The Bio Poem by fanzhongqing


									The Bio Poem
                                                      With a little adaptation, the Bio-Poem can be
Use the form below without numbering lines…           used for character studies, book reports,
                                                      current events, or historical reports.
Line 1 Your first name                                Alternative versions keep a similar structure
                                                      (Lines 1,2,3,4 & 10) and substitute formulas
Line 2 Four traits that describe you                  such as “Who believed…”, “Who wanted…”,
                                                      “Who used…”, “Who gave…”, or ‘Who said…”
Line 3 Sibling of… (or daughter/son of…)
                                                      for lines 5 through 9.
Line 4 Lover of…(three people or ideas)               Feel free to respond with words, phrases or
                                                      clauses. Experiment with contrasts in tone
Line 5 Who feels…(three things)
                                                      and image, revise for sound and rhythm, and
Line 6 Who needs…(three items)                        generate additional lines for the poem.

Line 7 Who gives…(three items)

Line 8 Who fears…(three items)

Line 9 Who would like to see…(three items)

Line 10 Resident of (your city); (your street name)

Line 11 Your last name

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