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					                          SOURCE COUNTRIES
  AnnuAl generAl rePOrT   2007 - 2008
        2007 - 2008
                          This year, NCC served newcomers from:

                          Albania                Mexico
                          Argentina              Nepal
                          Australia              Netherlands
                          Bangladesh             Nigeria
                          Bhutan                 Pakistan
                          Bosnia                 Panama
                          Brazil                 Peru
                          Bulgaria               Philippines
                          Cambodia               Poland
                          Canada                 Portugal
                          China                  Romania
                          Colombia               Russia
                          Costa Rica             Saudi Arabia
                          Cuba                   Scotland
                          Czech Republic         South Africa
                          England                South Korea
                          Ecuador                Sri Lanka
                          Egypt                  Taiwan
                          France                 Tazmania
                          Germany                Tibet
                          Haiti                  Trinidad & Tabago
                          Hungary                Turkey
                          India                  Uganda
                          Iran                   USA
                          Iraq                   Venezuela
                          Israel                 Vietnam
                          Italy                  Zambia
                          Jamaica                Zimbabwe

                                    This year, the most common

  What has NCC
                               first languages of newcomers were:


been doing all year?                        Tagalog
2         ncc AnnuAl generAl rePOrT 2007-2008

        Board of directors
                                         Language Programs                              Host Programs
                                         Peterborough Computer Assisted                 Children’s Fun Club
                                         Language Lab (PCALL)                           • Theatre, games and crafts for children
                                                                                          aged 6 to 13 years old during school
                                         • Launched summer, 2007, and set to              holidays
                                           repeat in 2008
                                         • 21 participants                              Multicultural Potluck Dinners
                                         • In partnership with the Peterborough         • Monthly dinners to bring together
                                           Public Library and Community                   newcomers and volunteers in
                                           Opportunities and Innovation Network           recreational, educational and cultural
                                           (COIN)                                         activities
                                         Enhanced Language Training (ELT)               • In partnership with St.John’s Anglican
                                         • In partnership with Trent University           Church who provide free space for the
Kristi Allain                   Chair      ESL and COIN                                   dinners
                                         • Participants will be trained to open their   Other Host Program Activities:
Mary Ladky                 Vice-Chair
                                           own businesses, while also learning          • Visit to Petroglyphs Provincial Park
Renee Castro-Pozo           Treasurer      advanced business English skills
                                                                                        • Bus trip to Niagara Falls
                                         • Began April, 2008
Peter Carroll                 Director                                                  • Bicycle ride to Lakefield
                                         Language Assessment Centre
Supriya Chattophadhyay        Director                                                  • Canoeing and kayaking on the
                                         • 45 newcomers assessed                          Otonabee River
Obasesam Okoi                 Director   • New assessor trained and certified           • Weekly yoga classes
Shweta Pathak                 Director   • Assessments completed for ELT as
                                           well as LINC (Language Instruction for
Jill Ritchie                  Director     New Canadians)                               otHer Programs
Julie Smith                   Director                                                  Women Helping Women

Cheryl Sutherland             Director   emPLoyment Programs                            • In collaboration with COIN, YWCA,
                                                                                          Niijikiwendidaa Anishnaabe-Kwewag
Coen Bruin                    Director   New Canadians Employment Initiative              Services Circle, Lovesick Lake Native
                                         (NCEI)                                           Women’s Association-Opportunity
                                                                                          Centre, Elizabeth Fry Society, and the
                                         • Newcomers complete on-the-job                  Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre
      Much gratitude and fond farewell     training with various organizations in
                                           occupations related to their foreign         • Facilitated peer support group for
   to departing Board members, Kristi                                                     newcomer women
                                           work experience
Allain, Julie Smith, Mary Ladky, Renée                                                  • Potluck dinners, yoga and dance
                                         • 33 participants
    Castro-Pozo and Obasesam Okoi.                                                        classes, spa days, cooking
                                         • Many participants have since found             classes, educational presentations,
                                           employment in their field, while others        participation in community events, and
                                           are pursuing further education and             more
                                                                                        Mother Goose for New Canadians
                                         Employment Assistance Service (EAS)
                                         for Foreign-Trained Professionals              • In collaboration with Peterborough
                                         (March, 2007 – February, 2008)                   Parent-Child Mother Goose Program
                                                                                          and the Library
                                         • 57 new participants                          • Rhymes, songs and stories for parents
                                         • 36 participants with portfolios                and their preschool children
                                         • Dozens of professions represented,           Computer Classes
                                           including physiotherapist, teacher,
                                           accountant, seamstress, dental               • 78 training sessions for newcomers
                                           technician, lawyer, nurse, hairstylist,
                                           industrial engineer, chemical engineer,
                                           mechanical engineer, business
                                           administrator, social worker, and
                                                                                            ncc AnnuAl generAl rePOrT 2007-2008                                  3

