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					Title                 Subtitle       Edition            Author            Publication DateShort Description
Social Research       An IntroductionSecond Edition                                D Sutton
                                                        Matthew David and Carole 2010 . The perfect book for any student taking a re
Research Methodology                 Third Edition      Ranjit
                      A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners Kumar                     2010 Written specifically for students with no prev
Researching Society and Culture Third Edition           Clive Seale              Dec-11 . . Clear, coherent and trusted this book is the
                      Quantitative Second Edition       Keith F Punch
Introduction to Social Research and Qualitative Approaches                         2005 `This book offers an excellent description of q
                      Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches Bernard
Social Research Methods              Second Edition     H Russell                Apr-12 This book explains and demonstrates to stude
Social Research       A Practical Introduction                                     2
                                                        Bruce Curtis and Cate Curtis 011 Original, fresh and relevant this is a theoretic
Researching Social Life              Third Edition      Nigel Gilbert              2008 . `This new edition of this excellent guide mai
Doing Research in the Real WorldSecond Edition          David E Gray               2009 . This fully revised and expanded edition of D
                      Thinking Creatively about Method
Understanding Social Research                                                       Dale
                                                        Jennifer Mason and Angela2010 Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale's book seeks
Reason & Rigor                                          Sharon M. Ravitch
                      How Conceptual Frameworks Guide Research                     2011 Designed for novice as well as more experien
100 Questions (and answers) About Research Methods J. Salkind                      2011 How do I create a good research hypothesis?
                                                        Beth P Skott and Masjo Ward Based on the premise that when students do
Active Learning Exercises for Research Methods in Social Sciences                Mar-12
                       Social World Fourth Edition
Making Sense of theMethods of Investigation                                      Mar-12 Making
                                                        Daniel F. Chambliss and Russell K. Schutt Sense of the Social World, fourth edit
                      The Process Seventh Edition Russell
Investigating the Social World and Practice of Research K. Schutt                Dec-11 . The most cutting-edge research methods, a
                      The Unity       Diversity of Method Amoroso and Charles C2010 Constructing Social Research, Second Edition
Constructing Social Research andSecond Edition          Lisa                        Ragin
Theory and Methods in Social Research Edition                                      2011
                                                        Bridget Somekh and Cathy Lewin This new edition provides a scholarly and rea
                      A Community Change
                                     Second Edition
Research Methods forProject-Based Approach              Randy Stoecker           Apr-12 Everyone is a member of a community, and e
                      Basic Principles of Social Research Design and Evaluation Apr-12 . Thinking Methodologically: Basic Principles o
Thinking Methodologically                               Donileen R. Loseke
                      Maps, Methods
Visualizing Social Science Research & Meaning                                      2011 Presenting basic principles of social science re
                                                        Johannes Wheeldon and Mauri Ahlberg
A Student's Guide to Methodology hird Edition                                    Feb-12 The
                                                        Peter Clough and Cathy Nutbrown Third Edition of this hugely popular text p
Comparative-Historical Research Methods                 Matthew Lange            Nov-12
Data Collection                                         Wendy Olsen
                      Key Debates and Methods in Social Research                   2011 'Written with freshness and energy, this lively
                      Theory and Second Edition
Handbook of Feminist Research Praxis                    Sharlene Nagy Hesse-BiberDec-11 The second edition of the Handbook of Femin
                      Process        Second
Interdisciplinary Research and Theory Edition           Allen F Repko            Dec-11 The Second Edition of Interdisciplinary Resea
Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Research                                         2011 This book is intended as a "stand alone" volum
                                                        Allen F Repko, William H Newell and Rick Szostak
Publishing Journal Articles                                                      Jan-12 -
                                                        Lucinda Becker and Pam Denicolo How do I go about writing a journal article?
Developing Research Proposals                                                    Jan-12 Writing a research proposal is one of the mos
                                                        Pam Denicolo and Lucinda Becker
Developing Effective Research Proposals Edition         Keith F Punch              2006 Successful research requires effective and tho
The Myth of Research-Based Policy and Practice          Martyn Hammersley        Dec-12
Doing Excellent Small-Scale Research                    Derek Layder             Nov-12 How do you conduct a small-scale research p
The Research Funding Toolkit                                                    May-12 Making high-quality grant applications is easi
                                                        Jacqueline Aldridge and Andrew M Derrington
                                                                                    A. Thyer
Pocket Glossary for Commonly Used Research TermsMichael Holosko and Bruce2011 This extensive glossary contains over 1500 re
Researching Social Media                                                         Mar-13
                                                        Farida Vis and Mike Thelwall
Indigenous Research Methodologies                       Bagele Chilisa             2011 Following the increasing emphasis in the clas
The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project Zina O'Leary                    2009 . . The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research
                      A Guide for Students in Education andThomas Social Sciences Are you doing a research project? Do you nee
How to do Your Research Project                         Gary Applied               2009
                      A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process
Surviving Your Dissertation          Third Edition                                 2007 'The
                                                        Kjell Erik Rudestam and Rae R Newtonbook is an excellent edition to those alre
Your Research Project                 Planning Your
                      Designing andThird Edition Work   Nicholas Walliman          2011 In the third edition of this bestselling book, yo
                      Core Skills for Social and Health Research
Designing and Managing Your Research Project                                       2010
                                                        David Thomas and Ian D Hodges Written for advanced undergraduate student
                      A Roadmap From Beginning
                                     Second             Linda                    Jun-12 Volpe
Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation Editionto End Dale Bloomberg and Marie Graduate students often struggle with turnin
                                                        Ian C                      2011 - What
The SAGE Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Sciences Jarvie and Jesus Zamora-Bonilla is the relationship between the social
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Methodology Kerry E Howell                  Nov-12 This book provides students with a concise in
Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research                                  Oct-12 Objectivity and subjectivity are key concepts
                                                        Gayle Letherby, John Scott and Malcolm Williams
                      Research                          P
Principles of Methodology Design in Social Science erri 6 and Christine Bellamy    2011 This book provides a comprehensive, accessib
                      New            Second Edition     Mats                       2009 Praise
Reflexive Methodology Vistas for Qualitative Research Alvesson and Kaj Sköldberg for the First Edition : ' Reflexive Metho
Social Research and Reflexivity                         Tim May and Beth Perry 2010 What are the critical gaps in thinking about re
Methodology: Who Needs It?                              Martyn Hammersley          2010 The literature on social science methods and
The SAGE Handbook of Historical Theory                                           Foot
                                                        Nancy Partner and Sarah Sep-12 The SAGE Handbook of Historical Theory repr
Planning Ethically Responsible Research Edition                                   B. Tolich
                                                        Joan E. Sieber and MartinSep-12 This book guides readers through one of the
Ethics in Qualitative Controversies and Contexts                                 Anna Traianou
                                                      Martyn Hammersley andMay-12 All researchers need to think about research
                      A Practical Handbook
The Ethics of Research with Children and Young People                              2011 Ethical
                                                      Priscilla Alderson and Virginia Morrow questions are at the centre of researc
Ethics in Qualitative Research       Second Edition                               Melanie Mauthner and Julie Jessop
                                                      Tina Miller, Maxine Birch,Sep-12 This fresh, confident second edition expands
                                                      Leisa Sciences              Jul-12 This
Case Studies for Ethics in Academic Research in the Social R. Flynn and Ronald Goldsmith book provides a basis for class discussion
                      A Guide
Designing Social Research for the Bewildered          Ian Greener                  2011 Designing Social Research aims to guide stud
Research Design in Social Research                    David de Vaus                2001 `With this book David de Vaus has written on
Designing Research in the Social Sciences                                       Nov-12 This innovative research
                                                      Martino Maggetti, Claudio Radaelli and Fabrizio Gilardi design text will help
A Realist Approach to Qualitative Design              Joseph Maxwell             Jan-12 Are cultural and material phenomena equally
Designing Qualitative Research Fifth Edition                                       2010 B Rossman
                                                      Catherine Marshall and GretchenThis popular text provides useful and pragma
                                                      Johnnie Choices
Sampling Essentials Practical Guidelines for Making SamplingDaniel                 2011 Designed for the nontechnical researcher or g
                      An InteractiveThird Edition
Qualitative Research Design           Approach        Joseph A. Maxwell         Aug-12 This book gives researchers and students a us
                      Choosing Among Five
                                     Third Edition    John
Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design Approaches W. Creswell                  May-12 In this Third Edition of his bestselling text Joh
                                     Third Edition    John W Creswell
Research Design Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches 2008 The Third Edition of the bestselling text Resea
                      Quantitative, Qualitative       W Alex Edmonds and Thomas D Kennedy
An Applied Reference for Research Designs and Mixed Methods                     Mar-12 This reference book visually presents, with co
                                                      Valentim R Alferes
Simple and Complex Random Assignment in Experimental Designs                     Oct-12 This book provides a conceptual systematizat
Encyclopedia of Research Design Three-Volume Set Neil J Salkind                    2010 Research design, with its statistical underpinn
                      A              Second for Students
The Literature ReviewStep-by-Step Guide Edition       Diana Ridley                Jul-12 This second edition of Diana Ridley's bestselli
                      Releasing the Social Science Research Hart
Doing a Literature Review                             Chris Imagination            1998 `This book can provide an excellent framewo
Doing Your Literature Review and Systematic Techniques                             and Fiona M Lacey
                                                      Jill Jesson, Lydia Matheson 2011 The literature review is a compulsory part of
                      From the Internet to
                                     Third Edition
Conducting Research Literature Reviews Paper          Arlene Fink                  2009 This book is intended for anyone wants to res
                                                      Andrew Booth, Diana Papaioannou and Anthea Sutton is an essential part o
Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature Review                         Dec-11 Reviewing the literature
An Introduction to Systematic Reviews                                           Mar-12 This Thomas
                                                      David Gough, Sandy Oliver and Jamestimely, engaging book provides an overv
                      A Beginner's Guide to Doing a Research Project
Introducing Research Methodology                      Uwe Flick                    2011 In this new book, specifically written for first
An Introduction to Qualitative Research Edition       Uwe Flick                    2009 'The fourth edition of Uwe Flick's Introductio
                                     Fourth Edition
The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research                                          2011 Presenting the state of the art for the theory
                                                      Norman K Denzin and Yvonna S Lincoln
Interpreting Qualitative Data        Fourth Edition   David Silverman              2011 . . This is the perfect book for any student new
Qualitative Research                 Third Edition    David Silverman              2010 Lecturers, click here to request an electronic
Doing Qualitative Research           Third Edition    David Silverman              2009 Lecturers, click here to request an e-inspectio
Qualitative Researching              Second Edition   Jennifer Mason               2002 The Second Edition of this bestselling text off
Qualitative Research Methods                                                       2010 Lecturers, click
                                                      Monique Hennink, Inge Hutter and Ajay Bailey here to request an e-inspectio
                       Research Third Edition         Juliet Corbin and Anselm Strauss Significantly revised, the Third Edition of this
Basics of QualitativeTechniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory      2008
                      A Guide for                     Jane Ritchie and Jane
Qualitative Research Practice Social Science Students and Researchers Lewis2003 `An excellent introduction to the theoretical,
                                     Third Edition
Stretching' Exercises for Qualitative Researchers     Valerie J Janesick           2011 In this updated version of her innovative and
                      Exploring                       Celine-Marie Pascale
Cartographies of Knowledge Qualititative Epistemologies                            2011 Interpretative Qualitative Research: Agency,
                      A Research                                                Nov-12
Successful Qualitative Practical Guide for Beginners Victoria Clarke and Virginia BraunSidestepping detailed theoretical debates and
                      A Field
Collecting Qualitative Data Manual                                              Aug-12 Providing a practical and step-by-step guide t
                                                      Greg Guest, Marilyn L. Mitchell and Emily Namey
                      Working with Everyday Life Materials Brinkmann
Qualitative Inquiry in Everyday Life                  Svend                       Jul-12 This book is a "survival guide" for students an
                                     to Qualitative   Janice                     Jun-12 The
README FIRST for a User's Guide Third Edition Methods M. Morse and Lyn Richards Third Edition of this popular text offers th
Arts Based Research                                                                2011
                                                      Tom Barone and Elliot W Eisner Designed to be used as both a class text and
                      Mystery as Method
Qualitative Research and Theory Development                                        2011 Empirical data is one of the cornerstones of k
                                                      Mats Alvesson and Dan Karreman
                      A Psychosocial Approach
Doing Qualitative Research Differently Edition                                  Nov-12 Hollway and Jefferson have updated their gro
                                                      Wendy Hollway and Tony Jefferson
Writing Up Qualitative Research Third Edition         Harry F Wolcott              2009 Writing Up Qualitative Research, Third Editio
                                     Third Edition    Gretchen                     2011 F. Rallis
Learning in the FieldAn Introduction to Qualitative Research B. Rossman and SharonThe popular text that helped readers better u
Applied Thematic Analysis                                                        Jan-12 This book provides step-by-step instructions
                                                      Greg Guest, Katherine MacQueen and Emily E Namey
                      Practical Strategies
Qualitative Data Analysis                             Patricia Bazeley          Dec-12
                        Practical Guide
Handling QualitativeAData            Second Edition   Lyn Richards                 2009 . Lecturers, click here to request an e-inspect
Narrative Analysis The Listening Guide Approach Natasha Mauthner and Andrea Doucet
                                     Second Edition
The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers         Johnny Saldana             Oct-12 The second edition of Johnny Salda a's intern
Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo                  Patricia Bazeley             2007 `In plain language but with very thorough det
                      Theory, Method and Research Jonathan A Smith, Paul Flowers andis not often I can use "accessible" and "phe
Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis                                           2009 'It Michael Larkin
Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti                Susanne Friese           Dec-11 . Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti is the
Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Dialogical Approach  Paul Sullivan            Dec-11 In this important new text, Paul Sullivan intro
                     An Introduction
Qualitative Data Analysis           Second Edition     Carol Grbich             Nov-12 In this fully updated and expanded Second Ed
Constructing Grounded Theory Second Edition            Kathy Charmaz            Nov-12 This is the second edition of Kathy Charmaz's
                     Paperback Edition
The SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory                                               2010 Grounded Theory is by far the most widely us
                                                       Antony Bryant and Kathy Charmaz
Grounded Theory A Practical Guide                                                  2
                                                       Melanie Birks and Jane Mills 010 This is a highly practical book which introduce
                     A Practical Guide
Grounded Theory for Qualitative Analysis               Cathy Urquhart           Nov-12 What is grounded theory? How do we code a
                     Practices and Places
Situating Everyday Life                                Sarah Pink               Apr-12 The study of everyday life is fundamental to o
                                    Second Edition     D
Critical EthnographyMethod, Ethics, and Performance Soyini Madison                 2011 Critical Ethnography, Second Edition presents
Action Research                     Third Edition      Craig A Mertler
                     Teachers as Researchers in the Classroom                      2011 Action Research: Improving Schools and Emp
                                    Second Edition
All You Need to Know About Action Research                                         2011
                                                       Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead What is action research? Why do action resea
                     Participative Inquiry Edition
The SAGE Handbook of Action Research and Practice                                  2007 'For anyone seeking to create meaning out of
                                                       Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury
                                    Third Edition
Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization David Coghlan and Teresa Brannick   2009 Doing Action Research in Your Own Organiza
Action Research                     Third Edition      Ernest T Stringer           2007 'Stringer's book on action research provides a
                     Learning Through Practitioner Vivienne                     Nov-12
Action Research in the Classroom Second Edition Enquiry Baumfield, Elaine Hall and Kate Wall
                     A Four-Stage Second for Educators and School Teams
The Action Research Guidebook Process Edition          Richard Sagor               2011 Action research is a popular form of professio
                     The            Third Edition
Qualitative Interviewing Art of Hearing Data                                    Dec-11 The
                                                       Herbert J. Rubin and Irene S. Rubin book describes in-depth qualitative inter
InterViews                          Second Edition     Research Interviewing       2008 The
                     Learning the Craft of Qualitative Steinar Kvale and Svend Brinkmann first edition of InterViews has provided s
Interpreting Interviews                                Mats Alvesson               2010 Researchers conducting interviews in the soc
The Problem-Centred Interview                                                    Jun-12 Interviewing is among the most commonly us
                                                       Andreas Witzel and Herwig Reiter
                     Context and Second
The SAGE Handbook of InterviewMethod Edition                                    Apr-12 Jaber F Gubrium and Karyn D McKinney em
                                                       Amir Marvasti, James A Holstein, The new edition of this landmark volumeMar
Focus Groups                        Fourth Applied Richard                         2008 The Fourth Edition of the bestselling Focus Gr
                     A Practical Guide for Edition Research A Krueger and Mary Anne Casey
Focus Group Methodology and Practice                   Pranee Liamputtong          2011 Focus Group Methodology is an introductory
                     A Guide                           Gary
How to do your Case Study for Students and ResearchersThomas                       2010 'This very readable and well crafted book sho
Case Study Methods                                                              Feb-13
                                                       Sebastian Dellepiane-Avellaneda
Case Study Research                 Fourth
                     Design and Methods Edition        Robert K Yin                2008 Providing a complete portal to the world of c
Applications of Case Study Research Edition            Robert K. Yin               2011 This book helps graduate students and seaso
Encyclopedia of Case Study Research                                                2010 Case study methodology has a relatively long
                                    Two-Volume Set Albert J Mills, Gabrielle Durepos and Elden Wiebe
The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics                                              2010 'A superb Kerswill
                                                       Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Paul Evolume that weaves together the c
                     An Introduction for Social ScientistsVerlag
Doing Discourse Research                               VS                       Dec-12
Using Narrative in Research                            Christine Bold              2011 Using Narrative in Research by Christine Bold
Varieties of Narrative Analysis                                                  Jan-12 An exciting and comprehensive resource, Var
                                                       James A Holstein and Jaber F Gubrium
The SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods Eric Margolis and Luc Pauwels . This book captures the state of the art in vis
