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                                 03   Welcome
                                                                                                                 24   Master’s Degree in
        wELCOME TO VIA

                                      VIA University College                                                          European Construction Engineering

                                 04   Why study
                                                                                                                 26   A Different Style

                                                                                   STUDY LIFE AND HOw TO APPLY
                                      in Denmark                                                                      of Teaching

                                 05   About VIA University College
                                      and the School of Technology and Business                                  27   Work

                                 06   Students’
                                      Voices                                                                     28   International

                                 08   Bachelor of Architectural Technology and
                                                                                                                 29   Study

                                      Construction Management                                                         Environment

                                 10   Bachelor of
                                      Civil Engineering                                                          32   Student

                                 12   Bachelor of Engineering in Information and
                                      Communication Technology                                                   33   Horsens City
                                                                                                                      and Accommodation

                                 14   Bachelor of Engineering in
                                      Material Technology                                                        34   Aarhus City
                                                                                                                      and Accommodation

                                 16   Bachelor of
                                      Global Business Engineering                                                35   Herning City
                                                                                                                      and Accommodation

                                 18   Bachelor of International Sales and
                                      Marketing Management                                                       36   Admission Requirements
                                                                                                                      and How to Apply

                                 20                                                                              38
                                      Bachelor of                                                                     Economy and
                                      Mechanical Engineering                                                          Study Costs

                                 22   Bachelor of
                                      Value Chain Management                                                     39   Contact

WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF                  As an international student at the
TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS                   School of Technology and Business,
AT VIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE                 you will have access to our multiple
                                          student services such as accom-
we offer you the opportunity to be-       modation, sports, and recreation
come part of a great university college   facilities, as well as career planning.
community – a community that will         All programmes within VIA University
provide you with many possibilities to    College are based on close collabo-
explore your interests, challenge and     ration with the industry, which gives       Yours sincerely
develop your professional knowledge       you unique career opportunities as a
and skills and help you reach your        graduate.
                                          The purpose of this brochure is to
we offer a wide range of study pro-       help you make an important decision
grammes within the area of engineer-      about your life, your career and your       Konstantin Lassithiotakis
ing, construction and business, which     future.                                     Executive Director
are highly recognised and respected                                                   School of Technology and Business
around the world. You will learn from     Feel free to contact our friendly, inter-
dedicated professors, work for Dan-       national staff for further information.
ish and international companies on        we also welcome you to visit us and
study projects, exchange ideas with       learn more.
students from all over the world, and
probably develop lasting friendships.

EDUCATION SYSTEM                          in a strong tradition of nurturing the
The Danish education system has a         equal society both in terms of equal
long academic tradition that com-
bines excellence with a dynamic and
                                          possibilities for men and women, as
                                          well as in terms of a unique welfare
                                                                                        fACTS ON
innovative culture in both teaching
and research. All higher education in
                                          system that ensures education and
                                          healthcare for everyone by distribution
                                                                                       For additional practical information,
Denmark is regulated by the state,        of wealth through taxes. Denmark             please visit our “New Students”
and all public institutions are subject   also has some of the world’s best            section on our website www.viauc.
to continuous approval and evaluation     public hospitals and healthcare              com/horsens.
processes. This system ensures that       facilities and a reliable public transpor-
                                                                                         Denmark has 5.5 million
all students obtain an education of       tation system.
the highest quality.
Danish higher education is famous         In Denmark, the infrastructure and
                                                                                        The native language in Denmark
for its innovative teaching approach      public transportation is of a high
                                                                                        is Danish. However, about 80 %
and high international standards. The     standard which makes it very easy to
                                                                                        of the population speaks English
Danish institutions offer a dynamic       travel around the country. In the list
                                                                                        and many Danes also speak a
study environment with an emphasis        below, you can find the approximate
                                                                                        third language.
on independent study, initiative and      travel distances between selected
project-oriented learning. Read more      Danish cities.
about the Danish teaching methods
                                                                                        Denmark is a part of Scandinavia
on page 26.                               FROM HORSENS TO:
                                          •	 Copenhagen (265 km) by train 2             in the north of Europe. It is
                                             hours and 30 minutes                       a small green country which
– DEMOCRACY, WELFARE AND                  •	 Odense (110 km) by train 1 hour            consists of the Peninsula of
                                             and 10 minutes                             Jutland and around 406 islands.
The Danish society is a modern,
                                          •	 Aarhus (50 km) by train 30                 This means that in Denmark,
                                             minutes                                    you are never more than 50
knowledge-based society with one
                                                                                        kilometres away from the sea.
of the world’s lowest rates in both
                                          FROM AARHUS TO:
personal and financial crime. The
                                          •	 Copenhagen (300 km) by train 3             CLIMATE:
constant search for new knowledge
                                             hours                                      Denmark has a temperate
has made Denmark one of the               •	 Odense (150 km) by train 1 hour            coastal climate where the
frontrunners in the development and          and 35 minutes
                                                                                        average temperature in the
implementation of green technology        •	 Aalborg (120 km) by train 1 hour           summer lies around 20°C and in
especially when it comes to wind             and 20 minutes
                                                                                        the winter around 0°C.
                                          FROM HERNING TO:
The Danish democracy is one of the        •	 Copenhagen (307 km) by train 3
                                                                                        Denmark is based on a
oldest in the world. This has resulted       hours and 20 minutes

                                          •	 Odense (155 km) by train 2 hours           constitutional monarchy and is a
                                          •	 Aarhus (86 km) by train 1 hour             member of the European Union.
                                             and 15 minutes

                                          For additional information, please visit
                                          our website
VIA University College is Denmark’s      Our study programmes are designed         demanded by employers around
largest university college with around   in close cooperation with the industry    the world. Besides getting a high
17,000 students. At VIA, we offer a      in question and taught by highly          quality education, you will develop an
wide range of bachelor degree pro-       qualified teachers with experience        international network of friends and
grammes within the areas of health,      from the relevant areas. This ensures     contacts along with a better under-
social education, technology, trade,     that the curriculum stays in touch with   standing of culture and language.
design, business and animation.          the ever changing needs of a global
                                         world, and also ensures that our          WELCOME PROGRAMME
VIA University College consists of       students graduate as fully qualified      within the first semester, every
8 campuses throughout the central        professionals.                            programme has an individually de-
part of Jutland which are organised                                                signed welcome programme for all
into 5 Schools: The School of Health     The department in Horsens is the          international students. The welcome
Sciences, the School of Education        largest with around 3,500 students        programme is designed to provide
and Social Studies, the School           where approximately half are              you with an academic, social and
of Design, Animation, Media and          international students coming from        cultural introduction to your studies
Business, the School of Technology       more than 40 different countries. In      at the School of Technology and
and Business and the School of           Aarhus, the programmes take place         Business and your life in Denmark.
Continuing Education.                    at VIA’s department in Mejlgade 39A       Through this introduction, you will
                                         and in Halmstadgade 2. In Herning,        receive all the information necessary
THE SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY                 the programme takes place at VIA’s        for a successful stay in Denmark.
AND BUSINESS                             department called TEKO. All of our
The School of Technology and             departments have an active student        For additional information, please visit
Business is located with international   life and excellent student support
programmes in Horsens, Aarhus and        services.
Herning. we offer a wide range of
professional bachelor programmes         AN INTERNATIONAL STUDY
within the areas of construction,        ENVIRONMENT
engineering and business. In addition,   The School of Technology and
we also offer a Master’s Degree in       Business has a very international
European Construction Engineering in     study environment, which gives you

cooperation with several international   the possibility of acquiring the
universities.                            global skills which today are highly
                      TEI PELANT, DENMARK

                      Student, Architectural Techno-
                      logy and Construction Manage-

                      The great thing about studying this pro-
                      gramme in Denmark is that you will be-
                      nefit from the strong Danish traditions
                      in the building industry. Our friendly tea-
                      chers always strive to teach us the new-
                      est technology in drafting and manage-
                      ment. Also, you have the possibility of
                      specialising yourself in many different
                      areas which opens up many different
                      paths for future employment.

