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									  LARRY PAGE
The Legend of Google
Lawrence Edward Page

   Larry Page (byname)
   March 26, 973 in East Lansing, Michigan
   Carl Vincent Page and Gloria Page
   East Lansing High School
         University of Michigan
         Stanford University
   cofounder of Google
   the President of Products of for Google Inc.(currently)
   As of 2005 Page has been estimated to be worth US$12 billion and
    is sixteenth in Forbes 400 list and making him the 27th richest
    person in the world.
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About Google
Stanford University
Sergey Brin
"The Anatomy of a Large-Scale
 Hypertextual Web Search Engine".
Google (Googol: 1 followed by 100 zeros)
September 1998
Menlo Park, California
About Google
 Mountain View, California (currently)
initial public offering (August 2004)
 (October 2004)
200 million queries each day
YouTube (2006)
Larry Page ,Sergey Brin (and CEO Eric
Do not be evil.

information in many different languages
get all information in one query
Google Books, Google News
 Archive, Google Toolbar , Google Chrome
Search is at the heart of
 Google. (personalized search)
Technology overview
 “perfect search engine” that “understands exactly
  what you mean and gives you back exactly what you
 Relevance
 PageRank
 update algorithms on a weekly basis
 Freshness
 from Googlebots to Realtime Search
 Speed(major search priority)
 one-fourth of a second (compare to one-tenth of a
  second) autocomplete, Google Instant
a small company feel
office café
being comfortable sharing ideas and
each Googler is equally important
questions directly to Larry or Sergey
favor ability over experience
Local expressions of each location
 Bicycles or scooters; dogs; lava lamps; massage
  chairs; large inflatable balls.
 very few solo offices.
 Laptops everywhere
 Foosball, pool tables, volleyball courts, assorted
  video games, pianos, ping pong tables, and
  gyms that offer yoga and dance classes.
 Grassroots employee groups for all interests
 maels at a variety of cafés.
 Break rooms

The market of china is hard to take.
The privacy of user is possible to be stolen.
The copyright of photo and article.
Google earth intrude into people’s privacy.
About the talk

Basic data
 May 2, 2009
 Ann Arbor, MI, USA
 “Larry Page's University of Michigan
  Commencement Address”
 16:28
The speaker told the process of the establishment
  of Google. When he was just a stundant, he
  came up with an idea that download the whole
  web. Although it listened a bit crazy that time, he
  didn’t mind. Instead, he scripted his dream and
  tried his best to make it come true.
                               scribble 塗寫
                               underrate 輕視
Words                          convert into 轉換成
   co-op 合作社                  disregard 置之度外;不顧一切
   ceiling 天花板                incubate 醞釀
   filthy 骯髒的                 hardware 硬體
   boarder 寄宿生                leverage 槓桿
   plaque 名牌                  crumble 崩塌
   passing fad 退流行的熱潮         exhilarated 欣喜若狂的
   dissertation 論文            cannon 大砲
   velvet hood 絲絨兜帽           invincible 無敵的
   assembly line 支配(組裝)線      devastate 蹂躪
   blunt 鈍的                   gutter 排水溝
   upbringing 教養              limp 癱軟的
   brat 小子                    rural 農村的
   gasbag 廢話連篇的人              complication 併發症
                               vaccine 疫苗
                               contaminated 汙染的
                               valedictorian 致告別辭的學生代表

 Sometimes it is important to wake up and
  stop dreaming.
 The optimism of youth is often
 That is, if we "have a healthy disregard
  for the impossible" and actually build new

The End

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