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									Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

 Section 4
 Third Party Consultation

Section 7
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

4.      Third Party Consultation

Between March and December 2005, communication was undertaken with third party groups
through letters, emails, telephone calls, presentations and one to one meetings. This is recorded

4.1     Summary of Queries and Responses with Political Bodies

Query Received From                  Details of Query                      Summary Response Given by
                                                                           GARL Communications Team
Bailie Alistair Watson               2/3/05: Writing to respond to         11/3/05: Comments noted as part
North Cardonald Ward                 public consultation on behalf of      of consultation process.
Glasgow City Council                 constituents on the south side of
                                     the corridor who are likely to be
                                     affected by the environmental
                                     impact from the increased traffic
                                     associated with GARL. Asks that
                                     consideration is given for
                                     screening fencing and noise
                                     mitigation.                           15/11/05: Notification that
                                                                           Environmental Statement is
                                     2/11/05: Seeks assurance on           available online and noise as well as
                                     behalf of constituents that there     other environmental issues have
                                     will be screening measures and        been considered in this. Details re
                                     noise mitigation. Asks that access    mitigation provided. Confirmation
                                     to constituents' properties is        that properties abutting railway line
                                     achieved through proper               will be notified upon the
                                     notification.                         introduction of the Bill.

Cllr Jim Harkins                     17/3/05: Letter re Stage 2 report,    1/4/05: Letter in response key
Leader of Renfrewshire Council       St James proposals, Gilmour           issues raised including: Economic
                                     Street Station, and setting up        Development data, Playing Fields;
                                     special Council meeting re GARL       Paisley Gilmour Street Station and
                                     in May.                               special meeting.
Andrew Doig                          20/3/05: Writes with concerns re      29/3/05: Letter confirming location
SNP Westminster Candidate            playing fields and mass graves.       of proposed rail link and response
8 Moorburn Place                                                           to comments in relation to mass
Linwood                                                                    graves and planning permission.
Fergus Ewing MSP                     21/3/05: Letter stating that
                                     weakness in consultation is that it
                                     puts forward only one option.
                                                                           25/5/05: Letter to confirm that SPT
                                     13/5/05: Letter re: Simon             supports park and ride, confirming
                                     Wallwork’s proposal and the           that Mr Wallwork’s proposals have
                                     provision of a park and ride site.    been considered and that a park
                                                                           and ride strategy is being prepared
                                                                           for the Strathclyde area.

Section 4                                                                                                 2
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

Pauline McNeill MSP             23/3/05: Letter stating formal         Comments noted.
Glasgow Kelvin                  support for GARL.
1274 Argyle Street
G3 8AA
Douglas Alexander MP            8/4/05: Query relating to impact       18/4/05: Details of impact that
Paisley South                   of GARL on constituent Mr Bruce        GARL would have on Mr Bruce’s
                                who has small businesses located       property. Details of Parliamentary
                                on the site at 88-100 Greenhill        process provided.

                                20/4/05: Query relating to impact      25/4/05: Response outlining details
                                of GARL on constituents Mr & Mrs       of public consultation and for the
                                William Fisher.                        route selection, as well as
Hugh Henry MSP                  20/6/05: Concerns raised on            29/6/05: Copy of proposed works
Paisley South                   behalf of constituents that live at    to extend existing loop at Elderslie
Anchor House                    Canal Gardens, Elderslie.              sent. Details of public consultation
Blackhall Lane                                                         outlined. Details of Parliamentary
Paisley, PA1                                                           process and objection period
Wendy Alexander MSP             2/11/05: Requesting a brief on the     7/11/05: Email sent, detailing up-
                                project and the impact on St           to-date information on the project,
                                James Park for a meeting with          including Promoter's Memorandum
                                Paisley Community Council.             and plans.

                                9/11/05: Letter sent on behalf of      5/12/05: Letter sent explaining the
                                Robert Campbell of 48 McLean           reasons for selecting the route and
                                Place asking why SPT believes that     location of the station at the
                                the rail link is the best option and   airport.
                                why not the monorail. Also
                                questions the location of the
                                airport station and central station
                                platform 11a.
                                                                       24/11/05: Email stating that it was
                                24/11/05: Email sent asking if         ok to use the previous update from
                                Wendy Alexander could use the          7/11/05. Email confirms details of
                                documents sent by SPT on               impact on pitches, Greenhill Road
                                7/11/05 at a meeting with Paisley      and Greenock Road. SPT confirms
                                North Community Council. She           that previous update on project
                                requests further explanation on        from 7/11/05 will cover
                                the relocation of the pitches at St    Sportrenfrewshire's queries. SPT
                                James Park and the residents of        confirms details of previous
                                Greenhill Road on landscaping in       correspondence with Joe Reilly and
                                their area (concerns about old         Ian Lynchanon, and includes
                                flats collapsing during                previous letter sent to them.
                                construction work).
                                She also forwards on an email
                                from Mr Reilly from
                                Sportrenfrewshire for response re
                                impact of GARL .

