The Meaning of Flowers on KCAL 9 by fanzhongqing


									   The me a ning
   of Flo we rs
        n   on

            e Meaning of Flowers
APPLE BLOSSOM - Preference, Good Fortune
ARBUTUS - ee Only Do I Love
ARUM - Ardor
ASPARAGUS FERN - Fascination                      4M Nurseries are the best
ASPHODEL - My Regrets Follow You to the Grave     wholesale plant growers.           All Flowers in the tv segment are
ASTER - Symbol of Love, Talisman of Love          ey’re conveniently located at      from “Scotty’s Flowers and Gi s”
ASTER - Fidelity, Variety, I Will ink of ee          7262 Bick More Ave              on the corner of Colima Rd. and
AZALEA - Take Care, Temperance, Passion               Chino, CA 91710.                Lambert in Whittier. ey have
                                                                                      the best selection of owers for
BABY’S BREATH - Innocence, Pure of Heart        You can contact them toll free          your Valentines day needs!
BACHELOR BUTTON - Single blessedness                  at (888) 614-1313                 Call them at (800) 800-4814
BALM - Sympathy
BALSAM - Ardent Love                                Have a gardening question for Nick? Call him at (800)405-6425. His tele-
                                                                                                phone lines are always open.
BEGONIA - Beware, A Fanciful Nature                 CHRISTMAS ROSE/HELLEBORUS - Relieve My
BELLS OF IRELAND - Good luck                        Anxiety
BIRD OF PARADISE - O en given today from a          CHRYSANTHEMUM (GENERAL) - Abundance &
woman to man as a symbol of faithfulness            Wealth,
BITTERSWEET - Truth                                 Cheerfulness, You’re a wonderful friend
BLUEBELL/BELL FLOWER - Humility, Constancy,         CHRYSANTHEMUM (WHITE) - Truth
Gratitude                                           CHRYSANTHEMUM (YELLOW) - Slighted Love
BROOM - Humility, Neatness                          CINQUEFOIL - Beloved Child
BUCK BEAN - Calm repose                             CLEMATIS - Arti ce (ingenuity)
BUTTERCUP - Childishness, Riches                    CLOVER (FOUR-LEAF) - Be Mine
C                                                   CLOVER (WHITE) - ink of Me
CACTUS - Endurance, My Heart Burns with Love        CLOVER (RED) - Industry
SHRUB - Benevolence                                 Days Fled
CALLA LILY - Magni cent Beauty                      COLUMBINE (PURPLE) - Resolved to Win
CAMELLIA - Admiration, Perfection, Good Luck Gi     COLUMBINE (RED) - Anxious
for a Man, Gratitude                                COMPASS FLOWER - Faith
CAMELLIA (PINK) - Longing                           CONVOLVUS MINOR/BINDWEED - Uncertainty
CAMELLIA (RED) - You’re a ame in my heart           CORCHORUS - Impatience of Happiness
CAMELLIA (WHITE) - Adoration, Perfection, Loveli-   COREOPSIOS - Always Cheerful
ness                                                CORNFLOWER - Delicacy, re nement,
CANDYTUFT - Indi erence                             CORONILLA/CROWN VETCH - Success to You
CANTERBURY BELLS/BELL FLOWER - Gratitude            COWSLIP - Rusticity, Winning Grace, Healing, Youth,
CARDINAL FLOWER/SCARLET LOBELIA - Distinc-          Pensiveness
tion                                                COXCOMB - Foppery, Unfading Love
CARNATION (GENERAL) - Fascination, Devoted          CROCUS - Cheerfulness, Abuse not, Gladness
Love                                                CROWN IMPERIAL/FRITILLARIA - Majesty
CARNATION (PINK) - I’ll never forget you, Women’s   CYCLAMEN - Resignation and Good-Bye
Love                                                D
CARNATION (RED) - My heart aches for you, Admi-     DAFFODIL - Regard, Unrequited Love, Sunshine,
ration                                              Respect, e sun shines when I’m with you
CARNATION (DEEP RED) - Alas! for my poor heart      DAFFODIL (YELLOW ) - Chivalry
CARNATION (PURPLE) - Capriciousness                 DAHLIA - Dignity and Elegance, Forever ine
CARNATION (SOLID COLOR) - Yes                       DAISY - Innocence, Loyal Love, I’ll Never tell, Purity,
