Thank you to the following Donors: by E96nnen


									                    Thank you to the following Donors:
                Daily Herald – Grazie Restaurant Gift Certificate
      Mickey Sons – Lakeshore Athletic Club Three-Month Membership
              Terry Purcell – Go Figure Three-Month Membership
          Trinity Irish Academy – Three Months Irish Dance Lessons
                       Terry & Harry Horan – Cephalon Pan
                 Tommy Nevin’s Restaurant & Pub – Evanston
                      Tia Sons - Nonno Pino’s Gift Certificate
                                   Molly Malone’s
                              Sal @ Phil’s Pizza D’Oro
                               Chicago Rush - Tickets
                                Chicago Wolves – Hat
                           Chicago Blackhawks - Tickets
                       Grainne O’Malley – Killian’s Red Sign
           Judy & Dan Touhy – Four White Sox Tickets with Parking
         ISS/Chicago Sound & Communications – Four Cubs Tickets
                     Loretta & Jay Fuller – Two Cubs Tickets
                Cassie & Joe Cerniglia – Waterpik Shower Head
                             Irish Oak – Gift Certificate
                          Alex McGrath – Donegal Imports
             Holiday Inn O’Hare – Bistro 90 Restaurant Certificate
                 Charlie & Jane Hynes – Shamrock Wine Rack
                        Eileen O’Malley – Christmas Basket
                        Agnes Loftus – Irish Night of Dinner
                       Agnes Loftus – Irish Welcome Basket
                            Young Irish Fellowship Club
                                    Peet’s Coffee
                           Joe McShane – CDs and Tapes
                                    Mike MaRous
                                   Annette Krecker
Mary Bellario – Bailey’s Restaurant, Carson, Pirie Scott & Outback Steakhouse
                                 Bailey’s Restaurant
                Mary Ellen Kusibab – Court Reporting Services
                               Jim Bohlman

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