4.2    Summary of Queries and Responses with Public Bodies

Section 4                                                                                             3
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

Query Received From                    Details of Query                       Summary Response Given by
Charlie McGrattan                      1/4/05: Queries about evacuation       Meeting held on 19/4/05 to discuss
Strathclyde Fire and Rescue            procedures at Central Station.         concerns and subsequent letter
                                                                              sent on 22/4/05 to confirm
                                       9/5/05: Letter to confirm
                                       Strathclyde Fire & Rescue does not
                                       have any objection to the

4.3     Summary of Queries and Responses with Private Organisations

Query Received From                    Details of Query                       Summary Response Given by
D A H Reid                             30/3/05: Queries whether GARL          20/4/05: Details sent on
Regional Officer Scotland              offers best use of capital.            consultation process and
The Chartered Institute of Logistics   Comments relating to                   patronage.
and Transport                          consultation process and
‘Villa Cliff’                          patronage.
67 The Bridges
Dalgety Bay
KY11 9XZ
Marcello Ventisei                      3/5/05: Query re proposed route        10/5/05: Telephone call to address
General Manager                        and impact on Holiday Inn Hotel        concerns, confirming that
Holiday Inn                            at Glasgow Airport.                    Environmental Assessment was
Glasgow Airport                                                               being carried out to identify
                                                                              mitigation measures. Parliamentary
                                                                              Bill and objection process
D Marshall                             9/5/05: Letter asking for details of
Chairman                               test bores carried out at Glasgow
St James Residents Association         Airport.
160 Greenock Road                                                             7/4/05: Response from Scottish
Paisley                                20/5/05: Email to Minister for         Executive on Mr Marshall's
PA3 2LQ                                Transport re concerns about            concerns, who asks SPT to respond
                                       GARL.                                  directly to him with current status
                                                                              of project.

                                                                              4/7/05: Response to queries
                                       3/6/05: Letter to SPT with queries     regarding bedrock levels at the
                                       on bedrock levels at airport, the      airport, local plan,
                                       Renfrewshire Local Plan rail link      Roger Tym report; patronage and
                                       study, Roger Tym report and            regulations.
                                       passenger numbers.
                                                                              20/7/05: Letter to Mr Marshall,
                                                                              stating that the Scottish Executive
                                                                              has requested that SPT responds to
                                                                              certain points raised in letter to
                                                                              them on 5/7/05. Offer of a meeting
                                                                              with DM and residents’ association

Section 4                                                                                                   4
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

                                                                      and confirmation that SPT will
                                                                      respond to queries in advance of

                                                                      2/8/05: Response to queries of
                                                                      5/7/05, including information on
                                                                      safety issues, vertical alignment,
                                                                      proposals for viaduct at Wallneuk
                                                                      junction, football pitches, bedrock
                                                                      depths, the potential gravesite,
                                                                      BAA masterplan, deviation of
                                                                      route, cost of bridge, signalling
                                                                      requirements fro Shields Junction
                                                                      to Central Station area, platform
                                                                      cost, patronage figures and Roger
                                                                      Tym report.

                                                                      Subsequent meeting on 11/8/05.
                                25/10/05: Email stating that there
                                are problems with the GARL            30/8/05: Letter from SPT
                                website. Response requested.          summarising issues raised at

                                                                      27/10/05: Email sent to inform Mr
                                1/11/05: Email stating that           Marshall that certain users were
                                website problem has not yet been      having difficulties accessing the
                                rectified.                            website and that SPT were working
                                                                      towards a technical solution.

                                                                      1/11/05: Letter sent to Mr Marshall
                                                                      stating that the problem is caused
                                                                      by an old software version on his
                                                                      PC. CD of Bill and consultation
                                                                      report files sent to Mr Marshall,
                                                                      and confirmation that he needs to
                                                                      update his PC through I E 6 and
                                                                      Adobe Reader 6, which are
                                8/11/05: Questions to SPT re          downloadable at no cost.
                                GARL documentation.
                                                                      2/11/05: Telephone message left to
                                                                      advise that CD with documents in
                                                                      post. Letter sent on same day to
                                                                      confirm this.

                                10/11/05: Email to SPT seeking
                                clarification on transporter height   10/11/05: Email from SPT to DM
                                to accommodate bridge elevation.      stating that Renfrewshire Council
                                                                      has passed SPT several queries,
                                                                      which SPT will answer direct.
                                                                      Responses relate to M8 closure and
                                                                      potential future widening of M8.