                                                                                                            Carmela Valles
                                                                                                            Executive Director

                                                                                                            Carolina Orduz
                                                                                                            Computer Administrator

                                                                                                            Grace Salalila
                                                                                                            Bookkeeper & Settlement Counsellor

                                                                                                            Luisa Vega Baron
                                                                                                            Host & Volunteer Coordinator

                                                                                                            Hajni Hos
                                                                                                            Employment Counsellor

                                                                                                            Tamara Hoogerdyk
                                          Jeff Leal, MPP (third from right), and Tamara Hoogerdyk,
                                             employment counselor (left), presented certificates to
                                                                                                            Employment Counsellor
                                           NCEI participants at the Annual General Meeting, 2007.

Public Education                                                                                            Ziysah D. Markson
                                                                                                            Settlement Services Coordinator
                                          Preventing Domestic Violence against                              Luz Ofelia Maya
Filling the Skills Shortage Gap:
                                          Immigrant and Refugee Women                                       Settlement Counsellor
Will you be ready?
                                          • Training for frontline staff from local                         Cobourg Office
• Forum for employers about the             organizations
  importance of attracting new                                                                              Samuel Juru
  immigrants, and how to recognize        • In partnership with Ontario Council of
                                                                                                            LINC Assessor
  foreign credentials                       Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
• Keynote Speaker: Lionel Laroche,        Cross-Cultural Communication                                      Andrea Heilingbrunner
  “Managing and Communicating in a        • Training for volunteer drivers of                               LINC Assessor
  Diverse Workforce”                         the Rural Victims Transportation                               Yvonne Lai
• In collaboration with Cobourg              Network (City of Kawartha Lakes and
  Community Development Office;              Haliburton)                                                    Women’s Group Facilitator
  Fleming College; GE-Hitachi             • Training for frontline employment                               Charleston Stella
  Nuclear Energy Canada Inc; Greater         counsellors
  Peterborough Area Economic                                                                                Placement Student
  Development Corporation; Human          • Diversity training for Host volunteers
  Resources Professionals Association
  of Peterborough; Lakeshore Human
  Resources Professionals Association;
  Siemens Milltronics Process
  Instruments Inc.; World Education
  Services; Workforce Development
Colour of Poverty
• In partnership with Peterborough
  Coalition Against Poverty (PCAP)
  and Community and Race Relations
  Committee (CRRC)
• Two half-day trainings – one for
  frontline workers and one for the
  broader community
• Strategies were developed to confront
  race-based poverty, and were shared
  in a provincial network forum

                                                                                                      Women’s Group with facilitator, Yvonne Lai (third from right)
4             ncc AnnuAl generAl rePOrT 2007-2008

              SoUrCE CoUnTriES:                  Group Sessions                              Service Bridging
               A rETroSpECTivE
                  THE nCC Top TEn                for Newcomers                               We met with the following agencies
                                                                                             and groups to share information, and
                             # of times in top                                               coordinate services:
    Country                 ten in past 13 yrs                                               Canadian Mental Health Association
                                                 • Interactive presentation of settlement
    China                                  10      website to new immigrants
                                                                                             Central Eastern Ontario translation
                                                 • In partnership with OCASI
    South Korea                              8                                               services
                                                 Trent Radio
    Colombia                                 6                                               Community Employment Resource
                                                 • Workshop for newcomers interested in
    Albania                                  5     hosting their own radio program
                                                 Work Scams and Fraud Workshop               Employment Networking Group
    USA                                      5
                                                 Post-Secondary Information Session          Job Connect
    india                                    4
                                                 Building Common Visions Forum
                                                                                             Kawartha Pine Ridge District School
    philippines                              4     Re-visioning Exercise
                                                                                             Board - ESL
                                                 NCEI progress meetings and
    poland                                   3     group sessions                            Trent Career Centre
    Afghanistan                              3   Income Tax Clinics
                                                                                             Trent International Program
                                                 Financial Systems seminars:
    vietnam                                  3                                               Trent University Human Resources
                                                    Banking and Credit Cards; GST/PST
                                                    and Tax Benefits; Investment Choices;
                                                    Financial Needs Analyses                 Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty
     Countries that have been the top source     “Emotional Places, Paradoxical Spaces”      Peterborough Community Legal Centre
    country at least once in the past 13 years     Photo exhibition and talk

