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Saint Michael's Medical Center by linxiaoqin


									    CHE Welcomes Saint Michael’s Medical Center          1    &   6   Socially Responsible Investing at Catholic Health East 7
    Providing Care Across the Health Continuum      2, 3, 8   &   9   Hope Ministries: A Vessel for Future Sponsorship        10
    Make Your Voice Heard: My Voice, My Vote ’08                  4   Reducing ER Waiting Times                               11
    HealthTech Partnership                                        4   CHE Long Term Acute Care Hospital Recognized            12
                                                                      Across the System                             13, 14  & 15
    Catholic Health Ministry Speaks Up for Reform                 5
                                                                      10 Minutes with ... Lisa Bond-Holland                   16
    Fall 2008

   CATHOLIC                         HEALTH           EAST

          Saint Michael’s Medical Center
              Joins Catholic Health East
O     n July 31, 2008,
       Saint Michael’s
Medical Center was
                                                                                                        and CEO of Catholic Health
                                                                                                        East. “This announcement is
                                                                                                        the culmination of the
                                                                                                        collaborative work of all
officially welcomed into the                                             Saint Michael’s Medical        parties—the Archdiocese of
Catholic Health East family.                                             Center, CHE’s newest RHC, is   Newark, Newark city
The Newark, New Jersey-                                                  a 357-bed regional tertiary-   leadership and state
based, 357-bed regional                                                  care, teaching and research    legislators, the State of New
                                                                         center in Newark, N.J.
tertiary-care, teaching, and                                                                            Jersey, physicians and
research center joins the                                                                               employees and the local
                                                                                                        community—to find a solution
Lourdes Health System                                                                                   that best meets community
(with hospitals in Camden                                                                               needs. Our Catholic health
and Willingboro) and                                                                                    ministry in New Jersey, and
St. Francis Medical Center                                                                              nationwide, is strengthened
(in Trenton) in an entity                                                                               and enriched with the
known as CHE-New Jersey.                                                                                addition of Saint Michael’s
                                                                                                        Medical Center to our family.”
    CHE facilities now serve
three of the state’s major cities                                                                          According to Alexander J.
and constitute the state’s                                                                              Hatala, president and CEO of
largest Catholic health care                                                                            CHE-New Jersey, “Our
system. Each affiliate of CHE-                                                                          hospitals share a longstanding
New Jersey retains its local                                                                            commitment to delivering the
management and governance                                                                               best in care to our state’s most
while benefiting from some                                                                              vulnerable and underserved
key economic and operational                                                                            populations, and this
efficiencies and shared                                                                                 commitment will continue to
services.                                                                                               be strengthened through
                                                                                                        close collaboration and the
   “Our mission calls us to                                                                             identification of best practices
seek ways to ensure access to                                                                           and models for care.”
health services for those
people most in need,” says
Robert V. Stanek, president                                                                                       continued on page 6

                   H             O             R           I               Z          O         N              S

                                                        Providing care across
                      CHE looks toward the future of health care
I    n 2006, CHE launched a system-
       wide strategic planning process
       that challenged stakeholders
across the system to envision the future
                                               The hospital case
                                               management group met
                                               in July at CHE in
                                               Newtown Square, Pa.,
                                               to work on the design for
of health care in the year 2017. The           Phase I of the
Vision Statement reads:                        comprehensive care
                                               management initiative.
     Inspired by our Mission and
     committed to our Core Values,
     Catholic Health East will achieve
     excellence in all we do, creating a
     System that empowers communities
     and individuals to achieve optimal
     health and quality of life.

    Within our Strategic Plan, CHE
articulates its strong commitment to
move forward with a care management
strategy. In CHE’s ideal future health care
system, care is tailored to the individuals’
needs and current conditions and is
coordinated throughout their life
cycle and across the continuum of
care. Patients receive care that is
consistent, convenient, compassionate

                                               {                                                                                    }
and safe; and they are able to make
highly informed decisions regarding their
health care based on accurate
information, unbiased advice and                     The goal is to optimize each individual’s health potential
personal preference. Skilled teams of              through informed decision-making, effective communication
providers working in effective and
efficient systems will help patients                and process facilitation, resulting in the right care delivered
optimize their health through                                  in the right setting at the right time.
education, advice, reminder systems,
accurate record keeping and therapeutic
   The CHE Comprehensive Care                     “Comprehensive Care Management            delivered and requires properly
Management Model is a values-based,            connects individuals with information to     aligned financial incentives and
person-centered, collaborative system of       make informed decisions about                interoperable, electronic personal
support and caring that promotes health-       providers, services and programs that        health care records—owned by
enhancing relationships through efficient      support their holistic and spiritual needs   the individual and kept secure
and effective care. The goal is to optimize    throughout their lives,” says Sr. Kathleen   and available for their use. This
each individual’s health potential through     Popko, S.P., CHE’s executive vice            will only be effective if the interests of
informed decision-making, effective            president of strategy and ministry           the patients are placed ahead of the
communication and process facilitation,        development.                                 interests of physicians, hospitals,
resulting in the right care delivered in the                                                health care systems and payers.
                                                  Such a model calls for a dramatic
right setting at the right time.               transformation in the way care is

                                              F ALL           E D I T I O N            2 0 0 8

the health continuum
with comprehensive care management
                                                                                                This large scale, system-wide
   Specific Goals and Objectives:                                                               transformation initiative will evolve over
                                                                                                several years and is organized into the
          Create a delivery system that is person-centered.                                     following four phases:
          Improve patient flow throughout the organization and facilitate
          effective transitions across the continuum of care.                                      Phase I:
                                                                                                   In-house RHC restructuring
          Use technology to enhance communication and sharing of data                              focusing on hospital-based case
          among providers, caregivers, patients and families.                                      management.
          Focus on holistic care throughout the entire continuum of care.                          Phase II:
          Provide seamless access to services to address the longitudinal                          Enabling initiatives extending
          needs of the targeted populations.                                                       beyond acute care including, for
                                                                                                   example, development of a
          Enhance and link community based services.                                               patient portal, wellness tools,
          Provide the necessary talents and skills in resources that will                          disease management protocols
          support and assure effective care management.                                            and outcomes measurement
          Provide appropriate education to patients and families in order
          to assure informed decision-making.                                                      Phase III:
          Redefine the roles, responsibilities and relationships of providers                      Integrated community
          as partners in working with patients and families to coordinate                          approaches to include local
          and facilitate the right care in the right setting.                                      provider, social and/or faith-based

