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									Stan Sokolov
                                         Senior Java, J2EE developer, Team Lead
                                         Feasterville, Pennsylvania
                                         Cell phone: (609)-203-9710

My goal is to obtain a challenging position as a Java/J2EE lead programmer or Team Lead.

 Skill Name                                                     Skill Level           Last Used            Experience
 Java                                                           Expert                Currently used.      11 years
 J2EE                                                           Expert                Currently used.      11 years
 Hibernate                                                      Expert                Currently used.      5 years
 EJB                                                            Expert                8 years ago          4 years
 JSP/Servlets/Struts 1.3                                        Expert                Currently used.      8 years
 XML                                                            Expert                Currently used.      6 years
 HTML, JSP, CSS                                                 Expert                Currently used.      4 year
 WebSphere AS 4.x,5.x,6.x, WebLogic 10                          Expert                Currently used.      6 years.
 WebSphere Studio (WSAD, RAD) 4-6.x                             Expert                Currently used.      6 years.
 IntelliJ 4.5-10.5                                              Expert                Currently used       4 years
 Eclipse                                                        Expert                Currently used       3 years
 Borland C++                                                    Intermediate          8 years ago          5 years
 SQL                                                            Intermediate          Currently used       9 years
 DB2 UDB                                                        Intermediate          8 years ago          3 years
 MQ series                                                      Intermediate          6 years ago          3 years
 WebServices(SOAP, AXIS, IBM)                                   Expert                Currently used       4 year
 Apache, IBM ITTP Server, Tomcat                                Intermediate          Currently used.      7 years
 JBOSS                                                          Beginner              2 years ago          2 years
 UML                                                            Beginner              Currently used.      7 years
 XSLT                                                           Beginner              6 years ago          1 year
 UNIX (Linux SuSE 9-11, AIX)                                    Intermediate          Currently used       4 years
 MVS/Mainframe                                                  Beginner              6 years ago          3 years
 LDAP (IBM Secure Way)                                          Beginner              6 years ago          1 year
 AJAX (with ZK)                                                 Beginner              Currently used.      2 years
 Spring, Spring Security, Spring AoP                            Expert                Currently used.      2 years
 Oracle 10g / PL-SQL                                            Intermediate          Currently used.      2 years
 CruiseControl, Jenkins (Hudson)                                Expert                Currently used.      4 years
 JavaScript (jQuery)                                            Intermediate          Currently used.      4 years
 Perl                                                           Beginner              Currently used.      < year
 Mule (As an Integration Extension for Spring)                  Beginner              Currently used.      < year

EXPERIENCE 1998-2012
8/2011-CURRENT GSI Commerce (eBay)
PA, United States http://www.gsicommerce.com/

GSI Commerce is an information technology company that is currently a part of eBay. The core business of GSI
commerce is to support and run eCommerce platforms for the retail stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports
Authority, Ralf Lauren and around 90 others. Some partners are working through the web based stores; some
clients are integrated trough B2B interfaces.

Role: Senior java developer. Full time

Responsibilities: Supporting two legacy platforms for online ecommerce; Participating in the migration to a new ecommerce
platform that was purchased from a German vendor Intershop. The current responsibilities are focused on working on integration
layer for Order, Inventory and B2B services. Also I am periodically going through an excise of improving/customizing new
eCommerce platform INTERSHOP Enfinity that was recently purchased by GSI. At the very moment my work is centered on
improving Spring and Mule flows for email communications within an integration services application based on a
design provided by an architect. Diversity of ongoing and completed projects is explained because of a transitional
phase GSI Commerce is currently in due to a migration to a new eCommerce platform.

- Some improvements were made to the eCommerce systems that are currently in productions for leading retail
vendors (Toys’R Us, Dicks Sporting Goods, TUMI etc). Improvements were made mostly in the areas related to the
user interface (JSP based). I was designing some improvements for back office tools for a new Enfinity eCommerce
platform related to the SOLR/Lucene search integration. Actual implementation was delegated to an offshore
company. Major results were achieved in improving Integration Services framework that is based on Spring/Mule.
A lot of documentation was written for more junior and offshore developers.

1/2008-8/2011. De Lage Landen,

PA, United States http://www.delagelandenus.com/
De Lage Landen is a part of Rabobank that holds Triple A (AAA) credit status by the major ratings agencies,
making it the only privately owned bank in the world with a such status. De Lage Landen is a full owned subsidiary
and is a leading international provider of private label leasing and financing programs to banks and manufacturers

Project: ICV (Integral Client View)
Role: Senior java developer. Full time
Responsibilities: Supporting the existing version of a financial credit risk application; making architectural improvements where
possible; fixing production defects; development of new features by the user’s requests; optimizing and supporting build and
deployment processes trough the CruiseControl tool.