                      MONTSERRAT RAMIRO BARAM-
                      BONES, SPAIN
                      Student, Mechanical Engineering

                      A great thing about the Danish way of
                      teaching is that practical exercises go
                      hand in hand with theory. This means
                      that the moment you have finished your
                      study, you possess all the skills you
                      need for work.
Student, Value Chain Manage-                 EVTIMOV, BULGARIA                           Student, Master in European
ment                                         Student, Global Business Engi-              Construction Management
what appeals to me about the Value                                                       I chose the Master’s Programme in
Chain Management Programme is the            I chose the Global Business Engine-         European Construction Engineering,
broad range of possibilities it gives you.   ering programme because of the sym-         because you have the possibility of
It prepares you for working in practically   biotic relationship between technology      studying in up to 3 countries. In this
every branch and every department of         and business. As a graduate, no matter      way, you can get hand-on experience
a company.                                   whether you choose a career in engi-        with the different traditions within con-
                                             neering or sales, you will have the right   struction and engineering while lear-
                                             tools to make well-qualified decisions.     ning to work with people from all over
                                             This programme offers me a dynamic          Europe. It is truly a mind-opening expe-
                                             and modern teaching style, and I ap-        rience.
                                             preciate solving real-life cases to back
                                             up the theoretical part.

Student, Civil Engineering

One of the great things about the Ci-
vil Engineering programme here at the        HjALTI AGUSTSSON, ICELAND                   MARTIN BALTOV, BULGARIA
School of Technology and Business            Student, ICT Engineering                    Student, International Sales and
is the high degree of flexibility and the                                                Marketing Management
variety of electives. There are many dif-    I chose to study ICT Engineering at
ferent courses to choose from as well        Campus Horsens because you get to           The partnership between The School
as wide range of specialisation options.     work with information technology, pro-      of Technology and Business and vari-
This means that you can really choose        gramming and development. At the            ous business companies is very bene-
according to your own personal inte-         same time, you get to experience exci-      ficial to the students and also a great
rests.                                       ting and innovative courses taught by       source of inspiration. I have worked
                                             extremely able teachers. The environ-       on a project in collaboration with Cim-
                                             ment here at Campus is also very dyna-      ber Sterling Airlines. For this project, I
                                             mic and multicultural, and you have the     communicated directly with some of
                                             opportunity to work with students from      the company’s decision makers. This
                                             all over the world.                         way of working adds an extra dimen-
                                                                                         sion to the study.

                                                     BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                                     The Bachelor of Architectural
                   BACHELOR OF                       Technology and Construction
                                                     Management is a 3½-year full-degree
                   ARCHITECTURAL                     programme. You will gain extensive
                                                     knowledge within design, planning
                   TECHNOLOGY AND CON-               and implementation of construction

                   STRUCTION MANAGEMENT
                                                     projects. The programme also offers
                                                     you the opportunity of specialising
                                                     within one or more professional areas.
                                                     Sustainability and energy efficient
                                                     design and construction plays a very
                    Building the world of tomorrow   important role in the programme.
                                                     The programme takes place in
                                                     Horsens or at VIA’s department on
                                                     Halmstadgade, Aarhus. Students with
                                                     an AP degree or a similar diploma can
                                                     complete the Bachelor degree in 2

                                                     PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                                     The programme is organised in 7 se-
                                                     mesters, where each semester covers
                                                     a theme leading to an understanding
                                                     of all elements involved, such as
                                                     design, planning and implementation
                                                     of construction projects. The learning
                                                     process covers theory in combination
                                                     with a number of multidisciplinary
                                                     projects to be carried out both indi-
                                                     vidually as well as in groups. Theory
                                                     lessons and classes will have a higher
                                                     intensity at the beginning of each
                                                     semester, whereas they later on tend
                                                     to be more project-oriented.

                                                     On the 5th semester of this pro-
                                                     gramme, you must choose one of the

following two professional profiles:          During the 6th semester, you have             career paths are possible such as:
•	 Design Profile                             the opportunity to gain practical ex-         •	 Independent Consultant
Students having a design profile will         perience through a work placement             •	 Contractor
qualify for occupation in designing           period, which may involve working for         •	 Project Manager
or consulting companies – both as             an international company in Denmark           •	 Construction Designer
employer or employee.                         or abroad.
                                                                                            FURTHER EDUCATION
•	 Implementation Profile                     CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                          when you graduate as Constructing
Students having an implementation             Most graduates from the Architec-             Architect, you will have excellent pos-
profile will qualify for occupation as        tural Technology and Construction             sibilities to apply for further education
a project manager within contracting          Management programme are                      in Denmark or abroad. You may also
enterprises – both as employer or             employed in architects’ drawing               apply for our Master’s Degree in
employee.                                     offices, consultant companies                 European Construction Engineering,
                                              or contracting companies either               which you can read more about on
On the 7th semester, you are ex-              working with planning, designing or           pages 24 to 25.
pected to carry out the final Bachelor        the actual implementation of building
project. Classes and lessons will             projects. There is also an increase           For additional information on
be substituted with tutorials and             of jobs in other related fields, such         admission requirements, please go to
consultancy by professors and tutors          as local or government authorities,           pages 36 to 37 or visit www.viauc.
of different backgrounds.                     suppliers of building materials, banks,       com/horsens.
                                              insurance companies and interna-
WORK PLACEMENT                                tional organisations. A wide range of

 ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT                                                       3½ YEARS 210 ECTS

 House and          House and            Pre-fabrica-       Multistorey        Conversion/          Work                Project and
                    Landplot             tion               buildings          Renovation           Placement           Dissertation

        30 ECTS           30 ECTS              30 ECTS           30 ECTS             30 ECTS               30 ECTS            30 ECTS

1st semester      2nd semester          3rd semester      4th semester       5th semester          6th semester       7th semester

                                                            Final              AP Degree in
                                                            Project and        Construction Technology

                                                                 30 ECTS

                                           BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                           Our 3½-year full-degree programme
          BACHELOR OF                      taught in English provides you with
                                           the skills and knowledge needed
          CIVIL ENGINEERING                to manage structural calculations,
                                           drawings, soil mechanics, road
                                           calculations, etc. The flexibility of
                                           the programme and the variety of
                                           electives allow you to create an
                                           individual degree that will prepare you
           work with high level building   for a desirable career.

           and construction                Civil Engineering is an international
                                           profession that involves the design,
                                           construction, operation and improve-
                                           ment of the built environment.

                                           Civil Engineers provide the technical
                                           expertise and management skills to
                                           plan, design, construct and maintain
                                           such facilities as buildings, air and sea
                                           ports, water supply systems, waste
                                           treatment systems, road and rail
                                           networks and bridges - in a sustain-
                                           able manner to reduce the impact
                                           on the environment. This programme
                                           takes place in Horsens.

                                           PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                           The Bachelor Programme in Civil
                                           Engineering covers 7 semesters.
                                           Each semester deals with one specific
                                           topic. This approach gradually leads
                                           to an understanding of all aspects of
                                           the civil engineering process, such as
                                           building design, town development
                                           and the planning and implementation
                                           of building projects.