CARNATION (STRIPED) - No, Refusal, Sorry I can’t    Beauty
be with you, Wish I could be with you               DAISY OX-EYE - Patience
CARNATION (WHITE) - Sweet & Lovely, Innocence,      DAISY (RED) - Beauty Unknown to Possessor
Pure Love, Woman’s Good Luck Gi                     DANDELION - Faithfulness, Happiness, Love’s oracle
CARNATION (YELLOW) - Disapointment, Rejection       DAPHANE CNEORUM/ROSE DAPHANE - I Desire
CATCHFLY (RED) - Youthful Love, I Fall Victim       to Please
CATTAIL - Peace, Prosperity                         DAPHANE ODORA/WINTER DAPHANE - I Would
CATTLEYA - Mature charms                            Not Have You Otherwise
CEDAR - I live but for thee, ink of Me              DRACAENA/DRAGON’S BLOOD/DRAGON LILY -
CELANDINE/PILEWORT/FIGWORT - Future Joy             Inner Power
MIS - Energy in Action                              DELPHINIUM - Big-Hearted, Fun
CHERRY BLOSSOM (SINGLE) - Education                 DILL - Lust
CHICKWEED - I Cling to ee                           DIOSMA - Your Simple Elegance Charms Me
CHICORY - Frugality                                 DOG ROSE - Pleasure and Pain
DOGWOOD (FLOWERING) - Am I Indi erent to                GERANIUM (OAK-LEAVED) - True Friendship,
You?                                                    Lady, Deign to Smile
DRAGON ROOT/GREEN DRAGON (Arum draco-                   GERANIUM (PENCILED) - Ingenuity
nium) - Ardor                                           GERANIUM (ROSE) - Preference
E                                                       GERANIUM (SCARLET) - Consolation, Melancholy
EDELWEISS/ALPINE CUDWEED - Daring, Courage,             GERANIUM (SILVER-LEAF) - Recall
Noble Purity                                            GERBERA - Innocence
EGLANTINE/SWEET-BRIAR/ROSA EGLANTARIA -                 GLADIOLI - Generosity, I’m sincere, Flower of the
Poetry, I Wound to Heal                                 gladiators
ELDER FLOWER - Zeal                                     GLOBE AMARANTH - Unfading Love
ENDINE - Frugality                                      GLOXINIA - Love at rst sight
BUTUS - Budding                                         GOLDEN-ROD - Be cautious, Encouragement
EUPATORIUM/HARDY AGERATUM - Delay                       GOOSEBERRY - Anticipation
EREMURUS - Endurance                                    GOOSEFOOT - Goodness
EUPHORBIA - Persistence                                 GORSE - Endearing A ection
EVERLASTING - Never Ceasing Memory                      GRASS - Submission
F                                                       GRASS/CITRONELLA/CAMEL GRASS/LEMON
FERN - Magic, Fascination, Con dence, Shelter           GRASS/GINGER
FERN (MAIDENHAIR) - Secret bond of love, Discre-        GRASS - Homosexual Love
tion                                                    GUELDER ROSE/SNOWBALL - Winter
FERN (ROYAL) - Reverie                                  H
FILBERT - Reconciliation                                HAREBELL/CAMPANULA - Humility, Grief
FIR - Time                                              HEART’S EASR/PURPLE/JOHNNY JUMP UP - You
FLAX - Domestic Symbol                                  Occupy My oughts
FLORA’S BELL - Without Pretension                       HEPATICA (Anemone nobilis) - Con dence
FLOWERING REED - Con de in Heaven                       HEATHER (LAVENDER) - Admiration, Solitude
FORGET ME NOT - True Love, Memories                     HEATHER (WHITE) - Protection, Wishes will come
FORSYTHIA - Anticipation                                true
BELLS - Stateliness, Youth                              HENBANE - For Males to Attract Love from Females
FOXTAIL GRASS - Sporting                                HIBISCUS - Consumed by Love, Delicate Beauty
FRAXINELLA/CULTIVATED DITTANY/GAS                       HOLLY - Defense, Domestic Happiness, Am I forgot-
PLANT - Fire                                            ten
FREESIA - Innocence, Trust                              HOLLYHOCK - Fruitfulness
FUCHSIA (SCARLET) - Con ding Love, Taste                HOLLYHOCK (WHITE) - Female Ambition
FURZE - Love for All Occasions                          HONESTY/LUNARIA/DOLLAR PLANT/MONEY
