Silent B by 5QH3CuNe


									Silent B: Blue
1       Darling Snoozing Puppy Figurine                                                $5.00
This little black and tan GSD sleeps comfortably in his doggie bed with his dish of
food close by. Approximately 3.5 inches long this little fellow is looking for a
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

2       German Shepherd Handcrafted Porcelain Remembrance Pin                         $15.00
This hand painted porcelain pin features 22 carat gold accents. Completely
handcrafted in Kentucky and made from imported porcelain this pin measures
approximately three inches nose to toe.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

3       Impressions German Shepherd Flag                                              $16.50
Show your true colors by hanging this GSD outside your home. This polyester flag
is machine washable and iron safe.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

4       A True "Watch" Dog                                                             $8.00
This is a quality watch with a genuine leather band and fine precision quartz
movement. The face is approx. 1 1/4", standard, easy to read size with a stacked
GSD pictured. This piece comes with a five year international guarantee.
 Donated by Anonymous

5       Pewter Key Chain                                                               $4.00
Let this German Shepherd guard your keys for safe keeping. Lovely raised relief
GSD head will last for years.
Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

6       GSD Tie Clasp                                                                  $6.00
This tie clasp has a German Shepherd laying down as the center point! This clasp is
highly unusual and fancy enough to wear to the office, to church or anywhere you
might wear a tie.
Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman
 7      Candle                                                                          $23.00
Handcrafted candles made with pressed leaves & flowers, the pressed flower design
continues around entire base of the candle. Pet Wicks candles are drip-less &
unscented. Each candle comes wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon.
 Donated by Joanna Giddens

 8      Multi Breed Fashion Neck Scarf                                                   $8.00
This gold colored scarf features silk screen images of Dalmatians, Poodles, Sheep
Dogs, Terriers, and Golden Retrievers. This scarf is the perfect accent for any
fashion conscious dog lover.
 Donated by Heiko Chandler

 9      Ceramic Switch Plate                                                            $11.00
This is a ceramic single switch plate with a GSD theme. The lovely white
background will accentuate any décor. It features 2 GSD heads, on the top left and
one on the bottom right with green brush behind them and has a lovely, scalloped
 Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

 10     German Shepherd Angel Ornament                                                  $13.25
This adorable Shepherd with angel wings and halo is approximately three inches
high and made of resin by Roman, Inc. String for hanging is included.
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

 11     Classic Stuffed Mom and Baby                                                    $15.00
This adorable mom and baby stuffed German Shepherds would love to snuggle up
with one of your children (or even you)! Won't you give them a good home?
 Donated by Wendy Dittmar

 12     Mountain T-shirt                                                                $21.00
The Mountain is a manufacturer of high quality, hand-dyed garments. They use
only water-based inks that are both environmentally friendly, and aesthetically
pleasing. The printing process has been carefully researched and perfected over
several years, and gives the shirts a soft feel. It is black with GSD's on the front.
Size XL
 Donated by Karen McCall
 13     GSD Sitting Magnet                                                               $11.00
This impressively detailed wooden magnet is approximately 3.5 inches high and
one inch across. This loyal black and tan lady sits ready to hold your notes to the
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

 14     Wade Pipe Holder                                                                 $17.00
Up for auction is a Wade porcelain pipe rest topped with a German Shepherd
figurine. These pipe rests were made between 1973-1981. Pipe rest is 2 1/2" at the
highest point x 3 1/4" wide base. On the bottom of the base is an embossed "WADE
ENGLAND". Excellent Condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. May be used or
 Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

 15     German Shepherd Lapel Pin                                                         $8.00
This enameled black and tan Shepherd waits to take his place on your lapel to kiss
your chin. Three quarters of an inch high by five eighths of an inch high pin post
and clasp is in stunning condition with spectacular detailing and color.
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

 16     German Shepherd Lover Boxed Note Cards                                           $26.50
This three box set includes 30 note cards with envelopes. Each features a montage
of German Shepherds - black and tan, black, and white - with the slogan "German
Shepherd Lover Intelligent, Obedient, Protective". Each card is blank awaiting
your inscription.
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

 17     Embroidered GSD Hand Towel                                                       $11.00
This hand towel is a soft cream color with an embroidered GSD. Made with 100
percent cotton it is sure to be a family favorite or save it for those special guests.
 Donated by Karen McCall
18      The Ultimate German Shepherd Dog Book                                            $15.00
Editor Sheila Rankin has recruited a world renown cast of specialist to write the
definitive book on the breed. Experts from all over the work have pooled resources
to give the most comprehensive coverage of the GDS today. This book gives you
history and origins, information on training, keeping your Shepherd fit, breed
standards, showing, Shepherd's in the US and Worldwide, healthcare and so much
more. This is a must for anyone who has a Shepherd or is thinking of getting one.
The retail cost for this book is $34.95
 Donated by Debra & Sam Hokkanen

19      Poetry in Motion German Shepherd T-Shirt, XL                                     $16.00
This proud lady trots across the eight inch diameter silk screen design by Jacqueline
Brown. This t-shirt is adult extra large, light blue, 50/50 Fruit of The Loom.
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

