Holiday HW V by 8o699M


             Holiday Homework
                   Class V

                    Despite the hot sun,
               We can still have lots of fun,
          Summer is ……………….ice-cream scoops
               Whenever our spirits droop,
                 Watermelons and Jellies,
                To joyfully fill your bellies,
            In my head I can hear a humming,
           Soon, Summer vacation is coming…..


A) It has been rightly said that books are our best friend.
They give both knowledge and experience.
So, dear students read one of the following books:

  1. Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore
  2. Kabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore.

Thereafter do the following work related to the book read:
  1. Make a book cover based on the book read.
  2. Select a character you liked the most and write a
     paragraph on it.

B) A poem always touches our heart and fills us with
delight. Write an interesting poem about YOURSELF. You
could include your name, your family,hobbies,talents etc.

C)    How would you like to turn into an author! Exciting
isn’t it. Given below is an outline for a story. Use your
imagination and develop an interesting story with an
exciting plot, some adventure, mystery and a creative
ending. Compile your story and you could exchange it with
friends and discover how different each story READS. We
could also add your book to the JUNIOR LIBRARY!


   Wah! Kya Chuttiyan hai Write a poem with a picture
    on A4 sheet.
      Prepare a Powerpoint Presentation on “The Red Fort”
       in Hindi. To be done on a CD.
      You must be reading the newspaper, prepare a nice
       name for a daily news paper and prepare 3-4 pages of
       news for one day’s newspaper.
      Create an advertisement titled “Pencil” in Hindi on A4


       a)   Make the following shapes using tan gram pieces

                   i) a cat        ii) Numeral 4

b)  Write your name using the above tan gram set. You
can make duplicate copies of it.

c)     Make a time scheduler from wake up time to bed time
of one week of your Summer Holidays.

1. Make a PPT on Safety and First Aid. Topics to be covered
it are:-

(a) Accidents and safety rules.

(b) First aid in food poisoning and nose bleeds, fractures,
sprains, burns and animal bite.

2. Make your own fire extinguisher using plastic cold drink
bottle, straw,

Plasticine, vinegar and soda-bi carbonate.

3. (a) Take a black piece of cloth and make a skeleton on it
with white fabric paint. Label it also.

(b)Find interesting facts about bones of humans. Collect
these on an A4 size sheet. This activity will be taken up as a
presentation after the summer break.

Social Studies

1.   Mark all the important latitudes and the climatic
zones of the Earth on a plastic ball. Fix the ball on a stand
or base.
2.   Make a Power Point presentation on the climatic zones
of the world (15 to 20 slides).

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