G                                                       PLANT - Sincerity
GARDENIA - You’re lovely, Secret love, Purity, Re ne-   HONEYFLOWER - Sweet, Secret love, Generous Af-
ment                                                    fection, Sweetness of Disposition
GARLIC - Courage, Strength, Get well, Ward O Evil       HONEYSUCKLE - e Bond of Love
& Illness                                               HONEYSUCKLE (CORAL) - I Love You
GENETIAN (FRINGED) - Intrinsic Worth, I Look to         HOUSTONIA/BLUET/QUAKER LADIES - Content
Heaven, Autumn                                          HOYA/WAX PLANT - Sculpture
GENTIAN (CLOSED) - Sweet Be y Dreams                    HUCKLEBERRY - Faith, Simple Pleasures
GERANIUM - True Friend, Stupidity, Folly                HYACINTH (GENERAL) - Games & Sports, Rash-
GERANIUM (APPLE) - Present Preference                   ness, Flower dedicated to Apollo
GERANIUM (IVY) - Your Hand for Next Dance               HYACINTH (BLUE) - Consistency
GERANIUM (LEMON) - Unexpected Meeting                   HYACINTH (PURPLE) - Sorry, Please forgive me,
GERANIUM (NUTMEG) - I Expect a Meeting                  Sorrow
HYACINTH (RED OR PINK) - Playful Joy                    LIVERWORT - Con dence
HYACINTH (WHITE) - Unobtrusive Loveliness, I’ll         LOVE IN A MIST - You Puzzle Me
pray for you                                            LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING/AMARANTHUS - Hopeless,
HYACINTH (YELLOW) - Jealousy                            Not Heartless, Desertion
HYDRANGEA - ank you for understanding, frigid-          LOTUS - Estranged love, Forgetful of the Past
ity, heartlessness                                      LUCERNE - Life
I                                                       LUNGWORT - ou Art My Life
IPOMACA - I Attach Myself to You                        LUPINE - Imagination
IRIS - Faith, Wisdom, Promise in Love, Hope, Wisdom     Enthusiasm
& Valor                                                 M
IRIS (YELLOW) - Passion                                 MAGNOLIA - Nobility, Perseverance, Nobility
IRIS (GERMAN) - Flame                                   MAGNOLIA (CHINESE) - Love of Nature
IVY - Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship, A ection       MALLOW - Delicate Beauty, Sweetness
IVY (SPRIG OF WHITE TENDRILS)- Anxious to               MARIGOLD (COMMON) - Pretty Love,
please, A ection                                        Sacred,A ection, Caress, Sorrow
J                                                       MARJORAM - Joy, Happiness
JAPONICA - Sincerity, Symbol of Love                    MARVEL OF PERU/FOUR O’ CLOCK - Timidity
JASMINE (INDIAN) - Attachment                           MEADOW SAFFRON - My Best Days Are Gone
JASMINE (SPANISH) - Sensuality                          MIGNONETTE - Your qualities Surpass your Charms,
JASMINE (YELLOW) - Modesty, Grace, Elegance             Health
JASMINE (WHITE) - Amiability                            MEZEREON - Desire to Please
JERUSALEM OAK - Your Love is Reciprocated               MILK VETCH - Your presence so ens my pain
JONQUIL - Love Me, A ection Returned, Desire,           MIMOSA - Secret Love
Sympathy                                                MINT - Virtue
K                                                       MISTLETOE - Kiss me, A ection, Di culties, Sacred
KENNEDIA - Intellectual Beauty                          plant of India,
L                                                       MONKSHOOD - Beware, Danger is near
LADY’S SLIPPER - Win me, Capricious Beauty              MOUSE-EAR CHICKWEED - Simplicity
LANTANA - Rigor                                         MORNING GLORY - A ection
LARKSPUR - Levity, An Open Heart, Lightness             MOSS - Maternal Love, Charity
LAURISTINUS - Cheerful in Adversity                     MOTHERWORT - Secret Love
LAVENDER - Love, Devotion,                              MOONWORT/HONESTY - Forgetfulness
LEMON BLOSSOM - Fidelity in Love; I Promise to be       MUGWORT/WORMWOOD - Tranquility, Happiness
True                                                    MULLEIN - Good Nature
