AP Lit & Comp Poetry Assignment by 2DH4isDf


									        AP Lit & Comp Poetry Assignment
The AP exam is on Thursday, May 5 at 8 AM.

You will be required to write a paper of no less than three pages (six pages max) on your
assigned poet. The paper is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of one or two of your poet’s
major works using primary and secondary research. If you are focusing on a longer poem, the
paper should only be on one work; if you are studying a poet who worked in shorter forms,
you may use two works to compare and further your findings. Research and include findings
of how critics have analyzed the poem(s). The paper should NOT include biographical
information. The paper is due to me electronically or hard copy by Wednesday, April 27th.
100 points.

You will give a panel presentation on Monday, April 25th & Wednesday, April 27th. The point
of the panels is to give us information we can take with us into the exam. Be brief, be concise.
50 points (cohesiveness of group, presentational style, information conveyed).

   1. What are the basic literary tenets that occurred during the era?
        A. What’s going on in the world?
        B. Major forms of poetry/writing during the era.
        C. Major writers during the era.
        D. What are the common themes in writing/What are your writers writing about?

   2. Talk about your specific poet and give a very brief overview of the works that you
      analyzed. Please read a selection from your paper – your introduction or your findings.

   3. What are your overall impressions of the writing as to form and content?

   4. Your group must have a visual in your presentation (handout, powerpoint, overhead
      transparency, etc.).
The Renaissance (1300-1650)

Edmund Spenser               Sienna
Sir Philip Sidney            Chloe
Francesco Petrarch           Svea
Ben Jonson                   Lindsey Jones
Christopher Marlowe          Joseph
Sir Walter Raleigh           Bailey

Seventeenth & Eighteenth Centuries (1650-1798)

John Donne                   Aly
John Milton                  Corey
Alexander Pope               Talia
John Dryden                  Charlie

The Romantics (1798-1832)

William Wordsworth           Darrion
William Blake                Stefanie
Samuel Taylor Coleridge      Shonie
John Keats                   Karli
Percy Bysshe Shelley         Hannah
Henry Longfellow             Kaiya

The Victorians (1833-1901)

Alfred, Lord Tennyson        Zander
Robert Browning              Sotida
Elizabeth Barrett Browning   Nathaniel
Walt Whitman                 Erik
Christina Rossetti           Aspen
Lewis Carroll                Alannah

The Moderns (1901-present)

William Butler Yeats         Aaron
T.S. Eliot                   Burrell
Emily Dickinson              Lyla
Langston Hughes              Chelsea
William Carlos Williams      Maddie
Elizabeth Bishop             Shelbey

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