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Provider   Your own shop on your own website Your own shop online                 Folksy        Ebay

                                                      An online shop with
           At its simplest, a series of images that   images and payment          British craft
What is    people can view on your website and        taken through the           shop          Auction site which also does
it?        click on a link to buy.                    provider of the space.      window        Buy it Now sales

                                                    Shoppers can purchase in
                                                    the same way as having
                                                    your shop on your
                                                    website. The difference is
                                                    that the shop IS the
           On the website, shoppers see the         website rather than being                   Sign up, and then put your item
           products for sale. When the shopper      part of a larger website                    for sale online. Generally the
           clicks on a link to purchase the item, a although you can add the                    item has a limited time for
           behind-the-scenes payment processor      shop to your own website                    people to buy it although there
           takes payment and credits it into your   (see                          You set up    is a Buy It Now option and a
           account. Most online shops use shopping http://www.ekmpowersho         your shop     Make an Offer option. People
How        baskets so that shoppers can add to for a typical          display and   bid on the item and, once the
does it    their purchases until they want to       example). A good solution     sell.         time has elapsed, highest
work?      checkout and pay.                        if you simply want to sell.   Simples!      bidder gets it.
                                                                                    I have not
                                                                                    done a
                                                                                    Folksy shop
                                                                                    but it seems
                                                                                    simple to
                                                         Easy enough to set up if   set up a
How                                                      you know about design.     really good         It is time consuming to put
easy is it It is fairly easy to do if you know how to    Lots of ways to customise looking              items for sale on the site and it
to do/     programme or understand Wordpress or          the look and feel of the   shop,               takes time to sell them too
use?       other website building programmes.            shop.                      particularly        because it is an auction.
                                                                                    20 pence for
                                                                                    each listing
           The cost comes when the customer                                         (up to five
           checks out. Most payments go through                                     items) and
           some sort of processing partner such as                                  5%
           Paypal and the cost varies according to                                  commission
           the provider. See the list at the end for a                              on sales.           Insertion fee and a sales fee on
Cost       comparison of the costs.                                                 VAT is easy
                                                                                    Quick,              the final sale price.
                                                         Easy to use. Templates     and simple.
          You have full control over the look and        available for help. User   Helpful
          feel of the shop. You know who does the        forums and help available. forums to
          payment processing and can choose              Proven to work for sales. guide you,
Positives your own providers for services.               Safe to use.               and friendly
                                                                                    Many,               Well-known.
                                                                                       many, many
         It takes time and energy, money and             Only a shop window so, if     people sell      Lots of things being sold all at
         patience to get it right. You will need to      you want to blog, etc a       on Folksy.       once; easy to get lost. Not a
         check on the legal issues for the various       separate website or           So it is easy    dedicated craft/ art site
         services in the shop. You are responsible       Facebook page, etc needs      to get lost. I   although people use it for that.
Negative for the whole shop. It can cost a lot of        to be setup. Not a bad        have heard       Newer ideas have come around
s        money to create the shop.                       thing, in this day and age!   reports          about selling online.

s that
may help
          Any of the designer brands have their    http://www.tryecommerce http://folksy
Website   own shops online.                        .com/                   .com/

                                                                                            We use it to sell second hand
                                                                            http://folksy   CDs to raise money for our
                                                                            .com/items/     Singing Saturdays group. Look
Who       See                            3097530-        at
uses it   for a really good shop and clean, lovely                          Meadow-         http://creativeindustriesshetlan
well?     identity.                          bowl  

          Varies according to the payment method                                        Varies but normally a listing fee
          you use. Payment processing starts at                             Listing fee and a commission.
          1% of each transaction. Try Charities  Costs vary according to    plus 5%
Cost      Technology Trust.                      payment method.            commission ell/questions/what-fees.html
                                                                Other sites to look at…

Coriandr   Etsy           ibootsale   ebid        Gumtree       Dawanda      Paypal       Trust

                                                                                          Online shop
                                                                A rival to   Payment      solution for
           Internationa                           Classifieds   Etsy and     processing   payment
           l Folksy                   Like ebay   sales         Folksy       site         processing

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