AT&T Pioneers, Chapter 139 by E96nnen


									                                AT&T Pioneers, Chapter 139
                              Agenda for Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009
                                  Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

SPECIAL BRIDGE NUMBERS:: 214-413-0012 (toll) or 1-866-839-8097 (toll free) Participation
Code: 235-9430#,

1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order by: _Dennis Wright at 6:35 pm__
2. Roll Call:
         X Dennis Wright - Chapter Pres            X Michael Hickey – Chapter VP
         X Joe Yee – Chapter LMR                   __ Midge Mitchell-Ivey – Chapter Admin
         __ Susan Potts – MCC Pres                 X David Macauley – JSC Pres & C139 Treasurer
         X Charlie Polak - LMC Pres                X Glynis Golden – HQC Pres & C139 Secretary
         X Michelle Turner – Regional Manager __ Sara Huffman – PAC
         X Fran Varga, Chapter Past Pres
         X John Wright
         X Bob Hofacker, New Outlook Pioneers

3. Previous Meeting Minutes – reading/approval, See Motion #1

4. PAC Update: Sara Huffman

5. Guests Bob Hofacker – NJ Child Care looking for support on computers and 3/26 Randolph event
recommend Pioneers from AT&T attend as well – sent an email a few days earlier. With regards to
Awards & Recognition recommend we nominate people and have awards dinners as part of
recognition. Christine Duffy, Morris County, is an attorney who offers legal counsel at no charge to
non profit organizations.

6. TelecomPioneers Update: Michelle Turner
     Annual Meeting Update – Call to confirm Hotel reservation to ensure room, ground
        transportation info on web site, may want to share rides to save costs. Thur is dinner for group
        but need to pay for your self – Chapter will submit one TPF for all. Fri AT&T Region dinner
        paid for by AT&T open to delegate, non-delegate or people who paid $85 for Sat activity are
        invited. Others who have not paid will not be invited to attend. David suggests that chapter
        pay amount for dinner and not have individual people pay then submit on multiple TPFs.
        Perhaps a motion can be made later in the meeting. People are expected to participate
        throughout the conference. If ill or something, let Michelle/Dennis know. Combined Logos
        approved so we hope to have our new shirts for the meeting.
     PALS Training/Update
             o All clubs should have a person responsible for managing membership and entering
                 Pioneer projects, volunteers and volunteer hours into the system. Please have all 1st
                 quarter hours into PALS by April 9th.
             o Training is available for both Pioneer Maintenance and Volunteer Management. The
                 AT&T Pioneer training schedule can be found at
        Search for Michelle Turner to display a listing
                 of AT&T Pioneers sessions
     2009 Membership Drive, no date as yet. Discussion with Randall Stephenson has occurred to
        gain his support. He is in support of the Pioneers. Expecting to have membership drive like
        United Way Campaign. Going to be a really big effort and people will be held accountable to
        get people signed up. Hopefully some funding will be available to support the drive.
     Pioneer fundraiser going on right now. Answer the Call campaign in progress. Members
        asked if they would send out letters to people and request donations. Bob Hofacker, New
        Outlook, commented that they found out the donations will go into the general funds not into
        the Club account – hoping will follow suit for AT&T Pioneers. Michelle commented that
        70% to Chapters and 30% Association.
       David - Donor directed funds, if identified as NJ Chapter funds are to go to the Chapter not
        the association. If not directed and listed as Association address then goes to the Association.
        There are no matching funds from AT&T on Pioneer donations. Michelle will follow-up on
        Monday. David is looking for general direction.
       Charlie - retired members want to support Pioneers but have questions on benefits from
        AT&T. Should I speak about benefits or not. Michelle – unless a benefit expert should send
        to the benefit group. We should not get involved in benefit questions. Can speak about
        personal experience but not on behalf of Pioneers/AT&T.

7. Financial: David Macauley
      Dec reports distributed to Clubs. Jan not out yet. Working on liquidating CDs and moving
        cash around. Goal is to close out negative balance in checking account.
      Charlie – an account was going to be opened with Huntington Bank for royalties. David –
        account was open and seed money reflected in reports. Royalty payment in account, not
        going to move into Affinity account until known where we need to move the funds.