                                                                                                       The crowd at Multicultural Canada Day, 2007.

Itinerant Services                               Collaborative Community Events
New office in Cobourg!
                                                 We participated in the following committees/events:
• Opened February, 2008
• Staffed five days a week                       Traveling World Community Film Festival     Why Green Isn’t Enough:
• 27 active clients                              – Peterborough                              An Anti-Racist Anti-Colonial
We continue to serve clients in Lindsay,                                                     Environmentalism Conference
                                                 International Human Rights Day vigil with
Buckhorn, Lakefield, Bobcaygeon, and             Amnesty International                       Peterborough Pride
                                                 Prosperity Roundtable                       Global Youth Day with Kawartha World
                                                                                             Issues Centre (KWIC)
                                                 Writing Workshop for People from
                                                 Marginalized Communities with Farzana       Global Education Week with KWIC
                                                                                             One World Vegetarian Potluck with KWIC
                                                 Black History Month events with CRRC        and Jamaican Self-Help

                                                 Multicultural Canada Day
                                                                                                   ncc AnnuAl generAl rePOrT 2007-2008                      5

                                                                                                               in nUMBERS:

                                                                                                               SoURcE coUntRiES of nEw cliEntS

                                                                                                               country                          clients

                                                                                                               china                                   15
                                                                                                               England                                 14
                                                                                                               South Korea                             13
                                                                                                               colombia                                10
                                                                                                               Philippines                              8
                                                                                                               USA                                      8
                               Dean del Mastro, MP, with NCC clients during the CIC funding announcement.
                                                                                                               cuba                                     7
                                                 otHer actiVities                                              india                                    6
Promotion                                        • Continued to visit LINC and ESL classes
                                                                                                               Germany                                  5
                                                   each month and promote our activities                       Mexico                                   5
This was a record year for publicity,              and events
including the following media coverage:          • Trent Radio weekly program highlighted
                                                   the stories of, and services for, new                       Host Program
• NCC’s comments on Statistics Canada              Canadians                                                   50        new matches
  reports about immigrants and visible           • Presented NCC info at various events
  minorities in the area                                                                                       51        volunteers recruited
                                                   including the Peterborough Family Fair,
• CIC funding announcement for NCC for             Employment Ontario’s Career Expo, and                       18        volunteer training sessions
  2008-2010                                        Dub Trinity concert
                                                                                                               16        public information sessions
• Funding announcement by Dean del               • NCC Info Sessions at various
  Mastro, MP, regarding the Women                  organizations, including the Central                        80        group activities
  Helping Women project                            Ontario Access Centre, several classes
• International Human Rights Day vigil             at Fleming College, Peterborough and
                                                   Northumberland Victims Services Unit,                       Volunteers
• Traveling World Community Film Festival
                                                   Kawartha Heights Public School, Rotary                      150       total volunteers
• NCC participating in CRRC’s press                Club, and Trent International Program
  conference demanding the resignation                                                                         100       program volunteers
  of Kawartha Pine Ridge school trustee                                                                        50        fundraising/Board/admin
  Gordon Gilchrist due to racist remarks
  printed in a local paper
• NCC participating in CRRC’s widely
                                                 Publications                                                  2080
                                                                                                                         volunteer hours
  covered press conference about
  regional attacks against Asian anglers         Post-Secondary Education: Making Good
                                                 Choices, A Guide for New Canadians                            Employment Services
                                                 • In partnership with Fleming College                         90        new clients
our new Look                                                                                                   40        returning clients
                                                 • Printed in English, Spanish, Mandarin
• GoLogo was contracted to develop a               and Korean                                                  300       total visits
  new look for NCC
                                                 Accessing Tomorrow’s Skilled Workforce:                       60        group activity participants
• Logo options were critiqued by clients,        HR Resource Guide for Recruitment of
  staff and volunteers, and new logo was
  chosen                                         Immigrants
                                                                                                               Settlement Services
• New materials from business cards to           • In partnership with Workforce
  brochures to lawn signs are currently in         Development Board                                           165       new clients
  production                                     A Newcomer’s Guide to Services:                               500       returning clients
                                                 Directories for Peterborough,                                 1700      total visits
                                                 Northumberland, Haliburton, and
Video                                                                                                          676       group activity participants
                                                 Kawartha Lakes regions
• Vertical Turtle Productions was
  contracted to make a promotional video         • In collaboration with Workforce
  for NCC                                          Development Board
• Footage will be collected throughout
  summer, 2008
6          ncc AnnuAl generAl rePOrT 2007-2008