The programme provides you with a            WORK PLACEMENT                              As a Civil Engineer, you have a wide
solid theoretical education combined         During the 5th semester, you have           range of career choices in companies
with hands-on experience gained              the opportunity to gain practical ex-       all over the world, such as:
from practical assignments solved            perience through a work placement
individually as well as in groups.           period, which involves working for an       •	    Environmental Engineering
Theory and class-teaching will               international company in Denmark or         •	    Construction Engineering
predominate at the beginning of the          abroad.                                     •	    Structural Engineering
course, whereas later on work will be                                                    •	    Geotechnical Engineering
more project-oriented reflecting the         CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                        •	    Municipal or Urban Engineering
fact that Civil Engineers often work         Civil Engineers find many dif-              •	    Consultancy
on projects involving many people.           ferent jobs. Some work with the             •	    Contractor
                                             management of projects, including
On the 6th semester of this program-         financial and legal aspects, others         FURTHER EDUCATION
me, you can choose to specialise in          in the area of highway engineering,         when you graduate as Civil Engineer,
one of five directions:                      infrastructure, traffic, soil mechanics     you will have an excellent opportunity
                                             or harbour engineering. Students            for further education on a Master
•	   Geotechnical Engineering – City         specialised in structural design can        level in Denmark or abroad.
     and Infrastructure                      work on the design and calculation of
•	   Structural Engineering                  structures in concrete, steel timber,       For additional information on
•	   Environmental Engineering               and masonry. Other areas focus              admission requirements, please go to
•	   City Engineering and Infrastructure     on the environment, e.g. ground             pages 36 to 37 or visit www.viauc.
•	   Energy Engineering                      water, waste water, sewage systems,         com/horsens
                                             streams and lakes.

 CIVIL ENGINEERING                                                                                           3½ YEARS 210 ECTS

                                                       and Planning                    - Geotechnical Engineering
 Building          Town               Structural                         Work                                            Final Project
                                                              30 ECTS                  - Structural Engineering
 Design            Development        Design                             Placement                                       and
                                                                                       - Environmental Engineering       Specialisation
                                                       Structural                      - City Eng. and Infrastructure
                                                       Design                          - Energy Engineering
        30 ECTS           30 ECTS           30 ECTS           30 ECTS       30 ECTS                        30 ECTS              30 ECTS

1st semester      2nd semester      3rd semester      4th semester      5th semester   6th semester                     7th semester

                                        BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                        The Information and Communication
          BACHELOR OF ENGINEE-          Technology Engineering Programme
                                        is a 3½-year full-degree programme
          RING IN INFORMATION AND       taught in English. It is the education
                                        of the future, providing students with
          COMMUNICATION                 the skills and knowledge required

                                        to manage information systems in
                                        companies of today and of tomor-
                                        row. This programme will give you
                                        knowledge of information technology,
           Master the technology that   microprocessors and web technolo-
                                        gies, as well as the way companies
           shapes the future            today work with IT. The programme
                                        takes place in Horsens.

                                        PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                        The programme combines theory and
                                        practice through project work and
                                        business cases. It spans 7 semesters
                                        and consists of core modules as well
                                        as electives. Each semester will be
                                        completed with a thematic semester
                                        project. The programme consists of
                                        two main branches: programming
                                        and electronics. The 4th semester
                                        includes a course in Real-Time Java
                                        combining these two subjects.

                                        The curriculum is built upon three
                                        areas of specialisation:

                                        •	   Embedded Engineering
                                             Integration of electronic and
                                             mechanical solutions

                                        •	   Enterprise Engineering
                                             Creating solutions for companies
                                             by integration of systems

•	    Web Engineering                         same time, you will gain an insight           FURTHER EDUCATION
      Development of dynamic and              into your professional future and get         when you graduate as Information
      intelligent web and mobile              into contact with employers within            and Communication Technology
      applications                            the field of your study.                      Engineer, you will have excellent
                                                                                            opportunities for further education on
The flexibility of the programme and          CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                          a Master level in Denmark or abroad.
the variety of electives allow you to         Information and Communication
create your own individual profile.           Technology Engineers are in demand            For additional information on
                                              in almost every line of business.             admission requirements, please go to
WORK PLACEMENT                                You can get jobs in industry or               pages 36 to 37 or visit www.viauc.
You have the opportunity to put all           consultancy and you will have the             com/horsens
your theory into practice through             possibility to work with e.g. software
a work placement period, which                development, telecommunications
involves working during a semester            and technical systems development.
for an international company in               A wide range of career paths are
Denmark or abroad.                            possible, such as:

No matter the direction of your               •	      Software Engineer
studies, your practical training will         •	      R&D Manager
provide you with valuable tools and           •	      Software Developer
experiences that cannot be obtained           •	      Solutions Architect
or taught in a class room. At the

 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING                                                                          3½ YEARS 210 ECTS

 Computer          Client/Server        Distributed        Technical                         Specialisation
 Science           Systems              Systems            Systems                           - Embedded Engineering
                                                                            Work             - Enterprise Engineering    Bachelor
 Web               Database             Advanced           Control          Placement        - web Engineering           Project
 Technology        Systems              Programming        Systems

        30 ECTS         30 ECTS              30 ECTS            30 ECTS           30 ECTS                   30 ECTS           30 ECTS

1 semester
 st               2 semester
                   nd              3 semester
                                      rd                  4 semester
                                                           th               5 semester
                                                                             th             6 semester
                                                                                              th                        7 semester



                                             BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                             If you choose the 3½-year full degree
                                             programme in Material Technology
          BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING            Engineering, you have taken the
                                             first steps towards becoming a key
          IN MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY             employee in the textile and furniture
                                             business. The education gives you
                                             a broad knowledge of materials and
                                             processes in the fashion and furniture

           If you wish to be the company’s   You get expert knowledge of new and

           expert in materials               innovative materials which i.e. can
                                             make textiles more durable, adjust to
                                             body temperatures etc. Apart from
                                             that you get insight into modern pro-
                                             cessing technology, and thus you can
                                             be part of optimizing aspects when
                                             it comes to techniques, economics,
                                             and production in manufacturing

                                             The programme takes place in Her-

                                             PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                             The Bachelor Programme in Material
                                             Technology Engineering covers 7 se-
                                             mesters. You can vary your education
                                             by spending a semester abroad. Fur-
                                             thermore, you have the possibility of
                                             specialising within textile or furniture.

                                             WORK PLACEMENT
                                             During the 5th semester, you have
                                             the opportunity to gain practical
                                             experience through a work placement
                                             period, which involves working for an

international company in Denmark or         This means that you will become the        process. A material engineer knows
abroad.                                     link between the superior strategic        which materials are suitable to the
                                            level, the creative departments and        individual styles and helps to prevent
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                        the production of products and ma-         errors and complications in the pro-
with a degree in Material Techno-           terials itself.                            duction.” Jack Poulsen - Manager,
logy Engineering, you become the                                                       X-Press Group A/S.
central person in the company when          A wide range of career paths are
it comes to the development and             possible such as:                          FURTHER EDUCATION
manufacturing of textiles and furni-                                                   when you graduate as an Engineer
ture production.                            •	   Product Developer                     in Material Technology, you have
                                            •	   Sourcer of e.g. Supplier and          access to relevant candidate and
You will be capable of both crea-                New Materials                         masters educations in Denmark and
tive and innovate thinking in order         •	   Controller and Production             abroad.
to take part in the product develop-             Manager
ment, and at the same time you have         •	   Technical Manager                     For additional information on admis-
the responsibility for the coherence                                                   sion requirements, please confer
between the manufacturing process           WE NEED YOU                                pages 36-37 or visit
of a product choice of material, its        “we need a person with a thorough
composition and processing and its          knowledge of materials who can sup-
properties and behavior.                    port the designer in the development

 MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING                                                                      3½ YEARS 210 ECTS

 Product           Material                                                                    Material De-      The Future’s
 Development       Technology &                          The Future’s                          velopment &       Materials &
 & Engineering     Sustainable         Innovation &      Materials &       Work                Project           Quality
                                                                                                                         10 ECTS
 Science           Production          Processing        Processes         Placement           Management
       30 ECTS          30 ECTS              30 ECTS          30 ECTS             30 ECTS            30 ECTS           30 ECTS

1 semester
 st               2 semester
                   nd              3 semester
                                       rd               4 semester
                                                         th              5 semester
                                                                           th                6 semester
                                                                                               th               7 semester

                                                      BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                                      This 4½-year full-degree programme
                   BACHELOR OF                        taught in English prepares students
                                                      for careers in business as well as
                   GLOBAL BUSINESS                    industry. As a graduate, you will
                                                      be able to combine knowledge of
                   ENGINEERING                        technical and business issues and
                                                      have the global skills in language and
                                                      communication necessary to work
                                                      worldwide. This combination makes
                                                      the Global Business Engineer truly

                    Building bridges between people   unique. During studies, you will learn
                                                      how to design and implement techni-
                    from different professions        cal solutions and also how to market
                                                      and sell products. Through market
                                                      analyses, product development,
                                                      etc., you will also learn about cultural
                                                      factors that may influence the buyers’
                                                      behaviour. The programme is taught
                                                      in Horsens and at VIA’s department in
                                                      Mejlgade, Aarhus.

