Receipt_of_Merchandise_Services_through_the_Requisition_PO_System by fanzhongqing



Accounts Payable needs your help to insure prompt and accurate payment to the College’s vendors,
particularly those who supply goods and services in significant dollar amounts on purchase orders.

THE PURCHASE ORDER PAYMENT PROCESS: The “three-way match” of purchase order, invoice and
receipt is an essential financial control to insure accurate payment of purchase order invoices. The
match occurs automatically if the three elements have been recorded in Banner and the quantities and
dollar amounts are an exact match. When that occurs, payment is released to the vendor without
further manual input.

THE PROBLEM: Acknowledgement of receipt by the department who requisitioned the purchase is not
a new requirement. Receipt acknowledgments are generally entered into Banner from signed delivery
tickets/packing slips obtained when Central Receiving (MDC) delivers items; however, for various
reasons (direct delivery by vendors, technical expertise needed to identify items, the PO includes
services, etc.), the necessary receipt information does not reach MDC and payment is held up because
the third element of the three-way-match (receipt) is missing.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: If you receive Purchase Order items in ways other than signing for them with
MDC staff, you are encouraged to assure your vendor receives timely payment by one of the following

        (1) sending the signed delivery ticket/packing slip (including the PO number) to mailstop MDC;
        (2) emailing receipt information to, clearly identifying the PO number
            and items received.

HOW ACCOUNTS PAYABLE IS TRYING TO ASSIST: An automated weekly email notification will go to the
ordering department when missing receipt is holding up payment to a vendor. An email detailing the
invoiced item will be sent to the requestor (usually a department administrative assistant). If necessary,
the email may be forwarded to the person for whom the purchase was actually made (that name is
listed in the message). If there is more than one line item on the invoice, a separate email will be sent
for each line item up to four. Larger purchase orders will have a manual email sent with all lines
detailed. The email will contain Instructions on how to respond depending on the circumstances.

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