    Send Registration form, Health      Christy Munoz
Holidays        Orcutt          June 22-    Thurs    girl          girl   History Form, Medication  
Journey Day                     Fri. June   9:00AM   C,S,A         $20    Permission Slip Girl Release Form
Camp                            26,2009     -        P.A’s         P.A    and fees to:                        Jennifer Murphy
                                            3:00PM                        Orcutt Girl Scouts        
                                            Fri.                          P.O Box 2245
                                            9:00AM                        Orcutt, CA 93457

“Express         Nipomo          Mon.        9:00AM   B, J           $65    Send Registration form and            Holly Nishida
Yourself”        Regional Park   Aug. 3-     -        Girl           girl   payment to:                 
Sandpiper Day                    Fri. Aug.   3:00PM   P.AS           $35    Day Camp Sandpiper                    805-474-9288
Camp                             7                                   P.A    C/O Gia Milbrant
                                                                            438 Noel St. Arroyo Grande, CA
Time Traveler    Monte Vista     Mon.        9:00AM   D,B,J          $125   Send Registration form, Health        Marsha Hill
Day Camp         School,         June 22-    -        girl                  History Form, Medication    
                 Santa Barbara   Fri. June   3:00PM   C,S,A                 Permission Slip Girl Release Form     805-968-0207
                                 26,2009              P.A’s                 and fees to:
                                                                            Costa De Oro Day Camp                 Charlene Garfinkle
                                                                            5662 Calle Real #137        
                                                                            Goleta, CA 93117                      805-964-4935

Think Clean,     CSU Channel     Mon.        8:30AM   (Grades 1-6)   $65    Send Registration form, Health        Day Camp Hotline
Live Green       Islands,        August      -        D,B,J,C               History Form, Medication              (805)504-0065
Day Camp         Camarillo       3-Fri.      2:00PM                         Permission Slip Girl Release Form
                                 August                                     and fees to:
                                                                            Frances Brookes Camp Registrar
                                                                            3584 Helma Ct.
                                                                            Camarillo, CA 93010

Back to Basics   Corriganville   Mon.        1:45PM   D,B,J,C,S,A    $65    Please visit                
Day Camp         State Park,     July 13-    -                     for
                 Simi Valley     Fri. July   7:00PM                         registration instructions and forms   Julie Barnett
                                 17,2009                                                                          805-527-9375

Sequoia Day      Newbury Park    Mon.        9:00AM   (1st Grade)    $80    Please visit                
Camp                             June 15-    -        D,B,J,C,S,A  for
                                 Fri.June    3:30PM                         registration instructions   

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