                                                      PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                                      The duration of the study is 9
                                                      semesters full time, including study
                                                      exchange possibilities and a work
                                                      placement in Denmark or abroad. The
                                                      programme offers a combination of
                                                      approximately two-thirds of engineer-
                                                      ing courses and one-third of business
                                                      and language courses. You will study
                                                      a number of core subjects and,
                                                      depending on your wishes, various
                                                      elective courses will allow you to
                                                      create your own individual specialisa-
                                                      tion profile.

                                                      You may choose from the following
                                                      fields of specialisation:

Global Business Development               Intelligent Mechanics and                   CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
This profile focuses on the design        Systems                                     The flexible nature of the Global
and development of new busi-              Developing intelligent products             Business Engineering Programme
ness areas that meet customer             and systems is about integrating            enables you to choose your individual
requirements and make companies           software, system development and            specialisation. Consequently, the
competitive as well as profitable at      machine techniques. You will study          programme qualifies you for jobs
the same time.                            the latest technologies, robotics and       locally as well as globally in almost
                                          satellite communication combined            any area of business and technology.
Innovation and Product Design             with business studies.                      This opens up a wide range of career
The ability to innovate, to be creative                                               paths, and typically you may work as
and most importantly to transform         Sustainable Energy                          a project manager, sales manager,
innovative ideas into business            You will learn about basic energy           product developer or marketing
advantages is the key focus of this       engineering, energy conservation,           manager.
specialisation.                           design of energy plants as well as
                                          renewable energy technologies.              FURTHER EDUCATION
Information Technology and                                                            when graduating, you will have excel-
Production Management                     WORK PLACEMENT                              lent opportunities for further educa-
This profile is for you who take an       You have the opportunity to gain            tion at master’s level in Denmark or
interest in computers, electronics,       practical experience through a              abroad.
the web, multimedia or software           professional work placement period,
development as it provides you with       which involves working one semester         For additional information on
the skills and knowledge needed to        for an international company in             admission requirements, please go to
manage information systems.               Denmark or abroad.                          pages 36 to 37 or visit www.viauc.

GLOBAL BUSINESS ENGINEERING                                                                            4½ YEARS 270 ECTS

                       Study Exchange
Core                   Abroad or          Specialisation                              Specialisation
Engineering            Basiclevel         Courses,             Work                   Courses,               Bachelor
and Business           Specialisation     Basic Level          Placement              Advanced               Project
Courses                Courses at VIA                                                 Level

            30 ECTS             30 ECTS            30 ECTS              30 ECTS                 30 ECTS               30 ECTS

1 4 semester
st -   th             5 semester
                       th                 6 semester
                                           th                 7 semester
                                                               th                   8 semester
                                                                                     th                     9 semester

                                                                      Specialisation Courses:

                                                                      - Global Business Development
                                                                      - Innovation and Production Design
                                                                      - Intelligent Mechanics and Systems
                                                                      - Information Technology and Production Management
                                                                      - Sustainable Energy

                                           BRIEF INTRODUCTION

          BACHELOR OF                      The programme is an excellent choice
                                           for a career in marketing, business,

          INTERNATIONAL SALES              communication, management and
                                           sales. This 3½-year full-degree pro-
          AND MARKETING                    gramme taught in English especially
                                           prepares you for jobs in sales and
          MANAGEMENT                       marketing departments worldwide.

                                           After two years of study, you obtain
           A gateway to an international   an AP Degree in Marketing Manage-

           career                          ment, and then you can continue your
                                           studies for 1½ year and then you get
                                           your Bachelor degree”.

                                           Students who have already obtained
                                           an AP degree or a similar business
                                           diploma may complete the Bachelor’s
                                           degree in 1½ years. The AP degree
                                           programme and top-up programme
                                           are taught in Horsens.

                                           PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                           The Bachelor of International Sales
                                           and Marketing Management is a
                                           7-semester programme based on
                                           applied science. It provides you with
                                           a combination of subjects in the fields
                                           of business, economics, organisation
                                           and management, communication,
                                           culture and business law with a main
                                           focus on international marketing and

                                           The programme combines theory
                                           with practice through project work
                                           and case studies from a broad range
                                           of companies. Furthermore, the
                                           programme includes two separate

work placement periods of at least          WORK PLACEMENT                            •	    Export Sales Representative
12 weeks each. The aim of the               Through work placement periods,           •	    Sales and Marketing Manager
placement periods is to provide             you will learn how to apply theoreti-     •	    Key Account, District or
you with work experience within a           cal knowledge in real-life business             Export Manager
business environment and to give            situations. The programme therefore       •	    Business Consultant
you the opportunity to focus in depth       contains two placement periods of at      •	    General Manager
upon real-life business problems and        least 12 weeks each. The skills and
issues.                                     experiences gained through these          FURTHER EDUCATION
                                            periods will give you a competitive       when graduating, you will have
The first 4 semesters of the Bache-         advantage in your future career. You      access to further education on a
lor’s degree follow the AP Degree           can choose to do your placement           master’s level in Denmark or abroad.
programme in Marketing Manage-              periods in a company in Denmark or        In Denmark, graduates can take a
ment.                                       abroad.                                   2-2½-year master’s degree (taught
                                                                                      in English) in the fields of marketing
•	   Semesters 1-3 comprise com-            CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                      and management at a number of
     pulsory and elective courses.          The Bachelor of International             universities. You may also complete
•	   Semester 4 consists of work            Sales and Marketing Management            a Master’s degree in the UK where it
     placement and a final project.         provides you with several career          takes 1½ years.
•	   Semesters 5-6 consist of               opportunities. As a graduate, you
     business-related themes, which         will have the potential to specialise     For additional information on admis-
     are subdivided into specific           in marketing in such fields as sales,     sion requirements, please confer
     topics.                                business development, brand               pages 36-37 or visit www.viauc.
•	   Semester 7 comprises yet               management and advertising.               com/horsens.
     another work placement period
     and the Bachelor dissertation.         Future job titles could be:
                                            •	 International Sales Repre-


 AP DEGREE                                    2 YEARS 120 ECTS                TOP-UP BACHELOR DEGREE

                                                                                                       1½ YEARS 90 ECTS
 The                                                   Work
 Company’s        Making              Implementing     Placement
 Strategic        Strategies          Strategies       and Final                               Business         Work
 Situation                                             Project                 Customer        Development      Placement
                                                                               and Sales       in an Interna-   and Bachelor
                                                                               Management      tional           Dissertation
       30 ECTS          30 ECTS            30 ECTS           30 ECTS                           Perspective

1st semester     2nd semester     3rd semester        4th semester                  30 ECTS          30 ECTS          30 ECTS

                                                                             5th semester     6th semester      7th semester

                                               BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                               This 3½-year full-degree programme

          BACHELOR OF                          is taught in English. The Mechanical
                                               Engineer creates ideas, develops and
          MECHANICAL                           designs new products – a process
                                               which requires both creative skills
          ENGINEERING                          and engineering skills. Knowledge of
                                               social and economic conditions as
                                               well as work-related and environmen-
                                               tal conditions is also essential. This
                                               programme takes place in Horsens.
           Combine creativity with knowledge
                                               PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                               The Mechanical Engineering pro-
                                               gramme is professionally oriented,
                                               and in the course of the programme
                                               you will work on projects in close
                                               cooperation with companies within
                                               the fields of industry, automation,
                                               energy, and environment. In Horsens,
                                               we have many years of experience
                                               in teaching international students in
                                               close collaboration with companies.

