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									                                        School Advisory Council
                                          Palm Bay High School
                                 Minutes of Meeting on October 14th, 2008
Members in Attendance:
Melissa Locke                       Aretta Raines                        Betsy Boone
Robert Spencer                      Joe Boone                            Casey Spencer
Amy Evans                           Marlee Spencer                       Seher Swenson
Sue Gardiner                        Jasmine Swenson                      Jane Jobson
Diane O’Neil                        Jan Worrall                          Barbara Miller
John Thomas                         Diane Garcia-Hopkins                 Paulette Bailey
Elaine Bailey                       Michael Marzec                       Donna Mancini
Rosita Cotton                       Retha McClain Arteaga                Michael Hansen
Jasmin Baez                         Rebecca Paxton                       Lynda Bell
Karen D’Arceuil                     Dale Carter
Members not in Attendance:
Isabel Wright                       Lindsay Miller                       Nancy Hamilton
Jasmin Rose                         George Gilmor                        Robin Vayanyi
Stephen Cavole                      Shaver Jackson                       Marcia VanArsdall
Tammy McNutt                        Carlos M. Ortiz                      Linda DeLorey
Paul DeLorey                        Tammy Met                            Dottie Joyner
Michelle Lockhart                   Christiane A. Murphy                 Antonio Burreu
Sonia Mendez                        Maria Rodriguez                      Manuel Silva
Heidi Damplause                     Mary Jane Wilcox                     Joannett Polleu
Richard Murphy                      Christy Smith                        Pearlene Walker
Jon Daneu                           Jim Rishebarger                      Lena Weibelt
** There were 3 additional guests whose signature could not be deciphered

The meeting was called to order by Amy Evans at 5:30pm in the auditorium on October 14th, 2008. Amy
thanked everyone for attending the meeting and called for any changes and/or addition to the minutes of
September 23rd. Motion to approve the minutes as written was made by Aretta Raines and was seconded by
Karen D’Arceuil. Motion passed

Old Business
New Business
Motion was made by Rebecca Paxton to change the agenda in order to discuss the A+ School Recognition
Money first. Motion was seconded as a suspension to the rules by Michael Marzec. Motion passed.

A+ School Recognition funds topic was discussed by Amy Evans. The committee was informed that 65% of
the school’s faculty and staff had voted for the Option 1 on the ballot: Same as in 2005- all employees receive
an equal share. Hold back $2000 for miscalculations. If that money is not needed for bonuses use it for
supplies at the end of the school year. A motion was made to accept the decision of 65% of the faculty and staff
for option 1 by Diane O’Neil. Motion was seconded by Aretta Raines.
     Amy Evans called for discussion on the motion and informed the committee that the discussion would
        be limited to one minute per member.
     Michael Marzec called for clarification how 35% of faculty and staff voted for other options. Amy
        Evans explained that the 35% was distributed among all of the other choices on the ballot.
     Betsy Boone asked for clarification on the number of votes versus the number of faculty members. She
        also wanted to know if the committee was aware of why some chose not to vote. Amy Evans clarified
        that the percentages were based on the number of people who voted and not on the total amount of
     Karen D’Arceuil provided Mrs. Boone with an example as to why some people were not able to vote:
      Mrs. D’Arceuil had been out of town for several days due to personal reasons so was not able to cast a
   Amy Evans clarified to the committee that every opportunity was provided to the faculty and staff to
      cast a vote
   Lynda Bell acted as a liason for some of the teachers who felt that the 35% of “other” votes was divided
      among too many options. These teachers wanted those choices narrowed down by a second vote and
      they were denied.
Motion passed with two “No’s”: Lynda Bell and Betsy Boone.

Amy Evans announced that all those present solely for the A+ School Recognition Funds portion of the meeting
were excused.

Amy Evans called for a discussion of the School Improvement Plan. She informed the committee that she had
received feedback on the Reading percentages, which needed to go to 65%, and the Math percentage, which
needed to go up to 68%. Other than that there were no changes made. She would notify the committee of any
further changes.

