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					                                  The Messenger
                                                Temple Israel

         Volume 89, Number 2

            November 2009
        Heshvan/Kislev 5770
                                                  Shabbat Under the Stars
Inside this Issue

2    Rabbi’s Message
                                                     Became Temple Israel’s

2    Schedule of Services                         Shabbat Under the Roof
3    President’s Message
3    Cantor’s Message

4    Sisterhood News

4    School News

5    Contributions

7    Cultural Arts Fund

8    Leagrams

9    Calendar
                                It rained, and we cancelled Shabbat Under the Stars. Now it is
10   Community News             November, and this is an evening for all ages:
11   Milestones & Condolences
                                        You, your family, friends and fellow congregants.
11   Adult Education
                                Please come for Friday night Shabbat services and a chicken dinner, No-
12   Daily Minyan Schedule      vember 6. Kabbalat Shabbat services will start at 4:20 p.m. and dinner at
                                5:30 p.m.

                                Cost is only $12 per adult and $8 per child, with a family cap of $30. Are
                                you a vegetarian? Please let us know. Need financial assistance? Rabbi
TEMPLE ISRAEL                   Joe will help – just ask.
                                We look forward to having you join us. Call the Temple today to make
SCRANTON PA 18510               your reservations.
November 2009

Shabbat - 20 Heshvan                                                     The Value of Mar Heshvan
Friday evening, November 6, 2009                        This month is often referred to as Mar Heshvan, or “Bitter Heshvan.”
Minha/Kabbalat Shabbat           4:20 pm                The name started because Heshvan comes right after Tishrei, a month
Light candles                    4:37 pm                full of holidays, and is itself devoid of any real celebrations. In addition,
Temple Shabbat Dinner            5:30 pm
                                                Heshvan contains historical tragedies including Kristallnacht and the anniversary
Saturday, November 7, 2009                      of the death of Yitzchak Rabin.
Bible & Bagels                       8:30 am
Services                             9:00 am    I have come to appreciate Heshvan. Coming right after Tishrei, Heshvan is the
Parsha Pop                           9:30 am    month of new beginnings. We have admitted to and atoned for our sins. We have
Jr. Congregation                     10:00 am   begun the cycle of reading the Torah again. We go into the month with a clean
Minha/Ma’ariv                        4:45 pm    spirit and a rejoicing heart. We read parashiot with strong positive messages,
Havdalah                             5:39 pm    such as the reward for acting righteously (Noah), trusting in God (Lekh Lekha),
Shabbat - 27 Heshvan                            the need to treat guests well (Vayera) and the reward that comes with treating
Friday evening, November 13, 2009               strangers with kindness (Hayye Sarah).
Minha/Kabbalat Shabbat            4:15 pm
Light candles                     4:30 pm       Heshvan provides an uninterrupted period of time in which we can concentrate
                                                on all of the ideas that we’ve been showered with during Elul and Tishrei - it is
Saturday, November 14, 2009
Bible & Bagels                       8:30 am
                                                our time to put into action all our good intentions.
Services                             9:00 am    Let this month of Heshvan be a time for all of us to grow and nurture our commu-
Parsha Pop                           9:30 am    nity and ourselves - through donations, through participation, through tzedakah,
Jr. Congregation                     10:00 am   through study and through prayer. I wish us all a sweet Heshvan.
Minha/Ma’ariv                        4:40 pm
Havdalah                             5:32 pm                                                                        Rabbi Joe
Rosh Hodesh Kislev
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Shaharit                             7:00 am                                Feeding the Homeless
                                                Yasher koah to all who brought food and/or money to the Temple during our Kol
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
                                                Nidre food drive. From this one evening we sent $180 and cartons of kosher food
Shaharit                             7:00 am
                                                to Jewish Family Service’s food pantry, cartons of food to the United Neighbor-
Shabbat - 4 Kislev                              hood Centers of Lackawanna County’s food pantry on Olive Street, Safety Net
Friday evening, November 20, 2009               and ICC food pantries in the Hill section, and $54 to MAZON.
Minha/Kabbalat Shabbat            4:10 pm
Light candles                     4:25 pm       Don’t forget. We have a shopping cart in the Justan lounge, waiting to be filled
Saturday, November 21, 2009                     with non-perishable food, paper products and toiletries. Here are a few ideas,
Bible & Bagels                       8:30 am    all for less than the cost of a candy bar:
Services                             9:00 am    Y          Don’t hesitate to purchase items at warehouse stores, dollar stores and
Parsha Pop                           9:30 am    discount stores. Many items are kosher - if you buy non-kosher foods, they still
Jr. Congregation                     10:00 am   go to feed the hungry.
Minha/Ma’ariv                        4:35 pm    Y          Do you look at store advertisements? When you do,
Havdalah                             5:27 pm    Y          Look for specials on brand name canned vegetables.
Thanksgiving (office closed)                    Y          Look for specials on pasta - most are kosher.
Thursday, November 26, 2009                     Y          Look for close-outs.
Shaharit                   8:00 am              Y          Do you travel? You’ve already paid for the shampoos and soaps. We
                                                will send these to the Women’s Resource Center.
Shabbat - 2 Kislev (office closed)
Friday evening, November 27, 2009
Minha/Kabbalat Shabbat             4:05 pm      Every month since November 2004, we have given a full box of kosher food to
Light candles                      4:21 pm      Jewish Family Services for its food bank plus all types of non-kosher products
Saturday, November 28, 2009                     to the United Neighborhood Centers of Lackawanna County. It is this constant
Bible & Bagels                       8:30 am    giving that fulfills our obligation. Please continue to help.
Services                             9:00 am
                                                Yeshar kokakhem
Minha/Ma’ariv                        4:35 pm
Havdalah                             5:23 pm

