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					                                            Lightspeed Customer Success
School: Lincoln County School District #2
State: Wyoming
District Size: 2,500 Students
Solution: Total Traffic Control
Focus: Mac Security; Reporting
                                            Lincoln County Secures and Monitors Its Mac-
                                            Based Network with Total Traffic Control
                                            Lincoln County School District in rural Wyoming is intent on building students’ 21-st century
                                            skills by embracing modern technologies. With Smart Boards in nearly every classroom, a network
                                            that includes more than 1,000 Macintosh computers, and a focus on incorporating interactive
                                            learning, Lincoln County needed a network management solution that could be as comprehensive
                                            as the technology it utilizes; and as forward-thinking as its educational philosophies.

                                            With Total Traffic Control, Lincoln County has found a solution that allows them to secure and monitor
                                            their Macintosh network—and view comprehensive reports to help ensure that the network is running
                                            smoothly and utilized properly.

“The ability to monitor                     Challenge
                                            Like most school districts, the technology department at Lincoln County SD runs lean:
 Macs on the network                        with only three people on the team, they wear a lot of hats and find themselves with little

 and get reporting from                     time to spare. In addition, since the network is primarily Mac but also includes PCs, they
                                            have the additional challenge of finding cross-platform, highly-effective solutions.
 the overview down to                       “We had several different products performing different functions, from antivirus to filtering to

 what individual users are                  monitoring,” recalls Steve Sabat, Technology Specialist at Lincoln County SD. “Monitoring our network
                                            was difficult because we didn’t have any real reports that pulled all the different information together.”
 doing has saved us a lot                   That all changed when Steve began researching Mac-compatible antivirus solutions and
 of time, and lets us keep                  discovered Total Traffic Control. Steve discovered Lightspeed Systems at a conference,
                                            and was pleased to find in Total Traffic Control (TTC) a single solution that pulled together
 a finger on the pulse of                   a lot of things he was looking for. “Mac reporting and antivirus agents were big factors in
                                            our decision to choose Total Traffic Control,” Steve shares. “The additional features, like
 our network.”                              content filtering, and a unified reporting interface make it even better. I’m a big proponent
                                            of having all reports in one place so you can really see what is going on your network.”
  Steve Sabat
  Technology Specialist                     Solution
  Lincoln County School District #2         Even though Macintosh computers are less virus-prone than PCs, Steve recognized that not
                                            utilizing an antivirus solution wasn’t an option. “Especially with the growing popularity of
                                            Macs, and the likelihood that new viruses will hit them, it would be irresponsible to leave our
                                            Macs unprotected,” he warns. Through the Security Manager component of TTC, both Macs
                                            and PCs across the network are protected from viruses, spyware, malware, and adware.

                                            And with comprehensive reporting in a unified interface, Steve and his team are able to
                                            more efficiently monitor network activity and identify issues, patterns, and trends. “We get a
                                            report emailed to us daily,” shares Steve. “The daily report helps us keep an eye on activity
                                            so we’re able to use our time more effectively and target what we are looking at.”
When it’s time to dig more deeply than his daily summary report, Steve can do that as well. By          Exceptional Service and Support
keeping a close eye on email being sent and received, blocked content, and blocked search               Our feature-rich solutions designed specifically for
queries, he’s able to identify inappropriate behaviors and enforce Acceptable Use Policies.             schools are the answer to your network management
                                                                                                        and security needs. But our unparalleled service and
In districts across the country, cyberbullying has become an issue school districts can’t afford to     support mean our solutions will continue to deliver,
ignore. When the superintendent requested information on what they were doing on the network            long after their easy implementation. With any
to prevent cyberbullying, Steve was able to share: “Lightspeed blocks inappropriate content             Lightspeed Systems solution, you can depend on:
and reports on suspicious searches and messages that could be related to cyberbullying.”
                                                                                                        • 24/7 live-person phone technical support.
                                                                                                        • Comprehensive online knowledge bases.
Conclusion                                                                                              • The Lightspeed Wiki, rife with user collaboration
With Total Traffic Control, Lincoln County SD #2 has a cross-platform, multi-functional solution          and product expertise.
that delivers a critical centralized view of the school network. “The ability to monitor Macs on the
                                                                                                        Professional Development and Training
network and get comprehensive reporting from the overview down to what individual users are doing
has saved us a lot of time, and lets us keep a finger on the pulse of our network,” concludes Steve.    Professional Services:
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                                                                                                        professional development services to address
                                                                                                        your specific needs. For more information,
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About Total Traffic Control
                                                                                                        • Online introductory training and user
Monitor, manage, filter, and secure your school’s network with a single solution
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Total Traffic Control is the complete solution for managing your school network’s usage, health,        • Administrator certification.
and security. With this comprehensive solution you can monitor user activity, ensure Acceptable         • Regional training throughout the U.S.
Use Policies are being followed (on email, the Web, or the desktop—both on the network
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and off), reduce dangerous and costly security threats, ensure school resources are utilized
safely and effectively, and easily view and share critical information with custom reports.             Learn more about our products and services

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