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November 5, 2009                           
                                                     Red Nation Media



Los Angeles CA – Red Nation Celebration Entertainment, proudly announces the 6th
annual Red Nation Film Festival (RNFF), November 12-18, 2009. Red Nation Film
Festival will premiere 31 innovative feature films, shorts, public service, and
documentaries of USA American Indian and Canada First Nation communities.

Founded in 2005, RNFF has established itself as the largest and most prestigious
celebrations of American Indian motion picture art form in Los Angeles and the world.
This year’s film selection’s continue to break the barrier of racism by successfully
replacing American Indian stereotype with recognition, new vision, arts, culture and
economic prosperity.

The Festival theme, "Red is Green", serves to expand the boundaries of how American
Indians have typically been defined in our culture and to also inspire audiences with the
sacred personal relationship to Mother Earth that our tribes have kept alive.

Prominent Sponsors of the 2009 RNFF include: C.B.S. Corporation, Raleigh Studios,
Summit Entertainment, Red Nation Television Channel, Help the Earth, KPFK 90.7,
NAACP Hollywood Bureau, Amazon Watch, @ Radical Films, Gay & Lesbian Center,
Institute of American Indian Arts.

Public screenings and events will be held for five days, from Nov. 12-18, 2009 at
Raleigh Studios - OPENING & CLOSING Night Galas November 12 & 18, Screen Actors
Guild Foundation Actors Center - NATIVE YOUTH FILMS & Red Nation Film Lab
Industry Panel November 13, The Renberg Theatre & The Davidson/Valentini @ The
Gay & Lesbian Center / The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, FILM FESTIVAL & NATIVE
WOMEN in Film & Television, Red Nation Film Lab Industry Panel November 14 & 15.,

“Red Nation Film Festival, Night of Tribute Awards Ceremony, and Film Awards are the
outstanding creative excellence and diversified characteristic of what we provide to the
film & music industries, film enthusiasts and independent filmmaker. Our established
reputation continues to present contemporary and traditional American Indian performing
arts of diverse artistic disciplines to the mainstream media and to the global communities
to encourage understanding of cultural traditions, performing arts, community and the
advancement of American Indian and Indigenous Nations,” states Founder/ Executive
Director Joanelle Romero.
Opening the Festival on Thursday, Nov. 12, is the feature documentary “CRUDE”
Director: Joe Berlinger (105) Three years in the making, this shocking investigative
documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Brothers Keeper, Paradise Lost,
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) tells the epic story of one of the largest and most
controversial legal cases on the planet—the infamous $27 billion "Amazon Chernobyl"
case. Do you like eating asphalt and drinking petroleum? Neither do the natives of the
Ecuadorian Amazon.

Evening Includes Star-Studded “Red is Green” Carpet Event
Reception and Silent Auction, “A Night of Tribune Awards Ceremony” Master of
Ceremonies Richard Montoya of Culture Clash, Opening Blessing Chumash
Ceremonial Elder Mati Waiya- Opening Remarks Vic Bulluck NAACP Hollywood

Honoree’s this year are: (in attendance)

• "Red Nation Vision Award” – In Loving Memory to Michael Jackson “Black or White”
and “Earth Song”
• “Edward Albert Jr Indigenous Film Award” – Edward James Olmos, Actor
• “Brando Award” – Joe Berlinger, director of Crude
• “Lifetime Achievement Award” – Graham Greene, Actor
• “Best Network Award” – C.B.S. Corporation
• “Television Heritage Media Award” – San Manuel Tribe, (San Bernardino, CA)
• “Red Nation Theatre Playwright Award” – Richard Montoya, Culture Clash
• “Red Nation Humanartian Award” – Leonard Peltier, Indian Activist
• “Red Nation Activists Award” – Atossa Soltani, Amazon Watch

PAST RNFF Honorees have included:
President Obama, Governor Richardson, Marlon Brando, George Burdeau, TNT
Network, Pechanga Tribe, President Joe Garcia of NCAI, Alvin
Warren-Secretary of Dept of Indian Affairs, Lisa Strout-Director of New
Mexico Film Office.