  2              . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                   Temple Israel Messenger

                                                                                      I really enjoyed this year’s High Holy Day
I feel some trepidation in discussing the topic of prayer in a forum such as          services. The preparation process was intense
this. After all, it is the most personal of all religious experiences. Each of        and very productive. Our choir did a great job
us approaches prayer on an individual level. For me, there has not been a             and improved significantly from last year. I am
straight path to my acceptance of the power of prayer. Like many of my                very grateful to every member of the choir for
generation, I spent years both denying the importance of prayer and even              singing with confidence. This contributed to the
doubting its relevance. I was, for a time, physically removed from all Jewish         overall quality of the sound. I plan to continue
institutions while I went to school in Bologna, Italy. It was in the aftermath        rehearsing with the choir throughout the entire
of personal loss that I re-discovered both the beauty and grace that prayer           year. There are many other beautiful composi-
brings to life. That journey began with our daily minyan. A group of wonder-          tions that we will learn in order to make next
ful men and women accepted me with open arms and loving kindness. That                year’s services even more meaningful. There
provided me with guidance from their experiences and brought me peace.                will be an additional program that the choir
I was, initially, reluctant to even attend the minyan. Through the years my Hebrew    will perform at the Selichot service next year.
skills, which I never took too seriously as a religious school student, had dete-     A great thank you to Rabbi Leibovitz, Cantor
riorated to the point of being non- existent. The first minyan I attended, I had to   Wolkenstein, Howard Platt, Alan Firestone,
be prompted when to stand for kaddish. I could not keep up with the pace of the       and Lou Nivert for reading the Torah on my
service and found myself just turning pages. But gradually, something wonderful       behalf and giving me the opportunity to spend
happened. With the guidance and encouragement of all the regular minyanairs,          more time with our choir. This also allowed
my ability to follow the service improved. Hebrew words began to have meaning         me to save my voice for the long services.
and I sensed both a rhythm and majesty to the daily service. I started to feel part
of a greater religious experience. I mattered not only to those who were in my        I would like to especially thank Lindsay Cohen for
own prayers but I also felt connected to my fellow Jews throughout the world.         a beautiful Torah reading on the first day of Succot.
                                                                                      I really appreciate her dedication and hard work.
For over ninety years, we as a congregation have provided this special place
where all Jewish people are welcomed and have the opportunity to find God             Before and during the High Holy Days
through prayer. The service itself is very informal and friendly. It is a wonder-     Rabbi Mendelsohn has been very supportive
ful way to start your day or unwind for a few minutes on the way home. It all         and very helpful. The services ran very
takes place in just 30 minutes. Friday evening services and Saturday havdalah         smoothly because of our team effort.
are especially beautiful. Our snowbirds will soon be returning to their winter        In the following season I look forward to working
homes and at this time of year attendance is always an issue. Rabbi and Louis         with more of our members that actively partici-
Nivert are beginning a concerted effort to re-invigorate the minyan. We hope          pate in services. I am always available and glad
that you will consider joining this special part of Temple life. Your participation   to help anyone who has a desire to be involved.
in the daily minyan will help perpetuate a wonderful tradition and bring great                                        Cantor V. Aronzon
joy and happiness to our extended religious community. In the words of Rabbi
Moshe Edelmen: The minyan does not need us, rather we need the minyan.
                                               Michael Mardo, President
                                                                                         Kippa Amnesty Month!!

                    Come to our Daily Minyanim                                           Do you have any of these little fellas hiding
 Come support Temple Israel with your presence! Temple Israel is proud to                in your dresser drawers? Suit pockets?
 hold daily services, both morning and evening. You don’t have to read Torah,            Glove compartments? Kitchen drawers?
 read Hebrew or even pray – just being with us allows those in mourning to               Once again Rabbi Mendelsohn is declar-
 say kaddish and gives the community the opportunity to daven all the prayers.           ing a kippah / yalmukeh / koppel amnesty.
 Join us as we share rituals that have and will endure for centuries. Meet new           Bring in all those head coverings you have
 friends and greet old ones. Comfort someone in mourning or be comforted                 been collecting that belong in our bins –
 in your grief. We make a place where one can talk with others and with God.             once again to be worn during services or
 See the back page of this Messenger for minyan times.                                   in study and then worn home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                             3
November 2009