Section 4                                                                                            5
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

                                                                      15/11/05: Confirmation re
                                                                      transport height.

                                                                      23/11/05: Letter sent to confirm
                                                                      receipt of Mr Marshall’s queries of
                                                                      8/11/05. Letter states that due to
                                                                      detailed nature of DM's queries, it
                                                                      will take some time to compile a

                                                                      25/11/05: Email confirming that
                                                                      Stage 2 and 3 reports will be sent
                                                                      to him to answer detailed

                                                                      2/12/05: Letter enclosing CDs with
                                                                      Stage 2 and 3 reports.
                                                                      Confirmation that current stage of
                                                                      design is preliminary only.
C H Beaumont                      11/5/05: Would like further         18/5/05: Letter outlining why SPT
Abbotsinch Properties Ltd         information from SPT re land        requires details of land ownership.
18/20 Headfort Place              ownership.
Eric Robinson and Trevor Watson                                       Organisation identified by SPT as
Fast Aid                                                              business which will be directly
Clark Street                                                          affected by GARL. Telephone call
Paisley                                                               placed on 16/5/05 to organise face
                                                                      to face meeting.

                                                                      23/5/05: Phone call between Eric
                                                                      Robinson and SPT confirming that
                                                                      at this stage SPT doesn't know
                                                                      exactly how the eventual contractor
                                                                      will build the works, but that it was
                                                                      common practice for construction
                                                                      companies to agree access
                                                                      arrangements and limit disruption
                                                                      during construction from noise, dirt
                                                                      and dust, as per the proposed
                                                                      COCP under development.
Nigel Billingsley                 20/5/05: Email requesting list of   23/5/05: Email stating that details
Senior Surveyor                   parties affected by preferred       of affected parties will be provided
Bruton Knowles                    route.                              within Book of Reference which
Suite 24                                                              will be available for inspection by
Minerva House                                                         the Public when the Bill is
Spaniel Row                                                           introduced to Parliament.
cgm (Oswald) Ltd                                                      26/5/05: Call with Gordon Mitchell
8 Thistle Street                                                      of cgm holdings and SPT re impact
Aberdeen                                                              of GARL on property, regarding
AB10 1XZ                                                              ownership of land, construction
                                                                      impacts and timescales. Meeting
                                                                      arranged for 14 September 2005.

Section 4                                                                                            6
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

                                30/5/05: Letter from Paull &
                                Williamsons outlining Cgm
                                holdings' concerns, who have
                                property in the Arches within the
                                railway viaduct.                       2/6/05: Call with Charles Mitchell
                                                                       pf cgm holdings and SPT re impact
                                                                       of GARL on undercroft area.
                                                                       Meeting on site took place on
                                                                       3/6/05 to discuss issues further.

                                                                       28/6/05: Letter from SPT to Paull &
                                                                       Williamsons detailing that area
                                                                       tenanted by clients will be required
                                                                       as a temporary basis during
                                22/7/05: Letter confirming that        construction.
                                client wishes to review all
                                alternative options which have         5/8/05: Letter sent stating that
                                been considered and meeting is         decision not taken lightly with
                                requested to discuss this.             option to set-up a meeting to

                                28/10/05: Neil Clarkson contacted      Subsequent meeting took place on
                                SPT on behalf of CGM Holdings          14/9/05.
                                acting as structural engineer to
                                request meeting.
                                                                       Subsequent meeting took place on

Lawrence McGarry                31/5/05: Phone call with concerns      1/6/05: Confirmation by phone that
Legion of Mary                  re impact of GARL on property.         proposals would not affect his
The Wayside Club                                                       property.
32 Midland Street
Bob Smith                       31/5/05: Concerns that Cendris,        31/5/05: STP returned call to
Pascoe Engineering              the company which leases the           explain proposals for GARL,
Fifty Pitches Road              site, will not renew their lease due   outlining impact on property,
Cardonald                       to construction traffic disruption,    parliamentary process and
                                noise and vibration.                   objection procedure.

Laura Hunter                    3/6/05: Left telephone message         6/6/05: SPT explained that the
Hunter & Co                     asking that someone calls back to      construction timetable is still under
                                discuss the GARL proposals.            development. Affected parties
                                                                       would be officially contacted when
                                                                       the Bill is introduced to Parliament.

