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					1     951/944 Buyers guide checklist – Originated by Phil Marshalsea ( 18/05/12
                  please add any suggestions and additional checks and email back to me.

Hello ,
This is the first draft of a check list of things to look for when you buy a used 944 / 951 Porsche. This isn’t
a definitive guide but something I’ve gleaned from listening to others expert advice. The idea is that it
should take you away from the shiny new Porsche Buy Buy !! syndrome and give you an objective look at
your future car. I take no responsibility if you follow these points and end up with a lemon. That’s life….



                      What to look for                                           Comment
1.            1.1 Check around front Porsche badge for
Paintwork     signs of re-spray especially where the badge
( if a cars   hasn’t been removed.
old then it   1.2 Lift bonnet, check where the front
might well    wings bolt along to the engine bay any
of had        signs of over spray or disturbance of bolts.
some          1.3 Check at the top of the rear hatch at
work if its   the side for two plastic looking pins which
well done     hold plastic to glass hatch. Have they got
then no       signs of over spray.
problems)     1.4 Check all the plastic stone chip guards
              are there and not painted over. Should be 6
              in total.
              1.5 Check all the stone guards line up
              relative to each other and where they
              should be.
              1.6 Check the line of stone chip paint along
              the sills this should allow a gap between it
              and the bottom of the doors.
              1.7 Check the gap between the rear wings
              plastic stone chip guard and paint stone
              chip should be a few mm’s.
              1.8 Check the plastic sill covers are in
              1.9 Check the rear Porsche strip logo is
              1.10 Check where the turbo valance (951)
              joins the car that this is black plastic. If it’s
              the same colour as the car there’s been
              some re spraying going on !
              1.10 Check and note every ding , dent ,
              chip and scratch particularly areas like
              bonnet and doors .
              1.11 Check for any rust especially on sills
              behind front wheels , in front of and
              behind the rear wheels.
              1.12 Check the bonding around the
              windscreen and rear hatch for bubbling /
              blistering indicating the bondings shot.
2.            2.1 Check the presence of info sticker at
Collision     the rear of the car. Open the boot pull
damage        back the inside mats and look around
              below the locking mechanism for a factory
              sticker detailing option codes. Lack of this
              indicates a rear collision. Check it matches
              the one in the maintenance / guarantee
              book. Be suspicious if this book has been
2     951/944 Buyers guide checklist – Originated by Phil Marshalsea ( 18/05/12
                  please add any suggestions and additional checks and email back to me.

              2.2 Whilst in boot feel the inside of the two
              pods just behind the rear wheels for any
              signs of dents.
              2.3 Check the line up of lights rears and
              2.4 Check the panel gaps should be roughly
              1 cm make sure they are consistent and
              2.5 Check the condition of the turbo
              valance (951) it may have been knocked
              2.6 Check the wheel arches should have a
              plastic cover inside the arch to protect the
              2.7 Check the wheel arches for obvious
              filler presence dents etc.
              2.8 Open the bonnet look at the main
              chassis of the car in particular the two main
              stays heading from the engine area past the
              near the lights to the front of the car.
              Check these for bending, damage etc.
              2.9 Check suspension turrets for wear or
              2.10 Check for damage to alloys also what
              type are they do they correspond to the
              option code sticker in the car are they
              original items if not have they been
              correctly fitted correct offset.
              2.11 Tyre condition INCLUDING spare
              2.12 There should be indentations of panel
              gaps under hatch on rear panel above
3. Engine     3.1 Check for smoke (blues bad) on start-
(I’m no       up and rev .
engine        3.2 Check for engine cover under car.
expert so     3.3 Check this for oil build up.
this is a     3.4 Check as much as possible for oil leaks
very small    around water pump , sump etc.
list! )       3.5 Check dipstick for oil condition and
              levels. It should NOT be chocolate brown
              colour (indicates head gasket/ water seal
              3.6 Check water level in expansion tank
              and for presence of white foamy/milky
              substance and oil in water (bad).
              3.7 Check oil pressure on start-up. Should
              be good 5 bar going to 2-3 as oil reaches
              3.8 Let engine run till cooler fans kick in
              turn off engine check they still run then
              switch off after a few minutes.
              3.9 Check power steering for leaks from
              the pump hoses and case halves. Also the
              reservoir sometimes leaks.
              3.10 Check steering rack for obvious leaks
              as replacements are expensive.
4. Interior   4.1 Check condition of leather esp. drivers
              seat bolster check for any tears .
              4.2 Check air conditioning works and is
              nice and cold.
3     951/944 Buyers guide checklist – Originated by Phil Marshalsea ( 18/05/12
                  please add any suggestions and additional checks and email back to me.

