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Sears 495 (PowerPoint)


									By: Danielle Cohen
 Amber Hughes
                  History Of Sears
1886: Richard Sears – sells watches
1887: Sears settles into Chicago location
1893: Sears officially forms; corporate
       name is Sears, Roebuck, and Co.
1896: First general catalog
1925: First Sears retail store opens in Chicago
1927: Sears launches the brands Craftsman and Kenmore
1945: Sales exceed $1 billion
1953: Sears opens in Canada
1973: Move national headquarters to Sears Tower                Sears Tower
1986: 100th anniversary
1993: Introduces “Come see the softer side of Sears” advertisements
          History Of Sears cont…
1999: Introduces “The good life at a great
      price” advertisements
2004: Extreme Makeover Home Edition
         Ty Pennington involved in advertisements, product design
2005: Sears Essentials
      Latina Life
                    Fast Facts:
   Headquarters: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
   Employees: Approximately 250,000
   Full-line Store Locations: Nearly 900
   Sears' 2004 Fortune 500 Ranking: No. 32
   Areas of Operations: United States, Puerto Rico and
   Employs: Approximately 201,000 associates in the U.S.
    and 48,000 in Canada
   Serves: More than 48 million active Sears customer
             The Foundation of Sears
   Sears' Mission
    To grow our business by providing quality products and services at great value when and
    where our customers want them, and by building positive, lasting relationships with our

   Sears' Vision
    To be the preferred and most trusted resource for the products and services that enhance
    home and family life.

   Sears' Core Values
    We must
    · earn our customers' trust and business every day;
    · act with integrity in everything we do;
    · treat everyone fairly and value diversity;
    · be accountable for our actions; and
    · win as a team.
              The Sears Empire:
   Retail                Brands
Dealer Stores             Kenmore
Full-line Stores          Craftsman
Kmart                     Diehard
The Great Indoors         Lands’ End
Sears Grand
Sears Essentials
Orchard Supply Hardware
Land’s End
     What makes Sears, Sears?
   Sears carries many different products:
            -Appliances                  -Lawn and Garden
            -Clothing                    -Movies, Music, and Games
            -Baby                        -Sporting Goods
            -Electronics and Computers   -Tools
            -For the Home                -Toys
            -Gifts                       -Jewelry
     What makes Sears, Sears?
   Sears offers many great services:
            -Optical               -Gift Registry
            -Hearing Aid Centers   -Home Services
            -Automotive Care       -Credit
            -Portrait Studio       -Flowers (online only)
            -H&R Block             -Catalog shopping
            -Gift Cards            -“Worry-Free Shopping”
                  Target Market
   Focuses on: Middle to Higher income families with a
    desire to outfit their homes and closets with quality
    products at decent prices with a satisfaction guarantee.
   Targets: Men and Women
   Ages:
    Men: 25-60 (the outdoorsy, tool-buying, Mr. Fix-it,
    electronic lovin’ guy)
    Women: 16-65 (the middle income, fashion conscious,
    homemaker to business woman, busy mom)
   Intratype: JC Penney’s, Kohl’s, Mervyn’s (for
    clothing and home soft lines)

   Intertype: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Wal-

*Note: There isn’t really another company that
  offers everything Sears does, some might offer
  home wares, or services and others, clothing,
  but not the combination that Sears does.
               Sears Did WHAT?
   From 1908–1940, Sears, Roebuck and Company sold more than
    100,000 homes through their mail-order Modern Homes program.
   Sears offered loans beginning in 1911, and by 1918 it offered
    customers credit for almost all building materials as well as offering
    advanced capital for labor costs. Typical loans ran at 5 years, with
    6% interest, but loans could be extended over as many as 15 years.
   The process of designing a Sears house began as soon as the
    Modern Homes catalog arrived at a customer’s doorstep.
   Over time, Modern Homes catalogs came to advertise three lines of
    homes, aimed for customers’ differing financial means: Honor Bilt,
    Standard Built, and Simplex Sectional (really expensive, expensive,
    and trailer park worthy)
                     Sears Houses:
 Newer Model-1930s          Middle Model- 1915          Oldest Model- 1900s

Although Sears no longer constructs houses, it helped them build an empire of
quality house wares and appliances to stock our homes of today. It also
created the tie between Sears and ABC’s Home Extreme Makeover show.
            Community Involvement
•     2002 – Sears American Dream Campaign
•     2004 – National Military Family Association
•     2005 – Helps Support Gulf Coast Residents after Hurricane Katrina

     Extreme Makeover Home Edition (2003)
      Big Success: 15.8 million viewers that see the tie between Sears and
                   Extreme Makeover Home Edition

    *During the show Sears promotes an ad that shows the family and the Design
         Team shopping at Sears to turn the new house into a home to create a
                         emotional appeal to their audience.






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