Understanding How To Attempt Astral Projection by terrellstevensrgx


									                             A Brief Overview of Astral Projecting

 In general most people at some time or another in their lives have heard about Astral Projection
how to. They may have learned about it from a book, movie, or a friend that is into it.

However, it seems very few know that out of body is a genuine occurrence. It is something that we
can all naturally do. You may have even projected and never realize that you did so. Many people

But what is Astral Projection, exactly? This is the ability to leave one's physical body this is
something which often happens while we are sleeping. When our bodies are at rest and our
conscious minds largely disengaged, our subconscious remains active. You may not remember
doing so, but you have almost certainly had some experience with Astral Projection how to.

You can journey to any desired location when you astral project. You may even have done this as
a child as you went to bed, as you grew into adulthood you just forgot how. No time or distance
restrictions apply when astral projecting, which makes it possible to travel virtually anywhere. The
astral body is what does the traveling when the person's physical body is sound asleep.

This brings up the next thing to talk about, what exactly the astral body is. The astral body actually
is an invisible copy of your body, this is most commonly called the ethereal body. It is the center of
our desires and feelings. Why is it that the astral body does not just leave and not return? Your
astral body is actually connected to your physical body by a silver cord.

As the astral body first enters the physical body, the silver cord is connected. There is no depletion
of this until after the time of death, when the astral body leaves the physical body for the very last
time. This silver cord prevents the astral body from leaving and not coming back.

Something else you may consider is where do you go when you astral project? Your astral body
goes to the astral plane. It is the invisible double body of the Earth. Its vibration is much faster than
that of the physical Earth while it does penetrate into the core of the Earth. Many define it as
another dimension of reality. In addition, most agree that there are various levels of the astral

After learning about Out of Body and about this other plane of existence, the questions of safety
and danger arise. The answer is both yes and no to both the questions of is there danger and is it
safe. The astral plane is made up of a number of levels. Some of these levels are safe others are
not and the mental clarity and focus of the person astral projecting often determines on which level
they travel.

You can find danger if your mind is not sound when you astral project. Therefore, anyone under
the influence of drugs or alcohol can find themselves in a crisis. These may be the lower levels of
the astral plane.

This is the reason it is imperative that you understand how to do this and where you want to
project to. Your goal is to do Out of Body using your conscious mind. You need to have total
control over your astral body and what it is doing. Your total control comes from the thoughts you

You can learn Out of Body with relative ease and in little time if you prepare yourself. You could
choose to take lessons with Out of Body professionals who can teach you some techniques.
Alternately, you could do as most people do and learn on your own.

You can find a lot of material online to help you improve your Out of Body abilities. Out of Body
hypnosis recordings are especially useful. These recordings help you to reach the meditative state
where Out of Body happens the most readily. Many people consider these to be more helpful than
a session with a professional since they can be played on repeat until you're relaxed and your
subconscious mind responds to the recorded messages.

A new audio recording technology called binaural beats has been shown to help people astral
project as well. The listener hears two slightly different frequencies, one in each ear and the effect
of these sounds is deep relaxation as the listener's brainwaves tune into just the right frequency
for Out Of Body.

Do not be discouraged if you are unable to astral project in the beginning. It is important to keep in
mind that you are simply remembering a skill that you already possess and have used at some
point in your past.

If you are still unsure, that out of body is something that is known to everyone consider these
things. Have you ever felt like you were falling, even though you were standing or laying still, how
about dreaming about flying. Often times this is the result of out of body. The falling feeling usually
comes when the two bodies rejoin each other and the sensation of flight comes from actually
moving through the astral plane.

out of body is naturally very real. We can all do it and find it beneficial in many ways. It does
however; take time to fine-tune this natural ability.

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