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					                                  An Overview of Astral Travel

 Everyone has some idea of what Astral Projection is, even if we don't usually truly understand it.
You've almost certainly seen it in a film or read about it somewhere. You've probably even heard it
discussed among people you know.

However, it seems very few know that out of body is a genuine occurrence. It is something that we
can all naturally do. You may have even projected and never realize that you did so. Many people

Lets look at Astral Projection and find out what it is. A very simple explanation of How to Astral
Travel is the ability of an individual to actually leave their physical body. Everybody has this ability
and you actually do this when you sleep in the night. In a sleep state your physical mind is resting
and your subconscious mind is in control. It is during this that the person can astral project. Most
of the time people just can't remember this happening.

Many children actually astral project without being aware of what they are doing. It happens
usually when the body is relaxed or even when they are asleep. Time and distance do not mean
anything when talking about out of body. The astral body can travel without these considerations.

Let's explain the astral body. This is an invisible and non-physical version of your physical body
which is the product of your will and your subconscious desires. Your astral body always comes
home to your physical one because of an unbreakable bond between them which is called the
silver cord.

The silver cord connects the two through your entire life; from the moment you first became aware
of being alive until the moment you die. The connection is unbreakable as long as you still draw
breath and your astral body will always return.

Another thing that people wonder is where they go when they do Out of Body? Your astral body
travels to what is called the astral plane, which happens to be an invisible copy of the Earth. This
actually has faster vibrations than the physical world does and these vibrations do penetrate the
core of the Earth. Some believe though that the astral plane is reality in a different dimension.
Many of the people will agree to the belief that there are several levels to an astral plane.

Naturally, the question of danger astral projecting comes to mind. The answer is both yes and no.
We all have the ability to astral project. We know that the astral body can leave the physical body
it will return. However, we must be sensible as with all things. out of body requires a good solid
thinking skills and understanding what it is you want and where you would like to go.

out of body can be dangerous if you practice it with an unsound mind. Anyone under the influence
of drugs and alcohol can wind up involved in an undesirable predicament at lower levels of the
astral plane.

You should know where you want to go and only astral project when you are in the proper frame of
mind to do so. You want to have control over where your astral body goes and what it does.

There are a number of ways to get prepared to do out of body prior to starting it. Several
professionals can be found to assist you in learning various techniques so that you get to the point
where you have better control so that you have a gratifying experience, but on this note people
usually rather be in their own house while doing out of body.

There are also plenty of resources both online and in books which can help you to prepare
yourself. Out of Body hypnosis recordings are an aid which many find helps them to relax and
begin projecting. These recordings can be played on repeat until they reach your subconscious
and you begin to astral project.

Something called binaural beats, a new audio recording technique have made it possible for many
people to astral project. Two frequencies which are just slightly different are listened to, one in
each year. The result is that your brainwaves tune to the proper frequency for astral projecting.

You can expect the first few attempts to not be as successful as you would like them to be. out of
body takes some practice to perfect it and get the results you want. Remember that you have the
ability already, all of us have the ability to do out of body, we have just over time forgotten the
method and just need to tune our own natural ability to do it.

Do you still not totally believe this is for real? Well have you ever had dreams that you were flying
or had the sensation of falling? The flying was your astral body actually traveling through the
various astral planes. The sensation of falling is the astral body coming back to the physical body
after it traveling around.

Out Of Body is a very real ability which you already have. If you devote a little time and effort to
practice it, your reward will be being able to enjoy this experience any time you like.

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