                                                                                                   Phase IV:
                                       Care Management                                             Regionalized strategies across
                                                                  Figure 1
                                       Executive Sponsors                                          RHCs to support and leverage
                                                                                                   system-wide approaches for care
                                       Care Management
                                            Council                                             The Comprehensive Care Management
                                                                                                initiative was launched in early 2008. The
                                                                                                planning and start-up activities were
                                                                                                completed which included the
                  RHC                                                                           development of a project leadership
               Champions                                      Care Management                   structure (see figure 1 at left) including
                                                            Phase 1: Hospital Case              team membership with roles and
                                                            Management (MIDAS+)                 responsibilities, guiding principles, overall
                                                                                                project approach and timeline.
                                                                                                           continued on pages 8 & 9

   Pilot A            Pilot B                Pilot C
                                                            Technology       Communications   Resources
 Mercy SEPA/         Choices at          SPHS/ Physician
                                                             Sub-group         Sub-group      Sub-group
   KMHP         St. Peter’s Hospital         Model

                     H             O              R            I             Z                O          N             S

                             Make Your Voice Heard:
                           My Voice, My Vote 2008
I   f you were waiting for the time
     when your vote really counts,
it’s here! Your voting decisions on
                                                                                                    advocacy effort,” says Courtney
                                                                                                    Mengel, J.D., CHE’s manager,
                                                                                                    government affairs and public policy.
                                                                                                    “This campaign emphasizes the
the presidency, Congress and local                                                                  importance of casting an informed
                                                                                                    vote, and that is a message we want
offices and issues in the November                                                                  to reinforce to the entire CHE family.”
4 election will help chart your                                                                        If you have not registered yet, do it
community’s future. That’s why                                                                      now. It’s easy. An electronic version of
Catholic Health East, in                                                                            the form can be downloaded from the
                                                                                                    U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s
partnership with Catholic Health                                                                    website. For those who cannot access
Initiatives, is activating My Voice,                                                                the CHE portal, a link to this page, and
                                                  information, templates for newsletter             other useful voter registration
My Vote 2008—a campaign to                        articles and e-mails about the importance         information and tips can be found on
help employees make informed                      of voting, has been posted to the                 CHE’s website at
decisions and to take part in the                 advocacy and government relations                    Help create a better tomorrow.
                                                  community on the portal. Additionally,            Let your voice be heard. Make your
election process.                                 materials such as table tents, flyers,            vote count on November 4, 2008.
    CHE has supplied tools to all of the          posters and the My Voice, My Vote 2008
RHCs/JOAs to encourage participation in           graphic have been posted to this portal              If you have any questions about the
this campaign. The My Voice, My Vote              community.                                        My Voice, My Vote campaign, please
2008 action guide, which includes                                                                   contact Courtney Mengel at
                                                     “CHE is inviting all facilities in the or 610.492.3747.
national and local voter registration             System to join in this worthwhile

        Partnership with HealthTech
    Brings New Tools to RHCs/JOAs
C   atholic Health East and
      HealthTech recently partnered to
bring CHE colleagues the latest in
                                                  areas: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology,
                                                  medical devices and information technology;
                                                  all hospital service lines and clinical focus
                                                  areas; and more than 50 high-cost, high
                                                                                                    development. “HealthTech’s vision for
                                                                                                    advancing the use of new technologies to
                                                                                                    improve the health of people and
                                                                                                    communities is completely in synch with
technology assessment, research and               volume clinical conditions. Its recently          our 2017 goals and strategies. Their
                                                  expanded website (             expert advice and counsel are invaluable
tools, learning networks, case studies            includes enhanced research content,               as well.”
and news.                                         audio/video archives of webinars and events,
                                                  and opportunities to connect with other               CHE colleagues are encouraged to take
   Founded in 2000 by Molly Coye, M.D.,           HealthTech partners and experts. Moreover,        advantage of the opportunity to learn
M.P.H., HealthTech is a non-profit research       CHE colleagues are able to create a ‘personal     more about emerging technologies and
and education organization that develops          profile’ that will prompt the HealthTech          how they are shaping and influencing our
objective technology forecasts, innovative        website to alert you to information and events    health care delivery into the future. The
decision-making tools and facilitates a           related to your areas of interest.                webinars, events and research available via
learning network of experts and health                                                              our relationship with HealthTech provide a
system leaders for the exclusive benefit of its      “We view HealthTech’s suite of products        rich source of ongoing education for all of
more than 40 partner organizations.               and services as excellent tools in our quest to   us. If you have any questions regarding
                                                  achieve our 2017 Preferred Health Care            any of these materials, please contact
   HealthTech’s comprehensive research            Delivery Model,” says Sr. Kathleen Popko, S.P.,   your RHC/JOA strategic planning
covers 30 categories of technology in four        executive vice president, strategy and ministry   department.