20      Wooden Agility Pin                                                               $15.50
Let this Shepherd leap into your heart! This 2.5 inch by 2 inch full color wooden
pin features a German Shepherd putting his best foot forward and through the hoop.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

21      Waiting for Santa Christmas Cards                                                $11.00
Whimsical German Shepherd puppies wish you happy holidays on twelve high
quality full color matte finish cards with red envelopes. Greeting inside reads:
"May your holidays be filled with warmth and love."
Donated by Victoria Abrams

22      Hand Painted GSD Profile Magnet                                                   $7.00
This lovely hand painted wooden magnet is approximately two inches high and one
inch across. Careful attention was paid to bring lifelike detail to this magnet- right
down to the juicy tongue ready to give you a kiss!
Donated by Wooden Dog Creations

23      Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet                                                   $33.00
This sterling silver cuff style bracelet features various GSD charms spaced with
small beads.
Donated by Jenifer Myers
24      Cupid German Shepherd Figurine                                                  $9.00
This five in a half inch by three and a half inch Poly Resin figurine will welcome
you with warmth and love. Perfect size for sitting on your desk, his shiny eyes will
beacon you with the heart felt welcome printed on double hearts nestled snuggly in
his mouth.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

25      Patient Pup Note Cards                                                          $7.50
Lying in the grass waiting for a romp this perfect pup adorns six note cards AND
the envelopes. Cards are blank inside allowing for versatile use and enjoyment.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

26      Lovely Pewter Candle Snuffer                                                   $19.00
A most unusual decorative accessory for your home! This detailed Pewter Candle
Snuffer features a regal reclining German Shepherd. A clever touch is the cute dog
bone at the opposite end of the handle! The entire handle (not including the dog)
measures approximately 8" long.
 Donated by Joanna Giddens

27      Collectable Silver Shepherd Figurine                                           $10.50
This five inch high bone china Shepherd is eager to give you kisses. Featuring fine
detail this lady is looking for a place to call her own.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

28      Pewter Dog Picture Frame                                                        $4.00
This is a heavy pewter picture frame whose frame features dog heads, paws and
bones. Just right for your favorite doggie picture! Fits a 3 .5"x5" picture.
 Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

29      German Shepherd Pill Box                                                       $13.50
This silver toned hinged pill box is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and
features a one button front release. A stunning and alert GSD rests in a field of
flowers in the real photo top! It is so cute!
Donated by Victoria Abrams
30      Puppy Patrol Plate                                                              $20.00
Puppy Patrol from the All In a Day's Work Collection by Jim Lamb
This adorable Hamilton Collection Plate is in MINT condition. It's been stored in
it's styrofoam cozy since it was purchased years ago. It has it's Certificate of
Authenticity. Great for a German Shepherd lover or Hamilton Plate collector.
Plate No. 3242A with gold trim on the edges.
Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

31      German Shepherd Denim Sun Hat                                                   $10.00
Let this Shepherd protect you from the sun. This sailor style sun hat features a
German Shepherd, two paw prints, and the words "German Shepherd" on the cuff.
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

32      German Shepherd Water Globe                                                      $8.50
This item is so cute! Sitting in the middle of this snow globe is a tiny German
Shepherd Dog. There is glitter that floats around when you shake it. This globe is 3'
tall and the base is made of poly resin. Very unusual item.
 Donated by Debra & Sam Hokkanen

33      Apron                                                                           $14.00
Get ready to cook up a storm in this German Shepherd apron! This apron has a
gorgeous black and tan shepherd head accented by the black, red and gold of the
German flag. This 55% cotton-45% poly white bib apron is machine washable.
Measuring approximately 33" x 35" long it is great for the kitchen or for those
husbands who love to grill!
Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

34      Standing Gold Colored GSD Pin                                                    $4.00
This is a gold colored GSD pin from the mid 1960's. Measuring 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" this
will highlight your love of Shepherds while decorating your shirt or scarf.
Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

35      German Shepherd Puppy Counted Cross Stitch Chart                                 $7.50
This pattern comes with complete instructions and thread chart to create a 7.5 inch
wide by 4.5 inch high design. Once finished you will have the face of an adorable
tuckered out GSD pup with one flopped down ear on your cloth.
 Donated by Victoria Abrams
36      Garden Stone Kit                                                               $13.00
This paw print kit comes with everything you need to make an 8 inch square
stepping stone including decorative pebbles and a dog bone cookie cutter. Capture
your pet's special memory in stone!
Donated by Lauralee Davis & John Estano

37      Champion Stacked German Shepherd Dog Sweatshirt                                $12.50
This handsome German Shepherd in classic pose adorns a camel colored Jerzees
sweatshirt. The word "Shepherd" emblazons the chest.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

38      "Good Knight" Casting Stone Sculpture                                          $51.00
This seven inch by four inch hand finished sculpture by A.M. Ruppert will be your
knight in shining armor. Number eleven in an edition of 100, this piece, signed by
the artist, was sculpted in the image of the artist's third and favorite Shepherd,
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

