RPS Ornament Fundraiser by fanzhongqing


									       Russell Primary School STLP Christmas Ornament Fundraiser

                                   OUR FUNDRAISER
Russell Primary School STLP chose to make Russell Christmas ornaments as a fundraiser
this holiday season. The Russell /Flatwoods community has requested Russell ornaments
for several years and no one else has been able to fulfill this request. We have taken on
the task and succeeded in providing a great product.

                                      OUR PROCESS
The designs on the ornaments were made in Adobe PhotoShop. We used the “R” with the
“Flying Eyes” of which is royalty free clip art for sports and clubs as well as one of the
official Russell Red Devil logo’s.

After designing the “R” with the Flying Eyes we were able to print transparencies, which
are designed for laser printers. The designs had to be the correct size or they will roll
around the edges of the ornaments. This took us many times to get the right size to fit
into the clear ornament correctly.

Next, the designs were cut and trimmed to size using a small paper trimmer and put into
clear craft ornaments. We have found that using a clean pencil eraser, we can move the
designs inside the ornaments to get them in the perfect position. Don’t forget to keep
your fingers out of the glass opening. You might get cut!

To make the designs really show up, the ornaments are filled about half way with
artificial “snow”, adding Christmas feel. We have used both the matte snow and the
sparkly snow. We have found that the sparkly snow is much better. Be sure to fill the
ornaments with snow over paper, as it makes a HUGE mess! But it was a lot of fun!

 After the ornaments are complete, the metal hanger is replaced and a red and black
bow is added to the top using a hot glue gun. We weren’t too good at tying bows so we
ask our teacher to help us.

                                OUR MARKETING PLAN
For our Christmas ornaments to be marketable we chose to use just the “R with the
Flying Eyes” this year. Next year, we are planning to add sports, JFL Football and other
activities at our school. We also personalized with the ornaments, with the person’s
name and year or both. We sold the ornaments at the football and basketball games at
the high school.
                                     OUR SUCCESS
Making ornaments has proven very time consuming, but it was something we enjoyed
doing. It gave us a product that has been in high demand and gave us much-needed
funds for the STLP program at our school. We have sold our ornaments for $5.00 each,
making a profit of $4.25 on each one. We sold approximately 60 ornaments, bringing in
around $300.00. We had to deduct the cost of the ornaments, transparencies, and the
gold paint markers before we could decide how much we made. The STLP Funds is being
used to purchase materials for display boards to use as we need for our Russell Primary
STLP program.

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