J&A for IAS FOS TCO GCCS MC Laptops - DOC by 05l5c19


									                               BRAND NAME JUSTIFICATION

Brand Name Justification Rationale

  The particular brand name, product, or feature is essential to the Government’s requirements,
  and market research indicates other companies’ similar products or products lacking the
  particular feature, do not meet, can not be modified to meet, the agency’s needs.

      Nomenclature                         Part Number        Manufacturer                  Qty

      Firing Pin Assembly                  305631             Remington                     89
      Bolt Body Assembly                   28711              Remington                     89
      Spring, Ejector                      17019              Remington                     89
      Ejector, Cartridge                   17017              Remington                     89
      M40A5 Trigger Assembly               96024              Remington                     89
      Pin, Ejector                         94555              Remington                     89
      Pin, Sear                            24476              Remington                     89
      Pin, Bolt Stop                       24475              Remington                     89
      Bolt Stop                            17013              Remington                     89
      Bolt Stop Spring                     15224              Remington                     89
      Receiver (USMC)                      202794             Remington                     89
      Extractor                            93712              Remington                     89


       The justification for the procurement of the brand name parts that are required to build the
M40A5 is Federal Acquisition Regulation 13.5 Test Program for Certain Commercial Items and is
based on the fact that parts referenced in the M40A5 technical data package (TDP) or SL-3 list
are identified by specific part numbers from specific manufacturers. The Marine Corps’ M40A5
is built by the Precision Weapons Section (PWS), Weapons Training Battalion. The TDP is
owned by the Marine Corps, specifically Marine Corps Systems Command. The M40A5 is a
precision weapon and, as such, requires tight tolerances. The M40A5 was developed, tested and
certified using specific parts from specific manufacturers. These parts are then modified and
assembled in accordance with the TDP to produce a precision weapons system.

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