Doing Visual Research                                  Claudia Mitchell            2011 Doing Visual Research offers an innovative in
Advances in Visual Methodology                         Sarah Pink               May-12 Advances in Visual Methodology examines an
                     An             Third Edition      Gillian Rose
Visual Methodologies Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials             2011 . . The new edition of Gillian Rose's bestsellin
Researching the Visual              Second Edition     Michael Emmison          Nov-12
Using Photographs in Social and Historical Research Penny Tinkler               Oct-12
                                    Second Edition
Discourse Studies A Multidisciplinary Introduction Teun A Van Dijk                 2011 Discourse Studies is the largest, most comple
                     A Multimodal Introduction
How to Do Critical Discourse Analysis                                           Mar-12
                                                       David Machin and Andrea Mayr How do media texts manipulate and persuad
                                    Third Edition      Klaus
Content Analysis An Introduction to Its Methodology Krippendorff                 Jun-12 Since the publication of the First Edition of Co
Qualitative Content Analysis in Practice               Margrit Schreier         Feb-12 Qualitative content analysis is a powerful me
Internet Research Skills            Third Edition                               Apr-12 Internet Research Skills is a clear, concise gui
                                                       Niall Ó Dochartaigh
Cases in Online Interview Research                     Janet Salmons             Jan-12 In an era of constrained research budgets, on
The Essential Guide to Using the Web for Research Nigel Ford                       2011 This is a must-have book for any student seek
Netnography                                            Robert
                     Doing Ethnographic Research Online V Kozinets                 2009 With as many as 1 billion people now using o
Conducting Online Surveys           Second Edition                                Ritter
                                                       Valerie M. Sue and Lois A.Jan-12 This book addresses the needs of researchers
Using Mixed Methods                                    David Plowright
                     Frameworks for an Integrated Methodology                      2010 Using Mixed Methods offers an innovative ap
                     A simple guide Behavioral Sciences surveys and
                                                       Yana                     May-12
Flash Programming for the Social &to sophisticated onlineWeinstein experiments Adobe Flash is one of the most popular langu
                                    Second Edition                                 2010 A practical, how-to guide to designing mixed
Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research John W Creswell and Vicki L Plano Clark
                                     Second Social     Abbas Tashakkori and         2010 The
The SAGE Handbook of Mixed Methods inEdition & Behavioral Research Charles TeddlieHandbook of Mixed Methods in Social &
                      A Primer
Essentials of Utilization-Focused Evaluation           Michael Quinn Patton         2011 Based on Michael Quinn Patton's Utilization F
                      A Multidisciplinary Approach Fernando Soriano
Conducting Needs Assessments Second Edition                                      Nov-12 This book demystifies the process of planning
                      and Management                   Gail V Barrington
Consulting Start-Up A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers               Dec-11 Consulting Start-up and Management: A Guid
                                     Second Edition    Marvin
Evaluation Roots Tracing Theorists' Views and Influences C. Alkin                 Jun-12 Evaluation Roots: A Wider Perspective of The
                      and Performance Practice
                                     Second Edition                               Jan-13
Program Evaluation An Introduction toMeasurement James C. McDavid and Laura R. L. Hawthorn
Evaluation                           Seventh Edition Peter H Rossi, Mark W Lipsey andRelied on E Freeman
                      A Systematic Approach                                         2003 Howard by over 90,000 readers as the text o
                                     Third Edition
Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods            Michael Quinn Patton         2002 The completely revised and updated edition o
RealWorld Evaluation                 Second Edition    Michael Bamberger, Jim Rugh This book helps
                      Working Under Budget, Time, Data, and Political Constraints and Linda Mabry practicing evaluators design a
                      A Guide for Evaluators and Evaluations Users
The Program Evaluation Standards     Third Edition                                   Shulha, Rodney K Hopson on Flora Caruthers
                                                       Donald B Yarbrough, Lyn M2010 The Joint Committee andStandards for Educat
Interactive Evaluation Practice                                                   Jun-12 You've taken
                                                       Jean A King, Laurie Stevahn and Nick Foster your introduction to evaluation
How to Design and Report Experiments                                                2
                                                       Andy Field and Graham Hole002 `I strongly recommend this book. The all-imp
                      Getting the
Teaching Quantitative Methods Basics Right                                          2011 This
                                                       Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams exciting collection is both useful and time
                      Theory, Method
Doing Q Methodological Research & Interpretation                                 Mar-12
                                                       Simon Watts and Paul Stenner This book provides a simple yet thorough intr
Survey Research Methods              Fourth Edition    Floyd J Fowler Jr            2008 Survey Research Methods presents the very l
                                     Third Edition     Johnny                    Aug-12 Ronald F. Czaja
Designing Surveys A Guide to Decisions and Procedures Blair, Edward A. Blair and This book is a comprehensive guide to the wh
British Social Attitudes 28                                                      Dec-11 Curtice, Miranda Social and David Utting
                                                       Alison Park, Elizabeth Clery, John The annual BritishPhillips Attitudes survey is c
Designing and Doing Survey Research                    Lesley Andres             Mar-12 Designing and Doing Survey Research is an in
Web Survey Methodology                                                           Mar-13 Doing Survey Research Online guides the rea
                                                       Katja Lozar Manfreda, Mario Callegaro and Vasja Vehovar
Constructing SurveyA Critical Approach                                           Dec-12
                                                       Giampietro Gobo and Sergio Mauceri
Assessing the Quality of Survey Data                                             Feb-12
                                                       Joerg Blasius and Victor Thiessen This is a book for any researcher using any kin
A Companion to Survey Research                         Michael Ornstein          Nov-12 This book is a complete and critical introduct
Social Network Analysis              Third Edition     John Scott                Nov-12 The Third Edition of this best-selling text has
The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis                                        2011
                                                       John Scott and Peter Carrington This sparkling Handbook offers an unrivalled r
                      History, Theory and Methodologyhristina Prell
Social Network Analysis                                C                            2011 We live in a world that is paradoxically both s
Feminist Measures in Survey Research                   Catherine E Harnois       Mar-12 This book offers a new approach for doing qu
Analyzing Social Networks                                                        Nov-12
                                                       Steve Borgatti, Martin Everett and Jeffrey Johnson
Discovering Statistics Using SAS                       Andy Field and Jeremy Miles  2010 . . Hot on the heels of the 3rd edition of Andy
Discovering Statistics Using SPSS Third Edition        Andy Field                   2009 . ' In this brilliant new edition Andy Field has i
Discovering Statistics Using R                                                   and Zoe Field
                                                       Andy Field, Jeremy MilesMar-12 Watch Andy Field's introductory video to Disc
Do the Math!                                            Thinking
                      On Growth, Greed and Strategic John White                  May-12 Our world has become more complicated, an
                      With           to SPSS
Statistics for Research a Guide Third Edition          George Argyrous              2011 . This fully updated edition of Statistics for Re
Integrative Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences Ha and James Ha 2011 Designed to engage students and lower their
                                                       Renee R. and Behavioral Ha   2011 This
Study Guide to Accompany Integrative Statistics for the SocialHa and James C.Sciences study guide to accompany Renee Ha and
                       Research       Using IBM SPSS Earl Babbie, Fred S. Halley, 2010 Adventures William E Wagner III
Adventures in SocialData Analysis Seventh Edition Statistics                        Jeanne Zaino and in Social Research: Data Analysis
                                     Second Sciences Carol S Aneshensel
Theory-Based Data Analysis for the Social Edition                                Sep-12 This book presents a method for bringing dat
                                                                                 Dec-11 . Frankfort-Nachmias
Essentials of Social Statistics for a Diverse Society Anna Y. Leon-Guerrero and Chava Essentials of Social Statistics for a Diverse So
                                     New Edition
A Conceptual Guide to Statistics Using SPSS                                         2011 This
                                                       Elliot T Berkman and Steven P Reise book helps students develop a conceptu
Using SPSS            An Interactive Hands-On Approach                              2011 Aldrich
                                                       James Cunningham and James O.This practical book can be used as a supplem
                                     Second Edition
Interpreting Quantitative Data with IBM SPSS           Rachad Antonius           Nov-12 The Second Edition of Interpreting Quantitati
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                 Gregory J Privitera          2011 . An engaging introduction to statistics, the te
                                                       Gregory J. Privitera         2011
Student Study Guide with SPSS Workbook for Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences The Study Guide to Accompany Statistics for
                                                       Jeffrey R
Longitudinal Data Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences UsingLong                 Dec-11 This book is a practical guide for the analysis
STATLAB Online                                         Francis Gregory and Ian Neath Take statistics from the printed page and mak
Statistics                           Third Edition
                      A Gentle Introduction            Frederick L. Coolidge      Jun-12 With Statistics: A Gentle Introduction, Third E
                                     Second Edition
Applied Statistics From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques                 Jun-12 Applied Statistics: From Bivariate Through Mu
                                     Second Edition
Student Study Guide to Accompany Statistics Alive! Wendy J Steinberg                2011 This affordable student study guide and work
                      A & Methodology Edition
                                     Fourth            W Paul Vogt                  2011
Dictionary of StatisticsNontechnical Guide for the Social. Sciences and Burke JohnsonIn this newly updated Fourth Edition, new ter
Answering Questions with Statistics                    Robert Frank Szafran      Dec-11 By making introductory statistics interesting t
                                     Second Edition    Tom A Multilevel Modeling Bosker
Multilevel Analysis An Introduction to Basic and Advanced B Snijders and Roel J2011 The Second Edition of this classic text introdu
Multilevel Modeling in Plain Language                   Karen Robson              Nov-13
The SAGE Handbook of Multilevel Modeling                                           and Jeffrey Simonoff
                                                        Brian Marx, Marc A Scott Feb-13 In this important new Handbook, the editors
                                                        SPSS Blunch
Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling Using Niels and Amos                   2008 . Introduction to Structural Equation Modellin
Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis                   Kyle C Longest             Jan-12 . Using Stata for Statistical Analysis is a supple
                      Design and
Applied Multivariate Research Interpretation                                         2005 Multivariate designs were
                                                        Lawrence S Meyers, Glenn C Gamst and Anthony J Guarino once the province
An R Companion to Applied Regression Edition                                         2011
                                                        John Fox and Sanford Weisberg This is a broad introduction to the R statistica
Introducing Survival and Event History Analysis         Melinda Mills                2010 . Introducing Survival Analysis and Event Histo
                                    Third Edition
Scale Development Theory and Applications               Robert F. DeVellis           2011 A best-seller in its previous editions, Scale De
Hands on Data AnalysisA Second Course in Statistics Brett W. Pelham               Aug-12 Hands on Data Analysis: A Second Course in S
Event History Analysis              Second Edition      Paul D.
                      Regression for Longitudinal Event Data Allison               Jan-13 Drawing on recent 'event history' analytical m
                      Statistical Methods and Applications
Propensity Score Analysis                                                             Fraser
                                                        Shenyang Guo and Mark W2009 Propensity Score Matching provides readers
                      Applications and DataEdition Methods W Raudenbush and Anthony S Bryk first edition for its rich, illustrati
Hierarchical Linear Models          Second Analysis Stephen                          2002 Popular in its
                                    Second Edition      John Fox
Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models                            2008 The new Second Edition will extend coverage
                      Guide and
Hierarchical Linear Modeling Applications               G. David Garson            Jun-12 This book provides a brief, easy-to-read guide
                       Who (Think They) Edition
Statistics for People Excel 2010 Edition Hate StatisticsNeil J Salkind             Jun-12 The bestselling text Statistics for People Who
Excel Statistics      A Quick Guide                     Neil J Salkind               2010 Designed for users already familiar with basic
                                    Fourth Edition
Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate StatisticsNeil J Salkind                 2010 Includes CD-Rom. The bestselling Statistics fo
                                                        Neil J. Salkind              Hate Prepared 4th Edition
Study Guide to Accompany Neil Salkind's Statistics for People Who (Think They)2011 Statistics, by David Kremelberg (University of
                       Who (Think They) Hate StatisticsNeil
Statistics for People (Bundled with SPSS Student Version) J Salkind                        Praise from students for Neil Salkind's Statist
                                    Who (Think They) Neil Salkind
Tests & Measurement for People Second Edition Hate JTests & Measurement           Mar-12 Neil J. Salkind guides readers through the fun
Building SPSS Graphs to Understand Data                                            Jun-12 This
                                                        James O. Aldrich and Hilda Rodriguez book is a must-have for anyone needing
Best Practices in Data Cleaning                         Jason W. Osborne          Mar-12 Many researchers jump straight from data co
                      Mokken Scale Analysis
Ordinal Item Response Theory                            Wijbrandt H Van Schur        2011 Ordinal Item Response Theory is volume 169
Multivariate General Linear Models                      Richard Haase              Jan-12 This book provides a graduate level introduct
Assessing Inequality                                                                 2010 This text reviews a set of widely used summa
                                                        Lingxin Hao and Daniel Q. Naiman
                                                        Harry J Khamis
The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models                        2011 Though the graphical model was introduced i
Nonrecursive Models                                     John R Hipp, Sandra Loops2011 Nonrecursive Models provides explicit guidan
                      Endogeneity, Reciprocal Relationships, and FeedbackMarquart-Pyatt and Pamela Paxton
Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research                                       Dec-12
                                                        Russell Belk, Eileen Fischer and Robert V Kozinets
                      A Research                        Project
Essentials of Business Guide to Doing Your Research Jonathan Wilson                  2010 . Essentials of Business Research: A Guide to
                                                        David              Cloth 2009 ; Paper SAGE
The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods Buchanan and Alan Bryman 2011 Handbook of Organizational Resear
Qualitative Research in Business & Management           Michael D Myers              2008 . What are the key issues that concern Qualita
Research Methods in Accounting Second Edition           Malcolm Smith                2011 Updated and expanded, the Second Edition o
The SAGE Handbook of Measurement                                                     2010 The Sage Handbook of
                                                        Geoffrey Walford, Eric Tucker and Madhu Viswanathan Measurement is a uni
                      Core Methods and                  Gillian                   Mar-12 This
Qualitative Organizational Research Current Challenges Symon and Catherine Cassell comprehensive text brings together in on
                      Better Organizational Edition
The Logic Model Guidebook                               for Wyatt Knowlton and Dec-12 The Logic Model Guidebook: Better Thinking
                                    Second Strategies LisaGreat Results            Cynthia C. Phillips
Researching Power, Elites and Leadership                Christopher Williams May-12 This exciting new text consolidates the hows
                                                                                  Mar-12 'This Coe will be of immense
Research Methods and Methodologies in Education James Arthur, Michael Waring, Robertworkand Larry V Hedges value to those
Introduction to Research Methods in Education           Keith F Punch                2009 . Based on the popular Introduction to Social
                      A Guide                           Anastasia Samaras
Self-Study Teacher Researchfor Studying your Teaching Practice                       2010 Self-Study Teacher Research guides pre-servi
Research in Early Childhood                                                       Nov-12
                                                        Andrea Nolan, Kym Macfarlane and Jennifer Cartmel
                      Q             Qualitative, and Burke Johnson and
Educational Research uantitative, Fourth Edition Mixed Approaches Larry Christensen  2011 Educational Research: Quantitative, Qualitati
Research Methods in Education                                                      K Schutt
                                                        Joseph Check and RussellDec-11 . Research Methods in Education is an innova
Using Statistics to Make Educational Decisions          David Tanner                 2011 . This is an accessible introduction to statistic
                      A Guide for Teachers Edition
                                    Second              Keith
Classroom-based Research and Evidence-based Practice Taber                        Dec-12
                      Guide to Completing a Major Project Boudah
Conducting Educational Research                         Daniel                       2010 Designed to be used during the research proc
                                    Second with SPSS Daniel Muijs
Doing Quantitative Research in EducationEdition                                      2010 This accessible and authoritative introduction
                      A Practical Third
Doing Research with Children Guide Edition                                        Nov-12 The Third Edition
                                                        Anne D Greig, Jayne Taylor and Tommy MacKay of Doing Research with Chil
                      An Introductory Guide
Research Methods in Early Childhood                                                  2009 'How
                                                        Penny Mukherji and Deborah Albon I wish I'd had a book like this when I firs
School-based Research               Second Students Elaine Wilson
                      A Guide for EducationEdition                                Nov-12
Conducting Policy Action Research in Education                                    Feb-13
                     A User's Guide
Qualitative Research in EducationThird Edition       Marilyn Lichtman         Mar-12 . Qualitative Research in Education: A User's G
                     Understanding and Analyzing Ronald                        Nelson,
Research Methods for Education Second Edition Research C. Martella, J RonDec-12 Nancy E. Marchand-Martella and Robert L M
Work-Based Research in the Early Years               Sue Callan and Michael Reed 2011 In the early years sector all practitioners are n
Action Research in Healthcare                                                    2010 Heather Waterman
                                                     Elizabeth Koshy, Valsa Koshy and Action Research in Healthcare is a practical g
Understanding Social Work Research Second Edition    Hugh McLaughlin           Dec-11 Social work students need to understand the
Action Research in Nursing and Healthcare                                        2011 Action Research is becoming
                                                     Graham Williamson, Loretta Bellman and Jonathan Webster more popular in
                                                     Ivy Bourgeault, Robert Dingwall and Ray de Vries
The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Methods in Health Research                      2010 The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Methods in
Technology-Based Health Research and Program Evaluation Bull                     2011 Designed for courses in health promotion, pu
Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Public Health       Deborah K. Padgett          2011 This text has a large emphasis on mixed meth
                     An Evidence-Based Approach to Nancy GImplementation and Evaluation practical strategies and tools reader
Program Development in the 21st Century               Design, Calley             2011 Offering
                                   Second Edition    Mike Saks and
Researching Health Qualiatative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Judith Allsop Nov-12
                     An Introduction for Health and Social Moule and Gill Hek 2011 Research is now an integral part of everyday
Making Sense of Research           Fourth Edition    Pam Care Practitioners
Nursing Research An Introduction                                                 2009 . "This
                                                     Pam Moule and Margaret Goodman is a very welcome new book that will b
Evidence Based Public Health Practice                Arlene G. Fink           Mar-12 This practical book shows how to do evidence
                     A Non-Mathematical Introduction
Statistics for the Health Sciences                                            Mar-12 Richard for the
                                                     Christine Dancey, John Reidy andStatisticsRowe Health Sciences is a highly re
                     The Facts Counselling           Mick Cooper
Essential Research Findings in are Friendly and Psychotherapy                    2008 Are some therapies more effective than othe
Doing Counselling Research         Second Edition    John McLeod                 2003 `This is a great starting point for anyone stud
Case Study Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy McLeod                      2010 To read the foreword by Daniel B. Fishman, P
Research in Psychotherapy and Counselling            Ladislav Timulak            2008 Timulak's aims, to clarify research and its valu
                                   Second Edition    John
Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy McLeod                     2011 The need to show how and why counselling w