                                               The flexibility of the programme
                                               and the variety of electives give you
                                               the opportunity to create your own

                                               As a Mechanical Engineering student,
                                               you may choose between three areas
                                               of specialisation:

                                               Innovation and Product Design
                                               The ability to be innovative and to
                                               convert this into progressive results is
                                               the key to the future of any company.
                                               You will work with the development of

new products, marketing, economy,           of energy systems, and renewable             a wide range of career choices in
design, organisation, management            technologies as wind turbines, solar         companies all over the world such
and also with the latest technologies       heat, solar power, biomass, heat             as:
in 3D CAD design, modelling and             pump and storage of energy, etc.
prototyping.                                                                             •	   Design Engineer
                                            WORK PLACEMENT                               •	   Development Engineer
Intelligent Mechanics                       You have the opportunity to gain             •	   Energy Consultant
New technologies and new naviga-            practical experience through a               •	   Project Manager
tion systems make it possible to            one-semester work placement period           •	   Sales Manager
develop self-propelled mine search-         in which you work for an international       •	   Product Manager
ers and driverless vehicles etc.            company in Denmark or abroad.
Developing intelligent products and                                                      FURTHER EDUCATION
systems is about integration between        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                         when you graduate as a Mechanical
software, system development and            The Mechanical Engineering                   Engineer, you will have the pos-
machine techniques. You will work           programme allows you to use your             sibility to continue with a Master in
with the latest technologies, robots,       skills and qualifications in highly          Mechanical Engineering in Denmark
satellite communication, etc.               development-oriented business                or abroad.
Sustainable Energy                                                                       For additional information on
Development of the future sustain-          A mechanical engineer background             admission requirements, please go to
able energy systems is about energy         is useful in the private and public sec-     pages 36 to 37 or visit www.viauc.
from the sun, the wind and the CO²          tors alike - in Denmark and abroad. If       com/horsens.
neutral fuels like straw and wood.          you want to be an entrepreneur, the
You will work with basic energy             programme is also highly relevant.
technique, energy saving, design            As a mechanical engineer, you have

 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                                 3½ YEARS 210 ECTS

                                        Design and                                              International
 Product                                Calculation                                             Cooperation        Final Project
 Development       Engineering          of Complex        Business and       Work               and                and
 and Design        Science              Machines          Development        Placement          Specialisation     Specialisation

       30 ECTS           30 ECTS              30 ECTS           30 ECTS            30 ECTS            30 ECTS            30 ECTS

1st semester      2nd semester      3rd semester         4th semester       5th semester       6th semester      7th semester

                                                      BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                                      This 3½-year full-degree programme

                   BACHELOR OF                        taught in English prepares students
                                                      for careers in business and industry.
                   VALUE CHAIN                        You will gain the skills and knowledge
                                                      needed to manage the way business-
                   MANAGEMENT                         es receive raw materials as input, add
                                                      value to the raw materials through
                                                      various processes, and furthermore
                                                      sell finished products to customers.
                                                      This is achieved through analyses,
                    Control the process of progress   improvement and innovation of value
                                                      chains in global business environ-
                                                      ments. The programme takes place
                                                      in Horsens and at VIA’s department in
                                                      Mejlgade, Aarhus.

                                                      PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                                      The aim of the Value Chain Manage-
                                                      ment programme is to provide you
                                                      with an overview of the network of
                                                      processes that lead to the production
                                                      and marketing of goods. You will learn
                                                      to look at these processes from an
                                                      overall perspective.

                                                      The programme covers 7 semesters
                                                      dealing with several different subjects
                                                      such as Market Oriented Supply
                                                      Chain Management. Each semester is
                                                      concluded with a semester project.

                                                      The programme alternates between
                                                      individual work and group work,
                                                      and it combines theory and practice
                                                      through project work. From the 1st
                                                      semester, all projects will be carried
                                                      out in close cooperation with different
                                                      companies giving you the opportunity

of working with real-life challenges.         positions that entail managerial
The flexibility of the programme and          challenges, such as:
the variety of electives also allow you
to create your own study profile and          •	   Project Manager
specialisation.                               •	   Purchasing Manager
                                              •	   Planning Manager
WORK PLACEMENT                                •	   Logistics Manager
During the programme, you will have           •	   Production Manager
the opportunity to gain practical
experience through a work place-              FURTHER EDUCATION
ment period, which involves working           when you graduate as Bachelor
for an international company in               of Value Chain Management, you
Denmark or abroad.                            will have excellent opportunities for
                                              further education on a Master level in
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                          Denmark or abroad.
Value Chain Managers are commonly
employed in a broad range of jobs.            For additional information on
what these jobs have in common                admission requirements, please go to
is that they center around process            pages 36 to 37 or visit www.viauc.
optimisation.                                 com/horsens.

Most Value Chain Managers will
eventually find employment in

 VALUE CHAIN MANAGEMENT                                                                                  3½ YEARS 210 ECTS

 Market             Customer                               Design and
 Oriented           Order to              Optimising       Optimisation          Work                              Bachelor
 Supply Chain       Production            Production       of Value              Placement       Specialisation    Project
 Management         Plan                  Layout           Chain Systems

       30 ECTS            30 ECTS              30 ECTS           30 ECTS               30 ECTS         30 ECTS           30 ECTS

1st semester       2nd semester       3rd semester        4th semester       5th semester        6th semester     7th semester

                                               BRIEF INTRODUCTION
                                               This 1-year full-degree Master

         MASTER’S DEGREE                       programme taught in English aims to
                                               produce construction professionals
         IN EUROPEAN CONSTRUC-                 with high levels of management and
                                               technical expertise and a thorough
         TION ENGINEERING                      understanding of the European
                                               construction industry.

                                               The programme is organised by
          Your opportunity to study in three   eight universities in Spain, Denmark,

          different European countries         Portugal, Italy, France and Germany.
                                               During the programme, students have
                                               to reside and study in at least two
                                               European countries.

                                               PROGRAMME CONTENT AND
                                               The programme has a taught
                                               (theoretical) and a research period.
                                               The first and taught period is ap-
                                               proximately 6 months (or 2 terms)
                                               and the second period (the research
                                               project) is 6 months (or 1 term).

                                               During the taught period, students will
                                               study in two different countries: Spain
                                               and Denmark.

                                               The first term will take place at the
                                               Universidad de Cantabria in San-
                                               tander, Spain, and the second term
                                               will be held at VIA University College
                                               in Denmark.

                                               The research project in the second
                                               period may be carried out at any one
                                               of the following universities, depend-
                                               ing on the students’ choice and their

topic of investigation:                  SUBjECTS
                                         Teaching period (first semester,           •	   To develop abilities in indepen-
•	   Universidad de Cantabria, Spain     two terms):                                     dent investigation and research;
•	   VIA University College, Denmark     •		European	Communications	and		 	              to develop the necessary skills
•	   University of Applied Sciences         Group Project                                for working in European teams.
     Giessen - Friedberg, Germany        •		European	Construction	Research
•	   Hochschule 21, Germany              •		Design	and	Sustainability               For more information on this Master’s
•	   École Supérieure d´Ingénieurs       •		Construction	and	Procurement            Degree in European Construction
     des Travaux de la Construction      •		Management	Systems	and		       	        Engineering, please visit the website:
     de Caen, France                        Change Research Period        
•	   Universidade do Porto, Portugal
•	   Universidad Politécnica de          Research period (third term):              A first degree in Construction, or
     Valencia, Spain                     •		Research	Dissertation                   another appropriate discipline, is
•	   Politecnico di Bari, Italy                                                     the basic requirement as well as a
                                         PROGRAMME AIMS                             satisfactory level in English language.
You will develop 3 areas of know-        •	 To equip you with the necessary
ledge and skills with approximately         technical and management skills         For additional information on admis-
equal emphasis: management                  to enable you to hold directive         sion requirements and fees, please
abilities, construction and engineer-       posts in European construction          go to pages 36 to 37 or visit www.
ing skills and knowledge of European        and operate with a high level of
construction. The curriculum also           competence.
covers the management of financial
and human resources, advanced            •	   To develop knowledge of
construction technology, information          European construction practice
technology, European markets and              and advanced technological
contracts procedures.                         solution skills.

