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									Student Organization
  Resource Manual
               TABLE OF CONTENTS

Welcome ………………………………………………………………….. 3

ASSP & Student Programs Structure ………………………..………... 4

Planning an Event ……………………………………………….………. 9

What’s What ………………………………………………………….…. 12

Policies .………………………………………………………………….. 15

Liability …………….……………………………………………….…… 16

Event Cheat Sheet …………………………………………….…….… 17

                                                               Seattle Pacific University
                                                  Student Organization Resource Manual

Dear Student Leader,

This manual has been designed to help you make the most of your time and efforts in
organizing and managing activities with your student group. It also intends to make you aware
of the resources available to you and your group through the university. You may not use
everything in the manual, but glance through it briefly and identify the elements that will be
most helpful to you. This book is a product of many years of experience in event planning and
work within the SPU community and has been reviewed and contributed to by individuals from
many departments all over campus. It will help you to be effective. Thanks for your
contribution to SPU!

                                  Jake Buter
                                  Vice President of Campus Activities
                                  Associated Students of Seattle Pacific

This handbook was created for you, the student involved in a campus organization or club, in
an effort to make your life easier in navigating the community-established policies and
procedures. It is intended to be thoroughly reviewed and referenced by all student
organizations and clubs, because doing so will maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.
Within this manual, you will find material intended to be merely informative, such as the
structure of ASSP and Student Programs and helpful hints in event planning; procedures that
must be followed in order to exist as an organization or schedule an event, such as the
Student Life Events Calendar, liability and budgets; as well as where to find forms to make it all
happen. This collaborative effort strives to put you in the best possible position for success in
your student club or organization, not to burden you with unnecessary rules or paperwork. We
hope you receive it in that spirit.


             Dale Anderson                             Andrea Ide
             Director of Student Programs              Campus Program Coordinator
             Office of Student Life                    Office of Student Life

                                                                                   Seattle Pacific University
                                                                      Student Organization Resource Manual
                                    Associated Students of Seattle Pacific
                                           Executive Office Corps

                                                            ASSP President
                                                          (Chief Executive Officer)
                                                      Board of Trustees Representative
                                                         University President’s Staff
                                                        Presidential Action Cabinets
                                                            Intercultural Director
                                                              Bethany Krumm
             Public Relations Manager
                 ASSP Office Manager
                   ASSP Promotion
                   ASSP Newsletter
                   Office Assistants
                   ASSP Webmaster
                 President’s Assistant
                   Carly Simonson

                                      Vice President of                  Vice President of                    Vice President of
       Executive Vice                       Finance                      Campus Ministries                    Campus Activities
                                     (Chief Financial Officer)              Ministry Council                       ASSP Clubs
  ASSP Executive Staff
   (Chief of Internal Affairs)            Finance Board                    SPRINT & Latreia                   Student Union Board
    ASSP Student Senate             Student Budget Committee               Urban Involvement               Student/University Traditions
     Elections Task Force            ASSP Operating Budget                   GROUP & ELI                   Student Activity Coordination
Constitutional Review Committee   ASSP Compensation and Payroll       Student Ministry Coordinators        Media Equipment Coordinator
         Adam Gregory                    ASSP Treasurer                 Student Chapel Worship              Manage Student Calendar
            281-2499                     Nathan Goode                          Ric Wild                            Jake Buter                       281-2472                          281-2495                             281-2498
                                                                                                                   Seattle Pacific University
                                                                                                      Student Organization Resource Manual
                                                                 ASSP Mission Statement:
  To further a spirit of community, ensure a voice in institutional affairs, and promote an atmosphere conducive to individual and corporate growth with a Christ-
                                                                           centered perspective.


ASSP President:
To represent the concerns of the general student body and of the Senate to the University administration and the Board of Trustees; to
oversee all aspects of the ASSP through the offices of the Vice Presidents.

Executive Vice President:
To oversee all matters pertaining to the proper functioning of the Senate; to ensure active student representation on institutional
committees; and to assist the President in addressing student concerns.