             4.3 Check heater works nice and warm 
             4.4 Check wipers and wash font and rear.
             4.5 Check rear boot release switch works.
             4.6 Check functionality of windows they
             shouldn’t be too slow !!
             4.7 Check electric mirrors move with the
             4.8 Check electric seats all buttons actuate
             all the correct bits.
             4.9 Check central locking
             4.10 Check for presence of alarm the
             Thatcham category it qualifies for (check in
             service history for installation certificate
             without it the insurance company wont
             believe you) . Check it works !!!
             4.11 Check you have one key that opens all
             the locks and starts the car if your lucky
             this should be a Porsche embossed key.
             4.12 Check for spare tyre, electric tyre
             pump, toolkit , sunroof bag, locking wheel
             nuts remover , car jack.
             4.13 Check the sunroof works raised and
             fully out of car.
             4.14 Check miles corresponds to MOT
             certificate , also in low mileage car check
             for signs of clocking . What are the pedal
             covers like does the car look worn beyond
             its use ??
             4.15 Check stereo works.
             4.16 Check headlight raise and lower and
             light (dip main beam etc) ok .
5. Service   5.1 Check all MOTs present with sensible
history      mileage figures between MOTs.
             5.2 How many owners has the car had?
             5.3 Check for stamps at regular service
             intervals (is it 12000 miles between
             services). A 951 will require 6000 miles
             between filter and oil change. Also are
             there receipts to back up the work .
             Hopefully all the work was done at a OPC
             or respected independent specialist . Call
             them if u doubt a history.
             5.4 Check last time timing belts were
             changed (40000 miles between changes) or
             every 2 years for low mileage cars.
             5.5 Check last time clutch was changed
             (most live for around 100k).
             5.6 Check for a constant use of oil type
             (preferably mobile 1)
             5.7 Check for any big bills what was done
             does it sound serious (ie new head gasket
             could of meant engine trouble in the past)
             5.8 Check the owners where did they come
             from how did the car end up in the current
             owners hands ?
             5.9 Check for owners handbook in a nice
             Porsche wallet.
4     951/944 Buyers guide checklist – Originated by Phil Marshalsea ( 18/05/12
                  please add any suggestions and additional checks and email back to me.

             5.10 Check VIN number matches
             documentation, it's on the front firewall
             drivers side. Very obvious. Feel behind to
             see if there's any evidence of it having
             been cut out and replaced. Also check that
             it matches the plate that's behind the
             firewall which is riveted on. Check engine
             number matches documents and the type
             number is right for the car. It's located on
             the exhaust manifold side at the back of
             the block (you'll need a torch).
6.Happy?     6.1 Starting should be on the first turn of
Lets go      the key.
for a test   6.2 In reverse how does the car sound and
drive then   track. Does it slip into reverse ok?
             6.3 Check stationary noise for a lock to
             lock turn of the steering wheel any nasty
             sounds / screeches?
             6.4 Move of clutch is mega heavy esp.
             compared to 944 NA.
             6.5 Boost should come on at 3000 - 3500
             revs. Although the standard boost gauge is
             useless check it does something.
             6.6 Boost should bring a grin to the face of
             every petrol headed porker owner ensure
             its smooth and enjoy it.
             6.7 Check the brakes should be very good.
             Check the abs works , you might want to
             warn the salesman !
             6.8 Check the limited slip diff works .
             Again warn the salesman but essentially
             boot it 
             6.9 Steering should be precise and not
             judder particularly as speed is increased. If
             you’ve driven a decent Porsche you should
             know what this feels like.
             6.10 Keep the windows open listening for
             any bad sounds, noisy tappets etc.
             6.11 Check for rubbing / clunking from
             wheels particularly in cornering as this
             might be a wheel bearing.
             6.12 A clicking sound from the rear will
             indicate worn CV joints.
             6.13 Grab the top of the wheels and rock
             back and forth
             to check for play in wheel bearings. Bounce
             the corners to check the dampers.

7            7.1 Check by an independent specialist or
Additional   OPC. Get a list of faults good for haggling
Checks       fodder.
             7.2 Get an HPI check could save you £££s
             in the long run.
             7.3 Check dealer reputation. Ask around
             people often have good stories about
             places as well as bad !
5   951/944 Buyers guide checklist – Originated by Phil Marshalsea ( 18/05/12
                please add any suggestions and additional checks and email back to me.

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