                                             F ALL             E D I T I O N                 2 0 0 8

                     Catholic Health Ministry
                       Speaks Up for Reform
T  he Catholic health ministry’s
   Vision for U.S. Health Care is
helping infuse new energy into the                                                                                             Just one example of
                                                                                                                               the health care reform
national health care reform                                                                                                    posters that highlight
                                                                                                                               the principles named
dialogue. Catholic Health East                                                                                                 in the CHA Vision for
                                                                                                                               U.S. Health Care.
employees were among the many                                                                                                  Posters can be ordered
                                                                                                                               via the CHA website
people across the ministry who                                                                                                 at

contributed to the development of
the Vision document, which has
prompted a series of activities and
messages around health care
   Most recently, the Vision document
was featured in a plenary session at the
Catholic Health Association’s annual
membership assembly in San Diego.
Attendees received a tool kit and video to
help send the message—in many different
ways, and to many different
audiences—that the Catholic health
ministry insists on a health care system
that serves everyone.                               Our Vision for U.S. Health Care is
                                                    a set of value-based criteria for reforming
   Anyone interested in a tool kit—                 health care in America. You can download a copy
                                                    of this document at
which includes a PowerPoint presentation,
guide to hosting community
conversations on health reform and                    Additional CHA activities currently              teaching, such as human dignity and
other resources—can obtain one at                 planned include an audio-conference                  concern for the poor and vulnerable, as This                 series that will kick off in September to            core values that must be considered when
website also includes posters highlighting        help inform members of the ministry                  designing our future health care system.”
principles named in the Vision document           about elements of the Vision document.
and other resources for publicizing the           Those who participate in the calls will also            Previously named “Covering a Nation,”
need for reform.                                  learn how they can contribute to the                 CHA’s Health Reform Initiatives committee
                                                  dialogue themselves and engage their                 continues to develop new resources and
    “The Catholic health ministry has an          communities in the conversation.                     messages that can help inform and move
outstanding opportunity to take an active                                                              forward the health reform dialogue,
role in the national dialogue on health               “The Catholic health ministry has a              especially as the U.S. public voices
care reform,” says Robert V. Stanek,              unique and important message to bring                growing support for real change.
president and CEO of Catholic Health East         to the health reform dialogue,” says Jeff
and a CHA board member. “With tens of             Tieman, senior director for health reform                For more information about the Vision
millions of Americans lacking access to           initiatives at the Catholic Health                   for U.S. Health Care initiative, please go
health care, it is incumbent upon us to           Association. “The Vision document is not a           to; CHE
stand up and make our voices heard. The           plan or policy but a values-based guide              colleagues who want more information
Vision for U.S. Health Care initiative helps to   about our expectations of a future health            on health care reform issues should
give us a voice in the discussion about           system. Unlike other reform documents, it            contact Courtney Mengel, J.D., manager,
how to improve our nation’s health care           names values drawn from Catholic social              government affairs and public policy, at
system.”                                                                                      or 610.492.3747.

                          H                O       R         I             Z          O             N             S

                Saint Michael’s Medical Center
                    Joins Catholic Health East
...continued from page 1
              Saint Michael’s Medical Center colleagues, physicians
           and volunteers marked the occasion with a celebratory
           picnic on August 1. A formal ceremony to commemorate            Saint Michael’s Medical Center
           the hospital’s “new beginning” as part of Catholic Health       At a Glance...
           East is being planned for the fall of 2008.                       Location: Newark, New Jersey
                                                                             Founded: 1867 by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor
              With the addition of Saint Michael’s Medical Center,           CHE Sponsor: Hope Ministries
           CHE now employs more than 54,000 colleagues in 21                 Number of Licensed Beds: 357
           Regional Health Corporations (RHCs) and Joint Operating           Number of FTEs: 1,700
           Agreements (JOAs) in 11 eastern states from Maine to              Website:
                                                                             Additional Campuses:
                                                                               • Saint James Campus of Saint Michael’s Medical
                                                                                 Center: features a 24/7 satellite emergency
                                                                                 department, prenatal and primary care, behavioral
                                                                                 health services and health education.
                                                                               • Columbus Campus of Saint Michael’s Medical Center:
                                                                                 features a 24/7 satellite emergency department, plus
                                                                                 imaging services and a prenatal clinic.
                                                                              • First medical institution in New Jersey to perform
                                                                                open-heart surgery
                                                                              • First medical institution in New Jersey to develop a
                                                                                cardiac catheterization program
                                                                              • Major teaching affiliate of:
                                                                                   • Seton Hall University School of Graduate Medical
                                                                                   • New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
                                                                                   • Saint George’s University School of Medicine in

           Saint Michael’s Medical Center
           colleagues, physicians and volunteers
           marked the occasion with a
           celebratory picnic on August 1.

          Saint Michael’s Medical
          Center joined the
          Catholic Health East family
          on July 31, 2008.