 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING                                                       1 YEAR 60 ECTS

 Courses take place                     Courses take place                     Research project
 in Spain                               in Denmark                             at a university of
                                                                               own choice

                 3 MONTHS                              3 MONTHS                                     6 MONTHS
THEORY AND PRACTICE GO                    All our study programmes include            groups. The students also learn how
HAND IN HAND                              practical training periods where            to work in multicultural teams with
The alternation between theory            students do not only observe but also       lecturers assigned as supervisors
and practice is characteristic of the     work with the problems right where          to guide them through the learning
Scandinavian education culture. we        they are. As a student, you are sub-        process.
combine theory and practice deeply        jected to real-life dilemmas where the
rooted in the trades and professions      ability to combine theory with practice     One example of many is the semes-
which the School of Technology and        gives you the basis for creating new        ter project where students work in
Business educates for.                    knowledge and insight. This type of         groups, sometimes across the pro-
                                          education is the foundation of VIA          grammes. They pin down a “real-life”
At VIA University College, as in          University College.                         problem, often defined in collabo-
Denmark in general, our teaching                                                      ration with a company, and in the
style focuses on the student being        PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING                      group, they use the knowledge and
key responsible for his or her own        The problem-based learning is a             skills acquired during the semester to
education. This is different from many    unique way of encouraging the stu-          come up with one or more solutions.
other countries where the lecturer is     dents to think out of the box, as they
expected to be responsible for the        are forced to integrate different areas     Future employers, whether a private
development of the students. we em-       of knowledge and collaborate with           company or a public institution, put a
phasise the contact between lecturers     other students to solve the problems.       high premium on these qualifications
and students, and this manifests itself   As the students accumulate more             -because not only do they employ a
in the way we communicate in the          knowledge along the semesters, the          new graduate with knowledge about
classroom. we expect the students         problems or projects become more            the latest theories and methods, they
to participate actively in the lectures   complex, preparing them for their           also employ a graduate who has had
by asking qualified questions and by      future career.                              hands-on experience with how things
challenging themselves, each other                                                    are done in “real life”.
as well as the lecturer. Overall, we      Students play an active role in the
encourage the exchange of ideas and       learning process and take respon-
knowledge which everyone benefits         sibility for planning and carrying out
from.                                     projects, either independently or in

                                                          PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING
                         ACTIVE               ROLE IN THE LEAR
                                                              NING                  PROCESS

                                                          THE BOX
                                             THINk OUT OF

At VIA University College, a key          The following serves as an example      Velfac –
element in the learning process is to     of some of the companies who offer      International window and facade
make sure that our students are suf-      relevant work placements:               manufacturers.
ficiently acquainted with the industry
of their future career. Through working   Arkitema –              within the descriptions of the
in actual companies as an equal to        International Architects.               individual study programmes (pages
future colleagues and employers,                                                  8 to 25), you will find information
students will be able to gain a practi-   Cowi –                     about the time and length of the work
cal experience and knowledge that         International consultancy within        placement periods.
cannot be taught at any school.           Engineering, Environmental Science
                                          and Economics.                          For additional information on work
In cooperation with the School of                                                 placement, please visit the individual
Technology and Business, you can          Polycom –               study programmes at www.viauc.
apply for a work placement period at      Telepresence, Voice and Video           com/horsens or
a company in Denmark or abroad.           Conferencing Solutions.
we help monitor and screen the
companies that provide the available      Siemens –
placements, and the whole process         Global developer and manufacturer
is approved and registered by the         of electronics, energy and healthcare
Danish Ministry of Education.             solutions.


TEACHER AND STAFF                        to share knowledge and learn more           institutions in 33 countries such as
EXCHANGE                                 about our way of doing things.              China, Australia, Hungary, Poland and
The School of Technology and Busi-                                                   Spain.
ness is proud of its comprehensive       At the School of Technology and
international involvement. Cultivating   Business, we also strongly encourage        This means that you as a student
and strengthening collaborations         our lectures and other staff members        have the opportunity of choosing to
and exchanging knowledge with            to spend some time abroad, so               study for instance a semester at one
institutions outside Denmark form a      that they may bring back with them          of our partner institutions in another
key part of our internationalisation     invaluable inspiration and knowledge        country. You may also choose to do
strategy. Therefore, we are happy to     for our students and our institution.       your work placement period in an
receive guest lecturers from all over                                                international company in another part
the world, whom we invite to give        STUDENT EXCHANGE                            of the world. Both these opportunities
lectures at our institution to bring     To enrich the study experience and          give you the possibility of experienc-
inspiration and knowledge from           nurture cultural diversity at the school,   ing the way of life in another culture.
abroad into our study programmes.        we encourage our students to study
At the same time, we are often visited   abroad and welcome foreign students         For additional information on our
by staff members from our partner        from partner institutions. we have          specific exchange partners, please
institutions that come to our school     agreements with approximately 250           visit

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK                    can relax in cozy sofas, sit at the        game of handball or play basketball,
International students at the School     web café, play table football or do        football, swimming, fitness, fishing,
of Technology and Business enjoy a       project work.                              sailing or other sports, the clubs and
huge social network with plenty of                                                  associations of Horsens will welcome
opportunities for meeting and sharing    At the department at TEKO in Herning,      you. The city has many museums,
ideas with people from all over the      the study environment is inspiring         exhibitions and historic buildings and
world.                                   and the buildings are characterised        churches. Everyone also enjoys the
                                         by exciting art and architecture.          surrounding nature, parks and forests.
There are many social arrangements       TEKO and AU Herning also arrange           Horsens is also famous for its big
for all our students throughout the      common events and parties, and             concerts. Madonna, Rolling Stones,
academic year. The Student Union         every Friday AU-Herning is hosting a       Robbie williams and Bob Dylan are
(DSR) arranges trips, parties and        Friday Café.                               just some of the megastars that have
sports events. Twice a year, we also                                                performed here.
have an International Day at the         Furthermore, all of our departments
department in Horsens where you          accommodate a canteen, and                 For additional information on the city,
can sense other cultures together        general access to the buildings is         please visit
with fellow students through their       available 24 hours a day. At our
food and music.                          departments, you will also find a          AARHUS
                                         bookshop where you can get all the         (250,000 INHABITANTS)
LEARNING FACILITIES                      necessary textbooks and materials.         There is virtually no end to the pos-
All international students have access                                              sible ways of spending leisure time in
to the library services which provide    For additional information, please visit   Aarhus. whether you are interested in
information resources and access                             art, history or any kind of sports you
services for free. Students have free                                               will find that Aarhus has just what you
access to the internet and state-        LEISURE TIME                               are looking for. Being the second largest
of-the-art software and hardware on                                                 city in Denmark, Aarhus has many
campus.                                  HORSENS                                    shops, cafés, cinemas and everything
                                         (54,000 INHABITANTS)                       else you need to have a good time
At the School of Technology and          The possibilities of extracurricular       with your friends. with many parks,
Business, we also focus on offering      activities are nearly endless in Hor-      forests and beaches, there are plenty
our students a stimulating study and     sens. The city offers a wide diversity     of opportunities for going running,
learning environment by implementing     of hobby initiatives and sports clubs.     mountain-biking, sailing or simply
lounge areas where our students          whether you wish to learn the Danish       enjoying nature. The city has a wide

variety of cultural offerings. One example would
be The Old Town which has been awarded no
less than three stars by the Guide Michelin. This
open-air village museum allows you to experi-
ence exactly what it was like to live and work
in a Danish market town in the past. Another
example would be ARoS, a museum of modern