39      "Canine Heroes" T-shirt                                                        $18.00
This T-shirt is entitled, "Canine Heroes" and lists names & locations of some of the
k9's that worked the World Trade Center. Paw-prints are used instead of the stars.
Looks like American flag. The size is extra large.
Donated by Priscilla and Greg Richardson

40      Standing Silver GSD Pin                                                         $4.00
This is a silver colored GSD pin from the mid 1960's. The pin is unpolished, giving
it a matte finish. Measuring 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" this will highlight your love of
Shepherds while decorating your shirt or scarf.
Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

41      Vintage Sterling German Shepherd Pin                                            $7.75
This 3.5 inch by 2 inch pin depicts a long haired German Shepherd Dog in profile.
The scruff of this lovely dog curls up and the eye is a sparkling stone making for a
unique and fashionable item.
Donated by Victoria Abrams
42      Pollyanna Pickering Welcome Mat                                                  $7.50
Another of Pollyanna Pickering's wonderful German Shepherds adorn this welcome
mat. It features a handsome head study done in browns and golds on a natural color
mat. The huge WELCOME along the bottom makes guests feel at home.
 Donated by Debra & Sam Hokkanen

43      "Puppy Patrol" German Shepherd Pup 6" Tile                                      $14.00
This six inch square oversized ceramic tile depicts a working dog in the making. A
GSD puppy holds a set of keys in his mouth while sitting amidst various police
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

44      Beach Dog T-Shirt                                                               $20.00
Colorful outline rendering of a German Shepherd in motion enhances this summer
t-shirt designed by Beth Hickman. 100% cotton knit this t-shirt is a pink Hanes Her
Way. Size Large.
Donated by Victoria Abrams

45      German Shepherd With Puppies Coasters                                           $15.00
These coasters feature a German Shepherd and her puppies by artist Linda Picken.
This set of 4 cork-backed, absorbent tile drink coasters can be cleaned with warm
soapy water and the image won't wear or rub off. Trademarked AbsorbaStone keeps
your glass from sticking by absorbing the moisture through its textured, porous
surface which does not crumble or fade.
 Donated by Chris & Tomas Harriman

46      Puppy Love Magnet and Notepad                                                    $5.00
This darling little notepad and magnet set features an adorable puppy that you just
can't help but love. The notepad is great to stick in your purse, in the glove box of
your car or next to the phone. Use the magnet to hang your favorite GSD picture on
your fridge or on a filing cabinet at work.
Donated by Ellen & Roscoe Holmes

47      Decorated Dog Basket #2                                                         $20.00
This basket is a cornucopia basket which includes a GSD puppy poster, dog
shampoo a squeaky newspaper, a splash ball & a fuzzy toy.
Donated by Lauralee Davis & John Estano
48      GSD List Pad                                                                     $8.00
This pad is shaped like a shopping list pad of paper with pencil, GSD magnet, and
GSD's on paper.
Donated by Priscilla and Greg Richardson

49      Regal German Shepherd Note Cards                                                 $8.00
This regal soulful eyed German Shepherd adorning eight note cards with envelopes
beckons you to come and play. This original Bill Harrah design features pen and
ink German Shepherd on white card stock suitable for all occasions.
 Donated by Victoria Abrams

50      Relpo Long Coat GSD Planter                                                     $18.00
For your consideration is a very nice dog planter. This is a very handsome
long coat German Shepherd. He stands 8 inches tall and about 6 1/2 inches long
and is marked on the bottom Relpo 1895 Japan. This planter would look wonderful
nestled in with other plants or sitting on its own. If you don't like plants, you can
display it alone or use it to hold pencils, etc.
 Donated by Joanna Giddens

51      DOGNY Book                                                                      $25.00
This book is a tribute to search and rescue dogs (mostly connected to 9/11). Styled
after the Swiss cow statue exhibit, GSD shaped statues were created and decorated
to reflect different aspects of NYC. Beautiful photographs show the results, all
collected under one cover in DOGNY.
Donated by Lauralee Davis & John Estano

52      Fashion Police Wardrobe Guardian                                                $14.00
Let this officer get into plainclothes- with your jacket on his shoulders this wooden
hanger will be the best dressed K9 officer on the block! These matching hangers
are painted and cut to look like a GSD in full police uniform, including cap.
 Donated by Anonymous

53      "Canine Heroes" Sweatshirt                                                      $28.00
This sweatshirt is entitled, "Canine Heroes" and lists names & locations of some of
the k9's that worked the World Trade Center. Paw-prints are used instead of the
stars. Looks like the American flag. The size is extra large.
 Donated by Priscilla and Greg Richardson
54      Reflective Dog Jacket                                                          $34.00
Made of a special fabric composed of tiny mirrors, this dog jacket is not only
Florescent orange for increased day time visibility but also night glow when a light
source (headlights or a flash light) shines on or near it. Keep your dog safe while
walking at night or in the rain.
Donated by Pam & James Devlin

55      Garden Mailbox Flag                                                            $20.00
Made by Silk Reflections, this garden flag has the loveliest black and tan German
Shepherd head. Decorated in the unique style of reproducing authentic hand-
paintings of nationally known artists. This flag comes with its own stand to add
beauty to your garden or lawn.
Donated by Paul & Elaine Kelly

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