                                           F ALL          E D I T I O N                2 0 0 8

   Socially Responsible Investing at CHE
R         everence for Each Person.
              Community. Justice.
              Commitment to Those
Who Are Poor. Stewardship. Courage.
Integrity. As a faith-based
organization, it is vitally important
that Catholic Health East meet both
our challenges and opportunities in
the context of—and in accordance
with—these Core Values. And these
same Core Values guide the
decisions that are made in the
context of our socially responsible
investing (SRI) program.
    “Socially responsible investing is an
effort to build a more sustainable society
by integrating social values into
corporate and investor actions while                Paul Klinck, vice president, treasury services, and Sr. Kathleen Coll, S.S.J., administrator,
adhering to financial objectives,” says             shareholder advocacy, review portfolio analysis for compliance to policies.
Kathleen Coll, S.S.J., administrator,
shareholder advocacy.
                                              which CHE is a member, is a valuable                securities a year. According to Paul Klinck,
    “Socially responsible investing helps     resource to Coll. This organization offers          vice president, treasury services, “They
CHE meet its financial goals while            advice, consult and support to its 275              analyze CHE’s portfolio for compliance
ensuring that its investments have a          institutional members. ICCR and its                 with our policies twice each year and work
positive impact on people and the             members press companies to be socially              with Sr. Kathleen to deliver a report. We
planet,” says Coll, “As stated in CHE’s SRI   and environmentally responsible. Each               also give our policies to each of our
Policy, ‘CHE is committed to utilize its      year ICCR-member religious institutional            investment managers and require that
financial resources in a way which will       investors sponsor over 200 shareholder              they are followed. And, Sr. Kathleen works
promote the common good, create a             resolutions on major social and                     with the other members of ICCR
just society for all and enhance human        environmental issues.                               continuously throughout the year and
dignity and the protection of all life.’                                                          gains knowledge of corporations’ activities
And as faith-based investors, we use our      “We develop goals and strategies to                 as well.”
voice in taking actions and making            increase long-term shareowner
decisions with a purpose influenced by        value by holding the corporations in                    A component of socially responsible
our faith.”                                   whom we have invested to the                        investing is shareholder activism, in which
                                              highest standards of environmental                  we attempt to positively alter corporate
    According to Coll, “We develop goals                                                          behavior. According to Klinck, “When we
                                              performances, social responsibility
and strategies to increase long-term          and good governance.”                               use our position as a stockholder to
shareowner value by holding the                                                                   advocate for change in a company, it
corporations in whom we have invested              Kathleen Coll, S.S.J.                          often does have an effect over time, even
to the highest standards of                        Administrator, Shareholder Advocacy            if only because companies prefer positive
environmental performances, social                 Catholic Health East                           publicity. We work closely with our fellow
responsibility and good governance.                                                               members of ICCR in shareholder activism
Through dialogue and resolutions with             Catholic Health East is a substantial           to leverage our efforts.”
companies, members promote initiatives        owner of stocks and bonds in its
to bring about good health care, sound                                                               Guided by Paul Klinck and Sr. Kathleen
                                              investment portfolio. CHE uses                      Coll and other talented CHE colleagues
environmental and labor practices,            RiskMetrics Group to assist in analyzing
respect for human rights and good                                                                 and advisors and overseen by CHE’s
                                              companies in its portfolio. This firm               Investment Committee, Catholic Health
corporate governance.”                        assists nearly 3,000 institutional investors        East is able to follow a socially responsible
   The Interfaith Center on Corporate         and corporations around the world,                  investing program that is faithful to our
Responsibility (ICCR), a national             researching issues and offering                     Core Values, ensuring that we truly
organization of faith-based investors of      recommendations for some 35,000                     stand up for what we believe in.

                           H           O             R            I             Z               O          N            S                                                                                F ALL            E D I T I O N             2 0 0 8

      CHE looks toward the future of health care with comprehensive care management
...continued from page 3                                     Is collaborative, data driven and              The case management functional               improvement. Following the current state           culture of our system. From this                            “The pilots and the
                                                             outcomes focused;                           team, comprised of directors and/or             assessment, the team came together in              framework, individual gap analyses and             phased implementations will teach us
          Phase I began in the spring of 2008.                                                           managers from each hospital, is leading         July to design the model for hospital case         subsequent implementation plans will                      how to create a system
          This phase is linked initially to the              Is designed from a comprehensive            the transformation efforts at each RHC. A       management for the future state.                   be built to meet the patient care needs
                                                             view considering clinical, financial,                                                                                                                                                               that serves our patients through
          foundational activity of implementing                                                          comprehensive current state assessment                                                             at each individual RHC.”                              our technical skills and refined
          the MIDAS+ software across CHE                     psychosocial and spiritual needs of         was completed in May which included a              “There is not a single, preferred
          hospitals. The successful                          each patient;                                                                               model out there for hospital case                      In order to test various aspects of the            processes, our use of patient
                                                                                                         detailed description of the infrastructure,                                                                                                               information and our caring
          implementation of a clinical tool such                                                         functions, processes, roles and                 management,” says Kathleen Meredith,               CHE Care Management model, three
                                                             Integrates the functions of care                                                            CHE vice president of clinical                     pilot programs have been identified and                       relationships.”
          as MIDAS+ requires a transformation of             coordination, discharge                     responsibilities and outcomes data for
          the hospital case management                                                                   case management at each hospital. The           transformation. “For our CHE hospitals,            are now in various stages of planning                 Thomas Garthwaite, M.D.,
                                                             management and utilization                                                                  the team has developed an integrated               and implementation.
          department processes that will then be             management; and,                            assessment highlighted leading practices                                                                                                                Chief Medical Officer for CHE
          enabled by the technology support.                                                             and strengths as well as opportunities for      approach that fits with the mission and
          The goals of the transformation are to             Provides linkages to Phase II of the
          develop a model that:                              Comprehensive Care Management