For additional information on the city, please visit

The city of Herning has a lot to offer when it
comes to exciting leisure time activities. In the
area around TEKO, there is great opportunity
to experience art close-up. Take for example a
walk in De Geometriske Haver (The Geometrical
Gardens) or climb the Danish/Swedish artist
Ingvar Cronhmar’s large sculpture “Elia”. The
Herning region offers many magnificent and
unique nature experiences. You can enjoy the
heath, as far as the eye can see, walk in the
woods, cycle, canoe and go for a swim in the
beautiful lakes. with its many museums, sport
clubs and beautiful surroundings, Herning is
ready to give you fun experiences. The city also
arranges a variety of shows and concert and is
the host of the festival “Rock i Herning” that runs
over a three-day period.

For additional information on the city, please visit

WE HELP YOU GETTING                      corporation with relevant partners.        •	   Presentation	technique
THROUGH                                  Our students, both international and
Several services are offered to the      Danish students, run DSR and their         At the department in Horsens, we
students at the School of Technology     main goal is organising these activities   also have Tutor Society whose aim
and Business to help make life as a      and creating and strengthening the         is to welcome all the new students
student a little easier:                 students’ social network.                  and get them familiar with the study
                                                                                    environment both socially and educa-
At the accommodation office, they        Below are some of the activities           tionally. The department in Herning,
can assist you in finding a place to     that DSR has offered the students          student mentors are also standing by
live and will answer questions related   throughout last semester:                  to welcome new students.
to payment of rent, getting internet,
finding a doctor etc.                    •	   Indoor football tournament            In addition, the department in
                                         •	   Trip	to	the	Carnival	in	Aalborg       Horsens offer students counselling
At the Career Service Centre (CSC),      •	   Student	parties	with	live	band        at the student priest or the student
they may give you inspiration on how     •	   International	Day                     psychologist. A student priest is
to find a student job, a company for     •	   Salsa	lessons                         also available at the department in
your work placement, or advice on        •	   Photo	lessons                         Herning.
how to develop your future career.       •	   Trip	to	Legoland
                                         •	   Skiing	trip	to	Indoor	Snowdome        For additional information, please visit
At the Student Union (DSR), they deal    •	   Trip	to	Danfoss	Universe    
with the more fun stuff such as social   •	   Table	Football	Tournament	
and cultural activities and sports in    •	   Jam	session	at	the	student	bar	



HORSENS                                     are mainly rooms with a shared bath,       APPLICATION FOR ACCOM-
Horsens is a charming and historic          kitchen and living room, all of them       MODATION
city located at one of Denmark’s            with Internet. All flats and rooms are     The student villages in Horsens
largest bays with approximately             fully furnished.                           are administered by Drosselbo.
54,000 inhabitants. The city features                                                  Reservation of accommodation has
a wide range of shops, cafés and            STUDENT VILLAGES                           to be made on the home page www.
musical venues. Together with the           The privately owned accommodation
cinema and restaurants, the possibili-      called “Kamtjatka” is home to more
ties of spending a nice time out are        than 300 students. Kamtjatka offers        we suggest that you apply for
abundant. Here you will find a good         a unique environment with alternative      accommodation at your earliest
blend of concerts, sports events, a         surroundings and in close proximity        convenience, if you wish to increase
number of fun festivals and many            to the school and downtown Horsens         your chances of getting accommoda-
small, local initiatives in the course of   not to mention facilities like com-        tion. For applications received after 1
a year. The beautiful location near the     munity rooms, laundry and wireless         June, we do not guarantee accom-
sea implies that there are many good        Internet connection.                       modation.
opportunities for water sports.
                                            In 2009, 372 new-built, fully furnished    For additional information on accom-
ACCOMMODATION                               rooms have been opened for student         modation, please visit www.viauc.
The School of Technology and                accommodation in Horsens. All              com/horsens
Business can assist students with           rooms include access to common
accommodation in Horsens. The flats         facilities such as laundry and Internet.



AARHUS                           A lot of international where you will find a
with 250,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is       students live in Skjoldhøjkollegiet and   guide in English. At their homepage,
the second largest city of Denmark.       in Ravnsbjerg Kollegiet situated in the   you can sign up for a room 6 months
with a large university and many other    western and the southern part of the      before study start. In this way, you will
schools, Aarhus is very much a centre     city, respectively. These dormitories     be placed on the waiting list. Howev-
for education. This creates a very        are both furnished and at affordable      er, you need to renew your application
special environment. The city centre      prices.                                   every month in order to stay on the
with its many cafés along the newly                                                 waiting list.
exposed river is teeming with life, and   If you are planning to study in Aarhus
with the sea nearby and the many          for a longer period, VIA’s department     Therefore be sure to apply in good
parks and forests in and around the       in Mejlgade ( or        time – even before receiving your let-
city there are many free pleasures to     in Halmstadgade (        ter of admission – as accommodation
be had. The city has plenty of cultural   can help give you directions on how       is always in great demand. You can
offerings such as concerts and the        to contact the housing associations       find all the accommodation deadlines
theatre. It is also possible to experi-   of the city in order to arrange a more    at www.studenthousingaarhus.
ence sporting events of the highest       permanent residence for you.              dk.
level in sports such as football, hand-
ball, basketball and dancing.             APPLICATION FOR ACCOMMO-                  Your application should include all the
                                          DATION                                    dormitories you would like to apply
ACCOMMODATION                             The municipality of Aarhus offers an      for as offers will be given according
The many student accommodations           accommodation guarantee for all new       to the number of free rooms in each
in Aarhus are managed by Kollegie-        students.                                 dormitory taking into consideration
kontoret. You can contact Kollegie-                                                 waiting times as well as the number of
kontoret through the homepage             You must apply for accommodation          students applying for the same type
www.studenthousingaarhus.                 through the homepage of Kollegie-         of accommodation.

dk or by email info@studenthousin-        kontoret at www.studenthousin-


HERNING                                    good and cheap accommodation.             APPLICATION FOR ACCOM-
Herning is a historical city situated      You might choose to live at Birk          MODATION
in beautiful surroundings. Enjoy the       College (Students’ Village), only a       The accommodation facilities at Birk
magnificent setting of the Trehøje         few minutes’ walk from TEKO. Birk         College and Tietgensgade are very
Heath, take a bike ride through the        College consists of about 250 quality-    attractive. To obtain further informa-
lovely scenery along the bicycle path      flats of various sizes and at different   tion and be registered for the waiting
”Alhedestien” between Herning and          prices for young people.                  list, please contact www.lejehuset.
Viborg, go canoeing and sleep in                                                     dk. This website will also give you
shelters along the creek or simply go      Another option would be to find ac-       other addresses of good and cheap
fishing in the Karup or Skjern River.      commodation in Tietgensgade in the        accommodation for young people in
with approximately 46,280 inhabi-          centre of Herning. There are 84 flats     Herning and its surroundings.
tants, the city also has a lot to offer    for young people in the area; these
in terms of museums, shopping              flats are also of a high quality, and     Students at TEKO and AU-IBT have
and musical events. The cultural           they vary as to size and price. You       priority at the residence hall, Vibeke
institutions in the Herning area offer a   could also live at Vibeke and Mads        and Mads Eg Damgaards Kollegium,
wide variety of shows and concerts.        Eg Damgaards Kollegium, Egelunden,        situated in Birk Centerpark. See
whether you are interested in arts,        (a student residence hall) situated in for applica-
football or concerts Herning has it all.   Birk Centerpark close to TEKO and         tion procedure.
                                           AU-IBT (Herning Institute of Business
ACCOMMODATION                              and Technology). This residence hall
Being a student at TEKO, you have          contains 40 rooms each of 45 m2.
various opportunities of finding both