                                14/6/05: Letter to ask that            16/6/06: Comments noted and
                                alternative route is considered due    confirmation that all affected
                                to disruption to client MTB Ltd's      parties will be notified of
                                land.                                  developments.
Brian Powell                    8/6/05: Concerns re: impact of         8/6/05: SPT outlined it was doing
C&W Assets Ltd                  GARL on business.                      all in its power to minimize
                                                                       disruptions. SPT advised that
                                                                       construction timetable is still under
                                                                       development. SPT outlined that

Section 4                                                                                                 7
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

                                                                         the map provided by Land Aspects
                                                                         is intended to show all potentially
                                                                         affected parties and highlights the
                                                                         land under the ownership of
                                                                         occupiers of the Cardonald
                                                                         Business Park.
The PRG Partnership               8/6/05: Acting on behalf of            20/6/05: Letter confirming that
12 Royal Crescent                 McGarvey Construction which            details of advance purchase were
Glasgow                           may be affected by GARL.               discussed at recent meeting with
G3 7SL                            Requests details of voluntary          McGarvey Construction.
                                  acquisitions.                          Confirmation that all affected
                                                                         parties will be notified of
Roland Moore, Operations                                                 13/6/05: SPT offers meeting to
Manager                                                                  discuss impact of GARL on
NCP                                                                      business.
                                                                         Subsequent meeting took place on

                                  19/7/05: Letter confirming rights      11/7/05: Letter from SPT following
S Litherland                      of access, pedestrian access and       on from meeting.
Senior Surveyor                   20 minute drop off.
                                                                         Further meeting to discuss issues
                                  26/8/05: Email from R Moore            took place on 5/10/05.
                                  stating acceptance in principal to
                                  accommodating three additional         23/12/05: Response letter from
                                  disabled spaces within level five of   SPT, followed up by phone call.
                                  Oswald Street car park.

Carl Ridgley                      14/6/05: Left message to state         17/6/05: Advised that Holiday Inn
Intercontinental Hotel Group      that he is keen to discuss effects     would not be directly affected.
(owner of Holiday Inn Glasgow     of the proposals on property.          Affected parties would be officially
Airport)                                                                 contacted when the Bill is
                                                                         submitted to Parliament.
Oliver Mountain                   5/7/05: Requires more details of       15/7/05: Details on the Bill provided
Development Surveyor              what stage the Bill is at and its      as well as the route of GARL.
Shepherd Developments             impact on Cardonald Business           Confirmation that area of land at
Suite 17D, Joseph’s Well          Park. Looking for further              Cardonald Business Park has been
Hanover Walk                      information on construction            identified as a construction
Leeds                             compounds.                             compound. Details of construction
LS3 1AB                                                                  timetable provided.
                                  25/8/05: Letter seeking more
                                  details re plans for construction      5/9/05: Letter and plan sent re
                                  compound.                              construction compound. Timetable
                                                                         of works clarified.

                                                                         15/11/05: Details re code of
                                  26/9/05: Confirmation of receipt       construction details sent.
                                  of letter and asking for details on
                                  code of construction.
Alan Thomson and William Cusack   Meeting called re: affects GARL        Meeting to discuss concerns held
Linn Park Buses                   would have on their property.          on 11/5/05.
Mr Taylor                         18/8/05: Query relating to             18/8/05: Telephone call to explain
J&M Taylors                       commencement of project.               details of construction and

Section 4                                                                                               8
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

86 Clark Street                                                       technical works. Bill process was
                                                                      also outlined.
Richard Gilliland               3/10/05: Mr Gilliland acts on         10/10/05: Call to confirm that
Gilliland & Company             behalf of Nostalgia Ltd of 56         proposals would not impact on
216 West George Street          Oswald Street.                        Nostalgia's property.
Glasgow                         Requires information on the
G2 2PQ                          implications for its client’s
Mr Keith Petrie                 26/10/05: Mr Petrie represents        26/10/05: Mr Petrie informed that
FG Burnett                      Rentokil and would like copies of     this information would be available
PO box 141                      recent plans / maps of the area.      soon on the website. Meeting took
33 Albyn Place                  Request for meeting with SPT.         place 09/11/05 to discuss issues.
AB10 1YL                        21/11/05: Thanks for the meeting      1/12/05: Confirmation that Faber
                                would like to arrange further         Maunsell will arrange further
                                meeting to discuss.                   meeting.
Alan Simpson                    22/11/05: Looking for further         22/11/05: SPT clarified the nature
Superdrug                       information on letter he had          of letter and directed Mr Simpson
Central Station                 received regarding the work           to website for further information.
                                required to be completed at
                                Central Station.
Gerald Eve                      2/12/05: Letter to inform that they   6/12/05: Letter to confirm that
Caithness House                 are now representing Carlton Die      Gerald Eve will be included in any
127 St Vincent Street           Castings and Direct Parking and       correspondence.
Glasgow                         ask to be copied in to any

Section 4                                                                                            9
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

4.4       Minutes of Third Party Group Meetings

Between March and December 2005, presentations and one-to-one meetings were carried out by SPT to third party
organisations to update them on GARL as follows:

