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					                Grove Surgery Patient Survey Results











            1          2                                3         4
                   1 - Poor 2 - Fair 3 - Good and 4 - Very Good
                         PATIENT SURVEY RESULTS                             JANUARY 2012
ABOUT THE PRACTICE                                                poor             fair          good    vg
Your level of satisfaction with opening hours                                 6            30        154       107
Ease of contacting the practice on the telephone                             10            46        182       104
Chances of seeing a doctor/nurse within 48 hours                             22            81        110        81
Opportunity of speaking to a clinician on the telephone                       4            58        132        74
Comfort of waiting room (eg chairs, magazines, info                           9            43        165        92
Length of time waiting in the practice                                       10            76        119        48

My overall satisfaction with the Doctor/Nurse                                 4            16         99       170
The warmth of their greeting and ability to listen                            3            13        104       179
Their ability to ensure I understood their advice                             2             8        110       179
My confidence in this doctor/nurse’s ability                                  2            11         92       177
The respect shown to me by this doctor/nurse                                  4            11         83       194

The manner in which I was treated by reception staff                        3        20       126              151
Respect shown for my privacy and confidentiality                            4        17       121              116
Respect shown for the privacy of others                                     4        17       133              130
The warmth of their greeting and ability to listen                          4        23       120              150
The manner in which I was treated by any staff other than reception (if at all please17       149
                                                                                      state their title)       134

The information provided about how to prevent illness and
stay health (eg alcohol use, health risks, diets etc)                         2          24         134          97
Overall                                                                                  19         101        106
Total                                                                         96       530         2234       2289
Percentage of points scored                                                 1.86      10.29        43.39      44.46

Received                                                                                  282
Percentage Received from population                                                       2.92

age                                                               under 25                 27
                                                                  under 59                150
                                                                  60plus                   81

female                                                            female                  150
male                                                              male                    104        254

Years with Practice                                               less5                    46
                                                                  5 to 10                  41
                                                                  10plus                  183        270

                                      PATIENT SURVEY RESULTS - ACTION PLAN -                                     2012


                                                                                                                                                                      Date for

                     Comments                                                                                 Response

   ACCESS - Numerous comments around access -                           We have Increased working day to commence appointments at 0830am and finish at
 Wanted earlier and later appointments. Too long to                    0530pm. Increased clinics by 30 minutes triage am and 30 minute extra appointments
wait to see GP, especially wanting to see regular/usual   Dec-11        pm. Only have Practice Meeting once per month and put extra clinics on Friday pm.
gp. Not catering for people who work etc.Wants 5.30                   Special clinics such as mental health, injections, cryo surgery and minor ops are now done
             appts & early appointments                                         over lunchtime period and not in a normal consultation surgery session.

APPOINTMENTS Put appointments on with plenty of           Dec-11
                                                                       PM now doing all rotas and schedules and will try to put two months in advance in most
       notice - especially the blood clinics                                                                  cases.
                                                                       We may have to change carpets to hardfloor when Quality guidelines change next year -
            CARPETS Want new carpets                      Pending
                                                                                                         will look at this end of 2012.
                                                                       PPG stated they did not realise about the delay in discharge letters reaching GPs and that
         COMMUNICATION WITH PATIENTS                                     patients need to be informed about their own "Duty of Care" in informing their own
                                                                                               doctor of events, changes in circumstances etc.
         COMMUNICATION WITH PATIENTS                                                   PPG wanted all phone numbers on credit card sized flyer.
                                                                          Part time carpark attendance and further requests for community police to attend
                                                                        Thornhill Street. All other avenues have been exhausted. Notices now on callboards to
                                                                      remind patients that we are not actually obliged to supply parking spaces and there is very
                                                                                          little we can do now to improve this situation further.

                                                                       Phlebotomy service was sharing a room at other side of Centre - new Phlebotomy Room
               PHLEBOTOMY SERVICE                         Jan-12
                                                                             completed Jan 12 at Grove side and HCA/Phlebotomist now has own room.
                                                                       PPG disliked the blinds from the admin office - although they appreciated they were for
                 RECEPTION - Blinds
                                                                                                  privacy. Will investigate alternative
             RECEPTION - Calling Boards                                           Patient Names need to appear larger on the bottom of the screen.
              RECEPTION - Disabled Bell                   Jan-12                       No longer required new disabled automatic doors fitted.

                                                                       Reception Mgr put rota in place whereby front desk should always be manned. If by any
           RECEPTION - front desk manned                  Jan-12
                                                                         chance (shortage of staff etc) it is not there is now a bell on front desk to alert staff.
                RECEPTION - Music                       Done                                      We already had music.
                RECEPTION - Water                       Aug-11                                      Water installed.

RECEPTION Board displaying the photos and names of
                                                                                            Recent suggestion - will investigate.
      staff with their role plus a list of clinics.
RECEPTION Chairs in Reception too low for elderly or    Feb-12                         Chairs ordered and due for delivery mid Feb.
                     bad back
                                                                  Sats are Extended hours and contract is to divert to NHS Direct. Diverting the surgery
 TELEPHONE SYSTEM Want phone to divert out of                      phone costs a call everytime it diverts. New phone system was thought to be better
              hours and Sat am.                                   investment. PPG representatives have been impressed by the new phone system and
                                                                                 thinks it works extremely well. User friendly for elderly
                                                                 We can - however we can only do this if we have the patients correct mobile number and
                                                                  if the patient has already given us consent to use their mobile number. Run another
  if we can text to say GP or in this case midwife is
                                                                  campaign asking patients to let surgery know any new details and seek consent to use
                   running very late                                                               email & mobile numbers.
                                                                 We will certainly look into this however we have to be very careful if what we supply that
  RECEPTION - more toys to keep children occupied
                                                                                    it complies with health & safety and infection control.
           PATIENT SURVEY RESULTS                         JANUARY 2012
Positive Comments                               Comments

Staff Very kind & Friendly (many comments) -
Well mannered and courteous.
Grove very well run and managed (2)
Very pleased Sat opening

Reception have improved tremendously (6)
Patient committee excellent - very
professional (3)
Nothing is too much trouble
Feels like a real partnership in regaining my
Even staff at Pinders said everyone wanted
to be registered at Grove
Seen promptly and efficiently
Lot happier with single number - easier to
contact surgery
Good customer service
100% faith in all the gps
Always get seen when needed

Wish I had changed to this practice years ago
Website very good and useful
Carparking - some patients actually said
thank you for having a free carpark even if
not always easily accessible.
B rilliant
           PATIENT SURVEY RESULTS                         JANUARY 2012
Negative Comments                               Comments

Nurses can appear standoffish                   PM will address all these issues
                                                New Reception Manager trying to address
Some reception staff are discourteous and       all negative comments with training and
need to recognise they are not clinicians       closer management.

                                                Recently adjusted so have to stand closer
New doors very cold                             to open

                                                Again new reception manager and constant
                                                customer service training. Please phone
                                                Practice manager in total confidence and
Not happy with reception - previous bad         discuss your complaint in order that we
experiences, rude                               may address.
                   Practice Manager will feed all comments
                   back to individuals and consider when
                   booking training such as conflict training,
One GP very rude   customer services etc.

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