       PILOT A
       Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania /                                                  Program Objectives
                                                                                                                                                       PILOT B
                                                                                                                                                       St. Peter’s Health Care Services /
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PILOT C
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sisters of Providence
       Keystone Mercy Health Plan (KMHP)                                                                         To create value for patients,         CHOICES Geriatric Care Management Program                                                                   Health System /
       Project Leader:                                                                                           providers and payers through          Project Leader:                                                                                             Physician Integration
       Grace Lefever, Coordinated Care Management                                                                enhanced care coordination and        Nora Baratto, LCSW-R, Director, Case Management and CHOICES Program
                                                                                                                 improved alignment of                                                                                                                             Model
       This pilot will focus on linking a comprehensive care management approach to a targeted                                                         This pilot will focus on expanding the unique relationship between St. Peter’s Health Care Services
                                                                                                                 incentives.                                                                                                                                       Project Leader:
       Medicaid patient population served by Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania                                                          and the independent CHOICES (Case management Helping Older adults maintain Independence
                                                                                                                 To impact access to timely and        with Comprehensive Effective Services) Program.                                                             Vincent McCorkle,
       (MHS) and Keystone Mercy Health Plan (KMHP). The goal is to redesign the process of care
       and align incentives to promote care coordination, optimize patient health outcomes and                   appropriate care, and to enhance                                                                                                                  President and CEO,
                                                                                                                                                       CHOICES is a geriatric care management program for adults age 60 and over who live in the Albany,           Sisters of Providence Health
       improve the efficiency of the delivery system. The MHS care units participating in the pilot              the quality and efficiency of that
                                                                                                                                                       N.Y., community. The underlying premise of the program is that providing patients with the tools            System
       program are Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital (MFH) and Mercy Philadelphia Hospital (MPH).                        care.
                                                                                                                                                       and services they need to remain in their own homes for as long as possible can reduce the cost to
       Representatives from MHS met with KMHP in early 2007 to discuss the opportunity to                        To measure and document pilot         both the individual and society. Consistent with CHE’s Comprehensive Care Management Model,                 This pilot is in the early stages of
       manage a subset of the Medicaid populations in its service area. It was decided to initiate a             outcomes and learnings so that        the CHOICES program ensures that clients get the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.       planning and development.
       patient-centered pilot for enhanced care coordination for patients with chronic illnesses who             they can be applied to other                                                                                                                      Discussions are underway related to
                                                                                                                                                       St. Peter’s Hospital and CHOICES have a unique opportunity to expand the focus to other specialized
       require intensive monitoring and management.                                                              populations, providers and                                                                                                                        the potential for incorporating the
                                                                                                                                                       areas in supporting persons throughout the health care continuum.
                                                                                                                 payers.                                                                                                                                           lessons learned from managing a
       “The MHS/KMHP relationship offers a unique opportunity for a collaborative care                                                                 Current Program Details:
       coordination pilot involving a complex provider system and a health care plan that serves a                                                                                                                                                                 Medicare risk population, through
       Medicaid population,” says H. Ray Welch, Jr., chief executive officer, Mercy Health System of                                                     • CHOICES staff receive a referral and arrange for an initial comprehensive assessment for each           enhanced care management
       Southeastern Pennsylvania.                                                                                                                           patient in their residence, allowing them to see the patient in the home environment.                  approaches, into the care
                                                                                                                 The collaboration between                                                                                                                         management of other patient
                                                                                                                Keystone Mercy Health Plan,              • A social, medical and financial history is obtained in the home setting allowing CHOICES staff to
       Program Details:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            groups.
                                                                                                           Mercy Health System of Southeastern              observe the patient’s environment, assess safety and verify/confirm information provided.
          • MHS and KMHP identify and communicate with the targeted patients.                              Pennsylvania and targeted Medicaid            • A single care manager oversees the planning and coordination of community-based services,
          • The patients are directed to utilize primary care physicians established at MFH and MPH.       members will result in enhanced care             and interfaces with inpatient service providers, to create a proactive culture that allows for
          • MHS and KMHP jointly develop a ‘virtual’ multi-specialty group composed of various             coordination and aligned incentives              continuity of care.
            specialties.                                                                                    which improve the health status of           • CHOICES staff facilitate the appropriate use of resources in the hospital setting to reduce
          • Physicians refer only to physicians included in the multi-specialty group or participating         the pilot population, optimize               assessment time and eliminate communication barriers between health care providers and
            primary care clinics.                                                                           efficiency of the integrated delivery           patients/families.
                                                                                                             system and enhance satisfaction             • CHOICES staff act as patient advocates and provides professional care consultation to manage
          • KMHP places targeted patients in its care management program and coordinates                             of all participants.
            services based on its best practice experience.                                                                                                 transitions across the care continuum.

                                                                           8                                                                                                                                                       9
                    H             O          R            I             Z            O           N            S

 Hope Ministries: A Vessel for the Future
  Sponsorship of Catholic Health Care
U         pon the formation of Catholic
            Health East (CHE) in 1997,
            the Sponsors Council
determined the need for an alternative
method of sponsorship to ensure the
                                                                                                                       Members of Hope
                                                                                                                       Ministries: (Seated
                                                                                                                       in front, from l to r)
                                                                                                                       Canice Dolan and
future of the ministry. Over the next                                                                                  Sr. Patricia Wolf,
                                                                                                                       R.S.M.; (Seated
three years, they developed the                                                                                        behind, from l to r)
structure and petitioned the Vatican                                                                                   Stanley Urban and
for the establishment of Hope                                                                                          Sr. Caritas Geary,
Ministries, a public juridic person of                                                                                 S.P.; (Standing
Pontifical right. Hope Ministries was                                                                                  from l to r) George
officially established by the Vatican                                                                                  Sr. Margaret
Congregation for Institutes of                                                                                         Taylor, R.S.M. and
Consecrated Life and Societies of                                                                                      Rev. Mr. Clarke
Apostolic Life in 2000.                                                                                                Cochran. (Not
                                                                                                                       pictured: Regina
   Hope Ministries consists of both lay                                                                                Benjamin, M.D.,
and religious members and is the                                                                                       and Sr. Therese
canonical sponsor of Global Health                                                                                     O’Rourke, I.H.M.)
Ministry, and serves as the sponsor for:
   • Nazareth Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.
   • Saint Michael’s Medical Center,         the ministry can only be richer, the       for the future. Experience, demographics,
     Newark, N.J.                            healing presence more powerful.”           commitment and dedication all make clear
   • St. Agnes Continuing Care Center,                                                  that future sponsorship will be different. But
                                                 The experience of the members of       while it may be different from the past and
     Philadelphia, Pa.                       Hope Ministries has led to the recognition the present in many ways, it will
   • St. Francis Hospital,                   that both committed lay persons and        nonetheless represent the next moment in
     Wilmington, Del.                        religious can and do sponsor Catholic      the life of a ministry gifted by God’s
                                             health care ministries. The members        Spirit, focused on God’s call.
   • St. Francis Medical Center,
                                             recognize their importance as a vital link
     Trenton, N.J.
                                             between the sponsored ministry and the
   • St. Mary Medical Center,                official Church. They ask accountability     What is a
     Langhorne, Pa.                          from the ministries and render               Public Juridic Person?
                                             accountability for them each year in an
     In the beginning, as its mission        annual report submitted to the Vatican.      Catholic health care is a ministry of the
statement indicates, the members of                                                        Church and the Catholic Church takes
Hope Ministries focused on each                 The presence and experience of Hope        great care in overseeing the works
organization’s fidelity to the heritage of   Ministries and changing realities within      performed in its name. Canon Law

its founders. It was created to serve as a   sponsoring organizations have provided
vessel for the future, in which this                                                       describes a public juridic person as an
                                             impetus for broadened conversations
heritage could be placed, honored and        about sponsorship and deeper
                                                                                           aggregate of persons or things,
guarded. And it is a place where             commitment to partnership in                  established by the Vatican, dedicated
ministries can continue their life as        sponsorship.                                  to the purpose of enabling the church
Catholic health care organizations.                                                        to achieve its mission.
                                                 Recognizing that it is vital to look to
   “It’s really a step toward building the   the future—to who will sponsor the            A public juridic person serves to oversee
Church of the future,” says Sr. Juliana      ministry and how that sponsorship will be     the mission of a health care institution,
Casey, I.H.M., executive vice president,     exercised—the sponsors joined with            to ensure that it is carried out
mission integration for CHE. “If lay         other Catholic health care systems in         according to Catholic principles.
leaders are both enriched through solid      establishing a Collaborative Formation
                                                                                                                      Can. 116 §1
experience and learning of the tradition,    Program for the preparation of sponsors

