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Panel cost per watt                        $5.00
Other costs (per watt)                     $3.00
Dollars per peak watt, installed           $8.00
Rebates/credits per peak watt              $2.50
Corporate Install?                     FALSE
Post-rebate Cost                           $5.50
Federal Tax Credit                         $1.65
Usable Tax Credit                         $2,000
Final cost per watt                        $5.06
Total KWH desired per year                 8,000
Peak Watts needed                          4,571
Installed System Cost              $      23,143
KWH per peak watt per year                   1.75
Value per watt at end of life              $0.30

Interest Rate                                 7.0%
Years lifetime of system                         30

Monthly solar payment                       $153
Your cost per kwh                         $0.229

Grid Power Cost                           $0.128
Savings/(Loss) vs. grid per year          ($810)
How many years to pay off solar        #NUM!

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Solar cost per kwh Calculator
Play with the blue values
Panels typically $5/watt
That's mounting, inverter, grid-tie, permits,

California credit. Varies by state    
False if residential owner

NOTE: Capped at $2000 for individuals
                                                            Other Costs not included:
                                                Interconnect fees
Look at your energy bill                        Insurance
                                                Home sale issues
1.75 in Calif, 1.2 in Maine                                       Uncounted positives
Hard to guess 30 years ahead...
                                                REPI (1.5 cents)
                                                REC sales (future)
Mortgage Interest, probably
                                                Increases in grid price
                                                Pollution trading credits
                                                Feeling good
                                                Accelerated depreciation for
                                                Grid cost goes up
National average is about 8 cents               Other-costs economies of scale

(If shows error, it never pays for itself)

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