Introducing Counselling and Psychotherapy Research                             Dec-12 Introducing
                                                     Terry Hanley, Clare Lennie and William West the language of research in coun
Handbook of Multicultural Measures                                               2011 Providing readers with cutting-edge details o
                                                     Glenn C Gamst, Christopher Liang and Aghop Der-Karabetian
How to Do Media and Cultural Studies Edition         Jane Stokes              Nov-12 The Second Edition of this student favourite t
                     An Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches2011 In this new edition, Arthur Asa Berger employ
                                   Second Edition
Media and Communication Research Methods             Arthur Asa Berger
Media Analysis Techniques          Fourth Edition    Arthur Asa Berger           2011 In the Fourth Edition of Media Analysis Techn
Doing Your Qualitative Psychology Project                                     Mar-12 This book is Riley
                                                     Cath Sullivan, Stephen Gibson and Sarah C.E. for students who are about to em
                     A Practical Guide
Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology             Michael A Forrester         2010 Providing a complete introduction to qualitat
                     A Practical Guide to Research Methods A Smith
Qualitative Psychology             Second Edition    Jonathan                    2007 Covering all the main qualitative approaches
The Process of Research in Psychology                Dawn M McBride              2010 Author Dawn McBride covers the basic mater
Research Methods in Psychology Fourth Edition                                  Apr-12 Research Methods in Psychology has been su
                                                     Glynis M Breakwell, Jonathan A Smith and Daniel B Wright
                     A Practical Guide Human Participants                     Nov-12
Running Behavioral Experiments with for Students Frank Ritter, Jong W. Kim, Jonathon H. Morgan and Richard A. Carlson
                                                     Lisa Harrison and Theresa Callan From action research to validity, this innovati
Key Research Concepts in Politics and International Relations                 Nov-12
                                   Second and Criminal Justice
Fundamentals of Research in CriminologyEdition                                   2011 . Fundamentals of Research in Criminology an
                                                     Ronet Bachman and Russell K Schutt
Snapshots of Research                                Richard D Hartley
                     Readings in Criminology and Criminal Justice                2010 Snapshots of Research: Readings in Criminolo
Doing Criminological Research Second Edition                                     2010 Victor Jupp
                                                     Pamela Davies, Peter Francis andThe new edition of this best selling textbook
                     A Student's Guide Edition
Statistical Methods for Geography  Third             Peter A Rogerson            2010 . 'This book provides students with everythin
Key Methods in Geography           Second Edition                                2010 Now in a new edition, Key Methods in Geogra
                                                     Nicholas Clifford, Shaun French and Gill Valentine
The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society                                             2011 and the past twenty years research on the e
                                                     Timothy Nyerges, Helen CouclelisOver Robert McMaster
Fieldwork for Human Geography                                                 Mar-12 Fieldwork is a core component of geography
                                                     Richard Phillips and Jennifer Johns
Qualitative Reseach in Sport and Physical Activity Ian Jones, Lorraine Brown and Immy Holloway
Key Concepts in Tourism Research                                               Apr-12 This book walks students through the selectio
                                                     David Botterill and Vincent Platenkamp
Key Concepts in Sport and Exercise Research Methods  Michael Atkinson            2011 This book systematically demonstrates the sig
                                   Four-Volume Set Harry Torrance
Qualitative Research Methods in Education                                        2010 This four-volume set is part of the Fundamen
Action Research in Education                                                     2010 Action Research
                                   Three-Volume Set Anne Campbell and Susan Groundwater-Smith in Education traces the evolu
Quantitative Research in Education Three-Volume Set Stephen Gorard               2008 This major work captures cutting-edge and se
Nursing Research Methods                                                         2009
                                   Three-Volume Set Peter Griffiths and Jackie Bridges Nursing research is a diverse discipline which
Researching Young People           Three-Volume Set Amanda Coffey and Tom Hall   2011 The social sciences have consistently sought w
Researching Gender                 4 Volume Set      Christina Hughes          Oct-12 Researching Gender is an authoritative four-v
Healthcare Evaluation              Four-Volume Set R Barker Bausell           May-12 Health evaluation has become increasingly im
                                   Four-Volume Set Bella Dicks
Digital Qualitative Research Methods                                           Dec-11 The field of digital methods for qualitative res
Ethnography in Context               Four-Volume Set Dick Hobbs                  2011 Ethnography is an extremely broad church, a
Conversation Analysis                Four-Volume Set Paul Drew and John Heritage 2006 It is now widely agreed that in latter part of t
Mass Communication Research Methods  Four-Volume Set Anders Hansen               2009 Part One: Introduction. Part Two: Asking the
Life Story Research                  Four-Volume Set Barbara Harrison            2009 Life Story Research gathers together articles
Gender and Research                                                              2008
                                     Four-Volume Set Sara Delamont and Paul AtkinsonFor the past thirty years there have been vigo
Interviewing II                      Four-Volume Set Nigel G Fielding            2008 Interviewing has a strong claim to be the mos
SAGE Qualitative Research Methods                                                2010
                                     Four-Volume Set Paul Atkinson and Sara DelamontSAGE has been a major force shaping the fiel
Ethnographic Methods in Education    Four-Volume Set Sara Delamont               2011 As qualitative methods have gained acceptan
Event History Analysis               Four-Volume Set Lawrence Wu                 2011 Event history analysis is an umbrella term for
Forecasting                                                                      2011
                                     Five-Volume Set Robert A Fildes and Geoff Allen Forecasting has long been a core activity invo
Social Statistics                                                                2010
                                     Four-Volume Set Roger Penn and Damon Berridge Statistics and statistical analyses have becom
SAGE Quantitative Research Methods   Four-Volume Set W Paul Vogt                 2011 For more than 40 years, SAGE has been one o
Attitude Measurement                                                              Jowell
                                     Four-Volume Set Caroline Roberts and Roger2008 The field of attitude research has long been r
Multilevel Modelling                                                             2010 Data collected in the social sciences often ha
                                     Four-Volume Set Anders Skrondal and Sophia Rabe-Hesketh
                                     Data                                        2009 This collection
The Secondary Analysis of Survey Four-Volume Set Martin Bulmer, Patrick J Sturgis and Nick Allum brings together the key public
Methods of Interpretive Sociology    Four-Volume Set Matthew David               2010 Should cultural meaning be understood in ter
Social Networks Analysis             Four-Volume Set Linton Freeman              2007 Social network analysis is a crucial method in
Computational Social Science         Four-Volume Set Nigel Gilbert               2010 Computational social science is an approach i
Ethnomethodology                                                                 2010
                                     Four-Volume Set Michael Lynch and Wes SharrockEthnomethodology is an approach to sociolog
Realist Methodology                  Four-Volume Set Wendy Olsen                 2010 Realism is an approach to humanity which re
                                     Four-Volume Set
Using Documents and Records in Social Research Lindsay Prior                     2011 Using Documents and Records in Social Resea
Data Collection                      Four-Volume Set W Paul Vogt                 2010 Insufficient attention to collecting data is ofte
Cluster Analysis                                                               Jan-12 Cluster analysis is a family of techniques that
                                     Four-Volume Set David Byrne and Emma Uprichard
                                                                                  and Work Putnam
Organizational Discourse Studies Three-Volume Set David Grant, Cynthia Hardy2011Linda Lon organizational discourse studies has
SAGE Internet Research Methods Four-Volume Set Jason Hughes                    Jun-12 Historically, social researchers have shown a
SAGE Visual Methods                  Four-Volume Set Jason Hughes               Jul-12 In contemporary Western societies, the visua
SAGE Biographical Research           Four-Volume Set John Goodwin              Jun-12 Biographical research may take a range of for
SAGE Secondary Data Analysis Four-Volume Set John Goodwin                       Jul-12 One central and enduring image of the social
                                      Guide to Success at University Sandra Sinfield Do you want to do better at university? Whet
Essential Study SkillsThe CompleteThird Edition        Tom Burns and          Mar-12
Writing for Academic Success         Second Edition                            Poore
                                                       Gail Craswell and Megan Dec-11 Writing for Academic Success is a vital practic
                      A Very Practical Guide for Students
How to Read Journal Articles in the Social Sciences Phillip Chong Ho Shon Mar-12 'Shon's writing is engaging and entertaining;
                      Essential Tips
Doing Essays and Assignments for Students              Pete Greasley             2011 This book gives students an insider's view of w
                                     Second Edition
Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates                                   2011
                                                       Mike Wallace and Alison Wray 'Written in a clear and straightforward fashio
                                     Second Edition
Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia                Sandra Hargreaves       Apr-12 Full of advice on topics such as note taking, re
Catalogue Copy         Contents          Series        Imprint           Pages        Category
                       PART ONE: STARTING YOUR RESEARCH \ provides those Theory, Research Questiona comprehensive introdu
                                                                         680 pages Research Methods & with and (General),Sociologi
This new edition of Matthew David and Carole D Sutton's text Getting Started:new to social research EvaluationResearch Design \ B
                       Research: A Way of Thinking: Research: of Integralpages research methodology, this book breaks the process
                                                                         440 and Your Practice Research: A Way (General)"IC
Written specifically for students with no previous experience An researchPart ofResearch Methods & Evaluation to Gather Evidence
                       Clive Seale book is the and Guide to Using main social research methods in OUT \ Miran Epstein Introduction
                                                                         656 pages Sociological Research today. The much-anticipated
Clear, coherent and trusted, thisIntroductionperfect guide to the This Book \ PART ONE: STARTING useMethods,Social Research Met
                       Introduction \ the bestselling SecondResearch 336 Research
                                         Essential Resource \ Edition has been fully revised and updated to include: \ Quantitative Re
                                                                         Questions From               Questions to
Building on the success of the first, Some Central IssuesBooks for Social pages \Social Research Methods"IC Data@!Wider coverag
                       About Social Science guide to doing research in Researchand behaviouralResearch \from the Research (Gen
                                                                         768 pages \ Preparing for sciences, Research Design: Experi
This classic text provides a comprehensive \ The Foundations of Socialthe socialSocial Research Methods,Qualitativefoundations an
                       PART ONE: is a theoretically Doing data collection pages Research Methods (General),Sociological provides aM
                                                                         312 and analysis: Origins of relations. The textbook Research
Original, fresh and relevant, this INTRODUCTION \informed, practical guide to researching socialthe approach Structure of the book
                       Geoff Cooper Conceptualizing Social Life \ Nigel Gilbert covers the Theoryrange Evaluation from quantitative
                                                                         576 Life Research, whole and Method \ PART ONE: BEGINNIN
The Third Edition of Nigel Gilbert's hugely successful Researching Social pages Research Methods & of methods(General),Sociologi
                        expanded edition of ONE: Research in the PLANNING introduces readersMethods,Qualitative Research (Gen
                                                                         624 pages Social Research to all the Perspectives and Researc
This fully revised andIntroduction \ PART DoingPRINCIPLES AND Real World FOR RESEARCH \ Theoretical essential aspects of the re
                       Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale Creative Tensions in Social Research: social research and brings togetherRESEA
                                                                         264 pages the field of Questions of Method \ PART ONE: Met
Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale's book sets out cutting-edge developments in Social Research Methods,Sociological Research a wi
                       Why Conceptual Frameworks? \ Excavating Questions: Conceptual Frameworks(General),Research Methods (
                                                                         200 pages Qualitative Research and Research Design \ The Ro
Designed for novice as well as more experienced researchers embarking on a thesis or dissertation, as well as those advising them,
                       Understanding Research Methods summarizes192 pages \Research Methods that aboutthose Research Quest
                                                                          the most Reviewing and Writing lie in Your in-between & E
100 Questions (and Answers) about the Research Process and Getting Startedimportant questions (General),Research Methodsspa
                       Inquiry and students \ Things That instead of 192 pages \ Qualitative Methods, Observational Methods & E
                                                                         simply reading about it, they understand it better, this book Q
Based on the premise that when Sampling do somethingVary \ Survey MethodsResearch Methods (General),Research Methods \com
                       Science, social research is Research \ who need to understand methodologies and results, but who may nev
                                                                         352 and Problems of Social Research \ Ethics in Research Con
This engaging introduction to Society and Socialfor studentsThe Process pages Sociological Research Methods,Social Research\Met
                       Science, Society and Social Research Forge Process pages Sociologicalthe Research \ Research Research Met
                                                       A Pine \ The Press Publication illustrate Research Methods,Social each and Phil
                                                                         648 and that
This Seventh Edition continues to make research come alive through stories Problems of Socialmethods presented inEthics chapter
                       PART ONE: ELEMENTS OFfor a New Century series pages Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Met
                                         Sociology SOCIAL RESEARCH 248 is on diversity and : Introduction Some on relationships
                                                       A Pine Forge Press Publication
By comparing qualitative research on commonalities, comparative \research Social Research?quantitative research Conventional Vie
                       PART 'This work affords a concise overview of368 pages Social Research Methods,Educational Research Soci
                                                                          qualitative and quantitative Somekh et al Research in the Met
Praise for the First Edition :ONE: READING, REVIEWING AND REFLECTING \ Introduction \ Bridgetmethodologies in the social scienc
                       But I Don't...' \ The Goose Approach to Research \ The Community Methodsproblems, develop their resource
                                                                         296 pages Research to solve (General),Research Design"
This book is an in-depth review of all of the research methods that communities can useDevelopment Context of Research \ Head a
                       Exploring the World of Social Research Design 208 pages encourages students to understand research meth
                                                                         \ Foundations \ Research Questions \ Literature Reviews \ Me
Methodological Thinking focuses on the underlying logic of social research, andResearch Methods (General),Sociological Research M
                       Visualizing Social Science Research \ Concept Maps and Research Theory, & shows how (General),Research
                                                                          graphs and diagrams, this book Evaluation concept \ Using Co
Presenting basic principles of social science research through maps,224 pagesMind Maps:Methods Definitions and Utility maps and
                       PART ONE: RESEARCH IS METHODOLOGY with288 Research? \principles and frameworks (General),Education
                                                                          straightforward What Is Methodology? \ PART TWO: THE PERV
The Third Edition of this hugely popular text provides students \ What Ispages Research Methods & Evaluation for understanding m
                                                                         240 comparative-historical methods. It sets out an intellectual
This bright, engaging title provides a thorough and integrated review of pages IC~Cl 978-1-84920-627-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920
                       PART ONE: DATA COLLECTION: to INTRODUCTIONpages excellent sections often underplayed Research Met
                                                                         248 TO RESEARCH PRACTICES \ Research and Data methods \
'Written with freshness and energy, this lively guide ANdata collection includes Social Research Methods,Sociological byCollection te
                       Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber Feminist Research:792 pages InterrogatingGender,Social Research about women
                                                                          Exploring, Sociology of and Transforming the Interconnection
This Handbook presents both a theoretical and practical approach to conducting social science research on, for, andMethods,Gend
                       PART ONE: ABOUT INTERDISCIPLINARY substantialpages Interdisciplinaryof & Evaluation (General),Research
                                                                         544 research on all aspects Studies \ Mapping that has been
The Second Edition of Interdisciplinary Research reflects the STUDIES \ DefiningResearch Methods interdisciplinaritythe Drivers of In
                        as a ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Rick Szostak The 368 pages using an Methods (General)" TWO: DRAWING pro
                                                                         Interdisciplinary Research Process \ PART
This book is intendedPART stand-alone volume that: demonstrates the need forResearch explicitly interdisciplinary approach toON D
                       When, What entertaining Research
                                         Success in book, Lucinda are you going to Study an introduce the should you write an article?
                                                                         160 pages write Skills (General),Publishing (PG),Publishing (Ac
In this accessible, informative and and Where to Publish: Why Becker and Pam Denicolo article? Whenbest practical strategies avai
                       Prologue Serendipity Intended Readers Overview of the Rook The Task Before You \ WhatSkills (General)"IC
                                          the most Research              160 pages Social Research Methods,Study students. In Propo
Writing a research proposal is one ofSuccess in important tasks facing academics, researchers and postgraduateis a Researchthis ac
                       Introduction \ The Proposal: includes: - expanded sections coveringA Generalstrategy, research (General),Qua
                                                                         176 and Functions \ research Framework Skills planning Prop
Keith F Punch's update of his indispensable guide Readers, Expectationspages Social Research Methods,Study for Developing and
                                                                         216 pages ~Cl 978-0-85702-965-2~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-9
                       Overview of the Adaptive presented Finding 224 principles and practices of small-scale research. Questions
                                                                          Research Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Met
In this inspiring and engaging book, readers areApproach \ with theakey pages Topic and Research Problem \ DevelopingIn addition
                       book tackles one of the main issues an academic faces today - how Methods (General),Scholarly Your Applica
                                                                         176 pages How to Get Good funding for research. With Resea
'This comprehensive How to Be a Fundable Researcher \ How to Find Funding \Research to secureAdvice \ How to PlanAids/Researc
                       PART ONE Glossary research and statistical terms, written in jargon-free, easy-to-understand terminology to
                                                                          Acronyms, Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms Found in Resear
This extensive glossary contains\over 1500Terms \ Commonly Used216 pages Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Social Wo
                       PART ONE \ Introduction \ Designing Your Research Question \ The routinely published online in978-1-4462-5
                                                                         224 pages IC~Cl 978-1-4462-5220-8~#75.00~~Pa the form of b
Contemporary changes in digital media mean that a huge quantity of information is now Social Web \ Thinking about Ethics \ Collec
                       Situating Knowledge Systems \ Discovery and 368 pages Research Methods (General),Evaluation (General)"
                                                                         to sensitize researchers and students to diverse epistemologies
Following the increasing emphasis in the classroom and in the fieldRecovery: Reading and Conducting Research Responsibly \ Who
                       PART ONE: TAKING THE LEAP INTO THE RESEARCH pages Research Methods tackling a research project \'com
                                                                         320 WORLD \ and skills they need to get from 'clueless' to So
The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project gives students the knowledgeThe challenge of & Evaluation (General),Researchw
                       Your Introduction: Starting with a Question Project Management \ The Literature happen atDecide& Evaluatio
                                                                         272 pages Study Skills what should Review \ each on Your Q
With many practical examples, How to Do Your Research Project\takes the reader through (General),Research Methods phase in th
                        a wide range of disciplines, the authors give Process \ Selecting a on the entire \Tools,Study Inquiry: Quant
                                                                         328 pages Scholarly Aids/Research Methods process. The ent
Using examples fromPART ONE: GETTING STARTED \ The Researchreaders expert advice Suitable TopicdissertationofSkills (General)
                       Introduction \ Research andSkills first-timers. I wholeheartedly recommend it' IsElizabeth Burton, Is It for: The
                                         SAGE Study for Series           400 : Aims Research Methods - Research?