LILAC (GENERAL) - Beauty, Pride                         MYRTLE - Love, Joy, Hebrew Emblem of marriage
LILAC (PURPLE) - First emotions of love                 MYRTLE (WAX) - Discipline, Instruction
LILAC (WHITE) - Youthful Innocence                      N
LILY (GENERAL) - Majesty & Honor, Purity of Heart       NARCISSUS - Formality, Stay As Sweet As You Are
LILY (ORANGE) - Hatred, Dislike                         NASTURTIUM - Conquest, Victory In Battle
LILY (WHITE) - Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It’s Heav-   NUTS - Stupidity
enly to be with You, Youth                              O
LILY (YELLOW) - I’m Walking On Air, False, Gay,         OAK LEAVES - Bravery
Gratitude                                               OLEANDER - Caution
LILY (CALLA) - Beauty                                   OLIVE BRANCH - Peace
LILY (DAY) - Coquetry, Chinese Emblem For Mother        ORANGE BLOSSOM - Innocence, Eternal Love, Mar-
LILY (EUCHARIS) - Maiden Charms                         riage, Fruitfulness
LILY (TIGER) - Wealth, Pride, Prosperity                ORANGE, MOCK - Deceit
LILY OF THE VALLEY - Sweetness, Tears Of e Vir-         ORCHID - Love, Beauty, Re nement, Chinese Symbol
gin Mary, Happiness, Humility                           for Many Children, oughtfulness
ORCHID (CATTLEYA) - Mature Charm                    ROSE (DARK CRIMSON) - Mourning
P                                                   ROSE (DOG) - Pleasure & Pain
PALM LEAVES - Victory & Success                     ROSE (GREEN) - I am from Mars
PANSY - Merriment, oughts (You Occupy My            ROSE (HIBISCUS) - Delicate, Beauty
   oughts)                                          ROSE (LEAF) - You may Hope
PARSLEY - Useful Knowledge                          ROSE (LAVENDER) - Enchantment
PASSION FLOWER - Faith, Religious Fervor            ROSE (ORANGE) - Fascination
PASQUE FLOWER - Unpretentious, You Have No          ROSE (PINK) - Perfect Happiness, Secret Love, Grace
Claims                                              & Sweetness, Indecision
PEAR - A ection                                     ROSE (DARK PINK) - ankfulness
PEACH BLOSSOM - I am your Captive                   ROSE (PALE PINK) - Grace, Joy
PEONY - Shame, Happy Marriage, Compassion, Bash-    ROSE (PEACH) - Immortality, Modesty
fulness                                             ROSE (RED) - Love, I love you, Respect, Beauty
PEPPERMINT - Cordiality                             ROSE (DEEP RED) - Bashful, Shame
PERIWINKLE/VINCA/MYRTLE - Early Recollec-           ROSE (TEA) - I’ll Remember - Always
tions, Pleasures of Memories, Sweet Memories        ROSE (THORNLESS) - Love at rst sight, Early At-
PETUNIA - Your Presence Soothes Me                  tachment
PHEASANT’S EYE/ADONIS - Sorrowful Memories          ROSE (WHITE) - Innocence, Purity, Humility, I am
PHLOX - Our souls are united, Unanimity             Worthy of You, Secrecy, Silence
Change                                              Emblem of England
PINE - Hope, Pity                                   ROSE (WHITE-DRIED) - Death is Preferable to Loss
PINK- Pure A ection                                 of Virtue
PINK (MOUNTAIN) - You Are Aspiring                  ROSE (YELLOW) - Joy, Jealousy, Friendship (one yel-
POPPY (GENERAL) - Eternal Sleep, Oblivion, Imagi-   low rose with 11 red ones means love & passion)
nation                                              ROSEBUD - Beauty & Youth, A Heart Innocent of
POPPY (RED) - Pleasure                              Love
POPPY (WHITE) - Consolation                         ROSEBUD (RED) - Pure & Lovely
POPPY (YELLOW ) - Wealth, Success                   ROSEBUD (WHITE) - Girlhood, Heart Ignorant of
POMEGRANATE FLOWER - Elegance                       Love
PRIDE OF CHINA - Dissension                         ROSEBUD (MOSS) - Confessions of Love
PRIMROSE - I Can’t Live Without You, Woman          ROSES (Bouquet of full bloom) - Gratitude
PRIMROSE (EVENING) - Inconstancy                    ROSES (Single full bloom) - I truly love you, Simplic-
PRIMROSE (RED) - Unpatronized Merit                 ity.
