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									                                                INNER WHEEL DISTRICT NZ294
                                            DISTRICT CHAIRMAN’S NEWSLETTER

                                          Think Ahead - Aim High. IIW President’s theme.

          “If we each bloom where we are planted what a beautiful picture we will make.”

The first Sunday in Advent: Inner Wheel is not a religious sect, but many of us have a spiritual
content in our lives. For some there is a religious component, and world-wide there are many
religions for Inner Wheel members to embrace. Some of us here in New Zealand divide our
Church year into seasons, beginning with Advent. Advent for these people heralds an event.
It is a time of preparation, for Thinking Ahead to what is to come. For Inner Wheel members it
is a great time to Aim High and practise our True Friendship, Personal Service, and International
Understanding, all of which will endure, rather than the artificial tinsel and glitter of the
commercialisation of Christmas that is “swept up next day and put in the rubbish bin”.
Club Visits:
Like every DC I have spoken to, I have found Club Visits a really happy and satisfying aspect of this year
so far. It is always a privilege to be welcomed into people’s homes to share a meal and to interact. I do
say a warm thank you to all Clubs for extending that special privilege to me when you welcomed me into
your Club “home”.. As well as being a privilege, each visit has been enjoyable, happy, and fun. I like to
think that it was a two way thing, and that you enjoyed, felt happy, and had fun as well. And we all learned
From our District Treasurer:
There was a small flurry of new members during this first part of the year. Annette reminds Club
Treasurers to send the subscriptions to her now for her to tidy up her books before the Christmas
Your Newsletters:
These are a highlight of the month for me, and I am glad it is not me who has to decide on the awardee for the year.
It seems to me that each Correspondent does a great job, voluntarily remember, at getting all the information we need
each month.
Most Clubs have been Thinking Ahead and have your plans for the 10th January International Day. I hope you
all have a lovely celebration.
You also have reminders in your newsletters to think about your Personal Service on the committee at the part of the
AGM that is dealt with at your February meeting. Being on the Committee is a great way to feel part of Inner
Wheel, as you get to know members better. Do give it serious thought.
District Executive:
Do have a think about District Executive. Could YOU do something? At present we need a 2nd Vice
Chairman for next year, and I hope there won’t be too many other changes. Nominations have to be
with District Secretary by 1 February.
And now for the event so many are waiting for. Do have a special family time this Christmas in whatever
way your family celebrates. Live, laugh, and especially - LOVE. Love is at the very core of the
Christmas Message. And do drive safely.

Many, many blessings to you and yours
Helen Bruce
NZ294 District Chairman                                                                            December 2011

Chairman Helen Bruce, 105 Dowse Drive, Maungaraki, Lower Hutt 5010       Ph. 04 586 2630        johel.bruce@xtra.co.nz
Secretary Jill O’Sullivan, 20 Lorenzo Place, Palmerston North 4414       Ph. 06 357 2540            jillo294@xtra.co.nz

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