'An excellent and indispensable guide to researchthe Research Problempages Introduction What (General)"IC What University of
                       Designing and Managing helps one to successfully pages Research Design"IC
                                                                         264 plan and complete research project by showing to key
Designing and Planning Your Research Project Research Projects: An Overview \ Designing aaNew Research Project: Issues theThinks
                       PART ONE: TAKING CHARGE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR WORK \ A Complete Dissertation: dissertation because
                                                                         304 pages Qualitative thesis or doctoral The Big Picture \ Gea
Graduate students often struggle with turning qualitative research projects into a master'sResearch (General),Scholarly Aids/Resea
                       Ian between the social sciences and the natural sciences? Where do of Paradigms, MethodologyMethods & E
                                                                         772 the Social Sciences: Social Science,Research and Ontolog
What is the relationship C Jarvie Introduction: Philosophical Problems inpages Philosophytoday's dominant approaches to doing so
                       Problems Identified: texts, this book and the in a student-friendly and Social Science,Research Methods & E
                                                                          Role of Theory \ Explaining Theory \ Positivism and between p
Standing apart from existing methodologyTruth Knowledgeclarifies, 240 pages Philosophy of engaging way, distinctionsPost-Positiv
                       Introduction \ concepts in social research. This204 pages Social leading authors and field, takes a complete
                                                                          book, written by Research Methods,Sociological Research Situ
Objectivity and subjectivity are key The Philosophical Bases of Objectivity and Relativity \ Relationismin theDynamic Synthesis \Met
                       PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS: WHAT METHODOLOGY and analyzing \ Inference and findings. Designing this in
                                                                         336 IS AND DOES data to generate
Most existing textbooks deal with methods, or sound ways of collectingpages Research Design"IC Warrant inIn contrast,Resear
                       Introduction: The Intellectualization of Method \ providing researchers with anEvaluation Critical Realism: Th
                                                                         360 pages Research Methods & invaluable guide to a central p
Reflexive Methodology established itself as a groundbreaking success,(Post-)Positivism, Social Constructionism, (General),Research
                       Introduction: Motivations for a Contribution \ PARTpages CONTENT \ Commitment, more important in theMed
                                                                         248 and Qualitative Research the Criteria and Change \ so-c
Thinking reflexively about the interrelationships between social researchONE:societal practices is all (General),Sociological Researc
                       Introduction \ PART ONE: THE ROLE OF THE RESEARCHER:ResearchOBLIGATIONS AND VIRTUES \ Methodolog
                                                                         224 pages LIMITS, Methods & Evaluation (General)"
The literature on social science methods and the issues surrounding them has grown massively and continues to increase. Yet man
                       The brings together, in one Historians Delivering Untheorized modernity, empiricism, realism, post-modernity
                                                                         560 the role of Truth \ The Implications of Empiricism for Histo
This important handbookTurn Towards 'Science': volume, discussions ofpages History (General)"
                                                                         256 their Scholarly Aids/Research Tools,Social Research resp
This book guides readers through one of the most important aspects of pagessocial or behavioural research: planning ethicallyMeth
                        to think about \ The Research Ethos a variety ofreasons\it is an increasingly (General)"
                                                                        184 Harm Autonomy and Informed Consent \ research met
All researchers need What Is Ethics?research ethics, and for \ The Riskof pages Qualitative Researchimportant part ofPrivacy, Confi
                         at the centre Defining Some Terms \ Research Ethics \ The Purposeand practical Starting from Uncertaintyra
                                                                        176 pages This clear Research Methods,Data Collection &
Ethical questions are Introduction \of research with children and young people.Educationalof This Book:text informs students andAn
                        Maxine Birch, Tina Miller, Melanie Mauthner and Julie Jessop Introduction \of new ethical
                                                                        232 pages research in light Rosalind Edwards and Melanie M
Expanding its focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of doing qualitativeQualitative Research (General)" dilemmas facing res
                        basis for Misconduct \ Protection of using Subjects \ core areas of responsible conduct in social Research M
                                                                        104 pages Research Methods Data Management Practices res
This book provides a Researchclass discussion about ethicsHumaneight of the Conflict of Interest \ (General),Sociological science \ M
                        Introduction anyone Research design Or What Are You Talking About? Introduction Defining terms \ So
                                                                        224 pages Research Design,Social Research Methods"IC
This is the perfect starter book forto Social looking toDesign -his//her own research project, and\make sense of\and justify the many
                        PART ONE: WHAT IS RESEARCH DESIGN? \ The296 pages Design Tools for planning Design \ Causation and
                                                                         Context of Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"IC
'A wonderful opportunity for research design students and practitioners to think more\about the Research and process of research
                        Introduction: What Is approaches and with examplesEstablishing Causality in the Social Sciences \ Dealing with
                                                                        232 \ drawn from a wide range of social science 978-1-84920
Covering both qualitative and quantitative at Stake in Research Design? pages IC~Cl 978-1-84920-500-9~#75.00~~Padisciplines, th
                        PART ONE: A REALIST positions, realism supports the insights of critical theory in social Should Qualitative Re
                                                                        240 pages Qualitative Realism (General)"IC
In contrast to interpretive or constructivist STANCE FOR QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ What Is Researchand Why and educational resea
                        Introduction \ Qualitative guidance for developing and successfully defending proposalsthe Study: Building th
                                                                        344 pages Qualitative Research What of for qualitative inqui
This popular text provides useful and pragmaticResearch Genres \ Trustworthiness and Ethics \ The(General),Educational Researc
                        Preface \ List of decisions, this and Research Notes \ Chapter the basics ofto Make Sampling Choices \ Chapte
                                                                        320 pages Social Preparing sampling.
Helping the reader to make research Tables, Figures,text is an introductory guide to 1. Research Methods,Research Design,Survey R
                                                                        420 pages planning qualitative (General),Qualitative Evaluatio
This book gives researchers and students a user-friendly, step-by-step guide to Qualitative Researchresearch. Based on a course th
                        Introduction \ Philosophical Creswell exploresInterpretive Frameworks \ Designing a Qualitative elements of
                                                                          the philosophical underpinnings, history, and key Study \ Five
In this Third Edition of his bestselling text John W.Assumptions and 464 pages Qualitative Research (General),Educational Researc
                        PREFACE \ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS \ PART I. readers to compare three approaches to research - qualitative, qu
                                                                        296 pages CONSIDERATIONS & Evaluation (General)"IC
The Third Edition of the bestselling text Research Design enables PRELIMINARY Research Methods \ 1. Selection of Research Design
                        The Scientific Method and Relevant Components \ PART Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mixed M
                                                                        quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods research designs
This reference book visually presents, with consistent terminology, 240 pages ONE: QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR EXPERIMENTALi
                        conceptual systematization and a practical tool forpages Research Methods (General),ResearchRandomizatio
                                                                        128 the randomization of between-subjects and Design"
This book provides a Randomized Experiments \ Between-Subjects Designs Randomization \ Within-Subjects Designswithin-subject
                                                                        1776 pagesResearch Design"
Research design, with its statistical underpinnings, can be especially daunting for students and novice researchers. This three-volum
                        Introduction: What Is A Literatureto the The208 pages Review a Different (PG),LiteratureWhy Is It a literat
                                          bestselling Skills Review?      Literature Literature Reviews Degree Levels Reviews,Research
The Second Edition of Diana Ridley'sSAGE Study guide Series literature review providesAt step-by-step guide to conducting Importan
                         comprehensive guide to researching, preparing and writing a literature review.
                                         Published in association with The Open UniversityImagination \ Classifying and Reading Resear
                                                                         and the Research
This is a practical andThe Literature Review in Research \ Reviewing230 pages Study Skills (General)"IC
                         is a compulsory part of research and, increasingly,pagesform the whole of a and history behind & Evaluation
                                                                        192 may Literature Reviews,Research Methods the contribut
The literature reviewIntroduction: Who is this book for? How is this book different? The rationalestudent research project. This hig
                        Preface \ Reviewing the Literature - Why? For Whom? How? \ Searching and Screening, for students, research
                                                                        272 pages Literature Reviews,Research Methodological Quali
This book is written for anyone wanting to research social, health, educational and business issues. It is idealMethods (General)"IC
                        The Literature Review: Its Role research project. Systematic Approaches by step through the process of app
                                                                        288 pages Literature Reviews,Research Methods & Evaluation
Reviewing the literature is an essential part of everyWithin Research \ This book takes you stepto the Literature \ Planning and Writ
                         book provides an overview of James Thomas 304 pages Literature Reviews,Research Methods reviews as pa
                                                                        Introducing Systematic Reviews \ Rebecca Rees and Sandy Oliv
This timely, engagingDavid Gough, Sandy Oliver andthe nature, logic, diversity and process of undertaking systematic & Evaluation
                        PART ONE: researchers, this book focuses on the \pages Research Methods (General),Essays/Dissertations (U
                                                                        296 From of producing to Research Question \ Reading and
Specifically written for first-timeORIENTATION \ Why Social Research? processResearch Ideaan undergraduate research project. ItR
                        PART ONE: FRAMEWORK \ Guide to This Book research.. Qualitative Research (General)"IC \ Qualitative and
                                                                        \ Qualitative Research: Why and How to Do It
'Remains the most comprehensive and thorough text in qualitative 528 pages The single most important introductory book on qua
                         Norman for the theory and practice of Preface \ Norman the landmark Yvonna S Lincoln Introduction: phe
                                                                        784 inquiry, K Denzin Research (General),Research Methods (
Presenting the state of the artK Denzin and Yvonna S Lincoln qualitative pages Qualitativeand Handbook has been a publishingThe
                        PART any THEORY AND METHOD IN QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ WhatResearch (General)"IC
                                                                        520 pages Qualitative Is update of Research?: In benchmark
This is the perfect book forONE:student new to qualitative research. In this exciting and majorQualitativehis bestselling,Search of a
                        PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO THE THIRD EDITION \ David Silverman Research and comprehensive than prev
                                                                         to make it Qualitative Introducing Qualitative Research \ PART
This hugely successful textbook has been fully updated and revised 464 pages even more accessible (General)"
                        PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ How step-by-step guide to all the questions students with Qualitative Techniqu
                                                                        472 pages Qualitative Research (General),Qualitative Research
Written in a lively, accessible style, this book provides ato Use This Book \ What You Can (and CanÆt) Doask when beginning their f
                        PART ONE: QUESTIONS OF students \ Finding a Focus and Knowing Research (General),Data Collection & An
                                                                        224 researchers invaluable guidance to \ Designing of qualitat
The Second Edition of this bestselling text offersSTRATEGYand first-timepages QualitativeWhere You Stand the practice Qualitative
                         Methods is based on the authors' highly successful This Book For? The Qualitative Research Cycle Structureha
                                                                        328 multidisciplinary Research methods workshops which f
Qualitative Research INTRODUCTION \ Introduction to the Book: Who ispages Qualitativequalitative(General),Research Methodsof
                        Introduction Practical Considerations \ of this bestseller Qualitative Research (General)"IC Analysis \ Introdu
                                                                        400 Analysis \ Strategies for Qualitative Data
Significantly revised and including \real data, the Third Edition Prelude topages shows the evolution of the grounded theory metho
                        Dawn Snape and Liz Spencer The Foundations 336 pages Qualitative Research (General),Qualitative of Quali
                                                                        of Qualitative Research \ Jane Ritchie they deal with issues at a
'An excellent introduction to the theoretical, methodological and practical issues of qualitative research.. The ApplicationsMethods
                        Qualitative Research and Habits that are imaginative and Qualitative Research (General),Research researche
                                                                         Observation and Writing Habit Advancing the Observation an
In this updated version the author provides exercises of Mind \ The 320 pages immensely practical\in helping qualitativeMethods (
                        Philosophical Roots standard analytic induction, \ AnalyticQualitative \ Symbolic Interaction Ethnomethodol
                                                                        216 pages Induction Research (General),Sociological of cutti
Examines the concerns and processes of of Research Methodologies ethnomethodology and symbolic interaction\in termsResearc
                        Some Very Important Starting Information \ 10commonalities, this Know about Qualitative Research, Resear
                                                                          Things You Need to Methods in students with a toolkit of me
Sidestepping detailed theoretical debates and focusing on the core 272 pages Researchtext providesPsychology,Qualitativebefore
                        Sampling \ Participant Observation \ In-Depth 56 and manage qualitative\data, Collecting Qualitative Data foc
                                                                        Interviews Focus Groups Additional Qualitative Data Collecti
Providing a very practical and step-by-step narrative on how to collect pages \Qualitative Research (General),Health Research Me
                        Introduction: Making Less More PART like \ 240 pages Research study with limited The Epistemology of e
                                                                        conduct a Qualitative Research (General)"
The 'survival guide' for students and researchers who\would ONEto Qualitativequalitativeand Everyday Life \resources shows howW
                        Why Readme First?: Goals Using to qualitativeThe Shape of the Book Research (General),Qualitative Software
                                                                          inquiry a Qualitative Doing Qualitative Research: What to Exp
The Third Edition of this popular text offers those newReadme First 320 pages clear and practical 'readme' guide to the reasons for
                        What Is and What Is Not Arts-Based Research?208 pages Arts-Based Research? (General),Research Methods
                                                                          \ Why Do Qualitative Research \ Arts-Based Research Exampl
This text provides a framework for broadening the domain of qualitative inquiry in the social sciences by incorporating the arts as (a
                         of the cornerstones Material for Theory Development \ and yet the Constructions and Language in Empirical
                                                                          sciences, Research researcher often takes it for Theory,Dat
Empirical data is one The Use of Empirical of knowledge in the social144 pages The Role ofMethods (General),Evaluationgranted, res
                        A Life updated their ground-breaking book for students Qualitative Research (General)"IC
                                                                        208 pages \ The Need to looking to do qualitative Researchin
Hollway and Jefferson haveChanging Book': Introduction to the Second Editionand researchersDo Research Differently \ research di
                          and friendly \ Get Going \ Keep Going \ Linking Up \ Tightening Up \Research Up \ Getting Published
                                                                        208 pages Qualitative Finishing a warm, reflective Aids/Resea
Using lively examplesOn Your Marktips gleaned from his own and other researchers' experiences and(General),Scholarly writing sty
                         helped readers better Learning \ and practice qualitative research has been completely updated Ethical \ M
                                                                        392 as Learner \ The Research (General),Educational Researc
The popular text thatQualitative Research asunderstand The Researcherpages QualitativeResearcher as Competent and and revise
                        Introduction to Applied Thematic analyze \ Planning and Preparing the Analysis \ Themes and Health \ Valid
                                                                          generated from in-depth interviews and focus groups, Resear
This book provides step-by-step instructions on how toAnalysis text320 pages Qualitative Research (General),Public Codes relating
                        PART ONE: PLANNING THE ROUTE: SETTING UP FORreader from Setting Directions: Thinking and 978-1-84920
                                                                        320 ANALYSIS designing and managing data for analysis, to
Written clearly and accessibly, this book of practical strategies takes thepages IC~Cl\978-1-84920-302-9~#75.00~~Pa Working Qua
                        PART ONE: best-selling Setting Up Your accessible introduction to Research research for PART TWO: WOR
                                                                        232 Making Qualitative Data \ Data Records
This new edition of Lyn Richards'SETTING UP \book provides anProject \ pages Qualitativequalitative (General)" \ students and pra
                        Introducing the Listening Guide \ provides readers with IC~Cl 978-0-85702-524-1~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702
                                                                        240 OF LISTENING, SEEING AND READING \ of qualitative data
Setting out a new approach to data analysis, this book PART ONE: WAYSpagesthe tools to analyze different typesAnalyzing Reflexive
                        An Introduction to Codes and Coding \ Writing272 an in-depth guide Research (General)"IC
                                                                         Analytic Memos \ First Cycle multiple approaches available for
The second edition of Johnny Salda a's international bestseller provides pages Qualitative to the Coding Methods \ After First Cycle
                        Perspectives: Qualitative Computing guides the Starting a who really wants to use the NVivo software (and u
                                                                        232 pages Qualitative Software"IC
'In plain language but with very thorough detail, this bookand NVivo \researcher Project \ Making Data Records \ Working with Dat
                        PART ONE: DOING IPA: Theory and Method \ The Theoretical but reading the IPA \ book, Interpretative Pheno
                                                                        232 sentence, Foundations of new Planning an IPA Methods in
'It is not often I can use "accessible" and "phenomenology" in the same pages Qualitative Research (General),Research Research S
                       Getting to know ATLAS.ti \ Data preparation \ Project management: Project set-up for single users and teams
                                                                       288 guide Qualitative step through your research project usin
Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti is the very first book designed topages you step by Software,Qualitative Research (General)
                       Introducing Dialogue to Qualitative Analysis \ Analyzing Subjectivity rooted in the analysis of dialogue and sub
                                                                       208 pages Qualitative Qualitative Research \ Using Dialogue t
In this important new text, Paul Sullivan introduces readers to a qualitative methodology inResearch (General),Social Research Met
                       PART ONE: GENERAL Edition , Carol Grbich provides a guide through Research (General)"IC
                                                                       296 pages Qualitative current issues in the analysis of qualitati
In this fully updated and expanded SecondAPPROACHES TO COLLECTING AND ANALYZING QUALITATIVE DATA \ Introduction \ Des
                       An Invitation toIntroducingTheory Gathering Richtext \ IC~Cl 978-0-85702-913-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702
                                         Grounded Qualitative bestselling pages grounded theory retains the accessible and Studies
                                                                       224 Data
The Second Edition of Kathy Charmaz's groundbreaking\and Methods series on Conducting Interviews for Grounded Theoryengagin
                       PART ONE: are the AND HISTORY for this excellent and Research Methods Historical Perspective \ An Episte
                                                                       656 and Kathy Charmaz GT in for Business is surely destined t
'Tony Bryant and Kathy CharmazORIGINSperfect editors \ Antony Bryantpages forward-looking handbook which& Management (Ge
                       Essentials of grounded theory whole range of grounded theory approaches. Unlike most existing books in this
                                                                       224 pages Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods &
This is a highly practical book which introduces the \ Planning a grounded theory study \ Quality processes in grounded theory rese
                       Introduction \ Understanding Analysis \ method and that of students she has supervised, Grounded Theory fo
                                                                       172 Theory Method (GTM) Methods"IC
Based on the author's own experience with grounded theory Grounded pages Social Research \ Research Design using GTM \ Codi
                       Introduction: (Re)Thinking understanding of modern society.Theorizing the Familiar: Practices and Places \ Re
                                                                         and Activism \ This agenda-setting book provides a Research
The study of everyday life is fundamental to ourabout Everyday Life 176 pages Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Qualitativecoherent, i(
                       Introduction to presents a fresh new look at critical ethnography by emphasizing the Critical in Critical Ethno
                                                                       304 pages Defining Terms: Research Methods,Qualitative Rese
Critical Ethnography , Second EditionCritical Ethnography: Theory and Method: Communication What Is the significance of ethics an
                       PART ONE: WHAT IS ACTION RESEARCH? \ Introduction toAction reviews; and new examples Action Research
                                                                       328 pages Action Research \ Overview Inquiry,Action researc
With new features including: video clips; interviews; further information on literature Research/Practitionerof the of actionResearc
                       PART You WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW? \ What ' pages Research? \ invaluable text for anyone interested in
                                                                       280 Action Action and Who Can
'This Second Edition of ' AllONE:Need to Know about Action Research Isis an accessibleResearch"IC Do Action Research? \ The Un
                        about or doing action research, this book is an752 pages point of reference. for Business \ both maps the(Ge
                                                                         obligatory Research Methods Groundings & Management ac
'For anyone thinking PART ONE: GROUNDINGS \ Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury Introduction toIf any one textPatricia Gayß Wick
                       PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS \ Introducing Action discussionA Brief Introductionethics of insider action research
                                                                       184 pages on the politics and To Research/Practitioner Audi
Revised and updated, the Third Edition now contains: - an expanded Research: Action Research,Action Action Research ThreeInqui
                       Research in the scope of the Third Life: The Purposes and Applications of the literature and theoretical move
                                                                         been broadened Research"IC
Thoroughly revised and updated,Professional and Public Edition has304 pages Actionto include Action Research: Who does action
