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									Self Reliance thru Goshala

• First of all lets Love the Cow as Sri Krishna did
  then derive the maximum benefits from it to make
  the nation healthy, wealthy and wise from this
 The Mother of all entities
       matrah sarva bhutanam
        gavah sarv sukh prada
Meaning: The cow being mother of all
 living entities gives all pleasures to
Importance of Cows & Bulls

The Bull is the emblem of Dharma and cow is the
           representative of the Earth.

  The Cows give milk and the Bull gives grains
 through tilling the land, they are considered the
  MOTHER and the FATHER of human society.

  Both the Cow and Bull are symbols of the most
offence less living beings because even their dung
  and urine are of IMMENSE VALUE (medicinal,
           fuel, etc.) to human society.
   Surya Ketu-Nadi only in
         Indian Cow
Indian Cow is the only divine living being that has
    a Surya Ketu-Nadi (vein connected to sun)
          passing through her backbone.
  Therefore the cow's milk, butter and ghee has
                    golden hue.
 This is because Surya Ketu Vein, on interaction
 with solar rays produces gold salts in her blood.
  These salts are present in the cow's milk and
   cow's other bodily fluids, which miraculously
               cures many diseases.
         Benefits of Cow milk
•  After mother’s milk, Its only the cow’s milk
 which gives energy & full protection.
• 100 gms of cow’s milk contains Phosphorous
 0.93 gm,calcium 1.20gm, iron 0.002gm,including
 vanadium, chromium, tin, aluminum, abhrak and
• It has 25 types of minerals in which calcium
 and phosphorous helps in making bones and
 brain, iron maintains the redness in blood, iodine
 brings the required energy and coolness in our
           Benefits of cow milk
•   It contains proteins 3.3%,fat 3.6%, sugar 4.9% and
  kshar 7.75%. We can divide protein in 3 parts- albumin,
  kesin, lastogelobumen which are very essential for
  human body.
•    It contains calcium, vitamins A,B,C,D,E& minerals,
  proteins, phosphorus, iron, balanced amino acids which
  increases the life force, intellect, eyesight,and cures
  many incurable diseases too.

•   Thus cow’s milk is nectar for humans.
                                      -Charak Sanhita
Comparison betweenCow milk and
          other milk.
•   Its because of SuryaKetu vein only found in Indian
  cows, milk is yellow which is the nectar for human
  beings whereas it is not so in other animal’s milk.
• Cow milk contains balanced proportion of Vitamin
  A,B,C,D,E, along with the carotene which is essential for
  human growth Whereas it is not proportionate in
  buffaloes’ milk.
• From all the available proteins of the world the proteins
  of cow’s milk are the best as it contains balanced amino
  acids which is not found in any other animal’s milk.
• Moreover Cow’s milk is good for mind, easily digestible,
  includes gold, life force, increases immunity which is not
  so in other cases.
       Why Only Cow’s Milk?
• Cow’s milk is complete diet. One pound of
  cow’s milk is more than 4 eggs and 250gms
• Buffaloes' milk is more fatty and indigestible
  where as cow’s milk is easily digestible.
• Contains the best protein which is essential for
  the development and wear and tear of body.
  97% protein is used by our digestive system.
        Why only Cow’s milk?
•   because of the following it is the best:
•   21 types of aminoacids,11 fatty acids, 6
  vitamins, 25 minerals, 2 sugar, 4 phosphorous,
  19 nitrogen, 1calcium,iron, copper, iodine, florin,
• Enzymes pervatise, ritactade, lipex, protae,
  lactage,fostage, olinage, gatalae etc.
• Vit A, carotene D-E, tokokeroge, vit B-
  1,B2,Rivoflavin, B3,B4 and vit C.
• Cow’s milk is tonic acco to ayurveda best for
  foestus and lactating mothers, weak patients.
       Why only Cow’s milk?
•  Dr. Peoples said even if cow eats poison
 it doesn’t affect its milk as it has a
 tremendous power of digesting poison too
• By Nature cow is very sensitive,
 hardworking and alert, whereas Buffaloes
 are lazy, slow and insensitive.
• Cow’s milk is the best for physical ,
 mental, and spiritual development
 whereas buffaloes is not so.
         Benefits of Yoghurt
• milk can kill 5 roganu whereas its
 no. increases 100% in the yoghurt.
 Because of this quality curd is much better
 than milk.
• Curd is tridoshnashak, easilydigestible,
 cleans the intestines,increases the taste,
 removes fatigue, increases energy,
 sperms and flesh in the body,thus
 rejuvenating and increasing the life span.
            Benefits of Ghee
•   Cow Ghee moisturizes whole body from inside
  out, rejuvenarator, keeps the skin young, helps
  in smooth functioning of all body parts
• It has kraminashak gun, easily digested and
  energy booster , because of these qualities it is
• 80 types of T.B diseases got cured in Jabalpur
  T.B Sanitorium by doing daily agnihotra with cow
  Ghee (yagyopathy, aromapathy).
         Benefits of Cow Urine
•  Cow urine has wonderful properties. It is used in
  purification of many strong poisons, sub poisons, metals,
  and sub metals, ras, maharas, and astrologist stones.
  Poisonous materials become poison less within 3 to 7
  days if purified with it according to the Indian method.
• Indians believe that cow urine enhances holiness and
  purity when spread in courtyard and home.
• It also purifies human body from inside out by removing
  all toxins thus curing many diseases such as diabetes,
  BP, obesity, eyesight etc.
• Also used as sprays for pest control both in houses as
  well as for agriculture.
        Benefits of Cow Dung
•   Cow dung used as fertilizer thru napped
  method is 4 times more effective ie utilization of
  cow dung is 120% .
• Instead of cow dung as fuel if we use coal or
  wood then we need 6,80,000 tones of wood
  which costs billions of Rupees, which in turn will
  pollute the atmosphere as well as cutting of
  trees , so better to use cow dung as fuel which
  purifies the atmosphere as well as helps in
  environment protection.
• Soap of Cow Dung helps in skin diseases,
  wounds,cuts etc.
          Benefits of Panchgavya
• Cow’s
• Panchgavya can be easily used in curing 108
“gavyam pavitram ca rasayanam ca pathyam ca hrdyam balam buddhi syata
   aayuh pradam rakt vikar hari tridosh hridrog vishapaham syata”