                                                                               SCHOOL NEWS
                Rummage Sale
I would like to thank everyone who helped with
our recent rummage sale, especially Barbara        Our students have gotten off to a great start this school year! Over the past weeks
James who worked very hard with Shelly setting     since our last newsletter, they have been busy learning about and observing
everything up. Our sales people were: Barbara      Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah.
James, Adele Baldinger, Ana Davis, Charlotta       They’ve put doing mitzvot into practice by preparing pomegranates & honey
Gurevitz, Marian Beckhorn, Sara Morris, Ellen      for the congregation’s kiddush during the New Year, creating spice sachets for
McDade, Shirley S. Friedman, Linda Men-            the havdalah service ending Yom Kippur, decorating the synagogue’s sukkah,
delsohn, Ruth Gelb, Rika Shaffer.                  and bringing in food donations for our local, needy food banks. In addition, the
                                                   children have been hard at work in their studies of tefilah, Ivrit and Judaica. Their
Thank you all for such a great job. We made
                                                   improving siddur and davening skills are becoming evident with each passing
a little over $1000, which was fantastic. All
                                                   Junior Congregation service.
proceeds go to support programs for our Hebrew
School.                                            As always, please know adults are welcome to attend Shabbat services with their
                                                   children.We begin at 9:30 am with Parsha Pop, a fun revisiting of the week’s
                         Shelly Garber
                                                   parsha, followed at 10:00 am with a family-friendly junior service intended to
                  Marian Goldstein Beckhorn
                                                   be both educational and meaningful. Show your child you value Shabbat - make
                                                   it a special family time. Your actions will stick with them for a lifetime...let them
   New Sisterhood Kiddush Menu                     know being Jewish is a pleasure and a priority in our otherwise busy, hectic
In order to serve our congregation better, Sis-    lives...We look forward to seeing you soon! Kol tov,
terhood is offering a new selection of menus                                              Minahelet Rena.
for our Shabbat Kiddushim. Honor someone’s                                                Rhonda Levine, Education Director
special event, give a group gift or just sponsor
a kiddush because it is a great service Sister-                   Sisterhood Rummage Sale Committee
hood provides.
$125.00 - Our regular Shabbat Kiddush
          (no extras)
$175.00 - Fancy cake and wine, coffee, tea
          and soda
$225.00 - Cake and wine, coffee, tea and soda*
          egg salad-crackers, gefilte fish,
          vegetable with dip
$300.00 - Same as above with creamed
$350.00 - Same as above plus tuna fish and
          chick peas-*
$400.00 - Winter Kiddush (September to
          June only)-*
       All the above plus noodle kugel
 *Fruit trays may be added upon request and
will be charged at market price.                   Rummage sale committe members Charlotta Gurevitz, Ellen McDade, Adele
All prices include food for 75 people. A           Baldinger, Sara Morris, Shelly Garber prepare for customers. Absent from
surcharge will be added for each person over       picture is Barbara James
75 in accordance with the type of kiddush.
Contact: Susan Jacobson 587-5964 (May to                                        TREE OF LIFE
November)                                              A gift of a leaf on our Tree of Life is a perfect way to honor family and
                                                                    friends on the important occasions in their lives.
Phyllis Brandes 586-9498 (December thru                             For birthdays or anniversaries or other simchas,
April)                                                                        call Carol Nogi at 587-5453

  4               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                    Temple Israel Messenger

          PRAYER BOOK                   IN HONOR OF:                            Special birthday of Paul Alamar
IN MEMORY OF:                           Birth of a grandson to Robert & Laney       Rosalie Engelmyer
Elynor Weiss                            Ufberg                                  Ed Monsky selected Hatan Bereishit
    Estelle Freedman                        Rhonda & David Fallk & family           Gladys & Jack Suravitz
                                        Ed Monsky selected Hatan Bereishit
    ELAINE BERNSTEIN                        Paula Wasser                               M. L. HODIN
  TEMPLE BEAUTIFICATION                                                          SCHOLARSHIP & ARTS FUND
          FUND                              IRVING AND FRAYDEL                  IN MEMORY OF:
IN MEMORY OF:                              EISENSTAT LEADERSHIP                 Millie Gritz
Harold Engelmyer                            DEVELOPMENT FUND                       Susie & Scott Herlands
    Pat Taylor & Don Bernstein          IN MEMORY OF:                           Harriet Smertz
Sam Fischman                            Ed Fallick                                 Eileen & Joseph Hodin
    Pat Taylor & Don Bernstein              Faye & Richard Bishop               Elynor Weiss
Elynor Weiss                            Millie Gritz                               Eileen & Joseph Hodin
    Jill & Howard Fragin                    Shirley K. Friedman                 IN HONOR OF:
IN HONOR OF:                            IN HONOR OF:                            Special birthday of Eileen Hodin
Bat Mitzvah of the granddaughter of     Birth of a great-granddaughter to Bev       Morty & Nancy Hodin
Lois & Bernard Dubin                    & Jerry Klein
    Renee & Sam Schectman                   Faye & Richard Bishop                  NORMAN H. HOLLANDER
Birth of a grandson to Laney & Robert   Special birthday of Ruth Justan               MEMORIAL FUND
Ufberg                                      Shirley K. Friedman                IN MEMORY OF:
    Phyllis & Ed Brandes                                                       Wife of Michael Albert
                                            MICHAEL L. AND SARA R.                 Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
   REBA & ART DOUGLASS                     GOODMAN SCHOLARSHIP                         Hollander
  RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND                                 FUND                   Mother of Aaron Albert
YAHRZEIT OF:                            IN MEMORY OF:                              Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
Janice Fiegleman                        Elynor Weiss                                   Hollander
    Paula Wasser                            Barbara & Shelly Ehrenpreis        Gloria Bryen
IN MEMORY OF:                           IN HONOR OF:                               Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
Millie Gritz                            Marriage of the son of Mr. & Mrs.              Hollander
    Jill & James Linder & family        James Orlando                          Husband of Mrs. Carmen Denard
    Rhonda & David Fallk & family           Barbara & Shelly Ehrenpreis            Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
Harriet Smertz                          Special birthday of Mrs. Frank                 Hollander
    Joyce & Don Douglass                Goldberg                               Millie Gritz
Elynor Weiss                                Barbara & Shelly Ehrenpreis            Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
    Joyce & Don Douglass                                                               Hollander
    Susan & Seth Linker                          HAPPINESS FUND                Harriet Smertz
    Paulette, Jay, Heather, Adam        IN HONOR OF:                               Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
          Okun                          Engagement of the daughter of Mr. &            Hollander
Mother of Steven Wolf                   Mrs. Robert Rosenberg                  Elynor Weiss
    Paulette, Jay, Heather, Adam            Barbara & Louis Nivert                 Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
          Okun                              Elaine Levy & Monroe Smith                 Hollander
RECOVERY WISHES TO:                     Engagement of the granddaughter of     IN HONOR OF:
Tami Moritz                             Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosenberg              Engagement of the daughter of Atty. &
    Emily & David Adler                     Elaine Levy & Monroe Smith         Mrs. Alan Hollander
Harriet Rosenstein                      Birth of a granddaughter to Margaret &     Ruthie, Joe, Neil, Allison, Max
    Barbara & Louis Nivert              Doug Sheldon                                   Hollander
                                            Phyllis & Ed Brandes
                                            Barbara & Louis Nivert