Date                                SPT Meeting / Presentation to:
14 March 2005                       Scottish Executive / Amey
14 March 2004                       BAA Security Meeting
7 April 2005                        HMRI
8 April 2005                        DfT - Transec
8 April 2005                        GCC
19 April 2005                       Network Rail at Central Station and Strathclyde Fire Brigade
25 April 2005                       Kingsley Wood (solicitors) and Eric Young (chartered surveyors) representing J M Estates
                                    (Scotland) Ltd, Direct Parking (Glasgow) Ltd, Airlink Security Park Ltd and Datastore Solutions
11 May 2005                         Linn Park Buses
16 May 2005                         GCC
17 May 2005                         Central Station Users Group
28 June 2005                        NCP
11 August 2005                      St James Residents
14 September 2005                   CGM Holdings
19 September 2005                   Office of Rail Regulation
21 September 2005                   GCC
5 October 2005                      NCP
8 November 2005                     ADS
9 November 2005                     Rentokil
10 November 2005                    PWP Consulting on behalf of CGM Holdings
18 November 2005                    Pentland Aviation
21 December 2005                    Arches Theatre
23 December 2005                    Happitots Nursery

Other meetings:

      •   Since May 2004, SPT has carried out a series of meetings with Network Rail at two-to-four weekly intervals
      •   Since May 2004, meetings have been carried out between SPT and BAA at four-weekly intervals
      •   Since May 2004, meetings have been carried out between SPT and Scottish Executive at two weekly intervals
      •   Meetings have taken place between SPT and various departments of Glasgow City Council since May 2004
      •   Meetings have taken place between SPT and Renfrewshire Council since May 2004, generally four meetings weekly
      •   SPT has carried out a number of meetings with key stakeholders periodically since May 2004
      •   Various meetings have taken place between SPT and the Private Bills Unit between March and December 2005

Section 4                                                                                                                       10
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

4.5          Minutes of meetings

Meetings took a variety of formats, some formal, some to progress the details of the project. Where possible, copies of the
minutes of the meetings follow but in some cases these have not been included for reasons of confidentiality.

  Project:           GARL                                                                 Job No/Ref:                       39055MAR

  Purpose:           Fire Brigade Meeting, Central Station                                Date held:                      19 April 2005

  Held at:           Glasgow Central Station                                              Made by:                                    KGP
 Present:            Drew Burns (DB)                  Network Rail                         Distribution:
                     George Young (GY)                Network Rail                         Charlie Hoskins, SPT
                     Bill Connolly (BC)               Strathclyde Fire Brigade             Ian Dudgeon, Faber Maunsell
                     Mark Stockton (MS)               Strathclyde Fire Brigade             Ian Watson, Faber Maunsell
                     David Gardner (DG)               SPT                                  David Brown, Faber Maunsell
                     Keith Prentice (KP)              Faber Maunsell                       Neil Halket, Faber Maunsell
                     David Miscandlon (DM)            Faber Maunsell


 No.        Item                                                                                                          Action By
 1.         Drawings 39055MAR / A121, G300 and G312 showing the current proposals for extending platform 11a                  Note
            within the train shed and emergency vehicle access to the platform level were discussed. All present
            were satisfied with the proposals.

 2.         The recent passenger flow modelling undertaken by Faber Maunsell was discussed. A project working                 Note
            paper no. 17 titled ‘Pedestrian Modelling of Glasgow Central Station’ has been issued as draft in February,
            discussing in detail the findings of the modelling. The key notes from this working paper were highlighted
            as follows;

                 •    The evacuation of the PEDROUTE model included a “crush loaded” GARL service with 600
                      passengers on board, approximately 10 times that of the forecasted figures;
                 •    The model is based on 2004 figures for other all passenger movements with the exception of
                      the GARL figures, which were 2030 loadings; and
                 •    The evacuation scenarios showed that with the introduction of GARL the evacuation times
                      increased from 7.7 minutes to 8.4 minutes (42secs) in the AM peak, an increase of 9%.

 3.         GY, Assistant Fire Safety Engineer for Network Rail confirmed that the 8min evacuation time quoted in             Note
            Working Paper 17 applies only to subsurface stations on the London Underground. It is not a Network Rail
            standard. Indeed there is no legislation that specifically defines an evacuation time for Network Rail for
            above ground stations. Evacuation is subject to an adequate Safety Case.

 4.         BC and MS indicated that the Fire Brigade are not interested in the time limit of evacuation, but are keen        Note
            to ensure the evacuation is as safe as possible.

Section 4                                                                                                                             11
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

 5.       DB indicated that the closure of the vehicle exit ramp due to the platform extension closes off a fire exit      Note
          route from the station platform to the staff parking below. This was reviewed on site and confirmed that
          a fire exit can still be maintained out the existing vehicle exit onto Oswald Street. Indeed there is another
          fire exit from the parking area out to Broomielaw. DB, as well GY from Network Rail and BC and MS from
          the Fire Brigade were satisfied with these proposals.