  Cow urine panchgavya is great elixir,
  proper diet, pleasing to heart,
  giver of mental and physical strength, enhances
  longevity, balances bile, mucous and airs.
  Remover of heart diseases and effect of poison.
        Cow Milk Kalp Chikitsa
• Diseases that can be cured by using milk regularly:
• All types of snayurog like, sleepiness, insomnia,
  migraine, headache, fatigue, irritation etc.
• All stomach related diseases, intestinal, liver,urinary
  track, ovarial, impure blood etc.
• All urine and stools related diseases such as
  constipation, piles, stones, kidney, menstrual etc.
• Skin related diseases such as leprosy, wounds, pimples,
  baldness, tan, compressed skin etc.
• Other diseases like sandhivat, female problems,
  abortions, obesity, hysteria, impotence, etc .
     Diseases that are successfully
          cured by Cow milk.
• 1.All types of endocrine related diseases such as
  sleeplessness, neuregzia, neuritis, headache, migraine,
  weakness, fatigue, anxiety, irritation, muscular pain,
  swelling of hands and legs, hardness of nerves, etc.

• 2.Stomach related diseases such as stomach ache, liver
  and intestines problems, acidity, loose motions,
  menstrual problem, less sperm counts, etc.

• 3.Urine and stools related such as constipation, piles,
  diabetes, kidney stones, kidney swellings, menstrual
  problems, less sperm count, impotency etc.
    Diseases that are successfully
         cured by Cow milk.
• 4.Skin related such as leprosy, wounds, acne, pimples,
  black spots, baldness, hair fall, sun tan, dry skin, etc

• 5.Ladies problems such as white discourse, abortions,
  lactation problems, obesity, menstrual disorders,
  headache, hysteria, back ache, stomach ache, still born
  child, womb disorders, weakness, blood impurities, etc.