Vice President of Finance:
To oversee all budget and financial operations of the ASSP and to guide the Finance Board toward fulfillment of its duty as the financial
advisory body of Senate.

Vice President of Campus Ministries:
To represent the needs of the student body to Campus Ministries and to represent Campus Ministries to ASSP Senate and other

Vice President of Campus Activities:
To oversee all campus activities of the ASSP and provide active leadership to the Student Union Board and official ASSP clubs.


Public Relations Manager:
To oversee services provided by ASSP; to serve as a liaison between the student body, ASSP, and the Community. To oversee the
operations of the ASSP Office and the supervision of the Webmaster, Office Assistants, and the ASSP Newsletter. S/he will perform
additional duties assigned or approved by the ASSP President.

                                                                                                                                                Seattle Pacific University
                                                                                                                                   Student Organization Resource Manual
                                                                                    Associated Students of
                                                                                        Seattle Pacific

                                                                                                                                Bethany Krumm

                                                                       Public Relations                                      Intercultural Director
                                                                            Manager                                              Nikkita Oliver
                                                                        Carly Simonson
                                                                      Assistant to President

                                                       Webmaster                       ASSP Office Assistants               Intercultural Initiatives
                                                       Ashish Singh                          281-2126                             Committee

VP of Campus                         VP of Campus                                                                                                                                           Executive VP                           VP of Finance
  Ministries                           Activities                                                                                                                                           Adam Gregory                           Nathan Goode
   Ric Wild                            Jake Buter                                                                                                                                             281-2499                               281-2472
  281-2495                             281-2498

                  Campus SMC                                                                                      Student Union Board                                                                         ASSP Senators                             Treasurer
                    Eric Mill                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Matt Sullivan
                    281-2457                                                                                                                                                                                                                             281-2472

         Chapel Worship Coordinator                                                                                 STUB Executive                                                                         Constitutional Review                      Finance Board
                 Kerri Kline                                                                                            Director                                                                                Committee
                  281-2457                                                                                          Daniel Skiffington

               GROUP Coordinator               Programmer              Programmer              Programmer            Programmer              Programmer        Programmer        Publicity Coord.          Elections Task Force                  Student Budget Committee
                Caitlin McPherson              Whitney Broetje          Kellie Hicks            Callie Webb           Josh Anway             Kramer Nirider   Nate Stalsbroten    Blaze Robertson
                     281-2457                    281-2496                281-2864                281-2496              281-2864                281-2862          281-2862            281-2863

          Urban Involvement Coord.                                                                            Media Equipment Coordinator                                                              Board of Student Media
                Susie Johnson                                                                                          Todd Dust

               SPRINT Coordinator                                                                             Committee for Student Clubs                                                                                         Falcon
                   Mark Dailey                                                                                                                                                                                                  Chris Durr
                    281-2491                                                                                                                                                                                                     281-2913

               Latreia Coordinator                                                                                    ASSP Clubs                                                                                                Cascade
                  Elizabeth Miles                                                                                                                                                                                             Nate Salciccioli
                     281-2097                                                                                                                                                                                                   281-2105

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Katie Rogers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kyle Wharton

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Seattle Pacific University
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Student Organization Resource Manual
                                                          ASSP Senate

                                                       Ric Wild
                                                 ASSP Vice President of
                                                  Campus Ministries

   Eric Mill       Elizabeth Miles    Susie Johnson               Mark Dailey         Caitlin McPherson            Kerri Kline
   CSMC                Latreia              UI                     SPRINT                  GROUP                     Chapel
                    Coordinator       Coordinator                 Coordinator           Coordinator                Coordinator