Karen D’Arceuil discussed the adult education programs being offered at Palm Bay High School. She informed
the committee that there are currently 480 students enrolled in adult education. She also stated that the numbers
were down because she had to let go of 5 teachers. Members were provided with the fall semester schedule,
which will also be going out to the public. Mrs. D’Arceuil announced that there are students working on the
website and that will be up and running as soon as they are done. Members were advised that the program
provides guest speakers for the students. For example members of BCC admissions are coming to speak to the
ESOL and GED students in the program. There will also be an Asian Cooking program offered for 6-8 weeks
at a $60 cost per student.
     Diane O’Neil requested clarification on the Brevard Job Link site located at Palm Bay High School.
        Mrs. D’Arceuil explained that that was a special program set up through the county. I order for certain
        members of the community to receive help, they must have an education and that is provided through
        the adult education program.

Rosita Cotton discussed the Parent Leadership Meetings she had attended on September 5th and October 10th.
    The September 5th meeting consisted of 14 speakers. Mrs. Cotton gave the committee a brief highlight
       of the 5 main events that concerned high schools
    There was discussion concerning the new school grading system. John Thomas, Karen D’Arceuil, and
       Lena Weibelt provided clarification on the topic
    Mrs. Cotton provided the committee with the highlights of the presentations of Sylvia Majeskovic, Dr.
       Richard Dipatri, and Lynn Clifton at the October 10th meeting.

John Thomas brought up the discussion on the new school boundaries that are being worked on by the county.
He informed the committee that Palm Bay High School is projected to lose approximately 200 students. With
this loss there is also a projected loss of 15 teachers. He expressed concern for the loss of many of our elective
teachers. He explained to the committee that the order in which the schools would “lose” teachers would be
volunteers first, annual contract teachers next, and then involuntary transfer of teachers. The second issue to
discuss concerning the new boundary was mainly for students going into the 10th grade. All students within
new boundary are obligated to go the assigned school, unless they are enrolled in one of the academies. Mr.
Thomas also explained to the committee that the naming of the new school has been a very controversial issue.
     Michael Hansen asked if they were foreseeing the school being completed by the beginning of the next
        school year. Mr. Thomas assured him it would be.
     Joe Boone wanted to know if the new boundary would interfere with the feeder pattern. Mr. Thomas
        suggested that B boundary would probably remove Southwest all together. There was discussion on the
       effect on the academies at Palm Bay High and the academies being offered at CCC
      There was discussion on which grades would be affected the most by the new boundary system as well
       as the total amount of loss expected of both students and teachers. Mr. Thomas explained that as the
       new boundary settled in we are project a loss of 350 students over the next four years.
      Diane O’Neil wanted to know what the projected population would be for the new school. Mr. Thomas
       replied around 1800-2000
      Robert Spencer wanted to know if they would be eliminating choice schools all together. Mr. Thomas
       explained that they would be eliminating the out of area situation so that there are enough students
       attending the new school.
      Joe Boone inquired about the housing development that was supposed to go up across the street from the
       school. Mr. Thomas informed that it was on hold
      Rosita Cotton wanted to know if they would be transferring teachers. Mr. Thomas informed her that
       there would be transfers from Palm Bay High, Melbourne High, and Bayside High
      Michael Marzec wanted to know which way the school board was leaning on the new boundary and
       commented that the board seemed to be more interested in school economics and not what is best for the

Amy Evans informed the committee that there was an FCAT strategies meeting going to be held that evening at
Palm Bay High School.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Michael Marzec and seconded by Joe Boone at 6:15 pm.

Amy Evans informed the committee that the next projected meeting would be held the 2nd week in November

Upcoming Events
End of first nine weeks -- October 17th
Homecoming game vs. Eau Gallie – October 24th
Homecoming Dance- Melbourne Auditorium 8-12pm – October 25th
Senior Night Game vs. Melbourne –October 31st
Tropical storm Fay make-up days – October 17th, November 11th, December 22nd and 23rd
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