- Structure of existing system was analyzed in order to let my team and me, as a lead developer, support it and
respond to the incoming requirements and change requests. System was first developed by 3rd party vendor. Than
I took a lead and a lot of existing defects was fixed. New modules were implemented by me and team such as:
Expected Loss management when assessment is made of general health of a loan/lease (Exposure of Default, Loss
Given Default etc), Notification delivery system was implemented to notify clients about default events. Another
project was - group structure organization. Group structure is a concept when several organizations are unified
under the same umbrella to calculate total exposure and deal with credit ratings;
I also developed simplified entity search mechanism for collection of registered organizations (clients) and work on
concept of matching rules between internal entities (organizations) and reference data provided by D&B- Dun &
- Architectural changes were introduced such as: defining an aspect oriented database transaction management to
let all transactions to be handled by the spring framework; path to the transition from “domain-less” to
thoughtfully designed domain model was defined and 75% implemented; architectural pattern was defined to
override a limitation of using only one webservices framework (AXIS) as an entry point for supported application.
WebService framework was replaced from AXIS to SPRING.
- Build process was cleaned and automated with the help of a CruiseControl framework and ANT. Work on the new
version of the project was successfully begun and almost completed by the time this resume was updated.
Migration was made from WebSphere AS to Tomcat and from RAD to Eclipse in order to make development
environment less expensive to support. Application interface was upgraded from using old version of IBM
WebServices framework to open source frameworks AXIS 1.1 and Spring WebServices
Technologies: J2EE, WebSphere 6.0, 6.1, RAD 6, Eclipse, Tomcat, Hibernate 3, Spring 2.5, CruiseControl 2.7, JiBX,
Castor, JAXB, AXIS 1.1, Spring WebServices, Spring AoP, Oracle 10g.

1/2004-12/2007. CareGain (Unit of Fiserv health)
NJ, United States, http://www.caregain.com
CAREGAIN is a company that develops software to reduce healthcare cost for employers and insurance health
plans. CAREGAIN is currently a unit of Canopy. Canopy is the leading provider of innovative technologies that
connect healthcare and financial services for businesses and consumers.

Project: DCP (Claim Adjudication System that initially was developed for CIGNA)
Role: Team leader, senior java developer, Full-time position
Responsibilities: Creating low-level design for Java application backend; Coding in Java; reviewing technical designs made by
other team members; designing and developing business and database application layers; Unit testing; supervising junior
Results: New module was developed for adjudication different claim types (medical, prescription vision etc).
Eligibility module was created to fully process member enrollment life cycle (enrollment to termination). JSP UI
interface was implemented to simplify testing of backend functionality. Account management system was
developed to support member balance keeping. Debit card integration engine was developed to integrate system
with different type of banks and let member ability to spend insurance money using a debit card.
Technologies: J2EE, JBoss 3.2, jIDEA 6, Tomcat 5, Hibernate 3, Struts, ANT, MS-SQL.

1/2004-Present. Part time projects.
Two projects been developed in order to improve general level of software development expertise and eventually
be used to collect a revenue stream from the advertising.

Project: trade4stas.com (Brokerage website emulator)
This project is an online emulator of the brokerage house website. It helps user to follow stock trades, calculates cost basis, follow
daily stock quotes, generate historical reports, add, edit, drop stock position, set alerts, and prepare tax reports. Product is hosted
on the www.trade4stas.com. It is used by around 50 people. The current functionality allows user to register and enter
information about stock trades and real estate investments. It helps user track brokerage house commissions and fees. Maintain list
of dividends. The functionality outstanding includes automatic trade execution using latest available quotes and supporting different
stock exchanges. Currently product is Available in two languages: English and Russian. Site includes very sophisticated mortgage
calculator that allows registering configured mortgage real estate profiles and exposing them trough the web or distributing by
Technologies: J2EE, Tomcat 5, jIDEA 7, Hibernate 3, Struts, Spring, Spring security, JSP, ANT, JiBX, AJAX .

Project: HBM4STAS (Hibernate generator)
This project was developed to generate database mapping files for J2EE projects that access database using HIBERNATE
framework. This project lets a regular developer in 10 seconds generate all hibernate mapping files and pack them nicely in one JAR
archive. Website was created and hosted to support this project. Business model was developed to try commercializing this project.
It assumes that individual developers will download this project it use it for free. Big companies who need an additional
customization will receive it on the commercial basis.

Because this project is middleware that is not supposed to be used by end users but by J2EE developers the detail information
might look very technical.
Technologies: J2EE, jIDEA 7, Hibernate 3, ANT, JiBX, DB2, MS SQL, MY SQL.