 5.       Network Rail and Strathclyde Fire Brigade agreed that with such marginal increases on the evacuation             Note
          times and indeed the fact there is no legislation stating any time limit as such, that no alterations are
          required within the station to improve evacuation, such as removal of the Virgin Waiting Room.

 6.       It was agreed that the station Safety Case / Evacuation Plan should be revisited at later stage of the           Note
          project to reflect any changes.

Glasgow Airport Rail Link Focus Group Notes
Tuesday 17 May 2005
Glasgow Central Station Focus Group Meeting

Attendance:                     Approx 8

Presenting:                     John Halliday (SPT)

Also on top table:              David Gardner, SPT
                                Ian Dudgeon, Faber Maunsell

Q1: Martin Lawrence (ML), GNER
You say that 82% were in support of GARL, what barriers did the 18% put up that were not in support?

A1: John Halliday (JH), SPT
Mainly the St James playing fields and the fact that the business communities will go – public don’t see the advantages.

Ian Dudgeon (ID), Faber Maunsell
Other than the playing fields others query why we need the rail link.

JH: One or two raised concerns about noise along the track.

ML: Were issues raised re: car parking?

JH: No

Q2: Billy Shaw (BS), West Coast Trains
Speaking for long distance customers, this would not be suitable in terms of losing parking facilities.

JH: SPT have held many exhibitions and there has been no major reaction.

Section 4                                                                                                                         12
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

BS: Long distance operators won’t have access, there will be too many travellers with cases and kids.

A2 : Jim Burns(JBu), SPT
We have an area at the NCP car park.

BS: I don’t think that’s the same pricing regime.

Bill Lynas (BL), Network Rail
We will carry out final station change – we need to know what would or would not be acceptable.

JH: If we don’t know your views we won’t be able to react and take this forward. There has been some research done on the
car park usage, around 66 will be coming and going and half of this figure is long term.

BS: The facility is there for people to use, but you’ll be taking that away from them.

JH: The car park is not at capacity and certainly not full.

Q3: BS: Do we have timings of trains?

A3: JH: In our Bill, we can only state what services will be provided – 4 trains are expected per hour.

Q4: Elaine Bell (EB), First Scotrail
During construction, what impact will there be on platform 11a and who will pick up the cost?

A4: ID
The cost delays has been built into capital cost of project. 11a disruption has not been looked at yet.

EB: If NCP use is encouraged, will we be going to look back at the squire regime?

JH: We are not into that fine a detail as yet, this will be after Royal Assent. We have made assumptions with a level of error
for cost.

BL: This project will require network change. If performance related cost, maybe this can be charged against project.

EB: Platform 11a is a regular platform. It is available as contingency, however not currently used.

Q5: Jim Berry (JB), Network Rail Spacia
Do you know the short term / permanent impact on businesses?

A5: ID: We don’t anticipate much disruption during construction. A couple of areas identified in the undercroft for waste and
small area for British Transport Police – (ID to show detail)

JB: The businesses below generate income, the sooner we get clarity on commercial property, the better.

JH: There will be a ramp change.

JB: Coming back up to concourse at Caledonia area, what about deliveries?

Colin Weir, (CW) Glasgow Central Station Manager

Section 4                                                                                                                        13
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

If smaller deliveries they’ll use smaller vehicles, we also have delivery area at Gordon Street.

JB: What happens to service deliveries?

ID: Only emergency vehicles will be allowed on the ramp under current proposal.

JB: Has BTP had any suggestions about the parking?

ID: We have had meetings and they seem to be happy.

JB: Concerns that the waste disposal plant is close to a food preparation area!

Q6: Tony Hughes, (TH) Glasgow City Council
We need a drop off point for people to get luggage in and out of trolleys, if we don’t have this service then the rail link is not
providing for the people of Glasgow. We need some sort of facility as we have now. We need disabled provision in particular.
If you read the leaflet, car parking is not immediately apparent.

JH: SPT has not hidden this; it was included in all presentations to focus groups and at public meetings. Parking and disabled
parking must be taken into consideration and provision made, especially for disabled. It would be a sad day if rail services
fell on 2 disabled spaces and short stay car parking.

TH: It maybe advisable to all BTP cars to turn in the lay-by and leave gate/barrier area free of vehicles at platform 13.

ID: Intention is that the whole area would be a shared surface. 95% used by pedestrians – worth exploring.

JH: When is Virgin's waiting room going away?

BS: This is owned by Eurostar.

Q7: EB
The car park creates money for TOCs – has this been considered if any loss?

ID: Yes, money has been accessed for eventualities.

