sba_major_communication_032709 by fanzhongqing


									Major Communications Data Version 1.1
            Agency Name: Small Business Administration

         Submission Date:   03/27/2009
         Submitter Name: Darryl Hairston

   Submitter Contact Info: 202-205-7565

Title (Clear Heading)       Short (no more than 5 sentences)    Date and time of       Additional citizen friendly tags (e.g.    Link to Communications Item    Type of Major     Text of Major Communications (Press Release, Video, Press Event, Other)
                            overview of the main                communication          recovery, stimulus) that can be used on                                  Communication
                            communications points                             to help present the news                                    (Press Release,
                                                                                       items (separate tags with ";")                                           Video, Press
                                                                                                                                                                Event, Other)
SBA's Recovery Act          The release highlights the surety    03/27/2009 09:27 AM                                    Press Release     News Release

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