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					                        A Brief Overview of Out Of Body Experience

In general most people at some time or another in their lives have heard about Out Of Body
Experience. They may have learned about it from a book, movie, or a friend that is into it.

What most people don't know is that Out of Body is something which is a real phenomenon and is
an ability which anyone can use. You've probably astral projected at some point in your life without
knowing it.

In order to determine if you have had an Out Of Body experience or to begin learning to astral
project it is important to understand what Out Of Body Experience is. Simply put Out Of Body is
when your spirit body leaves your physical body. This is something that happens naturally at night
when you are asleep, but it is possible for you to do it consciously and control the journey of your
spirit body.

Out of Body allows you to travel to any place you can imagine. You can visit the past, explore the
future or go anywhere in the present that you focus your mind on. Your astral body knows no
distance and can go anywhere and to anytime while your body is asleep.

This brings up the next thing to talk about, what exactly the astral body is. The astral body actually
is an invisible copy of your body, this is most commonly called the ethereal body. It is the center of
our desires and feelings. Why is it that the astral body does not just leave and not return? Your
astral body is actually connected to your physical body by a silver cord.

The silver cord is attached from the moment that the astral body and the physical body connect. It
only detaches at the moment of death when the astral and physical body permanently disconnect
from each other. It is this cord that recalls the astral body to the physical body.

So where is it that your astral body travels to? Your astral body moves about in the astral plane,
which is an ethereal duplicate of the universe familiar to you. There are different schools of
thought about the nature of the astral plane, but there is general consensus that it is made up of
many different layers.

Are there any dangers associated with Out of Body? Yes and no you should be careful in your
astral travels just as you would when going somewhere with your physical body. Generally
speaking though, your astral body can sense danger and return to your physical body without
suffering any harm. You should however decide where you want to go before projecting to keep
the experience as safe as possible.

The danger is when you astral project when your mind is clouded or incapacitated. For example, if
your mind is impaired by alcohol or drugs, you might end up in bad places. These places are the
lower levels of the astral plane.

Make sure that you know where you are and have an idea where you want to go when you astral
project. Mastering Out Of Body relies on learning to control your thoughts until you can astral
project at will and be conscious and fully in control of your astral journeys.

When engaging in out of body it is important to prepare properly. Once you know how to prepare,
you will find that out of body is a quick and easy process. The method of preparation varies
depending on the professional consulted. However, there are a number of, at home, training
programs that provide individuals with the opportunity to learn how to control the experience and
ultimately obtain both more enjoyment and benefit from astral projecting.

There are a lot of helpful resources out there to help you learn Out of Body. There are books and
websites which contain useful information and recordings such as Out of Body hypnosis
recordings. You can listen to these recordings to relax and allow your subconscious to hear the
messages on the recordings that it's time to astral project.

Sound technology can also be helpful. There is a technology known as binaural beats, which plays
a variety of frequencies in each ear. These frequencies are slightly different and as a result relax
the body quickly. This places the mind into a deep meditation making it easier to astral project.

Don't fret if you are unsuccessful the first few times you astral project. It takes practice to
accomplish this. You already have the ability to do it you do not need to do anything special to
acquire the skill, you have probably just forgot how to do it and need to hone your skills.

Are you still not so sure? Think about the last time you dreamt you were flying or felt as if you had
fallen. It feels similar to flying when the astral body moves throughout the astral plane. When the
astral body returns to the physical body the sensation is much like falling and landing.

out of body is a real ability that everyone has, everyone can use and all it needs is a bit of fine-
tuning in order to be able to do it at will.

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