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                            5
November 2009

     STEVEN B. LEVY FUND                   Paula Wasser                         Elynor Weiss
IN MEMORY OF:                              Helen Weiss                               Naomi & Paul Alamar
Annette Levy                             IN HONOR OF:                                Carole & Jim Cader
   Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo             Best wishes to Barbara Maiman in her        Madeleine & Kenneth Jacobs
Harriet Smertz                           new apartment                               Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo
   Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo                 Helen Pinkus                            Lil Levy & Irwin Kalisher
RECOVERY WISHES TO:                                                                  Jill & James Linder
Harriet Goldman                              ALVIN NATHAN YOUTH                      Barbara & Louis Nivert
     Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo                      FUND                             Lori & Morris Raub
IN HONOR OF:                             IN MEMORY OF:                               Andy & Lauren Ufberg
Birth of a granddaughter to Mr. & Mrs.   Harriet Smertz                              Judy & Barry Warshal
Joel Levine                                 Melba Nathan                        RECOVERY WISHES TO:
     Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo           Elynor Weiss                           Justin Abner
Birth of a granddaughter to Margaret &      Melba Nathan                             Rochelle & Howard Spizer
Doug Sheldon                             IN HONOR OF                            Norman Corsun
     Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo           Michael Mardo becoming president of         Carol & Harris Jacobs
Ed Monsky selected Hatan Bereishit       Temple Israel                          Harriet Goldman
     Sara Morris                             Melba Nathan                            Carol & Harris Jacobs
Alan Firestone selected Hatan Torah                                             Tamar Moritz
     Sara Morris                                 TEMPLE FUND                         Carol & Harris Jacobs
                                         YAHRZEIT OF:                                Margaret & Doug Sheldon
    MILLER-MEISTER FUND                  Beloved husband Shep Goldberg               Judy & Barry Warshal
IN MEMORY OF:                               Toni Alperin Goldberg               David Propper
Gloria Bryen                             Beloved husband Merle Seeherman             Carol & Harris Jacobs
    Jan & Barry Weiss                       Harriet Seeherman                   Paul Rosenberg
Father of Lindsay Nataupsky              Beloved father Simon Corner                 Naomi & Paul Alamar
    Jan & Barry Weiss                       Harriet Seeherman                        Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo
RECOVERY WISHES TO:                      IN MEMORY OF:                               Judy & Barry Warshal
Ellen Edelsohn                           Harold Engelmyer                       Grandson of Mr. & Mrs. George Cottell
    Marilyn & Bart Bartikowsky               Claire Dubin                            Rochelle & Howard Spizer
IN HONOR OF:                             Edward Fallick                         IN HONOR OF:
Special anniversary of Dr. & Mrs. Burt       Carlos & Terri Zukowski            50th anniversary of the Bar Mitzvah of
Benovitz                                 Marvin Fine                            Richard Bishop
    Marilyn & Bart Bartikowsky               Carole & Jim Cader                      Harriet & Joe Schectman
                                         Millie Gritz                           Alan Firestone selected Hatan Torah
MITZVAH COMMITTEE FUND                       Naomi & Paul Alamar                     Naomi & Paul Alamar
IN MEMORY OF:                                Ann Goldberg                            Rhonda & David Fallk & family
Alexander Singer                             Phyllis & Melvin Oram                   Meyer & Odessa Levine
   Jack Singer, Molly Singer & family        Charlotte & Marvin Pollack              Debbie & Mark Pechersky
Millie Gritz                                 Lori & Morris Raub                 Ed Monsky selected Hatan Bereishit
   Rose Appel                                Harriet & Joe Schectman                 Naomi & Paul Alamar
   Shirley & Marvin Averbach                 Carlos & Terri Zukowski            Engagement of Sue Colombo & Mi-
   Renee, Steve, Josh, Ali Bellin        Marvin Marcus                          chael Diamond
   Rosalie Engelmyer                         Irene Blum                              Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo
   Ruth Greenfield                       Harriet Smertz
   Madeleine & Kenneth Jacobs                Carole & Jim Cader                    RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY
   Mary Ann Masalonis                        Lil Levy & Irwin Kalisher                      FUND
   Helen Miller                              Jill & James Linder                YAHRZEIT OF:
   Dottie & Avie Ruzi                        Barbara & Louis Nivert             Beloved parents Tillie & Morris Dobrin
   Rochelle & Howard Spizer                                                         Mildred Davis