                                         F ALL           E D I T I O N            2 0 0 8

      Reducing ER Waiting Times
A    t Mercy Hospital in Portland,
       Maine, a new commitment
to reduce patient waiting times in
                                              June 2007
                                                                         Seen in 30 min
                                                                                          June 2008
                                                                                                                    Seen in 30 min
the emergency department (ED) is
meeting with great success.
    Mercy’s ED is already highly regarded
                                                                                                            7% increase
                                                                                                            in total ED volume
by providers in the Portland area; in a
recent poll, the quality of care by the                                                                                          Kathleen
Mercy emergency department was one                                                                                               Meredith, CHE
of the most highly ranked items surveyed.                                                                                        vice president
However, realizing that constant process                                                                                         of clinical
improvement is a key to delivering the                                                                                           transformation
best care possible, a multi-disciplinary                                                                                         and Ginny
effort is underway to examine, document                                                                                          Davis, CHE
in detail and refine more than fifty unique                                                                                      clinical
emergency department processes.                                                                                                  informatics
   Led by Emergency Chief John                                                                                                   facilitate a
Southall, M.D., representatives from areas                                                                                       meeting with
that interact with the ED on a daily                                                                                             the ED process
basis—such as laboratory, radiology,                                                                                             improvement
                                                                                                                                 group at Mercy
patient registration, information services,                                                                                      Hospital in
Meditech (Mercy’s Electronic medical                                                                                             February
record provider) and Catholic Health                                                                                             2008.
East—were included in the initiative.
    “After analyzing the information, the     tested and documented specific                 satisfaction and the learnings from this
ED process improvement group mapped           inadequacies, and then interdisciplinary       effort will definitely be helpful in other
out a strategy to obtain what I call our      teams, supported by CHE and Meditech,          CHE ministries.”
‘ultimate future state,’ which is to take     were formed to analyze and fix the
                                              problems.                                         At Mercy the solution is a multi-phase
advantage of the high quality care                                                           process, not an overnight fix. The first
already being delivered and increase our         “This process was labor-intensive,          phase—which identified the changes
system efficiencies to further enhance the    highly introspective and not easy,”            that needed to take place—is completed.
patient experience,” says Dr. Southall.       Southall says. “However, the lessons we        The second phase—which is
“This results in maintaining great care       learned were invaluable.”                      implementing those changes—is
and less waiting for emergency                                                               currently in progress. Early returns
department patients.”                            Since Mercy was further along in the        indicate that the plan is working. The
                                              implementation of the EDM than other           negative opinions of staff related to the
    A few years ago, Mercy’s then-new         CHE institutions, the information sharing
electronic medical record, Meditech                                                          EDM have subjectively decreased.
                                              from the Mercy experience should be            Objectively, measurable efficiencies have
Emergency Department Module (EDM)             helpful to other RHCs who choose the
and the incorporated Computerized                                                            increased. In June 2008, the Mercy
                                              Meditech EDM during their own                  emergency department saw more than
Physician Order Entry (CPOE) were             implementation.
suffering from design flaws that had the                                                     double the patients within half an hour
potential to negatively impact patient            “We’re very appreciative of the            than it did for the same time period in
care and which were leading to increased      patience and persistence of the Mercy ED       2007. Also, the Mercy ED is seeing more
workplace chaos and decreased job             team and the Meditech team from                patients now within 45 minutes than it
satisfaction among ED providers. In order     information services in working together       saw within 90 minutes in 2007.
to make improvements to the clinical          to improve overall performance of the             “This is very exciting for us and the
functioning of the department, changes        system,” says Mark O’Neil, executive vice      result of a lot of hard work,” Southall
first had to be made to the Meditech          president and chief operating officer of       says. “This is an enormous
EDM. Emergency department providers           CHE. “The increase in quality and              improvement.”

