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									Academic Content Standards
Technology in the Lab/Classroom

                Aerospace Academy
                 The Aerospace Academy has a 16 workstation computer lab for students. The hardware specifications are PIII 1
                 Ghz/256MB/20GB. Software specifications are Windows XP/SP2/Office 2003. The workstations provide aviation
                 training software called Fliteschool Instrument Pilot and Private Pilot. The Aerospace Academy provides printing
                 capability to students to a networked monochrome laser printer and a networked color laser printer. Students have
                 access to an Elite Systems flight simulator with full controls, audio, and a three panel (72” ea) display driven by
                 three xvga projectors. The simulator requires five PIV class computers. The Aerospace Academy is located at the
                 Warren County Airport and connects back to the main campus via a point to point T1 line. All computers are
                 members of Active Directory and students have access to network storage and services including Internet. The
                 Aerospace Academy desires a computer lab upgrade for student access and improved software performance.

                Business Technology Tech Prep
                 The Business Technology Tech Prep program is currently offered as a satellite at Little Miami High School. Their
                 student lab has 25 student workstations with hardware specifications of CelD 3.0 GHz/1GB/80GB and software
                 specifications of Windows XP SP2/Office XP/Macromedia Suite 8. The Business Technology Tech Prep program
                 follows the curricular offerings of their partner, Sinclair Community College and systems are ready for the upgrade
                 to Microsoft Office 2007, which the district has licensing for through the Microsoft School Agreement. Students
                 have access to a networked monochrome laser printer, network attached storage, and networked lessons and
                 materials including business simulations. The lab also has a laptop and projector/screen for presentations and
                 competition. This program prepares students for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.

                Equine Science
                 The Equine Science program has its laboratory environment held at the Lebanon Raceway. There students receive
                 hands-on instruction in caring for horses and maintaining stables. The use of technology is limited to academic
                 courses where students study Anatomy & Physiology in addition to required courses. The Instructor has a laptop for
                 portability, however, there is no wireless Internet Access currently available at the Raceway.

                Exercise Science
                 The Exercise Science program is a satellite program at Franklin High School. The lab features a multimedia home
                 theatre environment with DVD, Stereo, VHS, projector, and large screen. There are 14 student workstations with
                 Internet and printer access. The program has a digital camera and multifunction color printer with a scanner and
                 digital card reader. Students use the technology for presentations, for exercise videos and training, and for research
                 projects and electronic portfolios.

                Project Gateway
                 The Project Gateway program is a satellite housed at Miami University Middletown and is targeted at providing an
                 alternative pathway to a high school diploma for students who have dropped out. The program has 10 student
                 workstations and a networked monochrome laser printer. Students use PlATO software to complete courses onine
                 and recover lost credits toward the diploma requirements at their home high school.

                Veterinary Science
                 The veterinary Science Program was new in 2006 and is housed at the Warren County Humane Society which has a
                 DSL connection for Internet Access. Due to the lack of wiring at the facility, WCCC placed an 802.11B wireless
                 Access Point in the facility and outfitted the program with a 16 workstation laptop cart plus four additional laptops.
                 The lab has a portable smartboard, projector, and speakers. Students use the Internet for research and use Microsoft
                 Office for productivity and presentations. The curriculum for the program called for a comprehensive Veterinary
                 Science software package for student training and enrichment. The lab has a monochrome laser printer with a
                 wireless print server.

                Greentree Health Science Academy
                 The Greentree Health Science Academy is a partnership with Butler Tech Career Technical Center and Miami
                 University Middletown. Currently, all technology planning for this academy falls under the administration of Butler
                 Tech Career Technical Center.

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