8. Old Business:
         Legal Issues and Expenses with Masterfile – Michael, March 2007 suit, copyright
            infringement $103,000 AT&T Legal not involved, TelecomPioneers outside counsel
            settlement come about $20,000 + $23,000 legal fees total $43,000. Outstanding legal fees
            of $23,000 to be discussed and recommendation to pay. $5,750 per club allocation- solicit
            support or no support from clubs and approve fund transfer to Chapter for the legal fees
            incurred on our Chapter’s behalf for old website lawsuit and respond back within 10 days
            so Chapter Exec Board can make a decision about paying fees. LMC has requested
            additional information. David Macauley indicated Chapter Reserves may be used
            before transferring funds from clubs. Additional issue will Association approve
            C139 missing the expense/project ratio on 2009. Bills have been paid on our behalf.
            $43,000 paid in total. $20k to Masterfile. $23k to attorney fees. What is chapter going to
            reimburse AT&T Pioneers. Debbie Pyle would like money reimbursed by end of first
            quarter. NJ Chapter went to AT&T Pioneers association with original $103,000. The
            Association’s assistance and legal team they found for us were able to negotiate an out of
            court settlement of $20,000 and $23,000 legal fees to keep us from having to pay
                 o Copy of settlement agreement, referred by Gloria DelGado to TelecomPioneers,
                     they are party to prospective law suits, litigation occurred between Masterfile
                     and Association. Final settlement agreement not for dissemination.
                 o Michelle or Chapter Officers will send out information being compiled by
                     Debbie Pyle pertaining to the legal/issues around the lawsuit settlement.
         2009 Club and Chapter Event List for 2009 – Weekly updates to Glynis w/Midge as a
            back-up. TO DO by 5pm each Friday.
         2009 Chapter Face to Face Meeting Schedule – Club preferences 3/12 HQC
         Bid Give Office Depot website – Carla. Association is not in support of BidGive Office
            Depot agreement. Trialing another program that Office Depot is a part of but more
            organizations are involved in than our agreement. Want to ensure we have support from
            AT&T Pioneers that it is okay for us to move forward. Logo issues are still being worked
            through at this time. Michelle will take to Kristine M and Debbie P.
         Cell Phones for Soldiers – Current Count – Glynis, 354 phones JSC & HQC.
         Calling Card with current rates and type of card and payphone fee data to team. Glynis to
         Chapter committees: Chapter Organizational Committee – No update available.
           Share Our Strength Food Drive – Michelle, Michael has this info. Thank you chapter and
            clubs for supporting the food drive with Share Our Strength, AT&T and the CWA. There
            were five locations – Morristown Florham Park, Bedminster, Paramus & Middletown.
            Food (645 lbs+) and funds ($500+) was donated to Eva’s Kitchen which has a food
            pantry, medical clinic & housing for the needy. The Jersey Shore Club collected food
            (400+ lbs) and funds for the Ocean/Monmouth County Food Bank. The JSC drive ends
            today so not all the totals are in just yet. It was great participation by the Pioneers during
            the holiday and I want to thank you for jumping on this one in such short notice. A press
            release was sent out but not sure if any papers picked up on the story. Photos appeared
            on the jumbo-trons in NYC Times Square and also Las Vegas. The NYC photo is
            currently on the AT&T NJ Pioneers website. Thank you again to all those that
            participated in getting this together, it was great to show that the NJ Pioneers and
            employees support these initiatives. Thank you in advance for supporting future projects
            as well.
           Job Corp – Job Shadow – Midge/Sue/Carla. February - Groundhog Job Shadow Event –
            Job Corp – Midge, similar program to the AT&T Aspire Job Shadow, if a club is
            interested in hosting Job Corp please let Glynis know over the next 3 business days so
            that planning may begin. Otherwise, working to have the Academy mainstreamed into
            the AT&T Aspire Job Shadow program with Junior Achievement. No update from
            Midge/MCC. Job Corp added as school for regular AT&T Aspire Job Shadow Program.

9. New Business:
     Chapter Officer List – Glynis, Looking for LMC Club information to be verified and
       completed so that it may be published.
     Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR)– 2000 publish date – Glynis to send out
       Rules Of Operation (ROO) for Pioneer Chapters to all so we can take a look at them,
       discussion at the next meeting and include President’s voting rules. If not in ROO then follow
       RONR. We can then level set how to move forward. Typically Chapter/Club Presidents do
       not vote. Put ROO in place then anything not covered follow RONR.
     Committees: Fundraising, etc – Midge, Other chapters have some. If people are interested we
       should do them, it provides a forum for us to make decisions and direction for the future.
       David – not sure if resources are available to get volunteers to staff committees. Charlie
       suggested that perhaps Chapter Org Structure could address. John – need to reach out to
       people directly to build committees, need personal contact. Consider recruiting people
       perhaps from LMC who may have time to. Will need to continue talking to develop
       committees, set aside time at March face-to-face to delve into further.

10. Correspondence
     Michelle Turner - Annual Dues Increase $15 to $22 as of 1/1/09, went up $7.00 from $15.
        Last dues increase in the 90’s. Additional funds needed to support the association. Has been
        voted on and approved. Next payroll deduction in June will deduct $22. $10 to Chapter $12
        to Headquarters. Notification will be going out to each dues paying member that explains
        reasoning. Talking points needed for even the LMC.
     Michael Hickey - Kentucky Disaster Relief. Correspondence sent to board on 2/12. Extreme
        cold/freezing weather, declared a state of emergency. Request to see if we can support in
        some fashion with cash donations. Chapter has $200 in budget for disaster relief. Requests
        club and individuals consider donating.

11. Club Reports:
     HQC provided for January on 1/27
     Seeking other club reports

10. Next Chapter Meeting: 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Recurring on the 2nd Thursday of every month from
6:30-8:30 pm– dates follow: 2/12; 3/12; 4/9; 5/14; 6/11; 7/9; 8/13; 9/10; 10/8; 11/12; 12/10

11. Adjournment – motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:31 pm.
MOTION Records:

Motion # 1: Make a motion that AT&T Pioneers Chapter 139 approve the minutes from January 15,
2009 meeting as written.
Made by: _John W___             Seconded by: Joe Y__

Comments: no discussion

Officer: Yes, No or Abstain:

Michael Hickey Vice President – Absent no vote
Joe Yee Life Member Representative - Yes
Fran Varga Past President - Yes
Glynis Golden Headquarters Club President - Yes
David Macauley Jersey Shore Club President - Yes
Charlie Polak Life Member Club President - Yes
Susan Potts Morris Club President – Absent no vote
Dennis Wright President - Yes

Result of Motion (1) Approved

Motion #2: Make a motion that Dennis Wright be primary with Michael Hickey as the back-up will
charge expenses for C139 members for Thursday Regional Dinner at the Annual Meeting.
Made by: David Macauley                Seconded by: John Wright

Comments: no discussion

Officer: Yes, No or Abstain:

Michael Hickey Vice President - Yes
John Wright for Joe Yee Life Member Representative - Yes
Fran Varga Past President - Yes
Glynis Golden Headquarters Club President - Yes
David Macauley Jersey Shore Club President - Yes
Charlie Polak Life Member Club President - Yes
Susan Potts Morris Club President – Absent no vote
Dennis Wright President - Yes

Result of Motion (2) Approved

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