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									                               An Overview of Astral Projection

 In general, a majority of people have heard of the term 'How to Astral Travel'. Perhaps they were
introduced to the concept through an enlightened friend, or may have seen a movie or read a book
on the topic.

Even though you may have some vague concept of it, you probably didn't know that it's something
that you and everyone else in the world can do and have done before, even if you didn't know it.

Just what is Astral Projection how to though? Essentially, Astral Projection is what happens when
your non-physical, or astral body separates from your physical body. This happens most
commonly while you sleep. Your subconscious mind is the seat of the astral body and when your
conscious mind and your physical body rest, it heads out on its own.

When you do project you get to go wherever you want. As you remember when you were a child,
you probably can recall doing this as you went to bed, as you grew up you have forgotten it
though. You have limitless possibilities of places to go, there are no restrictions as far as distance
or time where Out of Body is concerned. When you are sleeping your physical body is at sleep,
while the astral body goes on a journey.

So what is the astral body? This is an invisible duplicate of your physical body with no actual
substance. Your astral body represents your subconscious will and desire. So why does your
astral body always return to the physical realm? It returns because your physical and astral bodies
are permanently connected by something commonly known as the silver cord.

This silver cord from your astral body to your physical body was connected at the moment that the
two were joined. The cord cannot be severed until death separates the astral and physical bodies
for a final time. It is this silver cord that keeps the astral body from permanently straying away.

Another thing that people wonder is where they go when they do Out of Body? Your astral body
travels to what is called the astral plane, which happens to be an invisible copy of the Earth. This
actually has faster vibrations than the physical world does and these vibrations do penetrate the
core of the Earth. Some believe though that the astral plane is reality in a different dimension.
Many of the people will agree to the belief that there are several levels to an astral plane.

Can out of body be dangerous? Well, the answer is a qualified no. While you can't lose your astral
body since the silver cord ensures its return to your physical form, there can be some hazards
lurking on the astral plane. As long as you exercise the same basic caution as you would in the
real world, however, you should be perfectly safe. Keep your wits about you and know where you
want to go before you project there.

You can find danger if your mind is not sound when you astral project. Therefore, anyone under
the influence of drugs or alcohol can find themselves in a crisis. These may be the lower levels of
the astral plane.

Make sure that you know where you are and have an idea where you want to go when you astral
project. Mastering Out Of Body relies on learning to control your thoughts until you can astral
project at will and be conscious and fully in control of your astral journeys.

Out of Body can actually be very easy to learn with some preparation. Many like to astral project
while at home alone, but you can also attend group sessions which are guided by professionals.
These sessions can help you learn to get the best results from your Out of Body and can be a
good way to get started. It may be helpful to practice on your own as well as with a professional's

There are also a number of books and online resources available. For example, by listening to a
quality Out Of Body hypnosis recording, you can enter the right state of mind. This type of
recording will help you fully relax and will take you through the necessary stages. The advantage
of a recording over a professional session is that you can play the recording multiple times until
your subconscious receives the message that it is okay for the astral body to leave the physical

The use of sound technology can also be helpful in being able to reach a level of relaxation that is
conductive to being able to engage in Out of Body. One such technology is known as binaural
beats. This technology works by alternating sound between both ears and using a variety of
frequencies. This method is designed to place the body into a state of deep meditative relaxation,
which is the best for Out of Body.

The first few times you try to astral project, you may not succeed. Don't get discouraged. Out of
Body can take some practice before you get good at it and with time, you will develop this natural

Still skeptical? Think back to a time when you dreamed you were flying, or felt a sensation of
falling. The flying sensation was your astral body moving through the astral planes. The feeling of
falling was when you felt your astral body returning to your physical body.

Out of Body can be learned and if you practice regularly, you'll master this ability sooner than you
may think.
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