JH: What is the general view about disabled spaces? What about the NCP car park?

BS: Not an option, not adequate.

EB: Concerns about disability access. Our image to customers would raised concerns.

CW: The busiest times of the year are Easter and Christmas. The disabled have some privileges such as designated spaces.

EB: Is there anything we can do with the space outside the Central Hotel?

BS: We would then have a problem with trolleys as they can’t go outside the station.

Discussion took place re: Platform capacity

JB: Servicing will all have to be carried out on Gordon Street – has there been any scoping?

Section 4                                                                                                                            14
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

CW: There would be enough space to take two main lorries. Busy period in the morning but then quietens down – the Central
Hotel is ok as the service vehicles still get access from Union Street.

                                                    No further questions

Glasgow Airport Rail Link Meeting Notes
St James Residents’ Association – 11 August 2005
160 Greenock Road

Attendance:          Archie Berry (Chair)                     (AB)
                     Alan Hopkirk                             (AH)
                     Don Marshall                             (DM)
                     Archie Anderson                          (AA)
                     Gordon Craig                             (GC)
                     May Marshall                             (MM)

For SPT:             John Halliday, SPT                       (JH)
                     Charles Hoskins, SPT                     (CH)
                     David Gardner, SPT
                     Neil Halket, Faber Maunsell              (NH)
                     Moray Macdonald, Weber Shandwick

This is a note of the main points from the meeting, not a verbatim account.

Meeting started at 1900

CH         Outlined that the purpose of the meeting was to update the Residents on the GARL scheme and to provide plans
showing the most up to date position of the scheme. It was agreed that the SPT letter dated 2nd August would form the
basis of an agenda.

CH        Clarified that GARL was using TPWS (Train Protection Warning System) which is well used throughout the existing
rail network. Another system entitled ATP (Automatic Train protection) is less well used and is not being employed on GARL.
DM accepted this explanation.

CH        Confirmed that the alignment design has been undertaken in compliance with Network Rail standards. CH handed
over plans of the scheme. The M8 crossing is not detailed on the plans but Faber Maunsell has undertaken the necessary
preliminary design.

JH/CH      Described the terms Limit of Deviation (LOD) and Limits of Land Acquired or Used (LLAU).

AH         Enquired what would happen if the scheme went outside the LOD?

Section 4                                                                                                                     15
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

CH        Will check with his legal team but felt that a new or amended Bill would be required.

DM         Does not understand SPT response on playing fields. DM has received a different message from Renfrewshire
Council from that indicated in SPT letter.
CH         Outlined that discussions are on-going with Renfrewshire but SPT's current proposal provides 22 pitches
throughout construction and operation of GARL.

DM/GC Expressed their disappointment at the wording adopted by SPT in their letter which seemed to imply agreement had
been reached with Renfrewshire when in fact it has not.

CH      Outlined that plans for the playing fields will be finalised around about the date that the Bill is submitted in the

CH/JH Outlined that regular meetings are held with Renfrewshire Council on all relevant matters relating to GARL
(including the playing fields) and that SPT are confident that timescales for agreement of St James’ Playing field mitigation
will be met.

CH/JH     Outlined that draft documents have been passed to the Private Bills Unit (PBU) for review during summer recess.

JH        Summarised the private Bill submission process.

AH        Feels that SPT are using draft documents as an excuse for not providing final documents to St James Residents.

JH        Stressed this was simply not true and that SPT will make documents available when they are sufficiently advanced
to do so.

DM/AH     When will the Stage 2 and 3 reports be available?

CH        The latest would be October 2005 but the project team are striving to complete the documents before that.

AH        Asked to get drafts in advance of any final reports.

CH/JH     Stressed that if the St James Residents let SPT know what they want, SPT will strive to provide everything they

DM        Can you maintain your planned October parliamentary submission date?

JH        Yes we believe we can

AH        We would like to see more communication from you. The programme is constantly slipping and we are seeing
nothing new.

Section 4                                                                                                                       16
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

DM        When will Stage 2 and 3 be available online?

CH        Latest will be October but as soon as it is available we will release it.

JH        We are trying to go above and beyond the required consultation procedure.

DM        I understand that HMRI have not given formal consent to the proposals.

CH          No, we have met them on several occasions and they raised no objections in principle. They won't agree formally
until the final operation which will be after the Bill approval. We can provide you with the name of our contact at the HMRI to
ensure you speak to someone who is working on the case.

DM        Bedrock Depth. I am surprised you have only done 1 soil analysis, smaller builds on McFarlane Street have done 2
bore holes to 9 metres.

CH        For this level of design the appropriate investigations have been done. The report compiled has estimated the
required pile lengths from the airport to the mainline.