   6             . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                         Temple Israel Messenger

Beloved mother Ida Edelsohn              Grandmother of Gary Severe                  Birth of a great-granddaughter to Bev
     Renee & Sam Schectman                    Rabbi Joe & Linda Mendelsohn           & Jerry Klein
IN MEMORY OF:                            Leah Ufberg                                      Iris & Michael Mardo
Florence Block                                Reva & Earl Quint                           Rabbi Joe & Linda Mendelsohn
     Bruce & Cindy Schoenberg                 Bruce & Cindy Schoenberg               Birthday of Muriel Troy
Gloria Bryen                             Elynor Weiss                                     Miriam Friedman
     Reva & Earl Quint                        Naomi & Paul Alamar                    Engagement of the daughter of Mr. &
Harold Engelmyer                              The Meils                              Mrs. Robert Rosenberg
     Reva & Earl Quint                        Rabbi Joe & Linda Mendelsohn                Iris & Michael Mardo
     Bruce & Cindy Schoenberg                 Renee & Elliot Schoenberg              Engagement of the granddaughter of
Millie Gritz                                  Rochelle & Howard Spizer               Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosenberg
     Harlene Arenberg                         Mel & Marilyn Wolk                         Iris & Michael Mardo
     Rabbi Joe & Linda Mendelsohn        Moesha Ufberg                               Birth of a granddaughter to Margaret &
     Bobbi & Ed Novick                        Gail & Mel Ufberg                      Doug Sheldon
     Sydelle O’Neil                      Irving Zeigler                                  Rabbi Joe & Linda Mendelsohn
     Renee & Sam Schectman                    Reva & Earl Quint                      Marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Rizzo
     Renee & Elliot Schoenberg           RECOVERY WISHES TO:                             Rabbi Joe & Linda Mendelsohn
     Gail & Mel Ufberg                   Guitelle Dershowitz                         Alan Firestone selected Hatan Torah
Father of the Jones family                    Renee & Sam Schectman                      Renee & Elliot Schoenberg
     Renee & Elliot Schoenberg           Molly Grossinger                            Ed Monsky selected Hatan Bereishit
Stella Kanaszka                               Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo                  Renee & Elliot Schoenberg
     Renee & Elliot Schoenberg           Jerry Klein                                 Contributions to refill the food bank
Gertrude Pellegrino                           Bruce & Cindy Schoenberg                   The Gelb Foundation
     Renee & Elliot Schoenberg           Harriet Rosenstein                              Linda & Rabbi Joe Mendelsohn
Nellie Remetz                                 Iris Liebman & Mike Mardo                  Avi & Dottie Ruzi
     Sydelle O’Neil                      IN HONOR OF:                                    University of Scranton
Harriet Smertz                           Michael Mardo becoming president of         Rabbi & Linda Mendelsohn’s kind
     Alan & Joy Firestone                Temple Israel                               hospitality
     The Meils                                 Renee & Sam Schectman                     Harlene Arenberg
     Rabbi Joe & Linda Mendelsohn        Engagement of the son of Barbara &              Rochelle & Howard Spizer
     Marion & Pete Pearl & family        Louis Nivert                                Birth of a grandson to Laney & Robert
     Renee & Elliot Schoenberg                 Renee & Sam Schectman                 Ufberg
                                                                                         Renee & Elliot Schoenberg

                                          CULTURAL ARTS FUND
                                        Are you looking for a gift of distinction?
       Remember the Cultural Arts Fund for a long lasting tribute for that special birthday, anniversary or event.
              The Cultural Arts Fund of Temple Israel is the appropriate and different way of gift giving.
                         A donation plaque is a wonderful way to honor that special someone.
                                    Interested? Call theTemple office at 342-0350
                                        CULTURAL ARTS PLAQUE
                             The following will be inscribed on the Cultural Arts Plaque

                                                    In Memory Of
                                             Mildred Gritz a Special Lady
                                    From: Eileen Baine, John & Gayle Baine Brezak,
                                       Donald & Carol Baine, Neil & Yaela Baine
                                                  September 26, 2009

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                 7
November 2009

            We are ready with our Leagram list for December. Send anniversary and/or birthday greetings.
 Please cooperate with the Leagram Chair, Penny Myers, The price of one Leagram used for multiple listings is $1.00.
                A check payable to the Temple Israel Sisterhood or cash with your order is necessary.
                                 Birthdays and Anniversaries Dec. 1 to Dec. 31
       Birthday              Date                  Anniversary             Date