PRINCE’S FEATHER - Unfading Love                    ROSES (GARLAND or CROWN OF) - Beware of Vir-
PUSSY WILLOW - Motherhood                           tue, Reward of Merit, Symbol of Superior Merit
Q                                                   ROSE (MUSK CLUSTER) - Charming
QUAKING GRASS - Agitation                           ROSE-OF-SHARON - Consumed by Love
R                                                   ROSEMARY - Remembrance
RAGGED-ROBIN - Wit                                  RUSH/HORSE-TAIL - Docility
RANUNCULUS - I am Dazzled by your Charms            S
REEDS - Music                                       SAGE - Wisdom, Great Respect, Speedwell Female
RHUBARB - Advice                                    Fidelity
RHODODENDRON - Danger, Beware, I am Danger-         SATIN-FLOWER - Sincerity
ous                                                 SENSITIVE PLANT - Timidity
ROSE (BRIDAL) - Happiness                           SHAMROCK - Lightheartedness
ROSE (BURGANDY) - Unconscious Beauty                SLOE - Di culty, AusteritySMILAX - Loveliness
ROSE (CHRISTMAS)- Relieve my anxiety                SNAPDRAGON - Gracious Lady, Strength
ROSE (CORAL) - Desire                               SNOWBALL - oughts of Heaven
ROSE (DAMASK) - Freshness, Persian Ambassador of    SNOWDROP - Hope, Consolation
SPEARMINT - Warm Sentiment                          WINTERGREENS - Harmony
SPIDER FLOWER - Elope with me                       WISTERIA - Welcome
SOLIDAGO - Success                                  WITCH HAZEL - A spell
STARWORT - Welcome to a Stranger                    BEAR’S FOOT - Misanthropy, Chivalry, Knight
STEPHANOTIS - Marital Happiness, Desire to Travel   WOODBINE - Fraternal Love
STOCK- Bonds of A ection, Promptness, You’ll Al-    WORMWOOD/ARTEMISIA - Absence, Do not be
ways Be Beautiful to Me                             discouraged
STONECROP - Tranquility                             Y
STRAW FLOWER - Agreement                            YARROW - Cure for heartache
STRAW (BROKEN) - Broken agreement                   Z
SYTINGIA/MOCK ORANGE/LILAC - Memory                 ZEPHYR FLOWER- Sincerity, Symbol of Love
SUNFLOWER (TALL) - False riches, Pride              ZINNIA (MAGENTA) - Lasting A ection
SUNFLOWER ( DWARF) - Adoration                      ZINNIA (MIXED) - inking (or in memory) of an
SWEETPEA - Good-by, Departure, Blissful Pleasure,   Absent Friend
   ank You for a Lovely Time                        ZINNIA (SCARLET) - Constancy
SWEET-SULTAN - Felicity, Happiness                  ZINNIA (WHITE) - Goodness
SWEET-WILLIAM - Grant me one smile, Gallantry       ZINNIA (YELLOW) - Daily Remembrance
TEASEL (Dipscaus) - Misanthropy
THORNAPPLE - I dreamed of thee                      If you have any gardening questions, call Nick
THRIFT (ARMERIA) - Sympathy                         Federo toll free at (800)405-6425. His phone
TRAVELER’S JOY - Rest, Safety
                                                    lines are open 24-7 to answer your garden-
- Separation                                        ing questions. If the line is busy or nobody
TULIP (GENERAL) - Perfect Lover, Fame, Flower Em-   answers then leave a message with your name
blem of Holland                                     and phone number and someone will get back
TULIP (RED) -Believe me, Declaration of Love        with you during the week.
TULIP (VARIEGATED) - Beautiful eyes
TULIP (YELLOW) - ere’s Sunshine In Your Smile
TURNIP - Charity
VALERIAN - Accommodating Disposition
VENUS FLYTRAP - Caught at Last
VERBENA - Pray for me, Sensibility                           w w w. T h i n g s G r e e n . c o m
VERVAIN - Enchantment
VINE - Intoxicating
VIOLET - Modesty, Virtue, A ection
VIOLET (BLUE) - Watchfulness, Faithfulness, Love
VIOLET (WHITE) - Let’s Take A Chance On Happi-
VIRGIN’S BOWER/CLEMATIS - Filial Love (Filial:
referring to a son or daughter)
VISCARIA - Will You Dance With Me?
sity, Fidelity, Lasting Beauty
WINDFLOWER - Sincerity, Symbol of Love

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