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									                    THE HAPPY CAMPER
                                TROOP 111
                             PLUM BORO, PA
                               MARCH 2008

WELCOME WEBELOS                             congratulate Michael on earning the Eagle
Troop 111 welcomes the Webelo Scouts
that crossed over from Cub Scouts. You      NO TROOP MEETING
have come a long way in your Scouting
journey. However, even more fun and         The Troop meeting on March 20 is
adventure awaits you in Boy Scouts. Start   cancelled due to the Easter holiday.
the adventure by attending the Spring
Camporee and summer camp discussed          SPRING CAMPOREE
                                            This year’s Spring Camporee is called
ADVANCEMENTS                                Mission X, The NIGHT Camporee. This is
                                            a Top-Secret Camporee held at night to
Congratulations to the following Scouts     test the stealth, teamwork and courage of
that advanced in rank at the Count of       the Tecumsa Area Scouts. The Camporee
Honor held on March 6, 2008:                will be held on April 18-20 at Boyce Park.
                                            The Camporee will include the Webelos
    Tenderfoot                              Crossover ceremony at 6 PM at the Boyce
    Michael Buckstein                       Park Ski-lodge. This is a great event for
                                            the new Scouts. Additional details on
    Second Class:                           Mission X are available at:
    Caleb Tarosky
    Star                                    gsend.pdf
    Shane Gillis
    Steven Hahn                             The cost of this event is $21 if paid before
    Nicholas Stankiewicz                    March 27 and $25 if paid after March 27. If
    Gabriel Stezoski                        you would like to attend, please complete
                                            the attached permission slip and return to
    Life                                    Mr. Laufer.
    Brendan Demich
    Steven Joyce                            SUMMER CAMP

EAGLE COURT OF HONOR                        This year’s summer camp will be held on
                                            June 22-28. We will be staying at Camp
An Eagle Court of Honor will be held for    Liberty in the Fort Duquesne site. Summer
Michael Blauch this Saturday, March 15 at   camp is a great time for the new Scouts to
2 PM, in the Wesley Hall of Holiday Park    earn merit badges and to complete many
United Methodist Church. All Scouts and     of the first class requirements at
family are welcome to attend to             Braddock's Brigade (formerly the Trail to
                                            First Class). Older Scouts can also earn

                     THE HAPPY CAMPER
                                 TROOP 111
                              PLUM BORO, PA
                                MARCH 2008

merit badges or participate in activities     the regular Troop meetings, but require
such as COPE or Trail to Eagle. If you are    work to be done outside of class. To
planning to attend, please complete the       register for Personal Management you
attached deposit form and return to Mr.       must be a First Class scout and in eighth
Drake before March 20 with your $25           grade or above. Family Life will be limited
deposit. The total cost of camp is $210       to 12 scouts. If more than 12 Scouts
($220 after May 1st). Parents are also        register for Family Life, they will be
encouraged to attend with their Scouts. In    selected based on highest rank first.
particular, the new Scouts’ parents are       Please    contact   Mr.    Anderson       at
encouraged to attend camp to help the and let him know
Scouts get oriented and keep them on          which merit badge you would like to take.
track on the Trail to First Class.
                                              SCOUTING FOR FOOD
The adults that are planning to attend
camp must also pay the $25 deposit. The       The Troop 111 Scouting for Food activities
final cost will be determined by the number   will begin on April 10 when we distribute
of days you stay at camp. This deposit will   the Scouting for Food bags. Pickup will
be refunded to your Scout’s account if you    follow on Saturday, April 12. The food
cannot attend.                                collected goes to the Plum Food Bank to
                                              help our local friends and neighbors.
There are Camperships available for
parents that may not be able to afford to     MAY CAMPING TRIP
send their Scout(s) to summer camp. The
application for the Camperships is            Plans are underway for a Troop camping
available at the BSA Greater Pittsburgh       trip on May 16-18 to Camp Guyasuta. The
Council (GPC) webpage at:                     Troop is looking for an adult leader for this
                                              event. Please let Mr. Laufer know if you      would like to lead this event.

The applications are strictly confidential
and only require GPC’s and the                BOARD OF REVIEW AND COURT OF
Scoutmaster’s approval. So send your          HONOR
Scout(s) to camp with this wonderful offer.
                                              A Board of Review will be held on
MERIT BADGES                                  May 22, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have agreed to          A Court of Honor will be held on
offer the Personal Management and             June 5, 2008.
Family Life merit badge classes one last
time. These are Eagle required merit
badges. The classes will be held during

                      THE HAPPY CAMPER
                                  TROOP 111
                               PLUM BORO, PA
                                 MARCH 2008

BOY SCOUT ADULT LEADER                          skills and ideas to help make the Troop
TRAINING                                        run smoother and more efficiently.