                       Introducing Practitioner Enquiry \ Ways to Be a Practitioner Enquirer: Beliefs, Ethics and Practice \ How to Do
                                                                       200 any education professional interested in investigating learn
This exciting new edition of the popular text is an essential resource for pages IC~Cl 978-1-4462-0719-2~#70.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0
                       Introduction to Action edition provides steps for effectively the Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Continuing Pro
                                                      A \ Finding a Focus \ Refining implementing research and data. The book Draw
Best-selling author Richard Sagor s updatedResearchCorwin Publication pages ActionFocus \ Articulating a Theory in Action \ is org
                       Listening, Hearing and Sharing \ from the Philosophy and Qualitative Interviews \ Qualitative Data-Gathering
                                                                         beginning               Research (General),Communication Rese
This book describes in-depth qualitative interviewing Research very 288 pages to the last step, from its underlying philosophy and a
                       Introduction to epistemological and \ Part I: Conceptualizing the Research Interview \ Research Interviews, P
                                                                       376 pages Interviewing"IC
Continuing to focus on the practical, Interview Research ethical issues involved with interviewing, this thoroughly revised bestsell
                       Introduction \ in the on Interviews: quickly findReview \ Interviewing,Qualitative approach their Business te
                                                                          that there is no single best way to Techniques \ A Metaphor
Researchers conducting interviews Views social sciences A Sceptical176 pages Practical Aspects on Interview Studies for task. This & A
                       Introduction present the first of the language140 pages \ Doing PCIs \ ProcessingResearch (General),Social R
                                                                          book PCIs Interviewing,Qualitative PCIs \ Examples introduce
Andreas Witzel and Herwig Reiter \ The ProgrammeEnglish PCI \ Preparing about the problem-centred interview (PCI) andof Workin
                       Jay Gubrium and James Holstein the dynamic, interactional, and reflexive \ Interviewing in research interview
                                                                        The Complexity of the Research (General),Interviewing,Survey
The new edition of this landmark volume emphasizes Introduction: 624 pages Qualitative Craftdimensions of the Context \ Jennife
                       Overview of and Groups \ Planning the those who are seekingGroup Research,Survey Research,Evaluation
                                                                       240 pages Focus to actually Questioning Route \ Participants
This book cuts through the theoryFocusgives hand-on advice toFocus Group Study \ Developing a conduct a focus group. It is most (
                       Focus is an introductory text which leads readers through Focus Group Research"IC
                                                                       224 pages the entire process of designing a and group Focus
Focus Group Methodology Group Methodology: Introduction and History \ Focus Group Methodology: TheoriesfocusEthics \study,
                        used, there remains a great deal of uncertainty about Study? \ StudyStudy and Research Design how case of t
                                                                       248 pages Case Case & case study research and \ Models stu
Despite being widelyPART ONE: GETTING YOUR BEARINGS \ What Is a Case what constitutes Narrative Analysis,Educational Resear
                       PART thesis-orientated book, Sebastian Dellepiane-Avellaneda examines the renaissance of Logic studies in so
                                                                       288 pages The Renaissance of Case Studies \ case and Provinc
In this student-friendly andONE: AIMS AND SCOPE OF CASE STUDY RESEARCH \ ~Cl 978-1-4462-0053-7~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-00
                       Donald T Campbell Foreward \ case study research put Case Study helping them to Case Studies as a to pro
                                        Applied Social Research Methods to Know Whether and When to Use identify
                                                                       240 pages
This practical text shows readers sound principles ofIntroduction: Howseries into practice, & Narrative Analysis"IC solutions Resea
                       PART ONE: STARTING POINTS \ A (Very) strengthen their own Case Study Method \ Field Notes Research Me
                                                                       264 pages Case Study & Narrative Analysis,Social \ The Role c
This book helps graduate students and seasoned researchers Brief Refresher on thecase study research and become more criticalo
                       Patricia Genoe research Inductivism Shelagh 1152 among the literature on research strategies. The Encyclop
                                                                        Campbell Comparative Case Method; Comparative Case Studie
Despite widespread use, case study McLaren has received\little attentionpagesCase Study & Narrative Analysis"
                       Ruth Wodak, Barbara coverage and Paul Kerswill pages from \ PART ONE: HISTORY OF SOCIOLINGUISTICS \
                                                                        is all here, Sociology (General),Sociolinguistics,Speech Commu
This Handbook is a work of unprecedentedJohnstoneand insight. It 648 Introductionthe foundational contributions to the field to th
                       The Current Relevance of principles of discourse research~Cl Discourse practical research strategies for doing
                                                                       176 pages and provides Research \ The Research Process \ Do
This book provides an introduction to the basicDiscourse Research \ Approaches in978-1-4462-4970-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-49
                       Narrative Beginnings: Autobiography, Biography and Fiction \ What Is Narrative? \Analysis,Educational Resear
                                                                       200 guide Case theory Narrative Designing Research Project
Using Narrative in Research provides an accessible, easy-to-understand pages to theStudy &and practice of the use of narrative in r
                       PART ONE: ANALYZING STORIES \ Dan P McAdams Exploringa broad Research (General),Research Methods &
                                                                       328 presents Psychological Themes through Narrative Accoun
An exciting and comprehensive resource, Varieties of Narrative Analysispages Qualitativespectrum of approaches to the empirical
                       Preface: Aims art Organization Of This editors have brought together, in one volume, VISUAL Research Met
                                                                       776 pages Qualitative Research (General),Social RESEARCH \ L
This book captures the state of the Andin visual research. TheHandbook \ PART ONE: FRAMING THE FIELD OF a unique survey of the
                       PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Introduction: Gettingpages Social\Research Methods,Communication multi-me
                                                                       232 the Picture On a Pedagogy of Ethics in Visual Research:
Doing Visual Research offers an innovative introduction to the use of photography, collaborative video, drawing, objects, ResearchW
                       PART ONE: with interdisciplinary practice in \288 pagesvisual research and representation,An Culture (Gene
                                                                         Sarah of Qualitative Visual Methodology: this book examin
Presenting a critical engagementKEY DEVELOPMENTS AND ISSUES the fieldPink Advances inResearch (General),VisualIntroduction \
                       Preface: introducing the third edition of this book About the companion websiteCultural Studies,Communicat
                                                                       408 pages Research Methods for \ Researching the Visual M
'Substantially updated to include a wide range of visual media examples, Gillian Rose's Visual Methodologies remainswithauthorita
                       Introduction \ Current Trends in Visual Methods series ~Cl 978-1-4462-0787-1~#70.00~~Pa and Represent
                                        Introducing Qualitative Research \ Two-Dimensional Visual interactionism and material cultur
                                                                       288 pages
Drawing on the contributions of traditions as diverse as semiotics, ethnomethodology, symbolicData: Images, Signs 978-1-4462-07
                       Introduction: Using Photos in Historical and photographic~Cl 978-0-85702-036-9~#70.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-0
                                                                       176 pages research practices and the conceptual and Resear
Sophisticated, original and comprehensive, this book investigatesSocial Research \ Working with Images: Approaches Doingtheoret
                        managed to edit a volume of The Study of Discourse Susanna Cumming, and Media StudiesRitva Laury Disco
                                                                       432 pages Communication Tsuyoshi Ono and (General),Discou
'Teun A. Van Dijk hasTeun A Van Dijk Introduction: lasting significance, and\some of the chapters in this book belong to the most w
                       Introduction: Revealing How How do Is Created as images playCommunication Languageidentities? This boo
                                                                       240 pages Mass out the ideas, values and and Images \ Langu
How do media texts manipulate and persuade us?Meaning language and Well as What is Conveyed in (General),Discourse Analysis,L
                       Introduction \ PART ONE: CONCEPTUALIZING CONTENT history andHistory : Some Precursors (General),Comm
                                                                       464 of the Content \ core principles Methods analysis as we
The Third Edition of Content Analysis remains the definitive sourcebookpagesANALYSIS Analysis,Research of content Quantitative N
                       Introduction: What Is Qualitative Content large amounts of qualitative data collected through interviews or fo
                                                                       280 pages Qualitative Research Qualitative
Qualitative content analysis is a powerful method for analyzingAnalysis? \ What Is Qualitative about (General)" Content Analysis?
                       Books clear, concise guide to effective online research for Searchscience and humanities(General)"IC first ha
                                                                       000 pages social Engines \ Interaction, students. The
Internet Research Skills is a \ Articles \ Subject Guides \ Searching the Keyword Internet Research,Study SkillsNews and Multimedia
                       Janet Salmons Designing and Conducting ResearchpagesOnline Interviews \ Study & Narrative Analysis"
                                                                       400 with Interviewing,Case PART done structured RESEARCH
This casebook on online interview research contains multidisciplinary cases from researchers who haveONE: INTERVIEW or unstruc
                       Introduction \ Why students and researchers256 Underlyingopportunities to conduct research using little mo
                                                                         with fantastic Rationale \ Search Tools Covered in this Book \
In recent years, the Internet has providedRead This Book? \ The Book's pages Internet Research,Online Learning & Distance Educa
                       Cultures explore the discipline of 'netnography' - pages Ethnography,ResearchOnline: Methods \ method sp
                                                                       232 Culture Online \ Researching Methods (General),Internet
This exciting text is the first toand Communities Online \ Understandingthe conduct of ethnography over the Internet - a The Metho
                       Introduction \ who want to conduct surveys online, \ Writing Survey Questions \ Designing from online po
                                                                       264 pages Survey Research,Research sampling
Addressing the needs of researchersPlanning the Digital Survey \ Samplingthe book covers issues such as: Design"ICand Developing
                       From read Methods other texts on research methods and you may never clutter an Integratedin the first pla
                                                                       224 pages Educational Research Methods,Mixed Methodolog
'Read this book before youMixedany of the to an Integrated Methodology \ The FraIM: Frameworks for up your mind Methods"IC
                         the most popular \ ActionScript Basics \ Web content, and recently social and behavioural scientists and s
                                                                       196 pages Research Methods (General),Research Methods in
Adobe Flash is one ofThe Flash Interfacelanguages for animated Navigation \ Working with Text and Keystrokes \ Presentinghave SP
                        thinking about mixed-methods research \ The488 pages Mixed Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Qua
                                                                         Foundations of Mixed-Methods Research \ Second Edition of
Combining the latestThe Nature of Mixed-Methods Research designs with practical, step-by-step guidance, the Choosing a Mixed-
                       Abbas Tashakkori disciplinary Teddlie Overview of mixed Research Methods & helps the (General),Mixed M
                                                                       912 Contemporary Issues in Mixed Methods Research \ John a
Surveying the differing viewpoints and and Charles approaches to using pages methods, this volume Evaluationreader explore theCr
                       Introduction \ Step 1. Focused Evaluation , this briefer and more condensed 'essentials' book provides both
                                                                       488 pages Research Readiness Evaluation (General),Evaluatio
Based on Michael Quinn Patton's UtilizationAssess and Build Program and OrganizationalMethods &for Utilization-Focused Evaluat
                                        planning a community intervention, using clear Work Administration (General),Evaluation (Ge
This book demystifies the process ofSAGE Human Services Guides 160 pages Socialand simple language to aid students understa
                       PART ONE: CONSULTING AND YOU \ The Consulting who Evaluation (General)"
                                                                       320 pages are interested in becoming independent consultant
Addressing the unique issues faced by evaluators and applied researchersLandscape \ Personal Characteristics \ Essential Values
                       PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Marvin C Alkin Comparing Evaluation Pointstheories \ Christina A Christie and M
                                                                       464 of current evaluation of View
The Second Edition of this classic text provides an updated examinationpages Evaluation Theory"IC and traces their evolution. T
                                                                        both a conceptual and practical introduction to program evalua
Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement offers readers 448 pages Quantitative Evaluation,Qualitative Evaluation,Evalu
                       An Overview of Program Evaluation \ techniques and approaches to (General)"IC Formulating Questions \ As
                                                                        Evaluations \ Identifying Issues and
This text has been completely revised to include the latest Tailoring480 pages Evaluation evaluation as well as guidelines for how e
                       PART I. CONCEPTUAL ISSUES IN QUALITATIVE 688 pages Qualitative Research (General),Evaluation and strat
                                                                        classic continues to provide practical, Inquiry \ 2. Strategic The
The completely revised and updated edition of this methodologicalINQUIRY \ 1. The Nature of Qualitative comprehensive (General)
                        who need to design and conduct competent evaluation studies, while explicitly consideringEvaluation,Qualit
                                                                       712 pages Evaluation (General),Quantitative resource and in
Crucial for evaluatorsPART ONE: THE REALWORLD EVALUATION APPROACH \ Overview: RealWorld Evaluation and the Contextsdat
                       Applying the Standards \ The Functional Table384details 30 \ THE STANDARDS \ advice toFeasibilityEvaluatio
                                                                         of pages Evaluation (General),Research \ those & \ Proprie
Including a new section on Evaluation Accountability, this third edition Standards standards which give Utility Methodsinterested in
                       PART ONE: book provides readers with the specific evaluation skills they need for use Interactive evaluation s
                                                                       464 pages Evaluation (General)"
Taking an applied approach, thisAN INTRODUCTION TO INTERACTIVE EVALUATION PRACTICE \ Introducing in different Evaluation P
                       PART book. The all-important steps of defining thepages Research Methods in Psychology"IC
                                                                       384 research Planning an choosing an Experimental Designs \
'I strongly recommend thisONE: DESIGNING AN EXPERIMENT \ Before You Begin \ question andExperiment \ appropriate method ar
                       Geoff Payne out the problems, strategies \ Geoff Payne Quantitative/StatisticalIntroduction: The 'Crisis of Nu
                                                                        resources and Malcolm Williams Research (General),Educatio
This exciting collection clearly laysand Malcolm Williams Prefaceand200 pages associated with the teaching of quantitative method
                       simple yet THEORY Introducing to Q methodology, a Inverted Factor Technique \ Theory & Q Methodology:
                                                                       248 The research technique designed to capture the subjective
This book provides a PART ONE: thorough\introduction Q Methodology: pages Research Methods (General),Research Methods in P
                       provides students and researchers who want to series Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research
                                        Applied Error Research \ Sampling \ Nonresponse: Implementing a data with a sound basis
                                                                       216 pages
Author Floyd Fowler Introduction \ Types of Social in SurveysMethodscollect, analyze, or read about surveySample Design \ Method
                       Survey Praxis Survey Error \ Planning the process. Hierarchy ofthan a practical "how-to" guide, the book pr
                                                                       352 pages Survey Decisions \ Data Collection I: Methods"IC
This book is a comprehensive guide\to the whole survey researchSurvey: A Much moreResearch,Sociological ResearchSelecting a M
                       John Curtice Bridging theThe Guardian. The annual pages Social Attitudes survey Politics,Social Research Me
                                        British - Gulf? Britain's Democracy
                                                                       232 British British Government and carried out by Britain's larg
'..Invaluable surveys of the national mood..'Social Attitudes Survey series after the 2010 Election \ JohnisCurtice and Rachel Ormston
                                Research is an introduction to the processes and Survey of planning
                                                                       208 Out the Survey Research Process \ Conceptualizing Your Su
Designing and Doing Survey Research Design: Then and Now \ Mapping pages methodsResearch"IC and conducting survey research
                       PART ONE: on the latest techniques for survey research Survey Research,Internet Research"ICpractice of w
                                                                       220 pages \ reliable data and a comprehensive
Offering both practical guidanceINTRODUCTION \ Concept ofcollecting valid and Evolution of web sruveys \ Currentoverview of re
                       PART Giampietro Gobo and Sergio Mauceri's new pages Research Methods for Politics &practical to answer
                                                                       220 the Past: Back to the golden age From International Relat
Engaging and informative, ONE: VISION \ Surveying the Survey: Back tobook offers students and researchers a questionsintroductio
                       Conceptualizing Data Quality: Respondent Attributes, Study Architecture, and Institutional Practices: Conceptu
                                                                       192 pages Survey Research"
For any researcher using any kind of survey data, this book introduces the latest methods of assessing the quality and validity of su
                       The Standard introduction to Research \ Scientificpages Research premier (General),Sociological Research
                                                                       208 overview Survey Research: CASM and TSE \ social Factua
This book is a complete and criticalModel of Surveydoing surveys and an Models ofof the Methodsempirical method inAsking sciencM
                       List of Figures text has been fully Edition \ Networks and Social Research of the many
                                                                       264 pages Relations: Relations And Attributes The Analysis Of N
The Third Edition of this bestsellingPreface to the Thirdrevised and updated to include coverageMethods"IC developments in socia
                        an unrivalled resource for those engaged in the PART ONE: field of social network analysis. Systematically, it
                                                                       640 pages Social Research Methods"
This Handbook offersPeter J. Carrington and John Scott Introduction \cutting-edgeGENERAL ISSUES \ Alexandra Marin and Barry W
                       Introduction: the social network literature by 272 pages Social Research Methods,Sociological Research Met
                                                                        bringing together theory, methodology and Becoming practica
'This book fills an important void inWhat Are Social Networks? \ PART ONE: BACKGROUND UNDERSTANDING \ history. Its Familiar
                       Feminist Theory and quantitative feminist research, demonstrating how a feminist perspective can inform vir
                                                                       192 pages Survey Research,Women's Studies (General)"
This book offers a new approach for doingSurvey Research \ (Inter)Disciplinarity in Feminist Survey Research \ Analytic Interventio
                       Preface \ Introduction \ Basic Concepts \ is a 302 pages IC~Cl how to collect, Data Entry and Management
                                                                       practical book Data Collection \ visualize, analyze and interpre
Written by a stellar team of experts, Analyzing Social Networks Research Design \on978-1-4462-4740-2~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-4
                       Why Is My Evil of Discovering Me to Learn Statistics? \ Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Statistic
                                                                        SPSS comes this brand new version for to Know using Statistics
Hot on the heels of the Third EditionLecturer ForcingStatistics Using 752 pages Everything You Ever Wanted students about SAS. And
                       Preface Introduction \ WhatÆs New? \ Goodbye \ How ToQuantitative/Statistical Research introductory Do I N
                                                                       856 pages Use The students through from (General)"IC
Fully revised and restructured, this latest edition is even more accessible as it now takes Book \ What Background Knowledgeto adv
                        Using My Evil Lecturer Forcing Me to Learn Statistics?: What Will This Chapter Tell free, flexible and dynamic
                                                                       992 pages Quantitative/Statistical a Me? What the hell am I do
Discovering StatisticsWhy Is R takes students on a journey of statistical discovery using the freeware R, Research (General),Researc
                       The Doubling Game: and Thomas Malthus to 400any costResearch Methods,Quantitative/Statistical a perma
                                                                         at pages has She Told Two friends and They Told Two Friend
Our world has become more complicated,Fromthe notion of growthBernie Madoff \led to constant economic uncertainty,Research
                       PART ONE: AN INTRODUCTION TO a straightforward and \ Variables way using measurement \ Setting up vari
                                                                       608 pages accessible and their practical examples from a an S
This fully updated edition explains statistical concepts inSTATISTICAL ANALYSIS Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Health R
                       PART ONE: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS \ the appropriate test and \ Definitions \ Frequency Distributions and Gr
                                                                       432 to Statistics the skills needed Research (General),Mathem
Teaching students about statistical tests including selectingIntroduction pages Quantitative/Statistical to interpret results, this guid
                       Introduction to Statistics: What Are You Getting Into? \ Getting Started With in Behavioral Sciences offers add
                                                                       96 pages Research Social and Psychology,Quantitative/Stati
This study guide to accompany Renee R Ha and James C Ha's Integrative Statistics for theMethods Statistics \ Frequency Distributio
                        social science research authors, Adventures Introduction: The Seventh EditionMethods,Quantitative/Statist
                                                      A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                                                       456 pages Sociological Research guides students step-by-step
Written by esteemedPART ONE: PREPARING FOR DATA ANALYSIS \in Social Research, Theory and Practice of Social Research \ The L
                                                                         technique, and theory, beginning with the (General),Quantita
This book explains the connection between data analysis, statistical320 pages Research Methods & Evaluationelaboration model a
                       The What a Diverse Society provides Organization and Graphic Presentationversion of the (General),Social S
                                                                         with a briefer, less expensive of Data \ Measures of Central T
Essentials of Social Statistics forand Why of Statistics \ The students368 pages Quantitative/Statistical Research successful SocialW
                       Introduction \ Descriptive Statistics \ Chi-Squared Test \ Linear screen shots from and Two (General),Sociolog
                                                                       312 pages Quantitative/Statistical SPSS, this student-friendly b
Walking the reader through the steps of statistical tests and providing data sets and Correlation \ One- Research Sample T-Tests \ O
                       First Encounters \ which readers can learn to256 SPSSand out own, and at theirResearch (General),Researc
                                                                          Data in Quantitative/Statistical Measurement \ Entering V
Using SPSS is a self-instructional book inNavigating in SPSS \ Gettinguse pageson theirof SPSS \ Levels ofown pace, without the assis