Barbara (Bonnie) Green         12/2           Dr. & Mrs. Michael Wolk         12/5
Carol Jacobs                   12/4           Mr. & Mrs. Ward Goodman         12/16
Paul Rosenberg                 12/5           Mr. & Mrs. David Adler          12/18
Bonnie Frank                   12/5           Mr. & Mrs. Burton Greenwald     12/22
Mark Myers                     12/7           Mr. & Mrs. Norman Corsun        12/23
Sam Rosen                      12/7           Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Green         12/26
David Weinberg                 12/10          Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lipman          12/27
Jennie Levy                    12/10
Marion Pearl                   12/12
Lyuobov Flexer                 12/14
Beverly Kanig                  12/14
Gerry Sabsowitz                12/15
Irving Kaufman                 12/15
Shirley Hollenberg             12/15
Carol Plotkin                  12/16
Rochelle Land                  12/17
Lillian Levy                   12/19
Elynor Weiss                   12/20
Harris Jacobs                  12/22
Saul Kaplan                    12/23
Robert Rosenberg               12/24
Robert Ufberg                  12/28
Gladys Suravitz                12/28
Joseph Brown                   12/28          PLEASE SEND A LEAGRAM TO THE PEOPLE WHOSE NAMES I HAVE
Dora Rosenberg                 12/29          CIRCLED:
Sanford Cohen                  12/30
                                              SIGN MY NAME (AND MY HUSBAND’S ) ON THE
                                              LEAGRAM AS FOLLOWS:

                                              ENCLOSED IS:____________________
                                              PER NAME, NUMBER OF NAMES
                                              TOTAL AMOUNT:__________________

                                              MAIL TO:        PENNY MYERS
                                                              912 POPLAR ST.
                                                              CLARKS SUMMIT PA 18411

  8               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                              Temple Israel Messenger

                    1                2              3               4                5                 6  8:30am
                                                                                                          Bible & Bagels
                                                                                                          Shabbat services
                                                                                           4:20pm         9:30am
                                                                                           Minha/Kabbalat Parsha Pop
                                                                                           Shabbat        10:00am
           Daylight time
                                                                                           4:37pm         Jr. Congregation
            ends - turn                                                                    Light candles  4:45pm
                                                            7:30 pm
           clocks back                                                                     5:30pm         Minha/Ma’ariv
                                           4:00 pm          Executive     4:00 pm
                                           Religious School Board Mtg.                     Shabbat Dinner 5:39 pm
                                                                          Religious School                Havdalah

                    8                9              10              11               12                13 8:30am      14
                                                                                                          Bible & Bagels
                                                                                                          Shabbat services
           1:00 pm                                                                                        9:30am
           Life in a Jar                                                                                  Parsha Pop
           Performance at                                                                                 10:00am
                                                                                           4:15pm         Jr. Congregation
           Mellow Theatre                                                                  Minha/Kabbalat 4:40pm
                                                                                           Shabbat        Minha/Ma’ariv
                                          4:00 pm          7:30 pm        4:00 pm          4:30pm         5:32 pm
                                          Religious School Board Mtg.     Religious School Light candles  Havdalah

                    15               16             17              18               19                20 8:30am      21
                                                                                                          Bible & Bagels
                                                Rosh Hodesh Kislev                                        9:00am

                                          7:00am Shaharit 7:00am Shaharit                                 Shabbat services
                                                                                                          Parsha Pop
                                                                                           4:10pm         Jr. Congregation
                                                                                           Minha/Kabbalat 4:35pm
                                                           7:30 pm                         Shabbat        Minha/Ma’ariv
                                          4:00 pm          Education Mtg. 4:00 pm          4:25pm         5:27 pm
                                          Religious School at Temple      Religious School Light candles  Havdalah

                    22               23             24              25               26                27             28
                                                                          8:00am Shaharit
                                                                          Office is Closed Office is
                                                                                           Closed          Bible & Bagels
                            7:30 pm                                                                        9:00am
                                                                                            4:05pm         Shabbat services
                            Interfaith                                                      Minha/Kabbalat 4:35pm
                            Thanksgiv-                                                      Shabbat        Minha/Ma’ariv
                            ing Service at 4:00 pm                                          4:21pm         5:23 pm
                            Bethel A.M.E. Religious School                                  Light candles  Havdalah

                    29               30

               S               M                T              W                T                F                S

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                      9
November 2009

