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									                              How to Make Disinfecting Wipes

I am a huge fan of Clorox wipes. I used them all the time until recently. They are just so
convenient but I must admit they aren’t the cheapest things in the world. Having two
boys and one of them being two years old I always have something to wipe up. If it’s
not mud tracked through the house, it’s left over food splotches that someone threw.
Not to mention the kitchen counters and my sons booster seat that needs a good
wiping several times a day. Wiping so many things SO many times a day uses a lot of

I went threw a container of around 80 cleaning wipes in a week and a half or so. Wipe
the high chair. A wipe in the trash. Clean the counters. A wipe in the trash. Times three
times a day (plus all the million others things that need-a-wiping) equals a lot of
unnecessary trash. While spending $12 or so a month on cleaning wipes isn’t completely
outrageous spending less than $6 on something that can last for WAY longer is much
more attractive.

Making your own disinfecting wipes is very easy and produces a lot less trash than the
store bought version. I wish I would have read the The Dollar Stretcher’s Homemade
Disinfectant Wipes article a long time ago so I would have had this great idea sooner. I
love my homemade disinfecting wipes!

1. Buy a pack of reusable cloths. I bought a pack of six anti-microbial rayon cloths for
about $3 (I was used to the texture of Clorox wipes so I chose a similar feeling fabric).
You can find these in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store or sometimes hanging near
the paper towels. Any washable cloth will do though (i.e. wash clothes or cutting up an
old t-shirt). I cut up each of the six clothes that came in the pack into six fairly equal
pieces. So the pack I bought for $3 gave me 36 wipes once they were cut. I have found
that 36 wipes is plenty since they are reusable. If you do as much laundry as I do
throwing in a few extra wipes is no biggie.

2. Buy a bottle of your favorite multi-surface cleaner like Pine-Sol (pine oil is a more natural
disinfectant than some of the other ingredients in other cleaning products) or something similar.
These cleaners seem like that will nearly last forever since they use 1/4 cup cleaner per gallon of
water. Unless you are using this for mopping a bottle of cleaner will last a very long time. I made
a gallon of solution and just stored the extra in a milk jug. I marked the jug with what was in it
and keep it under the sink with the other cleaning supplies.

3. Being a huge fan of Clorox wipes I just saved one of their containers to put my
homemade wipes in once I decided to make the switch to my homemade wipes. You
can also use an old baby wipe container or just a regular piece of Tupperware to store
your wipes. My husband sometimes complains that the Clorox wipe container is too
small for his hands to go into since my homemade wipes can’t be threaded like the
Clorox wipes. So if you have a helper husband you may want to use a container he can
stick his big “manly” hands in.

4. To make your homemade disinfecting wipes just place the cloths in a container with
enough multi-purpose solution to saturate them. As the cloths come out clean from the
dryer I save them till I finish all the wipes and then just redo the process. Wipe. Wash.
Reuse. Easy peasy lemon squeezey as my six year old would say.

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