   RHMCs           Latreia CORE         UI CORE                  SPRINT CORE           GROUP CORE                 Chapel CORE
                                         Rob Sessor                                   James Whitehouse            Allison Whitney
    Ashton:         Ashley Reese        Amy McNair              Stephanie Chatfield   Mykell Beauchamp            Melody Millette
  Tyler Gorsline     Jamie Heil        Zach McCauley               Ann Edwards                                  Christina Stockhouse
                                                                                        Jonathan Davis
 Stacey Donnell     Ben Pinneo           Kellen Shide             Kelsey Hudson                                    Jessica Tibbils
                                        Brittalisa Gess                                  Alisha Brown
   Emerson:        Andrea Mullen                                Shannon Colacurcio                                 Greg Flowers
                                        Daniel Kessler                                   Melissa Miles
   Chris Maher     David Bentler                                   Robert Willett                                 Wendy Whitley
                                       Molly Petersen                                    Todd Kilcup
Monica McIntosh                                                      Stephanie                                     Carissa Lemos
                                       Felicity Powers                                  Patrick Nygren            Aaron Davidson
      Hill:                              Sarah Olson                Zimbelman           Charlie Maloof
Andrew Caldwell                                                  CarylMay Madrid                                    Teylar Greer
                                        Sharon Chase                                      Ben Olson
 Lauren Matson                                                    Rachel Dunham                                      Katie Stats
                                       Corbin Sheffels                                 Chris Grafmiller
    Robbins:                            Lindsey Beach             Natalie Trzeciak                               Tyler Hathaway
 Celessa Dietzel                        Alicia Hoffer               Marcus Hill
                                      Megan Dominguez            Tammy Johnson
                                       Tyler Meerdink
                                         Cora Olson
                                     Leana Lopez-Cepero
                                        Alisha Ragan
                                         Jo Portinga

                                                                                                                       Seattle Pacific University
                                                                                                          Student Organization Resource Manual
                                    OSL/STUDENT PROGRAMS ORGANIZATION
                                                          Dr. Phillip Eaton

                                                             Dr. Les Steele
                                                        Vice President Academic

                                                            Dr. Jeff Jordan
                                                       Associate Vice President of
                                                       Academic Affairs/Dean of

   Linda Wagner            Kimberlee Campbell           Dale Anderson                Dr. Jacqui Smith-Bates             Dr. Steven Maybell
Director of Center for   Director of Residence Life    Director of Student              Director of Career              Director of Student
      Learning                                             Programs                       Development                    Counseling Center

                                                            Joe Snell                        Andrea Ide
                                                      Assistant Director for               Campus Program
                            Rachel Schneider          Student Programs for                   Coordinator
                           Program Coordinator
                                                      Intercultural Affairs

                                                                                         Tammy Kennedy
                                                       Kevin McMahan                   Administrative Assistant
                                                      International Student                   X 2247

                                                                                                                    Seattle Pacific University
                                                                                                       Student Organization Resource Manual
                                PLANNING AN EVENT

Scheduling Events

All campus events must be officially sponsored by either an ASSP recognized student
organization or an SPU department. Getting an event planned and approved is a four-step
process. Each step must be followed in order, for the event to receive final approval from the
Office of Student Programs. Failure to follow these steps will result in the cancellation of the

The steps that must be followed are:
1. Submit event proposal to the Student Life and Events Calendar (SLEC) via the VPCA.
2. Receive and complete event checklist
3. Reserve campus space through the appropriate person
4. Place event on the Master Calendar
5. Contracting, facilities set up, and insurance.

Events that are submitted to the SLEC should be events that are open
to either the entire student body or a significant portion of the student
body. For example, a club should submit their Fall Kick-Off event to the
VPCA, but not their officer retreat. A residence hall should submit their
Hall Service Day (which, while it is not open to all students is open to a
significant portion of students), but not their weekly hall council
meetings. If you have questions about which events are appropriate to
submit to the VPCA please contact the VP of Campus Activities at

                                                                                  Seattle Pacific University
                                                                     Student Organization Resource Manual
            Answers to Important Questions about the
               Student Life and Events Calendar

Who has to submit their events to the Student Life and Events Calendar (SLEC)?

EVERY student group is required to submit their events to the SLEC via the VP of Campus
Activities. If an event is submitted to the SPU Master Calendar without first being submitted to
the VPCA, it will be removed from the master calendar and the event contact will be instructed
to submit the event first to the VP of Campus Activities. However, please check the master
calendar before submitting to the VP of Campus Activities.

Submissions should be made through an event form given to the VP of Campus Activities.

What happens if my event is approved by the VP of Campus Activities?