• 6.Various other diseases such as thinness, joint pains,
  wind pipe related diseases, BP, throat related diseases,
  lungs, anemia, alcohol, brown sugar, ganja etc
• Netra bindu – eyes.
• Gomutra ark     - obesity, skin, diabetes, BP, cancer, urine
• Kamadhenu Harad churna – gas problems, joint pains, piles.
• Kamadhenu haldi panchvati – asthma, cold, cough, flu, diabetes.
• Gomay malish tail – sandhivat, vat rog, pain reliever,sciatica.
• Gomay dant manjan – teeth, pairia, mouth ulcers.
• Gomay face pack and soap- glowing skin, pimples, acne wrinkles.
• Kamadhenu keshnikhar shampoo – for healthy scalp and hair.
• Gomay machchar dhoop – mosquito repellant.
     Quotes in various Religions
• Kuran Sharif: Akarmool bakar fahinaha saiydul bahaisah Meaning:
  Respect the cow because it is the leader of 4 legged
  animals. The milk, ghee (shifa), butter of cow is nectar.
  Its flesh is the main cause of all the diseases. –Kuran sharif
  para 14 rukwa 7-15.
• Christian: Killing a cow or a bull is as sinful as killing a
  human. –isai hyada 66-3 Jesus Christ
• Buddhism: As mother-father, sister-brother, are family
  members, cows are also our best friends.
• Hindu : You can have darshan of all Gods and teerthas
  in Holy Cow. - Scriptures.
• Sikkhism: gobhakti yehi dev agya turk, gahe khapaun!
  Gau ghat ka dosh jag sir mitaun.
   Quotes of Great Personalities
• Killing a bull is equivalent to killing a cow.
                                              (Jesus Christ)
• Cow’s milk is tonic, its ghee is ambrosia and its meat is disease.
                                        (Hazarat Mohamed)
• Cow is the source of progress and prosperity. In many ways it is
superior to one’s mother.
                                         (Mahatma Gandhi)
• Cow protection is the eternal dharma of India
              (Dr. Rajendra Prasad, 1st President of India)
• One cow in its life time can feed 4,10,440 people once a day while its
meat is sufficient only for 80 people.
                             (Swami Dayanand Saraswati)
• Till cows are slaughtered, no religious or social function can bring its
                                            (Devarah baba)
• The first section of Indian Constitution should be on prohibition for Cow
                                         (Madan Mohan Malviya)
    Quotes of Great Personalities
•   The pressure of Muslims for cow slaughter is the limit of foolishness. I have
    studied both Koran and Bible. According to both of them, to kill a cow even
    indirectly is a great sin.
                                                             (Acharya Vinoba Bhave)
•   Since the cruel killing of cows and other animal have commenced, I have
    anxiety for the future generation.
                                                                     (Lala Lajpat Rai)
•   Kill me but spare the cow.
                                                                    (Lokmanya Tilak)
•   According to me under the present circumstances, there is nothing more
    scientific and intelligent act than banning cow slaughter.
                                                              (Jai Prakash Narayan)
•   Cow is the God even of God.
                                                               (Shri Haridas Shastri)
•   We want to live in the world while being called as Hindus then we have to
    protect cows with all our might.
                                                    (Shri Prabhudata Brahmachari)
•   The offensive act of British Rule towards cows will go down in the history as an
    abominable deed.
                                                                      (Lord Lonlithgo)
•   Cow is the foundation of our economy.
                                               (Giani Zail Singh – Former President)
•   Neither Koran nor the Arabian Customs permit killing cow.
                                                                (Hakim Ajamal Khan)
             USPTO and CSIR
• THE U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) grants thousands of
  patents every week, and yet, the U.S. Patent, 6410059,
  titled "Pharmaceutical Compositions containing Cow
  urine Distillate and An Antibiotic" issued to S.P.S. Kanuja
  and 13 others and assigned to the Council of Scientific
  And Industrial Research (CSIR), attracted global
  attention. The Minister For Science And Technology,
  Government of India, at a Press Conference, said that
  the U.S. Patent made him realise that all traditional
  practices from Indian Systems of Medicine have a strong
  scientific base.
• Source:
Example from Puraan

      Krishna is known as Gopala
      (protector of the Cows) or Govinda with
      his flute (one who gives pleasure to the

      “Offering respect to the Cows will help
      the devotee to diminish the reactions to
      his past sinful activities”
                        (Skanda Purana)