                                                        Additions to the High Holiday Edition of the Messenger
      COMMUNITY NEWS                                             Reba & Art Douglass Religious School Scholarships
                                                     Naomi & Paul Alamar - In memory of Rose & William Weiner, Rose & I.C.
 Our Temple Joins Central City Ministerium              Alamar
    for Interfaith Thanksgiving Service              Joseph Brown - In memory of beloved wife Mickie Brown
Please join the Central City Ministerium and the     Elaine Levy & family - In memory of beloved parents Mary & Jacob Levy,
Scranton community as we offer God thanks for           Lillian & Max Bielefeld
what we have Monday, November 23, at 7:30            Elaine Levy & family - In memory of beloved husband, father, grandfather,
p.m. This interfaith service is an important ex-        great-grandfather Bernard Levy
pression of our attempts to unify Scranton - your    Faye & Robert Rosenberg & family – In memory of parents & grandparents
presence will support that goal. The service will       Sam & Helen Abrams
held at Bethel AME church on Washington Ave.         Faye & Robert Rosenberg – In memory of nephew Joshua Cyncynatus
between Pine and E. Gibson.                          Karen & Leonard Scheck - In memory of beloved parents Lillian & Heine
       Need Transportation to Temple?
                                                     Karen & Leonard Scheck - In memory of beloved parents Jennie Solomon &
                Call a taxi on us!
                                                        Harry Weisberger
 Thanks to Yvette Brauner and her family, the
                                                     Karen & Leonard Scheck - In honor of the 85th birthday of Sidney Kaufman
 Albert Brauner Special Needs Fund has been
 established to help seniors in our congrega-
 tion afflicted with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or                     Additions to the Book of Remembrance
 other problems that affect their ability to live                                   In Memoriam
 independently of assisted living or nursing                  In Memory of                                    Remembered
 homes. The first use for this fund is a taxi                 All our loved ones                              Ruth Greenfield
 fund. Temple Israel has an account with                      Meyer Dolitzky, Adeline Dolitzky,               Dorothy Haas
 McCarthy Flowered Cabs. If you would like                     Curt Haas, Eric Haas, Arlene Dolitzky,
 to come to Shabbat services, adult educa-                     Muriel Greenfield, Gussie Sweetwood
 tion or any other Temple function and need
 transportation, simply call the company at
                                                                 Additions to Sisterhood New Years Greetings
 344-5000 and tell them you want to be taken to
                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Melvyn Wolk
 Temple Israel. It’s as simple as that. The driver
 will pick you up and the Temple will pay.

 Hadassah presents Art of the Holocaust
Scranton Chapter of Hadassah will present Dr.
Josephine Dunn in a program Art of the Holo-
caust on Wednesday, November 11, at 1 p.m.
in the Linder Room of the Jewish Community            Dear Rabbi Mendelsohn, Cantor Aronzon, Executive Board of Temple
Center, it was announced by Bobbi Novick,              Israel, and Congregants of Temple Israel:
Chapter Facilitator                                   At this time I would like to take the opportunity to thank any and all of the
The lecture will be illustrated with numerous         membership of Temple Israel for bestowing upon me such a wonderful honor
slides. Dr. Dunn, Director of the Music and Art       as Hatan Torah. When I looked at the board on the way to the main sanctu-
Departments at the University of Scranton, is         ary on Shemini Atzeres, I paused and reflected to pay homage to the past
the author of numerous publications and curated       recipients of this award. The list on the plaque consisted of a “Who’s Who”
two shows in 2009 on Classical Architecture in        of Temple Israel. To receive an invitation to be on this list was such an aspira-
Scranton and Women and History in Northeast-          tion the thought of which occupies one’s highest hopes in a lifetime. In the
ern Pennsylvania. Awards, grants and scholar-         years to come I hope I can emulate all of the traits that Rabbi Mendelsohn ar-
ships she has received include a grant from the       ticulated as the criteria for selection to this most high honor. This is an honor
National Council on the Humanities to study at        that I will cherish and Simchas Torah will never be the same as this day will
the Oxford Center of Hebrew and Judaic Studies        constantly reverberate in my memory.
 A reception will be held following the event
                                                                                                         Alan H. Firestone
which is open to the community. For reserva-
tions contact Elaine Utan 346-3693.

  10              . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                              Temple Israel Messenger

 We take note of the following happy occasions and Temple Israel wishes to        Why pay extra to learn? You don’t need fancy
                        express its congratulations to:                           titles or slick advertising - you need to know
                                                                                  how to live as 21st century Conservative Jews.
Sanford Cohen, on his special birthday.
                                                                                  Come join our adult education classes.
Alan Firestone, on being selected Temple Israel’s Hatan Torah.
Joy & Alan Firestone, on their son Evan graduating magna cum laude from
                                                                                  Synagogue Skills “Rabbi Joe” Mendelsohn
   the University of Pittsburgh.
                                                                                  You don’t have to be able to bench press to lift the
Jayne Green, on her special birthday.
                                                                                  Torah. Being a gabbai takes both skill and knowl-
Eileen Hodin, on her special birthday.
                                                                                  edge. There’s even a correct way to proceed with
Harris Jacobs, on his special birthday.
                                                                                  the Torah on weekdays! Come and learn about
Ruth Justan, on her special birthday.
                                                                                  these positions Thursday, November 12, from
Irwin Kalisher, on the marriage of his granddaughter Gayle.
                                                                                  5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. or Sunday, November 15,
Bev & Jerry Klein, on the birth of a great-granddaughter Maya Presser.
                                                                                  from 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
Edward Monsky, on being selected Temple Israel’s Hatan Bereishit.
Carol & Jack Nogi, on the marriage of their son Eugene.
Carol Plotkin, on her special birthday.                                           Liturgical Hebrew Marshall Wolkenstein,
                                                                                         Cantor Emeritus
Robert Rosenberg, on his special birthday.
                                                                                  This course will concentrate on fluency in reading
Margaret & Doug Sheldon, on the birth of a granddaughter Elizabeth
                                                                                  Hebrew and understanding our most beautiful
                                                                                  and sacred prayers. Courses will be held in the
Rhonda & Steve Sugarman, on the marriage of their daughter Amanda.
                                                                                  chapel on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 p.m.
Laney & Robert Ufberg, on the birth of a grandson.
                                                                                  to 7:30 p.m. For beginning and intermediate