Evenings Highlight - A TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON – “Black or White” and
“Earth Song” Music Videos
In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, was a childhood friend to Joanelle Romero, founder of Red
Nation Film Festival, she was instrumental in the creation of the Native
American dance scenes for Michael Jackson’s music video “Black or White
1991. To date these American Indian dancers were the highest paid dancers
in music video industry. The jingle dress dancer in Black or White, is
Joanelle’s daughter Sage (she was 5 years old then). Michael took hours
and hours of photos of Sage while shooting the video and he used her image
in his painting of angels at his Neverland Ranch. Michael Jackson was the
leading force that launched Joanelle’s production company in 1991, which
is the first American Indian women’s production company and since the
production company's inception, has become an award-winning independent
film production company. Joanelle Romero has known Michael since they were
10 years old.
feature film by Director Chris Weitz (130), Star-Studded Red is Green Carpet, Red
Nation Film Lab Conversations with “The Wolf Pack” In attendance - New Moon’s Wolf
Pack Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Tinsel Korey…to name a few

VIP Evening Features & Exclusive Film Selections:

Nov 14 – Center Piece – VIP EXCLUSIVE
”For the Next 7 Generations” The 13 Grandmothers (85) Director Carole Hart
In 2004, thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from all four corners, moved by
their concern for our planet, came together at a historic gathering, where
they decided to form an alliance: The International Council of Thirteen
Indigenous Grandmothers. This is their story.

Evening VIP Feature, L.A. Première “PEARL” (117) Director: King Hollis - Red is
Green Carpet, Red Nation Film Lab Conversation with Elijah De Jesus (Pearl), Sean
Cain (Scottie), Producer, Dave Rennke, Screenwriters Donna Carlton, Margaret
Reynolds, Tom Bailey, will be in attendance.
The true story of Pearl Carter Scott, a daring young Chickasaw girl who became the
youngest licensed pilot in U.S. history. Befriended by the famous aviator Wiley Post in
the late 1920’s, the adventurous twelve- year old Pearl was taught to fly. So trusting and
close was her relationship with Post, she was one of the only two people to fly his well-
known plane, the Winnie Mae. Pearl Carter Scott became one of the pioneering female
aviators alongside Amelia Earhart. This film was funded by the Chickasaw Tribe of

Nov 15 – Center Piece – VIP EXCLUSIVE
For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska (56) Director: Jeff Silverman &
Phil Lucas
In 1867, when the United States purchased the Alaska territory, the
promise of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights didn't apply to Alaska
Natives. Their non-violent struggle to win justice is one of the untold
chapters of the American civil rights movement. "For he Rights of All"
brings this remarkable story to life through dramatic reenactments, new
interviews with witnesses, and a wealth of historic footage and
photographs. Narrated by Peter Coyote.

Evening VIP Feature – 20th Anniversary
”Pow Wow Highway” (86) Director Jonathon Wacks. Executive Producer: former Beatle
George Harrison.
Buddy Red Bow (A Martinez) and Philbert Bono (Gary Farmer) are best friends who are
moving through life the best they can, experiencing the usual prejudice over their
heritage and struggling for a better life. Besides not being able to get their new car
stereo working, they are not able to get their life working. Having to deal with things
in a streetwise way, they become stuck in a unique quandary when Buddy’s
sister Bonnie Red Bow (Joanelle Romero) gets in trouble. They have not
been talking for a long time because she has not been making the best life
choices, especially considering she has kids, which gets her arrested and
put into jail. What will they do to get her out? Can they do anything to
get themselves out of their own life trap?
Special Events:

Nov 14 – NATIVE WOMEN in FILM & TELEVISION. All day screenings of film
directed, produce or starring American Indian & Indigenous women.

RED NATION FILM LAB Conversations with
Native Women in Film & Television-The Image of American Indian in Hollywood

Co-Presented by: Institute of American Indian Arts – New Media Arts Program

Award-winning Red Nation Films, recognizes the original storytellers of this land. We
know that women are the life-givers, visionaries, healers, the 1st feminists. American
Indian women carry the history of our culture. The year that Red Nation Film Festival
was launched 2005, there was a study that women made up only 17% of all directors,
executive producers, writers, cinematographers and editors working on top 250 domestic
grossing films.