                       The Basic Language of Statistics \ The data with SPSS for Univariate Descriptive clearly sets(General),Sociolog
                                                                       384 pages Quantitative/Statistical Research out a range of sta
An invaluable resource for students analyzing quantitative Research Process \the first time, this bookStatistics \ Graphical Represen
                       SPSS Prefix: General Overview and with tool736 pages\ Introduction to Statistics Why Summarize backgr
                                                                        for SPSS Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Psycholo
This engaging introduction to statistics provides readersGuideafor Usinglearning about behaviour without\requiring a strongData? \
                       Introduction of chapter \ Summarizing Data: Tables, Graphs, and Distributions \ Summarizing Data: Evaluatio
                                                                       504 pages Psychology terms, essential statistical formulae, spe
This study guide includes a reviewto Statisticslearning objectives, chapter outlines and key (General),Research Methods &Central T
                       Introduction \ analysis of longitudinal Data Structures Longitudinal data consist ofGraphing Longitudinal Da
                                                                       568 data. Quantitative/Statistical \ repeated measures colle
This book is a practical guide for theBrief Introduction to R \behaviouralpagesand Longitudinal Analysis Research (General),Researc
                                                                       45 participate in classic behavioural experiments by gathering
STATLAB Online is an online laboratory that allows students to activelypages Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC
                       A Gentle Introduction \ Descriptive Statistics: Understanding Distributions of Numbers \ Statistical Parameter
                                                                       472 pages needn't be difficult or dull! This textbook has been
With Statistics: A Gentle Introduction, Third Edition, an introductory stats class Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Researc
                       Review of Basic Concepts \ Basic Statistics, in 1232 pagesQuantitative/Statistical Research (General),Social Re
                                                                        multivariate and Confidence Intervals \ Regression, Discrimin
This textbook provides a clear introduction to widely used topics Sampling Error, statistics, including MultipleStatistical Significance
                                                                       424 pages Research Methods in text will help students get the
This affordable student study guide and workbook to accompany Wendy Steinberg's Statistics Alive! Psychology,Quantitative/Stati
                                                                       456 pages Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Researc
The Fourth Edition of the Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology is THE sourcebook for simple definitions and explanations of statis
                       PART ONE: interesting through Introduction \ on today's student generation with their parents'ANSWERING
                                                                       456 pages \ PART TWO: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS: generation
By making introductory statisticsGETTING STARTED \ comparing dataData Sets Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC
                       Preface second edition \ Preface to first edition \ Introduction \ Multilevel analysis: Probability models \ mod
                                                                       368 pages Quantitative/Statistical carrying (General)"IC
The Second Edition of this classic text introduces the main methods, techniques and issues involved in Researchout multilevelThis b
                                               modeling in easy-to-use language and with \ Demystifying examples using the statistical software Stata and
                                                                                              144 pages IC~Cl 978-0-85702-915-7~#60.00~~Pa 978-0-85702
                     Presenting multilevelIntroduction - What Is Multilevel Modeling? fully annotatedTerminology \ Random Intercept Models \ Random
                                             Marc A. Scott, Jeffrey S. Simonoff & Brian D. Marx Introduction andcontributors who Book
                                                                                              620 pages leading Overview of the introduce the theory and
                     In this important new handbook, the editors have gathered together a range of~Cl 978-0-85702-564-7~#95.00~\ PART ONE: MULTI
                                             SECTION ONE: the subject, and minimum of280 pages Structural Theory \ Modeling"ICFactor Analysis \ SE
                                                                                               mathematical knowledge, this Exploratory
                     Assuming no previous experience ofEXPLORING YOURaDATA \ Introduction \ Classical TestEquation is the ideal guide for those new
                                             Getting to Know supplemental text for undergraduate and Management \courses involving research methods
                                                                                              240 pages graduate-level Descriptive Statistics \ Relationship
                     Using Stata for Statistical Analysis is a Stata \ The Essentials \ Do Files and DataQuantitative/Statistical Research (General),Statistic
                                             I. coverage of \ 1. An Introduction to Multivariate Design \ 2. Some rather than mathematical, approach. \
                                                                                              760 pages Quantitative/Statistical             Design Concepts
                     This book provides full Foundations the wide range of multivariate topics in a conceptual, Fundamental Research (General),Mathem
                                             Getting Started With R using the and Manipulatingpages \ Regression R, an emphasis on integrating Linear Mo
                                                                                              472 Data Exploring and Transforming Data \ Computing Envi
                     The authors provide a step-by-step guide to \ Reading high-quality free statistical software & Correlation,StatisticalFitting statistical
                                             The Fundamentals to understand Event Historysurvival and event history analysis Research Event History Ana
                                                                                                Analysis: Quantitative/Statistical and apply these methods w
                     For researchers and students who want of Survival and the basics of288 pages Introduction: What Is Survival and (General),Researc
                                             PREFACE \ Chapter Third Edition \ Chapter extensively updated Research Methods,Test & Measurement,Qua
                                                              the 1. Overview has been 2. Understanding the ôLatent Variableö \ Chapter 3. Reliability and
                                                                                              216 pages
                     A best-seller in its previous editions, Applied Social Research Methods series Socialand revised to address changes in the field \ C
                                             A Review of Basic Statistical Principles \ Descriptive Statistics \ Linear and Curvilinear Correlation \ Non-Para
                                                                                              480 pages Quantitative/Statistical language, avoiding extensiv
                     This book begins with an introductory chapter that reviews descriptive and inferential statistics in plainResearch (General),Researc
                                                                                              140 engineering, and sociology, (General),Sociological longitud
                     Drawing on recent 'event history' analytical methods from biostatistics, pages Qualitative Research this book explains howResearc
                                             INTRODUCTIONAdvanced Quantitative Techniques pages Quantitative/Statistical concepts, formulasand Whe
                                                               \ Observational Studies \ matching (PSM) by exploring series
                                                                                              392 in Development \ Randomized Experiment \ Why and mo
                     Looking closely at the practical applications of propensity scoreHistory andthe Social SciencesstatisticalResearch (General),Quantita
                                             PART I THE LOGIC OF HIERARCHICAL LINEAR MODELING \Social Sciences Introduction and (General),Mathem
                                                              Advanced Quantitative Techniques pages Quantitative/Statistical Research use of hierarchical
                                                                                              512 in the Series Editor 's of the
                     An update of the First Edition, popular for its rich, illustrative examples and lucid explanationsseries theoryto Hierarchical Linear M
                                             PART ONE: DATA CRAFT \ What Is Regression Analysis? \ Research Data \limited-dependent-variable-models
                                                                                               generalized linear models; Transforming Data \ PART TWO: LIN
                     The Second Edition extends coverage to regression models such as:688 pages Examining Methods & Evaluation (General),Quantita
                                             brief, easy-to-read guide to implementing hierarchical linear modelling using theDavid Garson Preparing platfo
                                                                                               Linear (Multilevel) Modeling G. three leading software to An
                     This book provides a G. David Garson Fundamentals of Hierarchical456 pages Research Methods\& Evaluation (General),Quantita
                                                                                              480 pages Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC
e bestselling text Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics is the basis for this completely adapted Excel 2010 version. Author Neil J. Salkin
                                             PART ONE: a quick reference \ Using Excel Functions \ Excel for their statistical analysis. (General),Quantita
                                                                                              120 pages Quantitative/Statistical Research
                     This easy-to-understand guide isEXCEL FUNCTIONS for anyone needing to useComputing Averages \ Looking at Variability \ Describ
                                             PART ONE: YIPPEE! I'M IN STATISTICS Statistics or Sadistics? It's up to You \ PART clear. In the Fourth Edition
                                                                                               that is informative, personable and TWO: SIGMA FREUD AND
                     This text teaches an often intimidating and difficult subject\in a way472 pages Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Researc
                                             Statistics or Sadistics? terms, to You \ Means resources Computing and will ensure that students excel La Di
                                                                                              to an End: Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                     Featuring exercises, practice questions, keyItÆs up and many more 128 pages this study guide Understanding Averages \ Viveon th
                                                                                              472 pages Quantitative/Statistical statistics (General)
                     The Fourth Edition of Neil J. Salkind s bestselling text introduces students to the fundamentals of basic Research in an informative,
                                              readers through the fundamentals of tests and measurement, & Measurement,Quantitative/Statistical Resea
                                                                                              416 pages Test using the \ PART TWO: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF P
                     Neil J. Salkind guides PART ONE: IN THE BEGINNING... \ Why Me-asurement? An Introduction conversational writing style and strai
                                             Introduction: Graphical to understand Data \ Simpleamounts of data. It describes how to build and interpret
                                                                                               small Bar Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Quantita
                     This book is a must-have for anyone needingPresentation oflarge or320 pages Graph \ Stacked Bar Graph \ Clustered Bar Graph \
                                             Why Data Cleaning Is collection Debunking the without Robustness \ analyses and hypothesis tests can go pr
                                                                                              288 pages Quantitative/Statistical BEST PRACTICES AS YOU PR
                     Many researchers jump straight from data Important:to data analysis Myth of realizing how PART ONE: Research (General),Mathem
                                             Chapter QASS series, this provides a clear introduction \ Chapteritem response theory. (General),Test & M
                                                              Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series
                                                                                              128 pages ordinal Methods & Evaluation
                     Part of the 'little green books'1. Introduction \ Chapter 2. The Guttman Scale toResearch3. The Imperfect Cumulative Scale \ Chapt
                                             graduate-level introduction to multivariate multiple regression\series Apart from the introductory chapter
                                                              Quantitative Applications in theLinear Models analysis. the Structure of (General),Regressi
                                                                                                Social Sciences Specifying
                     This book provides a Introduction and Review of Univariate General224 pages Quantitative/Statistical Research the Multivariate G
                                             Introduction \ PDFs, CDFs, the inequalityin theand Lorenz Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathem
                                                              Quantitative Applications measures, and Curves \ their effective use Measures this book
                                                                                                Social Sciences series
                     Through developing a decomposition analysis ofQuantile Functions 160 pages promotingSummary Inequalityin research, \ Choices o
                                             Introduction \ Structures of Association \in this is a ModelQuantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                                                              Quantitative Applications Loglinear clear, introductory text on the area for LLMs \ models an
                                                                                              136 pages Review \
                     Looking at the multigraph representations of Log-Linear Models, the Social Sciences seriesAssociation Graphsof graphicalCollapsibil
                                             Introduction \ Specifications of Simultaneous Equation Models \ Identification \ Estimation \ Assessment \ M
                                                              specification and identification144 pages Structural Equation Modeling" assess the quality of
                                                                                                Social Sciences equation models, how to
                     This text guides readers through theQuantitative Applications in the of simultaneousseries
                                             PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Qualitative Research Methods \ Overview of Methods, Trends and Rationale (Ge
                                                                                              304 three Research Methods for Business & Management \ t
                     Designed for students, scholars and marketing research practitioners bypages qualitative marketing research pioneers, this bookPA
                                             An student case-oriented text also considers the importance of the supervisor in the dissertation process. Key
                                                                                              336 a Research Topic \ Conducting a Literature Review \ Addre
                     This concise, accessible, Introduction to Business Research \ Developingpages Research Methods for Business & Management (Ge
                                             of Organizational and Alan Bryman provides 776 pages Research Methods for Business Implications \ PART
                                                                                              a rich resource for Context: Properties and & locating the (Ge
                     The SAGE Handbook David A BuchananResearch MethodsThe Organizational Research organizational researchers,Managementtech
                                             PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ How To Use This 296 pagesunderlying philosophies of qualitative research in bus
                                                                                              Book the Qualitative Techniques for Business TWO: FUNDAM
                     In this book, students are provided with the resources to: @!understand \ Overview of Qualitative Research \ PART& Management
                                             Introduction and Overview \ Theory as Testable Explanation continues Approach a Accounting Research \ ov
                                                                                              240 pages Accounting/Finance (General),Research Methods &
                     Updated and expanded, the Second Edition of Research Methods in Accounting , \ A Critical to provide topractical and accessibleDe
                                             of Measurement draws together contributionsWalford Reflections on in the social sciences, each of whom (Ge
                                                                                               from leading scholars Social Measurement: Management has
                     The SAGE Handbook Eric Tucker, Madhu Viswanathan and Geoffrey 648 pages Research Methods for Business &How Social Scienti
                                             Catherine volume both consideration of the core methods available for undertaking Business & data \ PART O
                                                                                              536 pages Qualitative Techniques for qualitative Management
                     This text brings together in oneCassell and Gillian Symon Introduction: The Context of Qualitative Organizational Research collectio
                                                                                              168 pages Evaluation in Business & Management,Evaluation (G
                     Offering a practical overview of the logic modeling process as applied to numerous organizational contexts, this text examines the
                                             authority in the field, this book introduces the 336 pages significant area Book isBusiness & Management (Ge
                                                                                              reader People? \ Who the of for For \ Key providing a researc
                     Written by a leading PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Why Research Powerfulto a Research Methodsmethodology, Concepts \ How th
                                             PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH METHODS AND Educational Research Methods,Research Book Can
                                                                                              456 pages METHOLODIES provides students with the theoreti
                     Using a variety of methodological approaches and research techniques in education, this book IN EDUCATION \ How thisMethods (
                                             Introduction \ Theory and Method in Education Research \ a highly accessible, clear and engaging Methods (
                                                                                              398 pages Educational Research in Education Research \ Rese
                     Based on the popular Introduction to Social Research Methods , this book offersThe Context of EthicsMethods,Researchintroductio
                                             PART ONE: THE SIX 'W'S OF SELF-STUDY teachers pages Action and assessing What and Why \ Overview res
                                                                                              344 \ conducting Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Qualitative of
                     Self-Study Teacher Research guides pre-service and in-serviceRESEARCHin Understanding Self-Study:classroom-based self-study Res
                                             Why research in early in Research in research240 pages presented 'It's Like Another Language' the road map
                                                                                               process is IC~Cl 978-0-85702-253-0~#65.00~~Pa \ Exploring a
                     In this innovative guide to Become Involved childhood, the Early Childhood? \ Orientation:as a journey and this book is 978-0-85702
                                             PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Introduction to Educational Research \ Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Res
                                                                                              648 pages Educational Research logic of empirical research an
                     Educational Research , Fourth Edition is a graduated text that introduces readers to the fundamental Methods,Research Methods &
                                               Education is an innovative new text for teaching introductory research methods that addresses emerging ins
                                                                                              and Educational Research \ The Process and Problems of Educa
                     Research Methods inFoundations of Research \ Science, Schooling 440 pages Research Methods (General),Educational Research
                                             PART ONE: to statistics A CONTEXT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS \ in the changing educational landscape. Usi
                                                                                               education Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Educatio
                     This is an accessible introductionDEVELOPINGwritten specifically for552 pages studentsA Context for Solving Quantitative Problem
                                              of relevant examples, this book demonstrates 208 pages of the978-1-4462-0921-9~#70.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0
                                                                                              each stage IC~Cl research process - and Educational Research
                     Drawing on a variety PART ONE: LEARNING ABOUT EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH \ The Professional Teacher including formulating rese
                                             Research in each step \ a research a Research Problem, Educational Searching Relevant Literature \ Under
                                                                                              thesis, including developing a research question, performing a l
                     This book walks readers through Education of Identifying project or 336 pages Question andResearch Methods,Research Methods (
                                             Introduction to Quantitative Research \ education pages Quasi-Experimental Research use quantitative meth
                                                                                              264 students and researchers needing to \ Designing Non-Expe
                     This accessible and authoritative introduction is essential for Experimental and Educational Research Methods,Quantitative/Statist
                                              practical introduction to the process of designing, pages and THEORIES AND (General),Research Methods To P
                                                                                              256 doing Research Methods APPROACHES \ Introduction in
                     The Third Edition is aPART ONE: THE SPECIAL NATURE OF CHILDREN IN RESEARCH:writing up research with children and young peo
                                             book Moyles when I first started my career as288 pages Educational years education and care! There's some
                                                                                               a researcher into early Research Methods,Early Childhood Edu
                     'How I wish I'd had a Janet like this Foreward \ PART ONE: PARADIGMS AND PRINCIPLES \ Positivist Research \ Interpretivism and P
                                             Introduction: PGCE - M researcher, and those studying School-Based Research? \ PART ONE: courses, School-
                                                                                              360 Do at ~Cl 978-1-4462-4748-8~#65.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-47
                     Focused on the needs of the new classroom level: Why should Teacherspages masters-level on education degree USING EXISTING
                                                                                              384 pages Research and action research into a much-needed
                     Conducting Policy Action Research in Education is the first book to merge policy researchMethods & Evaluation (General),Learning
                        in Education is a core textbook for graduate courses in educational research.Overview of the Field \ Learning H
                                                                        368 pages Introduction and As Methods,Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research Introduction \ PART ONE: TRADITIONS AND INFLUENCES \Educational Research with previous editions, the Th
                                                                        464 pages a critical research consumer is one of the most imp
Research Methods for Education, Second Edition acknowledges that becoming Educational Research Methods,Research Methods (
                        Sue all practitioners are now Alison Murphy Introduction//Rationale for the means of Callan and Alison Jack
                                                                        160 pages Early research Education,Educational Research an
In the early years sector, Callan, Michael Reed andexpected to engage in work-basedChildhoodas aText \ Sue improving practice Me
                        Introduction What Is Action Research? \ Engaging in Action Research Reviewing Literature \ anResearch,Re
                                                                        for pages Nursing,Other Health Specialties,Action increasingl
Action Research in Healthcare is a\practical guide to using research 200improving practice in\healthcare contexts. As Steps in the Ac
                         need to understand the relationship between research, Social Work Research to be effective Policy Researc
                                                                         \ The Research Business \ The Philosophy of Social Research \
Social work students Introduction \ Why Research for Social Work? 232 pagesknowledge and practiceMethods,Social practitioners.