     This poem was inspired during the Building
Common Visions forum on immigration and our
  community. “A Sandwich Kid” is about and for
  those who have felt stuck between labels and                                          OF THE YEAR
 identities, imposed either willingly or unwillingly.
                                                         Thank you
      “A Sandwich Kid”                                  to the hundreds
        I belong neither here nor there…

     Always, forever classified as OVER
                                                         of volunteers

       The OTHER…immigrant, woman,
                                                            who make
                   coloured, snob…

          Do you speak English? – HERE
                                                           all the NCC           NCC’s Volunteer of the Year, Julia
                                                                                 Goodwin, was also granted the 2007
          So you snob, American- other-
                                                            activities           Community Betterment Award from
                                                                                 the City of Peterborough. Julia has
                   So many classifications!                 possible!            poured endless energy into organizing
                                                                                 the Children’s Fun Club and the
                                             Why?                                Homework Support Group, as well
                                         Identity?                               as volunteering as a receptionist and
                                                                                 Host match since 2005.
                             NO, I have none.
                                                                                 “Julia continuously influences the
                    I’m just a sandwich kid,                                     lives of many immigrants with her
                      neither here nor there.                                    unconditional friendship, charisma,
                                                                                 kindness, knowledge and love in
       I speak English, Spanish, a mix…                                          everything she does.”
Caught between remarks of DUTY and                                               - Luisa Vega Baron
                the GOOD- Oh mom!                                                Host Program and Volunteer
                                              AND                                Coordinator

                                    White/Black                                  “I can describe Julia as a kind, good
                                                                                 and friendly person. She is always
                                  Good/Unique                                    ready to give to others, without
                    The Unique individual…                                       expecting to receive anything back…
                                                        Len Martin has           “With her, we have learned a lot
                              Why not BHITE?
                                                        contributed three        not only about Canada, but most
             Stuck between the BH… ITE                                           importantly about the community we
                                                        decades of support       live in. We have gone for walks and
             I bhite… the lady was right…

                 label of sandwich applies.
                                                        to Multicultural         we have attended community events,
                                                                                 spent significant dates; therefore,
                                                        Canada Day and to the    giving us the opportunity to appreciate
                                                                                 our city and the people that surround
                                Sophia Ayala
                                                        newcomer community       us…
                          To be published by            in Peterborough. Gerry   “[Julia] has been not only a good
                         LGBT Youth Journal
                                                        Turner, Chair of the     person to my family but also to
                                                                                 other immigrants in the city of
                                                        Canada Day committee,    Peterborough.”
                                                        presented him with an    - Elizabeth Aguilar
                                                        award of recognition
                                                        July 1st, 2007.
                                                                                      ncc AnnuAl generAl rePOrT 2007-2008        7