      Lord Balaram represents plowing the
      land for agriculture and therefore
      always carries a plow in His hand
      represent krisi-raksha (protecting Bulls
      by engaging them in farming)
           Cow Bull
Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya
           • Spent 27 years of his life on only 1
             glass of Cow butter milk and
             Chapati of Oat.
             Oat which has been eaten by Cow
             comes out in Cow Dung(the
             undigested ones).
             Result was his Power which
             proves him in the form of Great
             Revolutionary for Change of The
             Era.He has that power which
             changes one’s thinking process.
           • He saved Bull by making himself
             as one of the pair in the Bullock
           Quotes of Scientists
• Cow milk is father of overall health and complete diet.
  -Dr.Fredrick Halfman.
• Cow milk is beneficial even on heart diseases and
  cancer. - Dr.Elawheeler phillocks.
• Yoghurt is the main ingredient which makes the body
  disease free.
• With regular use of milk lacs of people restored their
  health and thousands saved their life. -Dr.Bernard Macfaden
  Its misfortune of human beings that having milk and
  fruits he can be disease free, inspite of these great diets
  he is going for medicines. – Endolf just.
          Quotes of Scientists
• Cow milk contains some special kind of bacteria
  which helps in cleaning and maintaining the
  intestines thru which the major part of life force
  is used to enrich and develop the cells. The
  energy left from fighting with diseases is the
  main reason for its brightness and long life.
•                           -Dr. Macnicock
       The tragedy of modern age
• Cow-slaughter has become common, even in India where
  the cow was revered as “MOTHER” till some time ago.
• Abused cows slaughtered:
•   Animal Cruelty And Abuse
•   Animal Cruelty
•   Educational Video
•   Lunch in Sudan
•   slaughter cow in USA
•   Cattle Slaughter 12
•   Slaughter of pregnant cows
•   Slaughter Houses
•   Abate de Bovino 2°C EAFA 2007
•   Abate de bovinos no frigorífico em Carlos Chagas/MG.
      The tragedy of modern age
•   Cow & Bull are slaughtered in large numbers.
•   India it is 60,000 per day
•   U.S.A. on weekends it is 1, 59,500.
•   killing cows means to end human civilization.
•   We are doing sin in the name of economy development.
            Shantikunj’s Goshala
• In Shanti Kunj a research centre “Brahm Varchas Shodh Sansthan”
  has done research on cows.
• Special 9 days, 15days, 1month, 3 months training on goshala
  prabandhan is starting from Oct, 08 for the first time.
• Gayatri Shakti peeth, pragya peeth are the main centres of Gayatri
  Family all over world which includes Gaushala.
• Gayatri family make medicines from indian cow milk, urine, dung,
  curd, ghee and distributing free of cost all over India.
• Maximum research centres all over india for indian cows had
• Exams conducted in schools all over India on indian cows.
• Akhand jyoti, yug nirman yojna monthly magazines in hindi, english,
  gujrati, oriya, all south indian languages, pragya news paper
  fortnightly, books "Rastra Ke Arth tantra ka meru dand gaushala " "
  Jayati Jay Gay mata ", audio cassattes, video cassattes, web sites,
  small pocket books " Yug chetna sahitya ".
• Goushala has a special significance in the University(DSVV).
Role of Gaushala for Self Reliance
• Sale of Milk and Milk products such as Curd, Ghee,
  Cheese, Butter, Sweets, Milk Kalp-Chikitsa etc.,
• The proper use of Cowdung as compost fertilizer, Vermi
  compost, Pit compost, Gobar gas plant, other products
  such as Dant-manjan, Dhoopbatti, Soap, Pain relieving
  Oil, Upale for Agnihotra etc.
• Cow urine can be used as pest control for household as
  well as for Agriculture, Medicine which cures nearly 108
Role of Gaushala for Self Reliance
•  The land of Goshala can be used for Tulsi-vatika :Tulsi
  Cold drink, Tulsi oil, Tulsi hot drink, Tulsi mala.
• Shak-vatika: growing different vegetables, medicinal
  plants etc.
• The Calf's can be sold and used for bullock carts.
• Manufacturing and selling of medicines from Cow milk,
  Urine, Dung etc.
 Books published on Cowpathy.
• A biannual scientific journal on cow titled
  “International Journal of Cow Science” covers
  various aspects of cow, its related scientific facts
  and technologies originating from cow. This
  journal is first of its kind in the world covering
  global health thru Cowpathy.
• Go palan and goshala prabandhan sandarshika.
  (from Rachnatmak-vibhag of
      How you can contribute?
• Protection of cows and bulls is possible only when
  cultured and pious minded citizens come forward to
  actively support the cause by their words, actions and
• This is Our Duty toward
  Mother Gau, Mother Earth, & Man kind.
• Starting Goshala as self reliance in each
  and every village, town and city .

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