                        Introduction PART ONE: WHAT IS ACTION RESEARCH? \ Nursing,Public Actionwant
                                                                        256 is used by practitioners who Research \ Discussion, Debate
Action research is becoming more\popular in nursing and healthcare. It pages Foundations of Health"IC to better understand and
                        Introduction Methods in CONTRIBUTIONS a comprehensive and authoritative source on qualitative More t
                                                                         QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ Stefan Methods,Qualitative Resear
The Sage Handbook of Qualitative \ PART ONE:Health Research isOF786 pages Public Health ResearchTimmermans There'sresearch
                         technology in health promotion, this text includes case studies Health Research Methods,Research Methods
                                                                        296 HEALTH PROMOTION \ A to further develop students' und
Examining the use ofPART ONE: ORIENTATION TO TECHNOLOGY-BASEDpages Publicand exercisesPrimer on Technology-Based Hea
                        Introduction \ Choosing qualitative and mixed methods, including Methods \ science roots and publicResear
                                                                        312 pages Public Health social Getting Started: Study health
This Second Edition offers a firm grounding inthe Right Qualitative Approach(es) \ MixedtheirResearch Methods,QualitativeDesign a
                        Comprehensive Program Development in the Mental-Health Professions \ PART ONE: PROGRAM PLANNING A
                                                                        544 stage Counselling Agency identifying a need, establishing
Using a unique 14-step model, the author guides readers through everypages of the process, from Management,Social Work Progr
                                                                        496 pages ~Cl 978-1-4462-5226-0~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-52
                        The introduction to the fundamentals Social Care Professions \ The Nature all health and social care profess
                                                                        200 It will Nursing,Nursing Research,Health Research Method
'This book is an excellent Role of Research in the Health andof research. pages be a useful guide toof Knowledge in Health and Socia
                        Research in that will Sources of value to those learning about research at all levels. It Ethics and Governanc
                                                                        432 pages Research Process \ Research
'This is a very welcome new bookNursing \ be of great Nursing Knowledge \ TheNursing Research,Nursing"ICwill be particularly usef
                        Public Health Practice and the Best Available Evidence \ Community Health and Health Service Needsoccurs o
                                                                        336 pages As a great deal of evidence-based practice and for
This practical book shows how to do evidence-based research in public health. Research Methods (General),Research MethodsEvid
                        An Introduction to the Research Process \ PART ONE: AN INTRODUCTION statisticsResearch Methods,Public
                                                                         textbook Nursing Research,Health for the health sciences, bo
Statistics for the Health Sciences is a highly readable and accessible584 pageson understandingTO THE RESEARCH PROCESS \ OverH
                        Introduction: The Challenge of Research \ The Outcomes of Counselling write about complex things in a clear
                                                                        has pages Counselling Research Methods,Counselling Psycholo
'The publication of this book couldn't be more timely. Mick Cooper 256 a wonderful ability to and Psychotherapy \ Does Orientation
                        Doing Counselling studying or interested Literature: Placing ResearchResearch Methods"IC
                                                                        228 pages Counselling in Context \ The Research Process: Stag
'This is a great starting point for anyoneResearch \ Reading the in counselling research. I thoroughly recommend the Second Edition
                        The that of Case Studies in the Development and psychotherapy profession for some considerable time.The D
                                                                        272 pages Counselling Counselling and Psychotherapy \ It ha
'This is an excellent book Role has been needed by the counselling of Theory and Practice inand Psychotherapy (General),Counsellin
                        PART 1: PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COUNSELLING OUTCOME RESEARCH \ Research Methods,Counselling Psycholo
                                                                        232 pages Counselling and psychotherapy researchers Psycho
'An authoritative text, providing a first-rate outline of the specific methods that counsellingInstruments Used for Measuring use, an
                        Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy: Achievement and Psychotherapy (General),Counsellin
                                                                        352 pages Counselling        researchers' - Philosophical Basis
'Once again, John McLeod has created a wonderful resource for counselling and psychotherapyPotential \ TheKim Etherington, Em
                        Introduction: The counselling and psychotherapy,pages Counselling students to identify as researchers Psyc
                                                                        208 this book will help Research Methods,Counselling Work?
Introducing the language of research inConception of the Book \ The Research Underpinning Therapy: Does Therapy Reallyandand
                        Introduction \ details Measurement instrumentation, Utility of Measurement: the social, of the Multicultu
                                                                        688 \ The Multi-Cultural Counselling,Quantitative/Statistical h
Providing readers with cutting-edge Testing,on multiculturaland Culture pages theories, and research inApplicationbehavioral, and R
                        Preface \ Introduction takes 1: THINKING, THEORY AND Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Communicat
                                                                        256 pages PRACTICE \ Chapter 1: How Do We Know each stage
The Second Edition of this student favourite \ PARTreaders through step-by-step the theories, processes and methods of Anything A
                         of examples, and covering both qualitative and quantitative Searches methods, this METHODS OF TEXTUAL A
                                                                        360 \ Library research \ PART TWO: is an approachable stude
Practical in focus, fullPART ONE: GETTING STARTED \ What Is Research?pages Communication Research Methods,Research Metho
                         of Media Analysis Techniques , Arthur Asa Berger pages Analysis: A Brief History of Methods,Content user-fri
                                                                        \ Semiotic Communication Research a clearly written, Analysi
In the Fourth Edition PART ONE: TECHNIQUES OF INTERPRETATION 280 once again provides students withthe Subject The Problem
                        Introduction and qualitative Book \ Coming up with this book is unique as Planning and Ethics \ Managing th
                                                                        232 pages Research Methods in Psychology,Qualitative throu
While there are a number of books onAims of the psychological research, a Research Question \it leads readers step-by-stepResear
                        Michael Forrester Introduction: This Book and 280 PsychologyPART ONE: FORMULATING RESEARCH QUESTIO
                                                                        How to Use It \ is more a 'how-to-do-it' manual, linked Resear
Not just another research methods book, Doing Qualitative Research in pages Research Methods in Psychology,Qualitativewith a s
                         qualitative approaches now used in psychology, the Second EditionMethods in Psychology"IC
                                                                        288 pages Research offers readers a step-by-step guide to car
Covering all the mainJonathan A Smith Introduction \ Peter Ashworth Conceptual Foundations of Qualitative Psychology \ Amedeo
                        Psychological Research: bolts' of and Hows ofprocess in Research Methods in Psychology,Social Research M
                                                                          the Scientific Method \ Hypothesis Development: Where Res
This innovative textbook covers the 'nuts andThe Whysthe research352 pages psychology with a refreshingly clear chapter layout a
                         Psychology has been substantially M. meticulously revised in its Fourth Edition. Continuing to offer enviable
                                                                        616 pages Research Methods in Psychology,Research Methods
Research Methods inPART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Glynisand Breakwell, Daniel B. Wright and Jonathan A. Smith Research Questions
                                                                        0 pages     Research Methods in Psychology,Research Methods
This text provides a concrete roadmap for the design and implementation of experiments using human participants. It covers both
                         to validity, this \ Autobiography//Biography Research \ Behaviourialismguide to Politics & of core research co
                                                                        250 pages an invaluable \ Case a variety International Relat
From action researchAction Researchinnovative and informative text will proveResearch Methods forStudies \ Causality and Correl
                        Science, Society and and Criminal Justice is a concise resource for understandingCriminology & Criminal Justic
                                                                        The Process and Problems of for the multifaceted subject of r
Fundamentals of Research in Criminology Criminological Research \400 pages Research MethodsCriminological Research \ Researc
                        The a cutting-edge textbook comprised Process in pages Research MethodsJustice \ Criminological Theory a
                                                                        464 Criminology and Criminal for Criminology criminology and
Snapshots of Research is Scientific Method and the Research of scholarly articles exemplifying research methods in& Criminal Justic
                        Pamela Davies practical Francis Introduction researchDavies and Peter Francis Criminology questions' -Justic
                                                                         Pamela methods as applied to criminological & Criminal Prof
'Just what students need. A reliable,and Peter and sensible guide to\392 pages Research Methods for PART ONE: PREPARING CRIMI
                        Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the methods and\techniques needed to understand a statisticsScien
                                                                        368 pages Introduction to Statistical & Environmental modu
This bestselling textbook is an expert introduction to the principal Third Edition Research Methods for EarthMethods for Geography
                        PART ONE: GETTING STARTED IN GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH \ Nick Clifford, Shaun human and physical geogr
                                                                        568 pages Geographical Methodology,Qualitative Valentine G
Unique in the reference literature for providing an overview of qualitative and quantitative methods forFrench and GillMethods in
                        PART I INTRODUCTION \ Timothy society has 576 pages Research a wide Couclelis Geographic Information
                                                                        been expanding into Methods for Earth & Environmental Scien
Research on the evolving relationship between GIS andL. Nyerges, Robert McMaster, and Helenvariety of topical areas, becoming,
                        Introduction: Fieldwork degree courses. In this240 pages engaging book, Richard Phillips and Jennifer Johns pr
                                                                         lively and Geographical Methodology,Human Geography out
Fieldwork is a core component of geography for Human Geographers \ Part ONE: APPROACHING THE FIELD \ Getting the Most(Gen
                        PART ONE: of sport and physical activity, this bookpages IC~Cl 978-1-4462-0744-4~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0
                                                                        288 provides a detailed guide to planning, undertaking and wr
Designed especially for studentsINTRODUCTION TO QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ The Nature and Usefulness of Qualitative Research
                        How to social research\concepts that inform the selection Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Tourism thi
                                          SAGE Action Research \        200 pages and application of research methods in tourism, St
Taking students through the Use This BookKey Concepts series Auto-Ethnography \ Case Study \ Constructionism \ Content Analysi
                        Academic Journals \ Analytic Epidemiology \ Applied method in plain language. Written for students, it contai
                                          SAGE significance series      256 pages Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Sport & Cr
This book systematically demonstrates theKey Conceptsand application of versus Pure Research \ Archival Research \ Causality \Lei
                         VOLUME and Fundamentals ORIGINS OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH its Research Methods,Qualitative Research
                                          THEORETICAL of Applied His intervention is bold in METHODS IN EDUCATION \ approach. It w
'Torrance offers the field a rich ONE:expansive set of readings. Research pagesEducational claims, conservative in its Part A: Theore
                        VOLUME ONE: the evolution of Applied Research as RESEARCH IN SCHOOLS: FROM CURRICULUM DEVELOPM
                                          HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES IN ACTION it connects to curriculum, pedagogy and professional p
Action Research in Education traces Fundamentalsof classroom research pagesAction Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Action Researc
                        VOLUME ONE: KEY ISSUES IN EDUCATION RESEARCHthe world in quantitative research in education. It EFFEC&
                                          Fundamentals practice from around \ PART ONE: MEASURING Methods,Research Methods
This major work captures cutting-edge and seminalof Applied Research pagesEducational Research SCHOOL AND TEACHER encom
                        VOLUME ONE: QUANTITATIVE APPROACHES \ 1288 both the origins and the state of Research Jack Needlem
                                          Fundamentals sources that illustrate
                                                                        Observational and Quasi-Experimental the (General),Health nu
Nursing Research Methods brings together seminalof Applied Research pagesResearch Methods & Evaluation art of\research in Ev
                         together ONE: Fundamentals the social Researchstudy of young people's Capacitiesexperiences.and transition
                                          JOURNEYS \ Mobilities \ V. Amit pagesSocial Research lives and for change It addresses
This collection brings VOLUME key contributions to of Applied scientific The Limits of Liminality: Methods,Action Research/Practition
                                          Fundamentals of Applied Research pagesResearch Methods,Gender & Sexuality Studies (Gen
Researching Gender is an authoritative, four-volume reference of major works in the field of feminist methodologies. Internationa
                          become increasingly important Applied Research and Mhairi Mackenzie Theories of Change and Realistic Ev
                                          THEORY AND of in recent years as pagesPublic Health,Health Evaluation,Evaluation (General
Health evaluation hasVOLUME ONE: FundamentalsISSUES \ Avril Blameypolicy makers, health professionals and health researchers
                         VOLUME qualitative research FIELD OF DIGITAL QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ Section 1: Researching Online Com
                                          MAPPING THE is rapidly developing. Methods more Research (General)"
                                                                        1664 More and
The field of digital methods forONE: SAGE Benchmarks in Social ResearchpagesQualitativeresearchers are researching the social, cu
                         VOLUME ONE: SAGE Benchmarks in of methodological stances adopted by ethnographers& Evaluation (Gene
                                         THE URBAN CONDITION \ ResearchpagesEthnography,Research Methods extends across Fra
                                                                         1528 Methods
Ethnography is an extremely broad church, and the rangeSocialElijah Anderson Jelly's Place: An ethnographic memoir \ Adrian the
                        VOLUME ONE: TURN-TAKING ANDin Social \ together and John Heritage Introduction \ Harvey Sacks et al Sim
                                          key, Benchmarks REPAIR ResearchpagesDiscourse Analysis,Sociological Research analysis. V
                                                                         1624 Methods
This is a comprehensive collection ofSAGE seminal pieces broughtPaul Drewby two of the leading figures in conversation Methods"
                        PART pure ASKING articles or discussions Research Boyd-Barrett Theory Researchwithin particular theoretic
                                         SAGE Benchmarks QUESTIONS1592 Methods
                                                                           \ range of exemplary applications Methods,Research Metho
This major work combines ONE: methodsALL THE RIGHTin Social with a O. pagesCommunicationin Media- Research \ K.B. Jensen Th
                        VOLUME I: Appendix of on a number of methodologicalBarbara Harrison Editor's Introduction:that focus on Liv
                                          articles Sources AcknowledgementsMethods
                                                                         1712 \ approaches within the social sciences Researching re
Life Story Research gathers togetherSAGE Benchmarks in Social ResearchpagesCommunication Research Methods,Social Research
                        VOLUME ONE: CONTEXTS AND THEORY \ the 1592 played by L.A. Hieb Elsie Clews Parsonsorientation in resea
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social ResearchpagesResearch Methods & and sexual in the Southwest
                                                                         roles Methods
For the past 30 years, there have been vigorous debates aboutHistorical Contexts \ gender, sexuality Evaluation (General),Research
                        VOLUME 1 \ PART ONE: INTERVIEW HISTORY AND EPISTEMOLOGY of contemporary Interview in Social Resea
                                         /f001SAGE field, has again collected together a set Methods & Evaluation (General),Sociologi
                                                                         1664 pagesResearch
Nigel g Fielding, the acknowledged expert in theBenchmarks in Social Research MethodsThe History of theclassic readings. Intervie
                         VOLUME ONE \ PaulBenchmarks inSara Delamont Editorial its
                                         SAGE Atkinson and Social ResearchpagesQualitative Research (General),Research Methods (G
                                                                         1616 just in Introduction \ Nels Anderson A Stranger at the
SAGE has been a major force shaping the field of qualitative methods, notMethods specialist methods journals like Qualitative Inq
                         VOLUME ONE \ andBenchmarks in Social ResearchpagesSocial Research Methods,Ethnography,Educational
                                         SAGE ONE: HISTORICAL of the use Methods Mead Our Educational to study educational se
                                                                         1504 Margaret
This collection: demonstrates the longPARTfascinating history CONTEXT \of ethnographic research methods Emphases in Primitive P
                         VOLUME 1 Overviews \ LawrenceSocialEvent History Models for Lifethe social sciences.Nonparametric Esti
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Wu Research Methods tool in Course Analysis \ This four-volume e
                                                                         mature analytical
Over the last two decades, event\history analysis has emerged as a 1656 pagesSocial Research Methods,Sociology (General),Politic
                         VOLUME 1 PART involving most, if not all, organizations. At its heart, forecasting isSmoothing: withState of
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research \ Everette Gardner Exponential concerned The evaluat
                                                                         2104 Methods
Forecasting has long been a core\activity ONE: SMOOTHING PHILOSOPHYpagesQuantitative/Statistical Research (General),Researc
                         use of statistical measurement systems to study human CATEGORICAL DATA \environment, which can be acco
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social AGGREGATE behaviour in a social W. R. Macdonell On the Influe
                                                                         1642 Methods
Social statistics is the VOLUME 1: THE STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OFResearchpagesQuantitative/Statistical Research (General),Social Re
                         VOLUME 1: been one of the leading international publishers of works on quantitative research methods Ten
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social ResearchpagesQuantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                                                                         1760 Methods
For more than 40 years, SAGE hasFUNDAMENTAL ISSUES IN QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH \ General orientations \ Daniel Wright in th
                        VOLUME 1: long CONCEPTS AND HISTORICAL1632 Methods \ and influential within versus actions \ Allpor
                                         SAGE Benchmarks as one of the most important Measurement"
The field of attitude research hasBASICbeen recognisedin Social ResearchpagesTest &LaPiere, R.T. Attitudessocial psychology. But t
                         VOLUME 1: LINEAR Benchmarks in Social MODEL FORMULATION Methods (General)"research questions To
                                         often have a multilevel or clustered structure. From this, we often have
                                                                         1608 Methods
Data collected in the social sciences SAGEMULTILEVEL MODELS: ResearchpagesResearchAND INTERPRETATION \ Introduction \ tha
                         together Issues publications on the secondary Martin of data and embraces many aspects of how to analys
                                         SAGE Benchmarks Survey ResearchpagesSocial Patrick Sturgis and
                                                                         1664 Methods
This collection bringsVolume 1:the keyin the Analysis ofin SocialData \analysisBulmer,Research Methods"Nick Allum Introduction t
                         VOLUME 1 \ SECTION ONE: THE CLASSICAL STATEMENTS AND AUTHORS \ Wilhelm Dilthey and approaches
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social ResearchpagesSocial Research Methods,Sociological Research Jam
                                                                         1672 Methods
The development of an interpretive or verstehen approach to understanding social life draws itself in distinction from Frederic Met
                        Volume the Data, Mathematical Models and 1648 pagesSocial Research Methods"
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research years on
                                                                         Graphics \ General Introduction \ Introduction to Volume One \
Linton Freeman has collectedOne:very best published work of the past 40 Methods social network analysis. Volume One: Data, Mat
                         VOLUME 1 \ Introduction Robert L. Axtell 1664 pagesSocial methods, motivations for agent computing in
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Research including hard-to-locate literature s
                                                                         of computational
This set brings together the essential writings in\the emerging fieldWhy Agents? On the varied Methods,Sociological Research Met
                        Section 1: Scientific and Social Scientific ResearchpagesSocial Research andThe Definitions of SociologyMe
                                         SAGE Benchmarks Methods. Part Two: Methods \ M. Weber the Practical Resolution of and
                                                                         1656 Methods
Part One: Background on SocialBackground onEverydayin Socialand EverydayEthnomethodologyMethods,Ethnomethodology,Anthro
                         VOLUME 1: specialism. Wendy ONTOLOGY 1544 pagesSocial Research Methods,Philosophy of Social Scien
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods
                                                                          Margaret S. Archer practical implications of the field with skill
Realism is an increasingly popularPRACTICAL REALIST Olsen shows\the philosophical andFor Structure: Its reality, properties and po
                         VOLUME in Social Research collects Social ResearchpagesSocialthat highlight the EVIDENCE \ Lindsay Prior In
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in together a bodyMethods Research Methods"
                                                                         1640 of papers
Using Documents and Records 1: APPROACHES TO CONTENT - DOCUMENTS AS A SOURCE OF DATA & different ways in which docu
                         foundation Section 1: What Counts as Relevant Data? \ Andrew Abbott Reconceptualizing Knowledge Accum
                                         SAGE Benchmarks in but it is often given less attention than later steps in a research project, s
                                                                         1664 Methods
Data collection is theVOLUME 1 \of high-quality research,Social ResearchpagesSocial Research Methods,Quantitative/Statistical Re
                         VOLUME cluster analysis and\data Social together in aUprichardisIntroduction \ C.and timely with respect &
                                         THE CLASSICS David Byrne and Emma way that both accessible Ragin The Distinctivenes
