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					 Power Distribution Center Data Sheet
 Data Sheet No. <Insert Data Sheet Number>

Site Data:                                                               Coating System:
Location                                                                 Exterior Finish Color       White
Elevation          feet above sea level                                       Alternate Trim Color Required
Area Classification        General Purpose                               Doors and Accessories:
                           Class        , Div      , Group(s)            Quantity and size as shown on drawings
Ambient Temperature: Max              °F Min          °F                      Windows required       Laminated Safety Glass
Maximum Humidity              %                                                     Tinting Required
Structural Design Criteria:                                                   Canopies Required
Building Code 2003 International Building Code                                Stainless Steel Kickplates Required
Seismic          SS=                                                          Equipment Rear Access Panels Required
                 S1=                                                          Intrusion Alarm Required
                 Importance = 1.0                                             Stairs and Landings Required
Wind             Basic Wind Speed =           MPH                                   Standard landing sizes for each door
                 Exposure = C                                                       Landings sized per drawings
                 Importance = 1.0                                             Landings Required for Roof Mount HVAC
Floor            Live load = 250PSF                                                 Ladder With Cage Required
Roof             Live load = 30PSF                                       Fire & Gas Detection:
                 Ground snow load =           PSF                             Standalone System
      P.E. Stamped Structural Calculations Required State                     Supervised System (Control Panel)
PDC Mounting Method Hold                                                            Ionization-Type Smoke Detectors Required
                 If elevated,        feet above grade                               Thermal Rate-of-Rise Detectors Required
Cable/Conduit/Busduct Entry:                                                        Manual Pulls Stations at Doors Required
      Bottom                                                                        Indoor Audible/Visual Alarm Required
      Top (1/4” Aluminum Coverplates)                                               Outdoor Audible/Visual Alarm Required
            Cable Transits Required Hold                                            Combustible Gas Detectors Required
      Busduct Entry Required                                                        Gases to be Detected
            Top                                                                     HVAC System ESD Upon Detection Required
            Bottom                                                                  Fire Extinguishers Required Hold
HVAC Design Criteria:                                                    Options and Accessories:
      Air Conditioning Required                                               Cabletray Required
      Heating Required                                                        Windows Required (per drawings)            Tinted
      Redundancy Required          Hold                                       Storage Cabinet Required           ”W x        ”D x                  ”H
Allowable Inside Temperature: Max              °F Min      °F                 Electrical Grade Rubber Matting Required
      Humidity Control Required              %±       %                       Medium Voltage Switchgear Required
Equipment Mounting:           Wall                                            Reference Specification
                              Roof                                            Low Voltage Switchgear Required
                              Pad                                             Reference Specification
                              Duct Penetrations                               Medium Voltage Motor Control Center Required
                                   Roof                                       Reference Specification
                                   Wall                                       Low Voltage Motor Control Center Required
Economizer Required                               Yes       No                Reference Specification
NFPA 496 Type Z Purge Required                    Yes       No                Variable Frequency Drives Required
Outside Air Intake Stack Required                 Yes       No                Reference Specification
Outside Air Intake Filters Required               Yes       No                Busduct Required
Outside Air Chemical Filtration Required          Yes       No                Reference Specification
Condenser Coil Coating Required                   Yes       No                Transformer(s)s Required
Evaporator Coil Coating Required                  Yes       No                Reference Specification
Emergency Shutdown Contacts Required              Yes       No                Other Equipment Required
                                                                              Reference Specification

                                                                 Special Project Notes:

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                                                                                  are the property of Protect Controls, Inc. which has
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