When your event has been approved by the VP of Campus Activities you will receive an email
notifying you that the event is approved. You should then submit the event to the SPU Master
Calendar, via Banner on the SPU Website.

What happens if my event is NOT approved?

If your event is not approved by the VP of Campus Activities you will receive an email
notification that will include a detailed explanation of why the event was not approved and
possible solutions for the problem.

How are days for events allocated if the same date is requested twice?

Days are always allocated on a first come-first serve basis. Whichever student group
submitted their event to the Student Life and Events Calendar first will have their event
approved for that particular date. The VP of Campus Activities will work with the other group to
find a viable alternate day for their event.

Who is responsible for the Student Life and Events Calendar?

The VP of Campus Activities is the only person who has access to read and make changes to
the Student Life and Events Calendar for student run events. They are responsible for
updating the calendar of all event requests and responding to all event submissions. Any
questions or concerns in regards to the Student Life and Events Calendar should be directed
to the VPCA at 206.281.2498. Questions regarding the SPU Master Calendar should be
directed to the Campus Program Coordinator at 206.281.2831.

                                                                                  Seattle Pacific University
                                                                     Student Organization Resource Manual
  Completing the Event Planning Process…
An event checklist that will help you work through this process will need to be completed
This checklist is available online or through the VP of Campus Activities

Reserving campus space through the appropriate person
When an organization wishes to schedule an event, the third step would be for them to reserve a campus space.
Space on campus is managed by different departments, schools and residence halls based on their location. In
general, building managers and residence hall council secretaries are the initial contacts when individuals would
like to reserve space. Anytime a student organization wishes to use off campus space for an event, they must
receive permission from either the director of student programs or gain their department’s official approval. When
scheduling, you must understand that there are costs associated with reserving a space, and these costs must be
accounted for in the planning process.

Placing an event on the Master Calendar
When an organization wishes to schedule an event, the second step would be for them to reserve the date and
time on the Master SPU calendar. This can be done by logging into SPU’s on-line server, BANNER, and
submitting a calendar event in the proper section. If the event requires no set-up from Plant Services, poses no
possible safety concerns, and the date is without conflicting events, then the event date will be approved by the
Master Calendar administrators. While this Master Calendar approval does not give final approval that the event
will occur, it does place a hold on that date and time.

Contracting, facilities set up, and insurance process
The following is the order of authorization (approval) and process a group goes through in order to have a special
event (an event that has Building Maintenance needs, involves performance agreements or contracts, etc.)
approved. In this process Building Maintenance must receive:

    1.   Building Maintenance Request
    2.   Campus Facility Checklist
    3.   Department Approval Form
    4.   Two SPU-approved contracts, each with original signatures/proof of insurance form (if event requires a

All of these must be received at least 30 days prior to the event. Forms are available in the ASSP and Building
Maintenance offices.

The Executive Director of Facility and Project Management will not approve any contract until/unless the
Department Approval Form has been completed and signed.

Completing and Event Evaluation following the Event
After the completion of the event, event evaluation forms need to be completed and returned to the VPCA, a copy
should also be kept for the group’s personal records. This submission is best done through email, assp-

Any budget forms (reimbursements and reclasses) for the event must be completed before the end of the quarter
in which the event was held.

Budget forms will not be processed without the completion of the event evaluation forms.

                                                                                                Seattle Pacific University
                                                                                   Student Organization Resource Manual
                                     WHAT’S WHAT
{Financial Information}
Club Activities Fund - The Club Activities Fund is managed by the Committee for
Student Clubs. It includes monies for initial operating budgets for non-fiscal year budgeting
clubs, including clubs that form in the middle of the fiscal year. Money from the Club
Activities Fund is allocated to clubs when they present a request to CSC for funds.

Expense Advance Requests - Expense advance requests give you a check from SPU
made out to you personally and should only be used for small general supply purchases, such
as decorations and food products. These must be turned in a minimum of five days before an
check is actually needed. The request requires the VPCA’s signature of approval. You will
receive a check for the amount of money that you requested. All receipts must be kept to
account for the money you were given. If you fail to keep your receipts, you will be held
personally responsible to replace the money or you will need to produce receipts for your
purchases. Keep in mind that even if you give someone else the money to make purchases,
you will still be held accountable to make up for any missing funds or receipts if the expense
advance was in your name.

