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									                         Staff Council                                    cartridge in campus mail and Dirk will handle the packaging and
                                                                          shipping. All supplies, boxes and labels, will be provided by
                       Meeting Minutes                                    Staples at no cost..
                       January 25, 2007
                                                                          Flyers were handed out to each Delegate to post and spread the
Order- Chair Cheryl Garvin                                                word to their Constituents.
The meeting was called to order at 2:05 pm in UC-260.
                                                                          Committee Updates
Delegate Attendance                                                       Smith Award
Delegates: Alexander Fedorov, Alina Brooks, Bob Ward, Carol               Will be meeting within the next few weeks to prepare for the annual
Montgomery, Cheryl Garvin, Dirk Morrell, Dan Adams, Jean                  Smith Award nomination process.
Hughley, Jillian Jones, Jivaro Lovett, Joan Murphy, Joyce
Sandusky, Karen Born, Laura Herndon, Lydia Vanderford, Scott              PDC
McElroy, Sondra Landrum, Keya Reed                                        Working on the end of year speaker with great options to choose
Excused: Amber Dimkoff, Gloria Chapman
                                                                          Upcoming seminars:
Alternates: Tim Summers                                                   Leadership Seminar, February 13; TRS, March 20 ; Email
                                                                          Communication in April
Constituents: Barbara Dantzler, Kara Mullen, Ryan Whitfield,
Sabrina W. Williams, Joe Bowler, JoAnn Quattlebaum, Kathy                 Lunch ‘n Learn scheduled for February 27 and March 22
Garrison, Donna Taffer, Sandra Ezeike, Karen Black, Lisa Philiips
                                                                          Will be sending out survey link for feedback before posting.
Meeting Minutes
Motion properly made and duly seconded, the minutes of the Staff          Special Events
Council meeting held on December 14, 2006 were unanimously                Campus Connect scheduled for February 12 hosted by Athletics
approved as distributed.                                                  and Fitness from 3pm to 4:30pm.

President’s Update                                                        Raffle tickets will be available and winner announced at the
                                                                          Campus Connect.
Spring 2007 enrollment is about 6000, less than budgeted and
adjustments are needing to be made. Thank you to all for your
                                                                          Candy Gram raised $322 and the Dollar Drive raised funds to help
hard work during the registration period.
                                                                          three CSU families.
Another milestone achieved with the approval of the MBA. It was a
year of intensive work to get this accomplished.                          Concerns Update
                                                                          Concerns have been archived on the website.
Next proposal will be a minor in Women’s Studies.
                                                                          Speed bumps have been in place and the STC lobby has furniture.
This summer there will be ground breaking for the Freshman
Resident Hall and Student Activity Center as well as School of            New Concerns
Business Building. Administrative Building will be torn down at a         Crosswalk on Clayton State Boulevard in front of the UC. Has
later time. For now it will be used as transitional space as other        been previously bought up and will involve a lot of work and
offices get renovated.                                                    creativity. In communication with Harun to establish a plan of

Speakers                                                                  Status of student recycling project.
Brenda Findley introduced the new HR portal that has been
developed that will allow the ability to see our current benefits,        Provide a better synopsis of PDC events on website and
payroll information, and other information that we would normally         advertising.
call HR to inquired. This will be a great benefit to all and training
will be provided once the application rolls out by the end of             Recycling bin by STC has not been picked up for several weeks.
                                                                          New Business
Norman Grizzel provided some insight to the new student service           Discussion on the format for this end of year speaker. Two options,
provided by Higher One. The goal of this enhanced service is to           have a speaker separate from the lunch or have the speaker during
process financial aid refunds quicker and efficiently. Plus, reduce       the lunch.
the cost of printing checks and postage. Services to begin in March
2007 and students will be informed via several methods to include         Possible themes Carnival/Festival or NASCAR.
flyers and email communication. Additional information may be
found by visiting the website:                                            Adjournment                               Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm. The next meeting scheduled for
                                                                          February 22, 2007 at 2pm.

Toner Recycling Fundraiser                                                Respectfully Submitted,
A toner recycling program has been established as a fundraiser
with Staples. For each eligible toner/ink cartridge Staples will credit
our account up to $3.00.                                                  Alina Brooks
The recycling program will take little effort on our part. With           Alina Brooks, Secretary
cooperation from the mail room, we just need to place the ink/toner

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