Want to become more involved in Boy             The Twin Arrow conference will take place
Scouts and the Troop activities. Attend         at Camp Twin Echo on June 15-22. The
Boy Scout Adult Leader training. See the        cost is $150 if received before May 14.
attached Boy Scout Adult Leader training        Troop 111 is offering up to three $50
page for courses, dates and times.              camperships to Scouts that want to attend.
                                                If you are interested in attending, contact
TRAILBLAZER ADVENTURE 2008                      Mr. Laufer at the next Troop meeting.

The Trailblazer adventure program is            TROOP PHOTOS
designed to teach Scouts and their
parents more about the great outdoors           Scouts and parents please send any
and some of the sports associated with it.      pictures from the Troop camping trips or
Activities will include:                        other events from 2007 or 2008 to Mr.
                                                Drake at or give him an
   Shooting sports                             electronic copy at a Troop meeting. Mr.
   Basic Fishing skills                        Drake will be making a CD of all the
   Archery                                     photos and will be showing the pictures at
   Wildlife Trail or Wildlife Identification   a future Troop meeting.
                                                TROOP 111 WEBPAGE & CALENDAR
The Trailblazer adventure will be held on
May 9-10 at the Heritage Reservation. See       The troop webpage and calendar are
the attached event flyer for more               available at:
information and the cost.
TWIN ARROW CONFERENCE                           111_Welcome.htm

Scouts and Senior Patrol leaders – are
you interested in learning leadership
skills? The Greater Pittsburgh Council
Twin      Arrow   Conference      provides
instruction on state-of-the–art evaluation
methods and planning, as well as some
scoutcraft and outdoor skills development.
Patrol and Troop youth leadership is
stressed during each day of the course
and Scouts return to the Troop with new

                   THE HAPPY CAMPER
                               TROOP 111
                            PLUM BORO, PA
                              MARCH 2008


MARCH 2008
 March 1 – Merit Badge University at
 March 6 – Troop Meeting & Court of
 March 8 - Tecumsa District First Aid
 March 13 – Troop Meeting
 March 20 – No Troop Meeting
 March 27 – Troop Meeting
 March 29 – Merit Badge University at

APRIL 2008
 April 18-20 – Spring camporee – Night
  Vision at Boyce Park

May 2008
 May 16-18 – Camping trip

JUNE 2008
 June 22-28 – Summer Camp

                                        Troop 111 Permission Slip

                                                Spring Camporee
                                                   April 18-20

Cost: = $21 per person if paid before March 27 and $25 if paid after March 27
Return Slip by: March 27, 2008
Contact Number: Mr. Laufer
                                                Spring Camporee
                                                   April 18-20

_____________________ has my permission to attend this event

                                             Emergency Information

Someone can be reached at the following numbers during the trip. (Indicate relationship if not

In the event I cannot be reached I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the
adult leader in charge to secure proper treatment including hospitalization, anesthesia,
surgery, or special medication for my son.

Special medical information:

Parental Signature: _____________________________ Date: ______________

I will attend with my son _____ yes _____no

You are driving please indicate the following: (If on file Please indicate)

Year________ Make _____________ Model ____________
License Plate __________
Owner’s Name _________________________

Insurance coverage/Liability: _______________________________
Driver’s Signature: _______________________________________
__________ Deduct the money from my son’s account.

__________ Attached you will find a check to pay for __________, __________,
           and __________ ‘s trip. Make check payable to Troop 111.

                  TROOP 111 SUMMER CAMP
                    JUNE 22 – JUNE 28, 2008
This year Troop 111 is staying at Ft. Duquesne campsite at Camp Liberty. This is where we
stayed the last few years. The site is nice and level, has its own waterfront for fishing and is
near Aquatics and the commissary.

For you new scouts, Camp Liberty uses the patrol organization for cooking and cleanup. The
Troop is organized into several patrols and the scouts are responsible for their own grill for
cooking, cleaning dishes and hauling water. The scouts rotate these various duties. Each
patrol has an adult leader or senior patrol scout assigned to oversee, but not perform these
activities. New scouts will be assigned to patrols with older scouts who have been doing this
for several years. We typically have 3 or 4 patrols.

For new scouts, there are several merit badges recommended for 1st year scouts such as
leather working, basketry, mammal study, reptile study and fishing. The scout generally can
pick two of these. There is also an excellent program called Braddock's Brigade. This program
teaches many of the skills needed for first year scouts to advance. I cannot stress enough that
summer camp gives your scout the best opportunity for advancement.

                                TROOP 111 SUMMER CAMP
                               DEPOSIT DUE MARCH 20, 2008

Name _____________________________________________

A summer camp deposit of $25 is due by March 20, 2008. The Troop needs this deposit by
this deadline to hold our campsite. You need to register to be eligible for the Knepp
campership. Total cost is $210 ($220 after May 1st).

Please circle one only:

1. Deduct $25 from my Scout’s account (make sure you have enough).
2. Use enclosed check for $25 made out to Troop 111

I plan to attend ______________________ days of summer camp with my son. (A $25
deposit is required for adult leaders.)

1. Deduct $25 from my Scout’s account (make sure you have enough).
2. Use enclosed check for $25 made out to Troop 111

Signed _______________________________________________


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