Finance Board/Senate - In order to get funds in excess of your club’s operating budget,
it is necessary to submit a proposal to Finance Board (which you can arrange through the VP
of Finance). Finance Board makes a recommendation and then it will be necessary to present
your request to ASSP Senate.

Reimbursements - Reimbursements should only be utilized if there is no possible way to
use an Expense Advance Request. All reimbursements must have an original receipt or
invoice in order to be reimbursed: There are no exceptions! A reimbursement request takes a
minimum of five working days to be fully processed and will give you a check made out to you
from SPU.

Request for Payment - This is the most common and straight forward method of
obtaining money for services. Requests for Payment give you a check made out from SPU to
the vendor or company that you are paying. The Request must be turned in a minimum of five
days before the check is actually needed. You must have an original invoice or receipt to turn
in with the request. Without an original receipt or invoice, your request will not be granted.

Rush Checks - Rush Checks are an extreme rarity. They must be approved by the ASSP
VP of Finance, due to the $5.00 fee that is accumulated each time that they are used. Rush
Checks are for purchases that must occur before the five days needed to receive a request for
payment check from the finance office.

                                                                                   Seattle Pacific University
                                                                      Student Organization Resource Manual
Printing Services - Seattle Pacific University’s printing services are currently done
through Kinko’s. The printing services office is located on the bottom floor of Marston. Printing
services can be paid for with budget numbers, as well as cash or check. Samples of colors,
bindings, and laminates that Kinko’s can do, are available in their office as well. There is
generally at least a 24 hour turn-around time for all orders.

Mailing Services - Seattle Pacific University’s mailing services are currently done through
IKON. The IKON office is in the same place as the Kinko’s office. Mailing services can be
purchased with cash or check; or with a blue slip. Blue slips are available to clubs that have
mailing services already incorporated into their budgets. IKON also sells stamps and has a
limited selection of envelopes. More information on IKON can be found at

Incoming Mail - All incoming mail that is addressed to your club is sent to the VP of
Campus Activities in the ASSP office. This mail is placed into your club’s file in a cabinet that is
labeled “Club Folders” and is retained until someone from your club picks it up. Mail for no
longer existing clubs will be discarded.

ASSP Website - The ASSP Website is accessible from the SPU Website, under
“Departments.” It has several resources for ASSP Clubs. First, there is a section for each
club’s information. In order to have your club’s most current information posted on the website,
please submit it to the ASSP Public Relations Manager in the ASSP office. Additionally, there
are links to many important forms, including Club Event forms, Club Continuance forms,
Senate proposal worksheets, and Event Evaluation Forms.
              The address for the ASSP website is

{Event Planning Information}
Club Event Form - Your club should fill out a club event form each time you have a large
or all-campus event. You will need to fill these out and turn them into the VPCA. This will
serve as your submission to Student Life Events Calendar. Club Event forms track what your
club has done throughout the year, which is archived for future reference. You can get these in
bulk from the VPCA in the ASSP office, or find them online, via the ASSP website.

Building Maintenance - Building Maintenance is the organization on campus that assists
with setting an area up for an event. They help with moving tables, chairs, garbage cans, etc.
In order to request help from Building Maintenance, it is necessary to fill out a service request
form and turn it in to them at least three weeks before your event. Make sure you have
included a map of how you need things set up for your event. Both Service Requests and
Campus Maps are available in the ASSP office from the VPCA. More information on Building
Maintenance can be found on their website:

Sodexho Food Services - Sodexho needs a minimum of one month’s notice for all
catering services. It is important to include the number of people attending your event, your
budget for the event, and what exactly you need in your discussions with Sodexho. This will
                                                                                     Seattle Pacific University
                                                                        Student Organization Resource Manual
make the whole process easier. More information about Sodexho can be found on their

Facility Reservations - Facility reservations should take place as soon as you know the
date of your event. Facilities on campus include: Martin Square, classrooms in Weter, the
Library conference room, the Gym, the 3rd floor of Gwinn Commons, the Bach Theater in
McKinley Hall, and the Fines Center at First Free Methodist Church. Some of these locations
are free, but some of them charge a facility fee. Be sure to find out how much the
reservations for your facility costs and if there will be any additional charges. This will help you
determine if that particular facility is within your budget. The SPU website will help
direct you to contact people for each of these facilities. Room Booking Policy on next page.

