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      ITEM                                CONTENT                                ACTION
1. AUTO           The Pensions Regulator gave a presentation (that is
ENROLMENT         available from our website next to these minutes) about
                  employers’ auto enrolment responsibilities.

                  Questions were raised regarding LGPS regulations
                  conflicting with auto enrolment regarding casuals / temp /      AK
                  zero hours workers and non-contractual overtime. AK
                  stated that SPPA were aware of these matters and he will
                  keep everyone informed of any proposed changes to the
                  LGPS regulations.

                  We plan to review our opt-out procedures in consultation
                  with our employers and the Pensions Regulator to ensure
                  they are compliant with auto enrolment.

2. MINUTES OF     These were agreed.
MEETING           AK reminded employers that members retiring on ill-health      Emps
                  grounds should be provided with tier 2 figures only until
                  tier 1 has been confirmed medically.

                  AK encouraged everyone to use the new start data               Emps

3. VALUATION      AK gave an update on this and thanked those employers
                  who had resolved their data queries. His presentation is
                  available from our website next to these minutes.

                  Valuation results will be reported via the normal
                  communication channels. AK reminded everyone that it
                  remains our intention to hold the employer common
                  contribution rate at 19.3% for the next 3 years. Employers
                  paying individual rates will be given notice of any changes.

4. REVISED        Amendments were approved by committee 7/9/11. These
PENSION           amendments were detailed in Technical Bulletin 40.
5. AOB            CF advised that we intend to issue the annual benefit
                  statements (ABS) during November. However, as the
                  intention is to issue Fundnews with the ABS there may be        CF
                  a delay if there are further changes to public sector
                  schemes which need to be notified to members via
In attendance (apologies if we have not been able to decipher your

A Campbell – Clydebank College
Julie Hughes – WDC
Graham Hawthorn - WDC
Karen Shannon - WDC
Alison Caldwell - SQA
Judith Blackadder – SQA
Alison O’Donnell - SQA
Amanda Anderson – TC
Irene Masterton – Scotland Excel
Andy Harvie – GSOA
Janette Delaney – JWC
Joe Connolly – EDC Unison
Mel McConnell - SAC
Lorraine Crum – NAC
Shirley Scott – NA Leisure
Grace Hamilton – GHA
Katie Barber - GHA
Grant Walsh – Strathclyde Police
Moira Scott - Strathclyde Police
Marie Hunter - Strathclyde Police
Linda Murray - Strathclyde Police
Graham Walker – Prudential
Robert Stormonth - Prudential
Joy Mcleod – UWS
Sheila Ross - UWS
Corrine Luca – Crossreach
Lorraine Bishop – GTC Scotland
Catherine MacArthur – Kibble
Carole Bowskill – Ayr College
Danielle Lang – SLC
Anne Burns - NLC
Bill Graham - SLC
Susan Wilson – Renfrewshire Leisure
Derek Gillespie - Renfrewshire Leisure
Linda Purse - Cardonald College
Aileen McCosh – A&B
Jacquie Downie – A&B
Angela Gilchrist – A&B
Lorraine Brodie – A&B
Claire McHardy – City Parking LLP
Steven Duffy – River Clyde Homes
Fiona Davies – Glasgow Womens Aid
Martin Carlyle – GCSS
Robert Smith – GCSS
Lesley Devine – Access
Heather Burleigh – James Watt College
Andrew Ralston – GCC
Andy Toland - GCC
Michelle Clelland – Jeely Piece Club
Ken Lorimer – Hansel Alliance
Eileen Bell - Hansel Alliance
Fiona Saunders – University of Strathclyde
G Graham - University of Strathclyde
Pauline Paddison - University of Strathclyde
Sandra Higgins - University of Strathclyde
Brian Gilchrist – Motherwell College
Andy Toland – GCC
Jennifer Tees – Cordia
Avril Smith – Cordia
Karin Morton – Cordia
Iain Shaw – Strathclyde Fire and Rescue
Anne Bryan – ERC
Bobby McEwan – Inverclyde
Iain Cree – City Markets
Carole Houston – NAC
Jackie Hamilton – NAC
Michael Youd - NAC
Anne Semple – Reid Kerr College
Susan Inglis - Reid Kerr College
Connie Connie Crawford – TRFS
Donna Dewhurst - EAC
John Sheridan - EAC
Alison Findlay – ERC
Cameron Rawle – EDC
Fiona McFetridge – Renfrewshire
Eileen Hughes - Renfrewshire
Stephen McAnaw – NLC
Christine Beveridge – NLC
Anne Burns – NLC
Bernadette Ovens – Glasgow School of Art
Brian Newman – SPT
Sandhya Daye – Glasgow Caledonian University
Jacqueline Hannah – First Bus
Lynne Harrison – SCCMI
Peter Longworth – GMB Scotland
Margaret Thomson – Langside College
Susan Campbell – Scottish Water Business Stream
Sharon Denham – Scottish Water Business Stream
Jo Dixon – Sportscotland
Bill Menzies – Sportscotland
Nick Pollard – ACHA
Jon Wilson – Scotlands College
Stewart Young – GCC
Alan Smith – Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Anne McCusker - LAMH
Nicola Jones – Coatbridge College
Andrew Knox – SPFO
Christine Anderson – SPFO
Cathy Douglas – SPFO
Chris Frohlich – SPFO
George Maciver – SPFO
Pauline Kerrigan – SPFO
Richard McIndoe - SPFO

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