                                                                         1584 Methods
Bringing work on classification,ONE: SAGE Benchmarks inmining ResearchpagesSociological Research Methods,Research Methodsto
                         VOLUME ONE: SAGE Library in Business the pastAntecedents \ spanning R. CleggBusiness & and encompassin
                                         THEORETICAL DEVELOPMENTS1304 pagesResearch Methods for disciplines Management and
Work on organizational discourse studies has mushroomed inand Management  \ few decades, Stewart various The Language of Power (Ge
                         VOLUME ONE: SAGE ISSUES, DEBATES AND CONTROVERSIES IN INTERNET facilitate \ T.L. Taylor Life in Virt
                                         CORE a willingness to exploit new pagesInternet Research"
Historically, social researchers have shownLibrary of Research Methods technologies to enhance,RESEARCHand support their variou
                         VOLUME ONE: the visual domain has come to 1640 pagesQualitative Research (General),Social Research lifeT
                                         PRINCIPLES, of Research Methods assume a hitherto unprecedented cultural \ Leonard Henny
In contemporary Western societies, SAGE Library ISSUES, DEBATES AND CONTROVERSIES IN VISUAL RESEARCHcentrality. Daily Meti
                          may take a range of forms of RESEARCH: STARTING POINTS, DEBATES AND APPROACHES \ Methods (Gener
                                         BIOGRAPHICAL may vary in its1544 application and approach Methods,Research Louis Smith aim
Biographical researchVOLUME ONE: SAGE LibraryandResearch Methods pagesSocial Researchbut has the unified and coherentBiog
                         theory and practice Library of Research Methods use of secondary sources, this Heaton What Is Secondary
                                         USING secondary analysis and1664 pagesQualitative Research (General)"
Highlighting both the VOLUME ONE: SAGE ofSECONDARY SOURCES AND SECONDARY ANALYSIS \ Janet collection: considers the nat
                        is a proven guide for every student wanting to472 quick Studyto success \ Places to go and things and \ Ma
                                         SAGE Study Skills Series         achieve success Skills (General),Study Skills (UG)"IC
Essential Study Skills Overview \ Introduction \ Succeeding at university:pages steps at university. Packed with study tipsto dohandy
                         Success is a vital practical Skills for any
                                         Writing Environment \ Fundamentals of Solid Preparation \ to manageof Academic Writing \ Pr
                                                                         264 pages Study Skills seek Essentials your writing effectively
Writing for AcademicManaging Your SAGE Studyguide Series postgraduate student. If you (General),Essays/Dissertations,Postgrad
                         Shon teaches advanced undergraduates Fix graduate students Skills to Writing Problems with Abstract Tools
                                         SAGE Study Skills Series        120 pages Study how (UG),Study Skills (PG)"IC
In this book, Phillip CSerial Killers and Book Reports \ Trying toand Mechanical and Structural read social science journal articles and
                        Introduction: Why You its readers This Book (and Keep Study are (General),Essays/Dissertations"IC ass
                                                                         of the skills to Yourselfà) \ An for the process of essay and
Both lively and authoritative, this book leadsShould Readthrough all 192 pages ItwhichSkillsrequiredInsight into the Marking Process
                        PART 'A very clear, accessible introduction that will be invaluable to postgraduate studentsBe Criticalengage
                                         SAGE Study Skills Series        264 pages Study Skills (General),Study Skills trying to \ Makin
Praise for the First Edition :ONE: BECOMING A CRITICAL READER AND SELF-CRITICAL WRITER \ What It Means to (PG),Essays/Disser
                        Managing Your SAGE Study Understanding Your Preferred Higher & Style \ Note-Taking and Note-Making \ wil
                                         Workload \ Skills Series        192 pages Learning fully revised and (general),Study Skills (G
Full of advice on topics such as note-taking, reading strategies and exam techniques, thisFurther Educationupdated new edition Rea
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Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods (General)"IC Pa 978-1-4129-8125-5 £31.99
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Research Methods (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Study Skills (General)"
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Research Methods (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"               £22.99
Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods"IC                          £34.99
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Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods"IC                          £34.99
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Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods"IC                          £29.99
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                 978-1-84920-014-1            £75.00                              £24.99
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Research Methods (General),Research Design"                                       £34.99
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Research Methods (General),Sociological Research Methods,Research Methods for Criminology & Criminal Justice"
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Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods (General)"               £18.99
                 978-1-4462-0861-8            £75.00                              £24.99
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IC~Cl 978-1-84920-627-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-628-0~#24.99
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Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods (General)"IC             £36.99
Research Methods (General)"                                                       £27.99
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Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Social Work Research Methods,Sociological Research Methods"IC
IC~Cl 978-1-4462-5220-8~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-5221-5~#24.99
Research Methods (General),Evaluation (General)"                                  £22.99
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Qualitative Research (General),Scholarly Aids/Research Tools,Study Skills (PG)"   £25.99
                 978-1-84787-400-9            £95.00
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Scholarly Aids/Research Tools,Social Research Methods,Essays/Dissertations (PG)" £25.99
                 978-0-85702-140-3             £85.00                             £27.99
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Research Methods (General),Sociological Research Methods"                         £18.99
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IC~Cl 978-1-84920-500-9~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-501-6~#24.99
Qualitative Research (General)"IC                                                 £18.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-7619-2923-9
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-7044-0
Qualitative Research (General),Educational Research Methods,Research Design"IC £35.99
Social Research Methods,Research Design,Survey Research"                          £22.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-5221-7
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8119-4
Qualitative Research (General),Qualitative Evaluation,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"IC
                 978-1-4129-9531-3             £62.00                             £39.99
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                 978-1-4129-6556-9             £80.00                             £35.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mixed Methods"IC                      £38.99
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Research Methods (General),Research Design"                                       £11.99
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                 978-1-4129-6127-1           £325.00
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Literature Reviews,Research Methods (General)"IC                                  £36.99
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                 978-0-85702-134-2             £65.00                             £22.99
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Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods (General)"IC Pa 978-1-4129-8045-6 £35.99
Qualitative Research (General),Sociological Research Methods" Pa 978-1-4129-5496-9£25.99
                 978-1-84787-581-5             £70.00                             £24.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84787-582-2
Qualitative Research (General),Health Research Methods"                           £18.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8684-7
                 978-0-85702-475-6             £75.00                             £24.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-476-3
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Qualitative Research (General),Qualitative Software,Research Design"              £35.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8247-4
Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods (General),Educational Research Methods"IC
                 978-0-85702-323-0             £75.00                             £24.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-324-7
                 978-1-4462-5491-2             £75.00                             £26.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4462-5492-9
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-7011-2
Qualitative Research (General),Scholarly Aids/Research Tools,Anthropology & Archaeology (General)"
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8048-7
Qualitative Research (General),Educational Research Methods,Evaluation (General)"£40.99
                 978-1-4129-7167-6             £39.99
IC~Cl 978-1-84920-302-9~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-303-6~#24.99
                 978-1-84860-217-5             £78.00                             £25.99
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IC~Cl 978-0-85702-524-1~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-525-8~#24.99
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                 978-1-4129-0833-7             £70.00                             £24.99
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                 978-0-85702-130-4            £75.00                              £24.99
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                 978-1-4462-0296-8            £75.00                              £26.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4462-0297-5
IC~Cl 978-0-85702-913-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-914-0~#24.99
                                                                 Pa Research (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"IC
Research Methods for Business & Management (General),Qualitative978-1-84920-478-1 £30.99
                 978-1-84860-992-1            £72.00                              £23.99
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                 978-0-85702-056-7            £65.00                              £21.99
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                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8024-1
Communication Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Ethnography"IC
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8889-6
Action Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Action Research,Continuing Professional Development"
                 978-0-85702-582-1            £75.00                              £24.99
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                 978-1-4129-2029-2            £95.00
                 978-1-84860-215-1            £75.00                              £24.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84860-216-8
Action Research"IC                                                                £38.99
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IC~Cl 978-1-4462-0719-2~#70.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0720-8~#22.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8128-6
Action Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Continuing Professional Development,Action Research"
Qualitative Research (General),Communication Research Methods" 978-1-4129-7837-8  £35.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-7619-2542-2
                 978-0-85702-257-8            £68.00                              £23.99
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                 978-1-84920-099-8            £75.00                              £26.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84920-100-1
                 978-1-4129-8164-4            £95.00
Focus Group Research,Survey Research,Evaluation (General)"                        £35.99
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                 978-1-84787-908-0            £70.00                              £23.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84787-909-7
                 978-0-85702-562-3            £72.00                              £23.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-563-0
~Cl 978-1-4462-0053-7~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0054-4~#24.99
Case Study & Narrative Analysis"IC                                                £29.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-6099-1
                                                                 Pa (General)"    £28.99
Case Study & Narrative Analysis,Social Research Methods,Evaluation 978-1-4129-8916-9
                 978-1-4129-5670-3           £220.00
                 978-1-84787-095-7            £95.00
~Cl 978-1-4462-4970-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-4971-0~#24.99
                 978-1-84860-718-7            £65.00                              £22.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84860-719-4
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8755-4
Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"           £38.99
                 978-1-84787-556-3            £95.00
                 978-1-4129-4582-0            £70.00                              £22.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-4583-7
                 978-0-85702-848-8            £85.00                              £29.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-849-5
                 978-0-85702-887-7            £75.00                              £26.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-888-4
~Cl 978-1-4462-0787-1~#70.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0788-8~#23.99
~Cl 978-0-85702-036-9~#70.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-037-6~#23.99
                 978-1-84860-648-7            £80.00                              £27.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84860-649-4
                 978-0-85702-891-4            £65.00                              £22.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-892-1
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-8315-0
Content Analysis,Research Methods (General),Communication Research Methods,Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Sociological Research Me
                 978-1-84920-592-4            £75.00                              £26.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84920-593-1
                 978-0-85702-528-9            £65.00                              £22.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-529-6
Interviewing,Case Study & Narrative Analysis"                                     £22.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-9180-3
                 978-0-85702-364-3            £60.00                              £19.99
                                                                 Pa 978-0-85702-365-0
                 978-1-84860-644-9            £76.00                              £24.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84860-645-6
Survey Research,Research Design"IC                                                £25.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-9225-1
                 978-1-84860-107-9            £79.00                              £25.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-84860-108-6
Research Methods (General),Research Methods in Psychology" Pa 978-1-4129-9635-8   £20.99
                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-7517-9
Mixed Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC
                 978-1-4129-7266-6             £95.00
Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Evaluation (General)"ICPa 978-1-4129-7741-8   £32.99
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Evaluation (General)"                                             Pa 978-1-4129-8709-7£22.99
Evaluation Theory"IC                                              Pa 978-1-4129-9574-0£38.99
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Quantitative Evaluation,Qualitative Evaluation,Evaluation (General)"IC                £51.00
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Evaluation (General),Quantitative Evaluation,Qualitative Evaluation"IC                £37.99
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Evaluation (General)"                                             Pa 978-0-7619-2673-3£27.00
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Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods (General),Survey Research"IC £29.99
Survey Research,Sociological Research Methods"IC                  Pa 978-1-4129-9734-8£29.99
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Survey Research,Women's Studies (General)"                        Pa 978-1-4129-8835-3£20.99
IC~Cl 978-1-4462-4740-2~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-4741-9~#24.99
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Research Methods,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)" Pa 978-1-4129-9959-5    £13.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathematics & Statistics"IC               £41.99
Research Methods in Psychology,Quantitative/Statistical ResearchPa 978-1-4522-0525-0  £16.99
                                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-8244-3 Methods
Sociological Research Methods,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research£37.99 (General)"IC
                                                                   Research (General)"
Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Quantitative/Statistical Pa 978-1-4129-9435-4 £40.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Social Work & Social Policy (General),Sociological Research Methods,Criminology & Criminal Justice (Ge
                                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-7406-6
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Sociological Research Methods"            £25.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods (General)"IC             £25.99
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Psychology (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General)" Pa 978-1-4522-0334-8    £16.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"IC£44.99
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Research Methods in Psychology,Quantitative/Statistical ResearchPa 978-1-4129-9428-6  £16.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Design,StudyPa 978-1-4129-7109-6
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Statistics,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
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Regression & Correlation,Statistical Computing Environments" Pa 978-1-4129-7514-8  £44.99
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Social Research Methods,Test & Measurement,Quantitative Evaluation"                £24.99
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Qualitative Research (General),Sociological Research Methods" Pa 978-1-4129-9770-6 £11.99
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                                                                  Research (General)"
Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Quantitative/Statistical Pa 978-1-4129-9885-7
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC                                     £44.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Quantitative Techniques for Business & Management Research"
                                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-7959-7
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods in Psychology,Educational Research Methods"IC
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"                                       £17.99
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)
                                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-8975-6
                                                                                    & Evaluation (General)"
Test & Measurement,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods £47.99
                                                                  Research (General)"
Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Quantitative/Statistical Pa 978-1-4522-1684-3
                                                                  Pa               £22.99
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathematics & Statistics"978-1-4129-8801-8
                                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-8804-9
Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Test & Measurement,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                                                                  Pa               £14.99
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Regression & Correlation"978-1-4129-7249-9
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathematics & Statistics"978-1-4129-2629-4
Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"                                       £14.99
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Structural Equation Modeling"                                                      £14.99
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Evaluation in Business & Management,Evaluation (General),Research978-1-4522-1675-1 £32.99
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Action Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Qualitative Research (General),Educational Research Methods"
IC~Cl 978-0-85702-253-0~#65.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-254-7~#21.99
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Research Methods (General),Educational Research Methods"IC Pa 978-1-4129-4009-2    £54.00
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Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Educational Research Methods"          £52.00
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Educational Research Methods,Research Methods (General)"IC Pa 978-1-4129-7902-3    £28.99
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~Cl 978-1-4462-4748-8~#65.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-4749-5~#20.99
Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Learning Styles"                           £31.99
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                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-9532-0
Educational Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Education"          £31.99
Educational Research Methods,Research Methods (General)"                        £62.00
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                 978-0-85702-174-8          £60.00                              £19.99
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Public Health Research Methods,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"         £32.99
                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-9033-2
Public Health Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods for Interpersonal/Domestic Violence"IC
                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-7449-3
Counselling Agency Management,Social Work Program Planning,Evaluation (General)"£43.99
~Cl 978-1-4462-5226-0~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-5227-7~#27.99
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Research Methods (General),Research Methods for Clinical Medicine"              £25.99
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                                                                                for Cultural Studies"IC
Communication Research Methods,Research Methods (General),Research Methods £39.99
                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-8776-9
                                                                                Studies,Research Methods (General)"IC
Communication Research Methods,Content Analysis,Research Methods for Cultural £36.99
                 978-0-85702-745-0          £65.00                              £21.99
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Research Methods in Psychology,Social Research Methods,Counselling Research Methods"IC
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Research Methods in Psychology,Research Methods & Evaluation Pa 978-1-4522-1742-0
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                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-9176-6
Research Methods for Criminology & Criminal Justice,Research Methods (General),Sociological Research Methods"IC
                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-8919-0
Research Methods for Criminology & Criminal Justice,Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (General)"
                 978-1-84860-652-4          £77.00                              £24.99
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978-1-4129-4597-4   £600.00
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978-1-84920-732-4   £600.00
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978-1-84787-273-9   £600.00
978-1-4129-0384-4   £600.00
978-1-84787-947-9   £600.00
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978-1-84787-171-8   £600.00
978-1-84860-441-4   £600.00
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978-1-84920-736-2   £450.00
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978-1-4462-4102-8   £600.00   £550.00
978-1-4462-4691-7   £600.00   £550.00
978-1-4462-4690-0   £600.00   £550.00
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978-0-85702-927-0    £65.00                             £22.99
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978-1-4462-0931-8    £60.00                             £16.99
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978-1-4462-0286-9    £65.00                             £20.99
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