Gym Rental - Royal Brougham Pavilion (a.k.a. the gym) must be reserved at least a
quarter in advance. A facility use application must be filled out and submitted to the
Athletics Department in the gym. These forms can be obtained either in the 2nd floor offices of
the gym or in the ASSP office from the VPCA.

Media Equipment Coordinator - ASSP owns all of its own media equipment, which
can be used by student groups for different events. If no one from the club is able to run the
equipment, the ASSP Media Technician is also available to help run it for a variable rate. All
information regarding the rental of ASSP media equipment, including media equipment rental
requests, is available from the VPCA in the ASSP office and on the ASSP Website. Media
equipment rental requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of your event
and are contingent on the availability of the equipment and the Media Technician. Please email
an electronic request to as well so that the media tech can put it on his

{Miscellaneous Information}
Performance Agreements - Performance agreements should be signed at least one
month in advance. These are very important and should be used for speakers, bands, and
performers of any kind. These are legally binding contracts, so it is important to fill them out
correctly and to obtain them from all vendors whose services you use. It is customary and
professional to pay the performer/speaker the day his/her services are rendered. Performance
agreements can be obtained in the ASSP office from the VP of Campus Activities. You must
turn in photocopies of any performance agreements to the VPCA for your club’s archives.

Contracts - All contracts involving the University made with outside vendors must be
submitted to the Finance Office (3rd Weter) to Jordana Ross, SPU’s Risk Management and
Insurance Specialist. Contracts need to be reviewed and entered into University files in order
to protect SPU from any liability issues that may arise. Please allow approximately one month
for contracts to process. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the
Business Services Assistant at x2461. (Process subject to change.)

                                                                                     Seattle Pacific University
                                                                        Student Organization Resource Manual
{Policy Information}
Advertising Policy (Only after event has been approved)
 All signs, posters and handbills for distribution in and around the SUB and campus kiosks must be
  approved at the Uni-Com desk and may be posted only in designated areas. A copy of items to be
  posted must be filed with the Uni-Com desk when approval is requested.

 Items may not be affixed to walls, light poles, trees or other non-designated areas such as windows
  and doors. All materials must be hung with white Plasti-tack

 Posting on departmental boards or on boards designated for specific offices requires the additional
  approval of the person responsible for the board. The department director or his/her administrative
  assistant will determine where you may post approved materials in their area.

 Posters larger than 24" by 35", banners, and other non-traditional items require special approval by
  the Director of Student Programs.

 Materials posted in residence halls require the approval of a residence hall publicist.

 All materials posted improperly or not holding the official Uni-Com stamp will be removed.
  Individuals and organizations are held responsible for costs incurred in removing improperly posted
  items and are also liable for any damages caused by improper posting.

 No sidewalk chalk may be used on campus sidewalks, brick or concrete walls.

Room Booking Policy
Classrooms, including but not limited to Weter classrooms and lounge, Demaray Hall, Bertona,
Peterson, Crawford, Beegle, OMH, and the Science Building are booked through the Conference
Services office for any club event or meeting.

Reservation requests should be made by the club President, Finance Officer, or Advisor through the
Conference Services office e-mail at or by calling the Conference Services
office at x2187 a minimum of one week prior to the date of your event. Include the following information:

      Name of your club or organization
      Name of your event
      Date and time
      Number of people anticipated
      Level of technology needed
      Contact person and their contact phone number

If you have a room preference, please specify this as well. The Conference Services office will
complete your room reservation honoring your requests as much as possible, and communicate your
actual room reservation via e-mail.

