Clear Learning targets by yurtgc548


									Clear Learning targets..

     Why all the fuss
   LTM Learning Target for today
• Principals will be able to deepen their
  understanding or further support their
  knowledge about the importance of clear
  learning targets after…
  – Reading provided selections
  – Discussing the selections
  – Generating a master list of reasons why clear learning
    targets are imperative to increased student learning
  – Discussing ways to share this information with their
              While reading…
• Look at back of the agenda for A-B-C-D. This is
  the selection you read.
• Take notes on the importance of using clear
  learning targets in the classroom…
  – Why is it important?
  – For whom?
  – How often?
  – How connected to other activiites?
  – Etc…..
            Discussion time
• Find 3 other people with different letters.
  Discuss the selection you have read. Add to
  your notes when you hear new information or
  get an idea you want to share.
    So why are clear learning targets
• It assists the teacher in the planning stages as
  much as it does the students in their learning
• Provides a clear focus for teachers and
• Used as a time management tool.
• The focus is on what the students are to learn
  and the level of thinking/doing. {not looking
  like a menu or agenda}
• They hold students accountable for
• The work must precisely match the target.
• Master teachers communicate the goals to
  parents as well.
• The student must comprehend the target
  instead of simply repeating the target.
• A focus on feedback…feedback should match
• Do not just write the target and simply read
  it…students must understanding the learning
• The target should drive assessments and
  learning activities.
  Ways that this information can be
      shared with my faculty:
• In PLCs.
• Provide strong models to those that need
• Walkthroughs / lesson plan checks.
• Do the “jig saw” activity as done in the LTM.
• Walkthrough—note targets, share at a faculty
  meeting to see if they match or if they are
  strong targets.
• DOK level questions to analyze..does the
  activity match? Learning vs. target?
• Students who can identify what they are
  learning significantly outscore those that
• Connection between the target and the
  lesson…talk about / use them.
            Commitment Time
• Please fill out the index card and leave it with
  your director about what you plan to do with this
  information. Be as specific as possible. Your
  name must be on the card.
• Example-When I find a teacher that is not writing
  their learning targets in student friendly
  language, I will ask them probing questions to see
  if they “get it” and then based on their answers
  will either follow up with more checks or added
  training for them.

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