JH        Once approved there will be many more studies to look at precise geotechnical information but we believe that we
currently have sufficient data to provide the degree of accuracy required for this level of design.

DM        M8 bridge. I can’t understand why you would use a 3-span bridge?

CH        We have concluded technically and in terms of disruption that it will be a single span bridge.

DM        A single span bridge of 120m will cause untold disruption

CH        We have had meetings with the Scottish Executive Trunk Roads Division and with the contractor Amey.

AH        I am also concerned about disruption to the A726, we’d like to know what you are planning to do.

CH        The bridge may be constructed on-site. The structure can probably be moved into place in 1 night. There might
have to be lane restrictions but that will all be discussed with the Executive and Amey.

DM        The construction will cause blight to our houses and we will require compensation.

CH        There will be a buffer zone between Greenock road and the compound. We have produced a compensation leaflet
which provides some information about compensation. The Environmental Impact Statement looks at visual impact during
construction and operation and this will be made available to you soon.

MM        How do you compensate for people not being able to sell their house during the three year period?

Section 4                                                                                                                         17
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

NH        As the Promoter (SPT) you cannot give advice re compensation, you (MM) must contact your lawyer for advice.

AH        What is the width of the limit of deviation of the viaduct across the park?

CH        It is about 17 – 18 m, can’t confirm exactly.

DM        What about the Cholera graves?

CH        We can definitely give you extracts from the EIS on this. Historical records have variable accuracy. Faber
Maunsell reports that Renfrewshire Council maps on this are probably not accurate. Should we encounter any graves,
though we think remote, then they will be dealt with in the appropriate respectful manner and these operations will be
agreed in detail beforehand.

DM        There are inconsistencies between the BAA masterplan report and your statements. The report makes little
mention of the rail link and p28 states they are still waiting for transport modelling information.

AH        Have you produced a graph of public transport take-up – what percentage of public transport will GARL take up
and what percentage of all airport passengers will GARL provide for? Do you have breakdowns by car, bus, taxi etc?

GC        BAA appear to be happy that the growth in patronage can be accommodated by existing public transport and have
no real comment re the rail link.

DM        Your public meeting presentation said that the rail link would carry 1.35 million passengers but your recent letter
says 1.8m?

CH       Estimates for patronage were completed at the start of our work and we continued modelling and have now
concluded on the figure of 1.8 million.

JH         We have been consistent not just about the airport passenger but also the extra patronage that will be created to
Paisley with the more frequent service. It isn’t changes over time, but we have refined our analysis.

AH        How is GARL going to benefit from Crossrail?

CH        It is a separate project which looks to solving local network issues as well as areas outside Glasgow. Crossrail is
not fundamental to GARL happening.

AH        At a previous meeting you made great play of the 15 minute frequency being key to the plans?

JH        The case is built on a 4 trains per hour frequency.

GC        Is it still single track over the viaduct?

Section 4                                                                                                                       18
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

CH        We believe there is justification for a double track.

GC        Can we have recent analysis re patronage (point 13 of the letter)?

DM        Is there an alternative policy if patronage doesn’t meet expectations? Will you include in the Bill plans to remove
the railway?

JH        No.

CH        We have had to use DfT forecast. BAA figures are significantly higher.

AH        The construction will take 3 years?

CH        2 -3 years

DM        I have a letter from Network rail which says that the signalling will not be updated until 2013.

CH        We can plug into the system that is there now but will also be able to plug in once the Paisley signalling is

AH        Will playing field construction take three years?

CH        It is likely to take the full period including the necessary reinstatement, so not all the time will be actual

AH        Has money been set aside for mitigation measures?

CH        Yes this is included in our budget estimates.

DM        It is going to be intolerable. Property at the end of the road will be 15 m from the viaduct for 2 – 3 years of

AH        Have you set aside money for damage to foundations etc?

CH        We have set aside a global amount for contingencies etc.

CH        Within the next couple of weeks there will be more information and we will provide this to you asap.

JH        If you need to talk or meet with us we will be happy to facilitate that.

Meeting closed at 21.05

Section 4                                                                                                                       19
Glasgow Airport Rail Link Consultation Report, March - December 2005

4.6       Statutory Stakeholder Meetings

A further series of statutory stakeholder meetings also took place between March and December 2005 as follows:

Date                                SPT Meeting / Presentation to:             Minutes included within report
28 October 2005                     SEPA                                       No
16 November 2005                    Historic Scotland (Central Station)        No
18 November 2005                    Network Rail
21 November 2005                    Historic Scotland (Four Square Tobacco     No
23 November 2005                    SNH Clydebank                              No
23 November 2005                    Renfrewshire Council                       No
28 November 2005                    BAA                                        No
5 December 2005                     GCC                                        No

Section 4                                                                                                        20

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