GENERAL ADMISSION                        exempted from any English tests.            BACHELOR OF MECHANICAL
REQUIREMENTS TO ALL FULL-                For information about credit transfer       ENGINEERING
DEGREE PROGRAMMES                        from a previous or current education,       Applicants must have: Mathematics
The School of Technology and             please contact us. Credit transfer is       at advanced level (Danish A-level),
Business accepts applications from       certainly possible, but it requires an      Physics at intermediate level (Danish
students having at least 12 years of     individual assessment.                      B-level), and Chemistry at basic level
combined primary and secondary                                                       (Danish C-level).
education with a diploma from an         SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS                       More about this programme on pages
accredited secondary school.             These requirements are in addition to       20-21.
                                         or substitute to the previous require-
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS IN                  ments.                                      BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING IN
ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                                                     INFORMATION AND COMMUNI-
B-LEVEL)                                 TURAL TECHNOLOGY AND                        Applicants must have: Mathematics
we only accept international students    CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT                     at advanced level (Danish A-level),
with the following levels in English:    Applicants are also accepted with           Physics at intermediate level (Danish
                                         a Lower Secondary School Leaving            B-level), and Chemistry at basic level
IELTS 6.0                                Certificate (corresponding to 9 years       (Danish C-level).
TOEFL Internet-based 80                  of school) and a professional trade         More about this programme on pages
TOEFL Computer-based 213                 education within the building industry.     12-13.
TOEFL Paper-based 550                    These qualifications will be individually
Cambridge test CAE                       assessed.                                   BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING IN
TOEIC test 700                           More about this programme on pages          MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY
                                         8-9.                                        Applicants must have: Mathematics
If you have not passed any of the                                                    at advanced level (Danish A-level),
internationally recognised tests in      BACHELOR OF CIVIL ENGI-                     Physics at intermediate level (Danish
the English language, you may take       NEERING                                     B-level), and either Chemistry at basic
our own English test. Please contact     Applicants must have: Mathematics           level (Danish C-level) or Biotechnology
us or our local representative to find   at advanced level (Danish A-level),         at advanced level (Danish A-level).
out when and where the next test         Physics at intermediate level (Danish       More about this programme on pages
will take place. Applicants who are      B-level), and Chemistry at basic level      14-15.
native speakers or with secondary        (Danish C-level).
education from the UK, Australia, the    More about this programme on pages
USA, Canada and New Zealand are          9-10.

BACHELOR OF VALUE CHAIN                   language course.                           Students from an EU/EEA country
MANAGEMENT                                More about this programme on pages         must submit applications so that they
Applicants must have: Mathematics         16-17.                                     are received no later than 15 May
at intermediate level (Danish B-level).                                              (for August intake) or 15 November
More about this programme on pages        MASTER’S DEGREE IN                         (for January intake).
22-23.                                    EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION
                                          ENGINEERING                                Some study programmes may be
BACHELOR OF INTERNATIONAL                 Applicants must have an IELTS score        full long before and the same may
SALES AND MARKETING                       of minimum 6.5. Students having an         apply to accommodation. So please
MANAGEMENT                                IELTS score of 6.5 will have to attend     apply at your earliest convenience if
Applicants must have: Mathematics         a supplementary course in English.         you wish to increase your chances of
at intermediate level (Danish B-level).   Joining the Master’s Degree will imply     becoming a student at the School of
More about this programme on pages        a fee.                                     Technology and Business.
18-19.                                    More about this programme on pages
                                          24-25.                                     At the department in Herning, the
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS IN                                                              application must take place via www.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE (CORRE-                  For more on this Master’s Degree in You can also use the
SPONDING TO DANISH A-LEVEL)               European Construction Engineering,         application form in the KOT-pamphlet.
IELTS 6.5                                 please visit the website:                  The area number is 48036.
TOEFL Internet-based 92         
TOEFL Computer-based 237                                                             DO YOU NEED VISA OR A
TOEFL Paper-based 580                     HOW TO APPLY                               RESIDENCE PERMIT?
Cambridge test CAE                        At the departments in Horsens and          Certain international applicants must
TOEIC test 760                            Aarhus, all international applicants       have either a visa or a residence
                                          should use a specific application          permit to stay or study. Please
These requirements apply to the           form, which can be found at our            remember to confirm with the local
following two programmes:                 website, or our local representative       Danish embassy or consulate to find
                                          can help you fill out the right applica-   more information about the specific
BACHELOR OF GLOBAL BUSI-                  tion form.                                 rules.
Applicants must have an IELTS score       Students from outside the EU/EEA           For more information please contact
of minimum 6.5. Students having an        must submit applications so that they      the Danish Immigration Service:
IELTS score of 6.5 will have to attend    are received no later than 1 April (for
a supplementary course in English,        August intake) or 1 November (for
while students having a score of 7.0      January intake).
will be exempted from the English


Higher education in Denmark is          trips abroad, etc. If you need more     However, due to the recent slowing
government-funded and usually           specific information on the expenses    down of the general economy, finding
provided free of charge for all EU/     for books and study materials in        a student job may be difficult in
EEA students. All other students have   connection with your particular study   Denmark at the moment. Therefore,
to pay a tuition fee depending on the   programme, you are advised to           it is very important that new students
chosen programme. However, when         contact the Student Counsellor of the   make sure, before their arrival in
enrolling in our Master’s programme,    programme.                              Denmark, that they have the money
students of all nationalities will be                                           necessary to pay for study costs such
charged a tuition fee. Please contact   CAREER SERVICE CENTRE                   as tuition fees (for non-EU students),
us for information about the relevant   The Career Service Centre (CSC) at      books, accommodation, living
tuition fees.                           the School of Technology and Busi-      expenses, and leisure time activities.
                                        ness offers students career guidance    Furthermore, we expect that students
An estimated tuition fee for a full-    and workshops on job searching. The     bring a laptop.
degree programme ranges from EUR        CSC has a CV bank and a job bank
9,000 to 13,600 annually depending      specifically for our students. Here,    For additional information on how to
on the choice of programme.             current job offers and adverts from     contact the School of Technology and
                                        companies seeking qualified students    Business, please go to page 39 or
Expenses for books and study materi-    or graduates are posted.                visit
als also vary from one programme
to the other. Furthermore, there may    Read more about the CSC online:
be expenses related to exchange,
work placement, field trips and


For additional information about           For additional information on how to    please send the application for
programmes, application procedure,         apply, please go to pages 36 to 37 or   the programme in Herning to:
visa, residence/work permit, scholar-      visit our website:
ships, insurance, etc., please visit our                                           VIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE
website or contact us.                     WWW.VIAUC.COM                           TEKO Design + Business
                                                                                   Birk Centerpark 5
The study administration can provide       please send the applications            7400 Herning
you with further information and gui-      for the programmes in Horsens           Denmark
dance in order to give you the best        and Aarhus to:                          Tel.: +45 87 55 05 00
possible basis for your decision.                                                  Email:
                                           VIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE
Additional information on education        CAMPUS HORSENS
and training in Denmark is provided        Chr. M. Oestergaards Vej 4
by Styrelsen for Universiteter og Inter-   8700 Horsens
nationalisering, an authority within the   Denmark
Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation     Tel.: +45 87 55 40 00
and Higher Education who supports          Email:
the internationalisation of education
and training in Denmark, at or

                   VIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE                                     AALBORG
                   THE SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY
                   AND BUSINESS

                                                          HERNING                AARHUS




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