5/2001 – 12/2003 International Business Alliance (IBA)
Minsk, Republic of Belarus. http://belarus.iba.by/iba_web/main.nsf/home/en.index.html
Rodgau (Frankfurt Main), Germany

E-commerce applications were developed for IBM Germany and IBM Worldwide. I was an official IBM contractor.
Following projects were assigned to my team and me: IBM Common Custom Classification System (CCCS) and IBM
Electronic Transport Order (ETO).

CCCS Application is to provide custom classifications of IBM merchandises to the users and other IBM applications.
It contains about 5000000 custom classifications to all products that IBM has ever produced. System is available to
all the countries where IBM has local departments. Application has a front-end (web) interface available for the
users and backend interface available for other applications, usually for mainframe applications. Backend processes
use MQ-series to contact needed service of CCCS application.

ETO Application is a system to connect local IBM departments with local transport carriers. It provides facilities to
assign orders to carriers and track how the orders are processed.

Role: Team leader. Position was about managing six Java developers in Minsk/Belarus and Rodgau Germany.
Responsibilities included technical project management and some administration activity: tasks assignment,
preparation of timesheet reports to project managers, Java code review, and creation of internal (low-level)
application designs. My job included implementation of the most important tasks that were assigned to our team
(especially various business transactions). Our team also provided database management. It included creation of
DB2 DDL files, SQL migrations scripts, creation of DB2 Java stored procedures. Production DB2 databases were
located on PowerPC servers cluster and mainframe MVS host. Test databases were hosted on Win32 and Linux
(SuSE 8.2 pro).

Role: Software Developer
Responsibilities: It included development of the new business transactions and support of the both applications
(CCCS and ETO). Java code had to be developed using WSAD v.4.X and 5.X as main development tools (From the
earlier beginning Visual Age for Java was used). Management of local test servers WAS 4.x and 5.x WTE. It also
included preparing code to deployment on the production WebSphere server on AIX environment. Code had to be
synchronized with CVS repositories on the regular basis. Some of my tasks included usage of the WebSphere
embedded MQ. Production and test queues were accessed using MQ Java libraries. Database access layer
development using EJB CMP beans and Session bean facades was also part of my job. UI development included
validation of JSP pages according IBM internal standards for User Interface. Borland C++ 5.02 was used to create
custom text editor and the JSP syntax checker utility (check JSP pages according IBM internal standards).

Results: Several versions of the applications (ETO and CCCS) were created and deployed on the production
Technologies: Java, EJB 1.1, 2.0, JSP, Servlets, MQ, JMS 1.0, DB2, XML/XSLT, C++

 8/2000 - 5/2001 Jenty International Road Carriers group
Minsk, Republic of Belarus. http://www.jentycargo.com/en/
Software developer
I was contracted as a single contractor to create a web-application for optimizing freight charges inside a logistic
company. Web-application was written in Java for Tomcat server. All design, coding, database, testing tasks were
done entirely by me. Project was put in production.
Technologies: J2EE, Servlets, Java, JDBC

4/1998-8/2000 Pharmaservice
Minsk, Republic of Belarus. http://www.apt.by/engl.htm
Software developer
It was a full time position. I worked as a single developer (Design, coding, testing) of a medical drug classifier that
does a custom search of medical drugs using drug type, class and group with different sorting modes (price,
availability). It was a Win32 app. Delphi 2.0, Paradox (BDE).
Technologies: Delphi, Paradox, InterBase

7/1998 Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronic (BSUIR)
Republic of Belarus , Masters Degree , Specialty: Computer Systems and Networks

       David Lenihan, Chief Executive Officer HxTI. Former CEO of CareGain
       Dr. Amit Gupta, former Care Gain’s president and COO
       Cary Clayton, Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch, former senior engineer at CareGain
       Svetlana Doroshko, Department manager in IBA, Minsk, Belarus.
                                  Email and phone numbers are available
I am authorized to work in this country for any employer as a naturalized United States citizen.

BrainBench certificates:
Test                                                  Score           Date            Transcript ID
Java - EJB 2.0 Fundamentals                           3.66            2003-10-23      4702453
Java 1                                                3.48            2003-10-27      4702453
Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)             2.81            2003-10-28      4702453
Java – EJB                                            3.00            2003-10-28      4709674
Java Server Pages (JSP 1.1)                           3.44            2003-12-05      4762327
Java Server Pages (JSP 1.2)                           3.06            2003-12-09      4767567
Java Server Pages (JSP 2.1)                           3.42            2006-06-01      4767567
RDBMS Concepts                                        3.23            2004-10-06      4702453
Java 1.4 J2EE Fundamentals                            3.05            2007-03-20      4702453
Java 2 Fundamentals                                   4.28 Master     2008-06-12      4793805

                                            Last update date 04 Nov 2009

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