Minutes of the meeting of

                        December 8, 2009 - 7:00p.m.
                           BREHOA Clubhouse

President Dan Fike called the meeting to order. Copies of the Minutes from
November were distributed. Paul Daniel made a motion to approve the minutes
and Rita Lack seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer – Larry Smith – Absent. Rita Lack highlighted the November report.
Rita made a motion to approve the report and Deb Townsley seconded. Motion
approved unanimously.

Architectural – Bobby Carson – Absent. One shed is being reviewed.

Alert Neighbors/Safety – Linda Sullivan – Absent. It’s Christmas time, watch
your neighbor’s homes.

Budget – Larry Smith – Absent.

Clubhouse – Rita Lack – there was one rental in November
-Christmas party was a success. There were 38 kids and 29 adults present.

Key Card – Susan Cox – nothing to report.

Landscape – Linda Sullivan – Absent.

Newsletter – Garry Townsley – reported that the next newsletter is only going to
be available electronically.
-There was discussion about the possibility of adding a box on the front of the
clubhouse to offer homeowners a printed version of the newsletter for pickup if
they desire.

Playground – Vacant – Nothing to report.

Pond – Paul Jarrell – Pond #2’s spinner is stuck.
Pool – Deb Townsley – Nothing to report.

Social – Monique Knapp – Absent. See Clubhouse report for activities.
A new chairman is needed for next year.

Welcome – Steve O’Bannon – Steve delivered five welcome packets in November.

Old Business:

-Pond #3- Jerry Fowler, the Neighborhood Coordinator with the City of Owasso,
met with the board members last Wednesday, December 2nd,to discuss the issues of
pond #3. He brought along Roger Stevens of the City. The consensus of the
meeting was “it was a waste of time.” The city is giving us the same answer they
have in the past. Fixing the pond is our responsibility since it is private property,
but we can’t do anything because it is the city’s storm water pond.
-We discussed potentially draining the pond and dredging the sediments out.
While the pond is lowered, we would fill the hole in the drain the city added last
year to raise the water level back to where it was. Since the gate is falling in, we
would take it out and expand the pond to allow a more stable sloping bank.

-V.P. Election:
Nominee: Paul Daniel. 8 votes for, unanimous. Congratulations Paul for being
the V.P. for 2010.

New Business:

-Christmas Light Contest: Motion made to have a sign placed in the winner’s yard,
with a gift cards given to the top three homes: $75, $50, and $25 respectively.

-Thoughts for next year: Decorating the entrance at Christmas time and giving out
yard of the month awards.

Paul Daniel made a motion to adjourn at 7:42p.m. Steve Gatzke seconded.
Motion approved.

Submitted by: Mike Miller                    9 homeowners attended

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