To date there have only been 4 contemporary American Indian women stories ever
produced in film history in the United States, they are: “A Girl Called Hatter Fox” C.B.S.
1977 – starring Joanelle Romero (this was the first contemporary American Indian
Women story produced); “Lakota Woman” Ted Turner TNT 1994 starring Irene Bedard;
“Naturally Native” in 1998 starring Valerie Redhorse; and “Imprint” in 2007 starring
Tonantzin Carmelo.

In order to inspire the next generation of film enthusiasts and, to encourage a genre of
Native women filmmakers to create their own stories, Red Nation Television Channel &
Red Nation Films launched Native Women in Film and Television (2005), to bring
awareness and content to the film industry. Sustainability requires a bankable market.
Red Nation Television Channel and Red Nation Films knows that, “one can not build on
success with one film every ten years” said Joanelle Romero, founder of both
companies. We need to have one film, right after the other in order to create our market.

American Indian youth on the reservations have very little available to them in regards to
living their dreams in filmmaking and the arts, they suffer more than any other youth in
the country. There is more teen suicide, rape, drugs than any other minority. Red Nation
will directly affect youth on the reservations, inspire and motivate them into action.

RNFF – Red Nation Film Lab Conversations with ….. Industry panels will be bringing
noted industry professionals and American Indian Talent to our venues in Los Angeles to
teach, inspire and share their knowledge with current and the next generation of
independent filmmakers. These programs are free and open to the public. Must Advance


Nov 13, 2009, Native Youth Films & Red Nation Film Lab
Experience American Indian Cinema: a day of "Native Youth Films". Students are bused
in from LAUSD and nearby state reservations. Participants will experience films
produced & directed by native youth. "Cultural Bridging in the Positive Image," Non-
native youth will experience the native perspective with a screening of an educational
film and Native Youth Films.

DREAMKEEPER The Myths & Legends of the American Indian. (86) Director: Steve
Barron. Stars: Eddie Spears, Sage Galesi, August Schellenberg, Gil Birmingham,
Chaske Spencer, John Trudell, Sheila Tousey

New Media Arts Program - Lumbini Park Directed by Eve LaFountain (Turtle Mountain
Chippewa), A Thousand Unsaid Words Directed by Katrina Montoya (Sault St. Marie
Tribe of Chippewa Indians), Nizhoni Directed by Annikka Frostad-Thomas (Kenaitze),
The Hand Drum Directed by Stephanie Painter (Shoshone/Washoe/Oneida), I Never
Knew Directed by Nicole Garcia (Navajo Nation), The Confession Directed by Talia
London (Aleut Corporation), Kokopelli Directed by Melissa McKerchie ( Sault St. Marie
Tribe of Chippewa Indians), Torn Emotion Directed by Jeff Barehand (Gila
River/Navajo), CIA News Directed by Jonathan Sims (Acoma Pueblo).

Co-Presented by: Institute of American Indian Arts – New Media Arts Program.

Highlight: Red Nation Television Channel provides an opportunity for Native women
student filmmakers in the form of a contest. Films presented must be 3 to 10 minutes in
length. Winners, first, second and third, will have their films aired on our Red Nation
Television Channel.

A complete schedule, times and film details are available on our website All programs are open to the general public and will require tickets
for admission. Advance Tickets available thru our site, or RSVP –, (818) 851 9758.
* Photos available upon request as well as interviews can be arranged*

Raleigh Studios 655 N. Van Ness, Los Angeles CA 90038
OPENING & CLOSING Night Galas November 12 & 18,

Screen Actors Guild Foundation Actors Center, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
90036 NATIVE YOUTH FILMS & industry panel November 13,

The Renberg Theatre & The Davidson/Valentini @ The Gay & Lesbian Center /
The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038
14 & 15, 2009.

Proceeds benefit Help the Earth Environmental Youth Empowerment Org, Red
Nation Bead Work Company supporting American Indian Women & Children on
the Reservations and Red Nation Performing Living Arts Center.

Each year RNFF Annual Events chooses a Charity in support of American Indian
Social Justice, Environmental Solutions, Human Rights, Animal Protection and
HIV/AIDS Prevention.

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