                    H             O            R             I                Z                O              N          S

     CHE Long Term Acute Care Hospital
                            Recognized Nationally
S   ister Emmanuel Hospital, a long-
  term acute care hospital affiliated
with Mercy Hospital, Miami, Fla.,
                                                                                                              FIM System Helps
                                                                                                              Fulfill Core Values
was selected to make a presentation                                                                           Reverence for each person.
                                                                                                              Communicating with the patient
at the Catholic Health Association’s                                                                          across all disciplines at the level
annual convention. The hospital’s                                                                             indicated ensures respect and
                                                                                                              understanding without talking
presentation focused on                                                                                       above or below their capabilities.
“Standardized Communication and                                                                               Community. All disciplines
Our Core Values.”                                                                                             have been trained in the FIM
                                                                                                              language. Using the FIM
    Sister Emmanuel is a long-term acute                                                                      measure as a communication
care hospital (LTCH) focused on serving                                                                       tool enables us to make the
medically complex individuals. The average       Sr. Emmanuel Hospital’s Paul Haidet, R.N., and Caridad de
                                                                                                              appropriate decisions based on
length of stay is almost 30 days. In 2005,       Varona, senior physical therapist, presented “Standardized   the patients’ functional abilities.
                                                 Communication and Our Core Values” at the Catholic
the LTCH started to use the Functional           Health Association’s 2008 annual meeting.                    Justice. Advocating for our
Independence Measurement (FIM™)                                                                               patients ensures that appropriate
system to validate patient progress and                                                                       treatment is rendered and full
enhance outcome measures. “By adopting         by the tool’s ability to enhance care. To illustrate
                                               his enthusiasm, Mr. Haidet used eating as an                   potential is achieved.
this system,” explains Shed Boren, the
hospital’s CEO, “we were able to quantify      example. “If a patient measured a seven, it meant              Commitment to those who
our outcome measures and demonstrate           that they were independent. We needed to bring                 are poor. Although economics
the value that we were adding to individual    the food to them, and let them eat at their own                are taken into account, poor
patients.” At the same time, the hospital      pace. On the other hand,” he adds, “if an                      may also indicate having meager
was focused on values-reinforcement            individual measured a five, the nursing staff was              resources, reduced family
through art as well as enhancing               able to understand the level of supervision                    support, unfortunate health,
communication as a patient safety strategy.    required to ensure optimal nutritional intake.” This           and/or not having a means to
                                               same system was also used by speech therapists,                make their needs known. Health
   The interdisciplinary team combined         registered dietitians, occupational therapists and             care providers are in the unique
these three focus areas. The team agreed       social workers.                                                position to advocate for these
that the Core Values reflected why they                                                                       patients, ensuring that the next
became health care professionals, and it           The LTCH presentation was prepared and                     level of care providers do not
was a good time to evolve these initiatives.   submitted by Ms. De Varona and Mr. Haidet, and                 ignore these needs.
“Soon, we noticed that we were seeing          accepted for presentation based on a competitive
                                               process. “We are so proud of them,” says Hugo                  Stewardship. A team can more
such significant progress week-to-week,”                                                                      effectively manage resources,
says Caridad de Varona, senior physical        Gonzalez, M.D., the hospital’s chief medical
                                               officer, “for the clinical skills that they have               focusing on immediate as well as
therapist, “and the FIM ‘language’ provided                                                                   future patient needs by making
our team members with a communication          developed, the determination and teamwork that
                                               they bring and now, for showing others what                    sound decisions.
tool that could be used to enhance care by
increasing our connectedness to one            clinicians can do when they are empowered.”                    Courage. Taking the risks our
another while remaining focused on our              “We congratulate the Sr. Emmanuel team for                faith demands of us allows
individual patients.”                          its latest achievement,” says Victoria Christian, vice         family members to better
                                               president, clinical improvement of CHE’s                       understand the burden of care
   The FIM system, developed and                                                                              and participate in discharge
managed by the Uniform Data System for         Continuing Care Management Services Network.
                                               “Thanks to their success, our Continuing Care                  planning while ensuring that our
Medical Rehabilitation (UDSmr™),                                                                              professional voices are heard.
measures the functional ability of patients    programs have been able to take advantage of the
with an 18-item system covering motor,         opportunity for knowledge exchange through our                 Integrity. Holding ourselves
cognitive and self-care areas.                 CHE LTCH Affinity Group. By sharing their unique               and each other accountable and
                                               approach toward living our Core Values, they                   working toward the common
   Paul Haidet, R.N., a strong proponent of    provide all colleagues the ability to easily adopt             good of the patient.
interdisciplinary integration, was impressed   the process and enhance patient outcomes.”

                                                          F ALL                E D I T I O N                   2 0 0 8

                                                                                                                                                 continued on
                                                                                                                                                          pages 14&15

                                                                                                                                      John C. Johnson, CEO at Holy Cross Hospital
                                                                                                                                      in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., also assumed the
                                                                                                                                      position of CEO at Mercy Hospital in Miami
                                                                                                                                      on August 12. In his expanded role as CEO of
                                                                                                                                      both facilities, Johnson is responsible for the
                                                                                                                                      overall strategic direction and operating
                                                                                                                                      performance of the newly-formed CHE-South
                                                                                                                                      Florida region. “John is a talented leader,”
                                                                                                                                      says Bob Stanek, CHE president and CEO.
                                                                                                                                      “With his experience in the South Florida
                                                                                                                                      marketplace and the relationships he has
     Dr. Regina Benjamin, a Catholic Health Association board member and a long-time Catholic Health East board                       developed during his ten years with Holy
     member who currently serves a member of CHE’s Hope Ministries, attended a welcoming ceremony at the White                        Cross, I think that John is an outstanding
     House during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States earlier this year. She is joined by fellow CHA board                 choice to help lead Mercy Hospital into the
     members, from left, David Benfer, John Ginan, Jr., and David Jimenez.                                                            future.”

St. Joseph of the Pines purchased and delivered 200 box fans to help needy families in their        Pat Thomas, listed by the Gerontology Research Group as the 8th oldest person
area enjoy a more comfortable summer. Here, Sandra Hall (R) gratefully accepts a fan from           in the world, recently celebrated her 113th birthday. A resident of St. Francis of
St. Joseph volunteer Colleen McGuire, while St. Joseph colleagues Jermaine White (L) and            Williamsville, a senior services facility that is part of Catholic Health System,
Rev. Carl Naylor unload more fans.                                                                  Pat is still an avid painter and was a gardening enthusiast who taught classes
                                                                                                    about the benefits of herbs, which many believe is the secret to her longevity.

                 H                 O                R                I                Z                O                N                 S

Mercy Hospital of Maine’s Auxiliary recently
held its annual fashion show; this year’s event,
with its “Celebrating Life” theme, highlighted                                    Thanks to Katherine McKenzie and several of her fellow medical student volunteers, Mercy
the many cancer-related programs Mercy                                            Suburban Hospital Family Practice Center pediatric treatment rooms have been redesigned to
provides for patients and families. Eleven                                        help entertain and relax young patients. Various Dr. Seuss and Sesame Street—inspired
cancer survivors—including Dr. Chris Kuhn (pictured), a Mercy                     murals now brighten treatment rooms and help put children at ease during their visits. Mercy
Hospital radiologist—served as models for the evening. Proceeds from              Suburban Hospital is a member of Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania.
the event benefited Mercy Hospital’s Oncology-Hematology Center.