                                                                                                 current counciL
   Partnership Council                                                                           ParticiPants:
                                                                                                 City of Peterborough
   We are very pleased to announce the formation of the Peterborough Partnership
   Council on Immigrant Integration - a group of relevant community stakeholders                 Community and Race Relations
   coming together to develop a coordinated, comprehensive and strategic                         Committee
   approach to immigration and integration to fit the needs of our community.                    Community Opportunity and
   The goal of the Council is to enhance the existing working relationships between              Innovation Network
   the public, private, social service, and third sector partners in our area. We                Employment Ontario
   see the Partnership Council strengthening local awareness and coordinating
   effective services that will not only welcome newcomers, but will also serve                  Fleming College
   immigrants and refugees in the long term. We have developed the Council as                    GE-Hitachi
   a way toward coordinated improvement of immigrant resettlement, language
   training, labour market integration, foreign credential recognition, and full social          Greater Peterborough Area
   integration.                                                                                  Economic Development
   With the help of community partners we have begun the preliminary process of
   drafting terms of reference to guide our current and future progress.                         Job Connect

   Some initial goals the Council has identified:                                                Kawartha Pine Ridge District
                                                                                                 School Board
   • Improve labour market access and outcomes for both existing and newly
     arriving immigrants                                                                         Northern Lights Canada
   • Improve access to and coordination of immigrant integration services
                                                                                                 Ontario Provincial Police
   • Establish and enhance partnerships and participation of diverse stakeholders
     in planning, delivery and coordination of services                                          Opportunity Centre
   • Conduct research as it pertains to settlement, language training, health and
     labour market integration                                                                   Peterborough Community Legal
   • Work in the areas of advocacy and anti-racism
   • Address the challenges of transportation and communication posed by the                     Peterborough Lakefield Police
     vastness of the Kawarthas                                                                   Services

                                                                                                 Peterborough Public Library

                                                                                                 Peterborough Social Planning

Professional                                    Research                                         Siemens MiIltronics

                                                                                                 Trent Centre for
                                                This year, NCCP supported and
Development                                     benefitted from the research of
                                                undergraduate and graduate students
                                                                                                 Community-Based Education
                                                                                                 Trent University
Staff participated in the following training:   at Trent University, York University and
                                                                                                 Workforce Development Board
                                                Queen’s University. Topics included:
• OCASI Professional Development
  Training                                      Resources for Migrant Agricultural
• Provincial Host conference                    Workers
• Host Program anti-racism training
                                                Emotional Places/ Paradoxical Spaces
• National ELT conference
• Employment Ontario Managers Forum             • A photo-voice research project
                                                  mapping newcomer women’s
• LINC assessor training                          emotions in Peterborough and
• LINC Assessment Centre Coordinators             Kingston
                                                Peterborough Immigrant Needs
• Seneca College Immigration                    Assessment
  Practitioner Program
• United Way Training: Outcome                  Client Satisfaction in EAS and NCEI
  Measurement                                   programs

 Citizenship and Immigration
 Immigration Settlement Adaptation
Program (ISAP); Enhanced Language
   Training (ELT); Host Program;
   Language Assessment Centre
                                       We Are...
  Ministry of Citizenship and
         Immigration                   The New Canadians Centre Peterborough is a non-profit
Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP)      charitable organization dedicated to supporting immigrants,
                                       refugees, and other newcomers in Peterborough and
      Employment Ontario               surrounding areas. We are governed by a volunteer Board
Employment Assistance Service (EAS)    of Directors.
  for Foreign-Trained Professionals

  Ontario Trillium Foundation
New Canadian Employment Initiative     Our Mission
                                       To provide settlement services and direct assistance to new
United Way of Peterborough and         Canadians.
           District                    To promote cultural integration through social and
     Core Settlement Services          community activities.

      City of Peterborough             To inform and educate the public about immigration issues.
     Core Settlement Services

Individual Donors & Fundraising
                                       Our Goals
                                       To ease and promote the adjustment of immigrants and
                                       refugees to Canadian culture.

                                       To provide trained staff and appropriate facilities.

                                       To advocate on behalf of new Canadians, and to provide
                                       information and referrals.

                                       To continually review and adjust our services to address the
                                       needs of new Canadians.

                                       To promote involvement of new Canadians in determining
                                       the direction and programs of the agency.

                                       To promote cross-cultural understanding and acceptance
 New Canadians Centre Peterborough     through education and awareness projects.

          205 Sherbrooke St., Unit D   To promote fundraising projects to improve the quality of
        Peterborough, ON   K9J 2N2     community services for new Canadians.

                  Tel (705) 743.0882
                 Fax (705) 743.6219

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