IAIN LOVIE's COLOUR PHOTOGRAPH LIST                          "WOOD-CHIP CARRIERS"

List compiled from photographs obtained from approximately 1995 to December 2006.
They have appeared in “offer” sheets from #455 to #580.          LIST COMPLETE.

(For photographs obtained after 2006 – see annual “year” list index starting at 2007.)

__CRIMSON GALAXY                       96 JPN/PAN Catalina/Univan/NYK Group         UK4 20
__CRIMSON GALAXY (stern quarter view)                                               UK5 22
__ENERGIA CENTAURUS                    01 JPN/PAN M.O. Ship Mgt/Centaurus           QY7 24
__ENERGIA CENTAURUS (Stern quarter view)                                            QY8 27
__FOREST KING                          91 JPN/PAN Naiad Shg/"K" Line Mgt            UK6 32a
__FOREST KING (Stern quarter view)                                                  UK7 36a
__GRAND OJI PIONEER                    97 JPN/PAN Mitsui Group                      QO5 2
__HONSHU SILVIA                        89 JPN/PAN N.Y.K./Honshu Shipping            RG3 26a
__HONSHU SILVIA (Stern quarter view)                                                RG4 32a
__KS MERCURY (A)                       90 JPN/BHS Kitaura Kaiun/Cefiro Mar. S.A.    VI6 1
__KS MERCURY (A) (Stern quarter view)                                               VI6 2
__KURE (A)                             87 JPN/PAN N.Y.K./Patt Manfield              QY4 34a
__KURE (A) (Port quarter view) (Ex KURE MARU-93)                                    QY4 36a
__KURE                                 87 PAN     Patt Manfield/N.Y.K.              WT3 7
__KURE (Port quarter view)                                                          WV5 1a
__MISSISSIPPI 89 (A)                   89 JPN/PAN Pegasus Shipholdings S.A.         QT2 11a
__MISSISSIPPI 89 (A) (Stern quarter view)                                           QT2 12a
__NEW OJI PIONEER (A)                  94 PHL     Hanseatic Maritime                TK4 14a
__NEW OJI PIONEER (A) (stern quarter view)                                          TK4 16a
__OJI NEW CENTURY                      96 JPN/PAN Fukujin Kisen/Magnus Line         WI5 29a
__OJI NEW CENTURY (Port quarter view)                                               WI6 8a
__OJI PIONEER                          90 JPN/LBR Kyokuto Shg/Cygnet Bulk           WH4 8a
__OJI PIONEER (Starboard quarter view)                                              WH5 10a
__OJI UNIVERSE                         91 SGP/PAN Universal Shipholding/NYK SM      XS8 18a
__OJI UNIVERSE (Starboard quarter view)                                             XS9 20a
__PEARL QUEEN                          89 JPN/PAN N.Y.K.                            XF7 3
__PRINCE OF NATURE                     95 JPN/PAN Tokai Shipping Coy                TC1 27
__PRINCE OF OCEAN                      91 JPN/PAN Tokai Shipping Coy Ltd            RB3 2a
__PRINCE OF TOKYO (A)           97 JPN/PAN Kyokuto Shipping/Tokai Line              2A21 20a
__PRINCE OF TOKYO (A) (Port quarter view)                                           2A21 19a
__SHIN CHUETSU                         98 JPN/PAN Superior Chip Carriers S.A.       QE4 20
__SHIN CHUETSU (Stern quarter view)                                                 QE4 21
__SHIN OJI                             86 JPN/PAN N.Y.K./El Barrio Shg              QH3 24
__SHIN OJI (Stern quarter view)                                                     QS7 3a
__SKY PACIFIC (A)                      92 JPN/PAN Discover Ship Nav/TMM Co          RX8 5a
__SKY PACIFIC (A) (Stern quarter view)                                              RX8 7a
__TERN SPIRIT                          97 PAN     Wealth Line Inc                   XD4 18a

Abbreviations: (A)= Alongside wharf (R)= Stern view only available

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