                                                                                                                        Residents of the Dementia Special Care Unit at Mercy
                                                                                                                        Community Health’s Saint Mary Home joined forces
                                                                                                                        with LensCrafters ® and the local Lions Club for an
                                                                                                                        eyeglass collection campaign. Hazel, a Saint Mary
St. James Mercy’s Child/Infant Day Care Center recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. The program has               Home resident, is shown here helping to count and
registered nearly 17,000 visits, serving an average of 30 children per day. It is open to residents of the              sort the hundreds of eyeglasses and cases that were
community as well as St. James Mercy employees.                                                                         collected; the effort will benefit needy residents of the
                                                                                                                        greater Hartford community.

                                                    F ALL              E D I T I O N   2 0 0 8

 On July 1, Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital
   in Darby, Pa. (a member of Mercy
       Health System of Southeastern
 Pennsylvania), celebrated its official
     75th Anniversary with a Mass of
  Thanksgiving. The Mass included a
  procession from the North Lobby of
the hospital with employees carrying
   banners representing the corporal
      works of mercy. Employees also
  placed three flowers near the altar,
   symbolizing the past, present and
                       future of MFH.

                      The Most Reverend Michael A. Saltarelli, Bishop of the
                      Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, blesses the new St. Francis
                      Hospital ambulance fleet and EMS Team at a recent
                      ceremony. The hospital was awarded a contract to provide
                      911 Basic Life Support services to the City of Wilmington.

                                                                                                 Vincent McCorkle, president and
                                                                                                 CEO of Sisters of Providence Health
                                                                                                 System, shares a light moment with
                                                                                                 Johanna Gauthier in Mercy Medical
                                                                                                 Center’s respiratory department,
                                                                                                 after presenting her with a clock in
                                                                                                 appreciation of her 52 years of

                           H                  O             R                   I                   Z                      O          N                 S
10 Minutes with... Lisa Bond-Holland
L     isa Bond-Holland, R.N., B.S.N.,
         Esq., has worked within Catholic
         Health East (CHE) since 1988,
                                                                                                                               What are your primary responsibilities
                                                                                                                               and your highest priorities in your
                                                                                                                               current role?
first as a nurse at Mercy Philadelphia                                                                                             Since the era of Enron and with the
Hospital, then with the CHE System                                                                                             present government and regulatory
Office as a litigation manager for the                                                                                         scrutiny of nonprofit business and
Northeast Division. She is now the                                                                                             governance practices, many organizations
                                                                                                                               have taken steps to ensure they are in
director of governance support, where
                                                                                                                               compliance with mandated laws and
she is responsible for coordinating the                                                                                        regulations. My highest priority is to
System’s governance activities to ensure                                                                                       ensure that the CHE Board of Director’s
effective, efficient performance                                                                                               performance and our organization remain
consistent with bylaws, policies and                             Lisa Bond-Holland, R.N., B.S.N., Esq.                         in compliance with our bylaws, policies,
legal requirements. Ms. Bond-Holland                                                                                           legal requirements and government
received both her B.S.N. and J.D. from                       nurses in the health care industry and I                          agencies. I also assist the board with
                                                             wanted to do something that would                                 carrying out their fiduciary duties. In
Widener University. Horizons recently                                                                                          addition, I assist the CEO with planning
                                                             allow me to change those dynamics.
sat down with Ms. Bond-Holland to                                                                                              and developing governance projects and
                                                             While working with the patient care
discuss her responsibilities and long                        executives, during my time as director                            complete assignments as directed by
tenure with CHE.                                             of the Mid-Atlantic Division, I was                               general counsel.
                                                             afforded the opportunity to assist with
You’ve been with CHE for 20 years.                                                                                             How has your background in both
                                                             creating positive change for the nurses
What has kept you working with the                                                                                             nursing and law prepared you for your
                                                             within CHE.
same organization for such a long                                                                                              work in governance?
time?                                                        You joined the CHE System Office                                      In this position I do not utilize my
   It is a great place to work! The                          shortly after it formed in 1998.                                  practical nursing skills, however I am able
organizational values align with my own                      What was it that motivated you to                                 to leverage the knowledge that I have
personal values, and I appreciate the                        do so?                                                            acquired in the health care industry as my
work/life balance fostered by Catholic                           Opportunity...I received my law                               career has developed. As the director of
Health East. Also, while at CHE I have                       degree and passed the bar shortly after                           human resources, I learned project
been able to enter into opportunities                        CHE was created. Due to the merging                               management skills and how to interact
that allow me to continually develop my                      of the three systems that formed CHE,                             and communicate with key stakeholders.
career.                                                      the risk management department                                    As the director of the former Mid-Atlantic
                                                             expanded and the position of litigation                           Division, I received great exposure to how
Why did you transition from nursing
                                                             manager for the Northeast Division                                a health system functions. This experience
to law? Or from direct patient care to
                                                             was developed. I accepted this                                    translated into an understanding of how a
                                                             position, which allowed me to utilize                             board and its committees function. My
   As a young nurse I found myself                           both by nursing and legal backgrounds                             legal background has assisted me with
disgruntled with what I perceived as a                       while staying with the company where                              understanding and interpreting the
lack of voice and empowerment of                             I had worked for 10 years.                                        bylaws and regulatory mandates.
 HORIZONS is a publication for the Sponsors, Boards,      Horizons Editorial Staff                                             Sponsors
 Regional Leadership, System Office and Colleagues        Scott H. Share                                                       Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate
 of Catholic Health East.                                    Vice President, System Communications                                  Heart of Mary, Scranton, Pa.
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              Fax 610.271.9600
                                                          a transforming, healing presence within the communities we serve.
                                                                                                               Regional Community of Baltimore
                                                          Locations: Located in 11 eastern states from Maine to Florida.       Sisters of Providence, Holyoke, Mass.
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