Please note: Club and Organization room reservations may only be made by the club President,
Finance Officer, or the Advisor

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Amy Foster at the Conference Services
office – x2187.
                                                                                        Seattle Pacific University
                                                                           Student Organization Resource Manual
                                                  L IA B IL IT Y
Liability Waivers
SPU’s liability insurance covers events, and any injuries that result from them. Even though we are covered
through insurance, it is important to set up ways to reduce liabilities the University may be exposed to. There are
two general forms used by the University to help reduce our liability. These are the Driver’s Waiver form and the
Risk and Release form. Contact Jordana Ross x2461 with questions.

Driver’s Waiver Form
This form states that the driver understands that they are responsible for their own operation of their vehicle. They
also understand that if an accident occurs while driving for an SPU event, it is the car’s insurance that is covering
the vehicle. SPU’s insurance does not cover personal vehicles. This makes the driver aware and notifies them
that they are ultimately responsible for their driving and SPU is not.

For all events where students will be driving their own vehicles, it is necessary to have those students driving to
sign the driver waiver form. The students signing the driver waiver form are also asked to provide proof of
insurance. The students riding in the vehicle are not required to sign any waiver, however, they should have
already signed the Risk and Release and be covered for traveling in cars. For instances when students drive an
SPU vehicle, SPU’s auto liability insurance is coverage for any accidents.

Risk and Release Form
This form states that students participating in the events understand that the University is not responsible for the
students’ actions that may result in injury while participating in the event. The form also has the student agree to
hold the University harmless if injury does occur.
There is not a clear list as of which events should have a risk and release waiver form and which events don’t.
Ultimately it would be nice to have a form for everything in the possible chance of injury, but that doesn’t happen.
Some activities carry greater risk than others. For activities which are more physical and rigorous, we would
definitely want students to sign a waiver. For activities that do not demand much attention to physical exertion, a
waiver is not absolutely necessary. But we don’t want to rule out liability risks.

Examples when waivers are needed:                              Examples when waivers are NOT needed:
Horse Back Riding                                              Meetings/study breaks
Skiing                                                         Banquets
Rafting                                                        Recitals/small concerts
Big Concerts                                                   Plays
Sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc.)                  Auctions
Hiking                                                         Education Seminars

These are a few events for example. All retreats (floor or hall) should also have signed student waivers. Waivers
can be obtained for your specific event by calling the Risk Management and Insurance Specialist in the Finance
Office at x2461. Signed waivers should be kept by the coordinator of the event and filed with them. Any further
questions about which events should have waivers, or general liability questions should be directed to the Risk
Management and Insurance Specialist.

Waivers – Notify Risk Management and Insurance Specialist if you have question about waivers and if they are
applicable to your event. If so, they will forward you the waiver you would need person involved to sign.

Please allow a one month time period to allow the above procedures to happen. It is difficult to work through
these procedures at the last moment. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jordana
Ross at x2461. Liability issues and concerns should always be addressed.
Please be sure to notify the Risk Management and Insurance Specialist of all your event plans.

                                                                                                 Seattle Pacific University
                                                                                    Student Organization Resource Manual
Event cheat sheet….

       Step-by-Step How to hold an event on campus:
  *If money is needed and the group doesn’t already have the money
      then the first step should be budgeting and writing a proposal

1. Submit a Event Form to the VP of Campus Activities, assp-, to have event approved and placed on Student Life
Events Calendar.

2. Once the event is approved, complete the Event Check list obtained
from the VP of Campus Activities.

3. Space reservation: See above

4. Submit event to the Master Calendar (see instructions above)

5. Email John Mansfield –Plant Services and tell him
about the event. Everything from date and time to what you want to
have happen (start with him, always!).

6. Jordana Ross –Business Services (liability items)

7. Vic Peirsol x2922 –Security (need to be aware of event details)

8. Sound Rental Agreement – available online, due at least 2 weeks
before the event.

9. Performance agreements –for any event where there is either hired
help/performers or volunteer help/performers a contract must be
signed. These can be obtained online or in the ASSP office and must
be submitted to Jordana Ross.

                                                                Seattle Pacific University
                                                   Student Organization Resource Manual

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