                                                                                  Torah, Haftarah, Megillat Esther & Eikhah;
                                                                                  Leading Shaharit, Minhah and Ma’ariv
                                                                                  Daily                Cantor Vladimir Aronzon
                          CONDOLENCES                                             Join our cadre of readers and leaders! Don’t
                                                                                  say, “I cannot do this.” You can! Learn any or
   In memoriam, our Congregation observes the passing of loved ones and
                                                                                  all of the above at your own speed. Call Cantor
             friends, and express its deepest condolences to:
                                                                                  Aronzon for appointments.
Mildred Cantor, on the death of her brother Seymour Lustig.
Shelly Garber, on the death of her mother Millie Gritz.                           Why pay for classes, when, as a member they
Family of Norman Rosenberg.                                                       are for free? Call the office to sign up for any
Alan Smertz, on the death of his mother Harriet.                                  or all classes. Non-members: $18 per course.
Barry Weiss, on the death of his mother Elynor.
           May their souls be bound up in the Bond of Eternal Life
                                                                                                   Thank You!!
                         Millie Gritz 1919-2009
 Temple Israel and its Sisterhood mourn the passing of Millie Gritz. Millie was    Thank you to all of you who made this High
 a staunch supporter of our Sisterhood and its ideals. She managed Sisterhood’s    Holy / Holiday season so successful!! Our
 Leagrams, membership dues, and the New Years greetings. In 2007, she was          staff, volunteers, leaders, ushers, coordinators,
 most deservedly chosen Temple Israel’s Woman of Distinction. Millie helped        presenters - you all made this season special.
 in the Temple kitchen and office.The degree of dedication she displayed was       I purposefully am not using names so I don’t
 exemplary. She will be sorely missed.                                             miss anyone; please know you all made a huge
 We express our condolences to her daughters Shelly Garber and Sharon Kla-         difference and I appreciate each and every
 wansky, her brothers Samuel Firestone and Dr. Marvin Firestone, her sister        one of you.
 Helen Weiss, and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
                                                                                                                   “Rabbi Joe”
 May her memory be a blessing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                       11
                                                                                                                                                  US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                  SCRANTON PA
                                                                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 462

  Temple Israel Daily Minyan                                          The Deadline for the December Messenger
                                                                             will be November 2, 2009.
                                                                        Make sure your article is ON TIME.
  (Times change for holidays and Shab-
   bat. Consult the Schedule of Sevices
          inside the Messenger)


                                                    Life in a Jar
 Sunday                    8:00 a.m.
 Monday                    7:15 a.m.
 Tuesday                   7:25 a.m.                Sunday, November 8, 2009
 Wednesday                 7:25 a.m.                         1:00 pm
 Thursday                  7:15 a.m.                     Mellow Theater
                                                       Lackawanna College
 Friday                    7:25 a.m.
                                                         OpeN tO the public
                                                          Free OF charge
 Sunday - Thursday         5:45 p.m.                General Seating but Reservations Required
                                                        Call the Jewish Federation office,
                                                              570-961-2300, x4

                                                    “In those times there was darkness everywhere.

     TEMPLE ISRAEL                                       In heaven and on earth, all the gates of
                                                       compassion seemed to have been closed.
                                  affiliated with        Only a few had the courage to care...”
       United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism                       – Elie Wiesel

                       918 E. Gibson St.                                 The play CelebRaTeS
                     Scranton PA 18510
                  Phone: (570) 342-0350
                                                                             Irena Sendler
                                                                               a polish Catholic social worker, Irena organized the rescue
                    Fax: (570) 342-7250                                        of 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto during
                 Email:                                        the holocaust – at great danger to herself – placing them in
                                           orphanages, foster homes, convents, and other safe houses.
                                                                                 She wrote each of the children’s names and information on
                                                                                 tissue paper and placed them in a jar which was buried in a
Joseph F. Mendelsohn              Rabbi                                          garden – with the hope of someday being able to dig up the
David Geffen, Ph.D.     Rabbi Emeritus                                          jar, locate the children and tell them of their true identities.
Vladimir Aronzon                 Cantor                                        Co-sponsored by the Holocaust Education Resource Center of the Jewish Federation
Marshall Wolkenstein Cantor Emeritus                                               of NEPA, Norma Jean Brobyn of Bloomsburg and Temple Israel of Scranton
                                                                                Supported by albright Memorial library, Community Concerts of lackawanna College,
Rhonda Levine       Educational Director                                                          lackawanna County Children’s library, NeIU 19.
                                                                                             For more information: 570-961-2300 x6 or
                                                                               additional performances in bloomsburg and Danville on November 6 and 7. Contact: Norma Jean
OFFICERS                                                                          brobyn: or check the calendar at

Michael Mardo                President
Ann Monsky              Vice President
Elliot Schoenberg       Vice President
Marvin Brotter               Treasurer
Robert Rosenberg        Finance Chair
Marian Goldstein-Beckhorn Secretary

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