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        Fall 2011
                                                                                        Cultural Program Fall 2011   1


                                 1.        Trip Glossary                                Pages: 2 - 3
                                           An overview of this semester’s trips

                                 2.        Trip & Excursion Details                     Pages: 4 - 20
                                           All you need to know about the offerings

                                 4.        Hors les Murs                                Page: 21
                                           Excursions and events in Paris

                                 5.        Affordable Theater                           Page: 22
                                           Advice on savings at the theater

                                 6.        Travel Tips & Web Sites                      Page: 23
                                           Useful tips & sites to help travel plans

                                 7.        Program Policies                             Pages: 25 - 27
                                           The “must know” rules and regulations

                                 8.        Coup de Pouce & Financial Aid                Page: 28
                                           Info on how to get a little financial help

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 2   Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                         Cultural Program Glossary   3

                                  Trip Glossary                                                       Trip Glossary

               Page 4             Barcelona - Cultural Excursion                    € 290   Page 13   Turkey - BA 4003, BA 4025, BA 5020 Study Trip                € TBA
                                  Friday, 22 September - Monday, 26 September                         Thursday, 27 October - Wednesday, 2 November (approx)

               Page 5             Caen and Omaha Beach - CM 5009 Study Trip         € 115   Page 14   Auschwitz and Krakow - CM 5009 Study Trip                    € 500
                                  Saturday, 1 October                                                 Thursday, 10 November - Saturday, 12 November

               Page 6             Brussels, Bruges & Ghent - AH 2013 Study Trip     € 185   Page 15   Rome - AH 3057 Study Trip                                    € 550
                                  Saturday, 1 October - Sunday, 2 October                             Thursday, 10 November - Sunday, 13 November

               Page 7             Nîmes, Pont-du-Gard, Arles - AH 2011 Study Trip   € 400   Page 17   Berlin - PO 4090, PO 5058 Study Trip                         € 450
                                  Thursday 6 October - Sunday 9 October                               Thursday, 10 November - Sunday, 13 November

               Page 9             Rouen - EN 2020b, CL 4000 Study Trip              € 50    Page 18   NATO - PO 4090, PO 5058 Study Trip                           € 90
                                  Saturday, 8 October                                                 Wednesday, 16 November

               Page 10            London - CM 5066, CM 5067 Study Trip              € 390   Page 19   Vienna - MU 1031 Study Trip                                  € 550
                                  Thursday, 13 October - Sunday, 16 October                           Thursday, 17 November - Sunday, 20 November

               Page 11            Venice - IL 1010 Study Trip                       € 420   Page 20   India - CM 5063 Study Trip                                   € 1600
                                  Thursday, 13 October - Sunday, 16 October                           Winter break

               Page 12            Amsterdam - AR 1010, CL 1000 Study Trip           € 350
                                  Friday, 21 October - Sunday, 23 October

4   Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                                              Trips & Excursions   5

     Cultural Excursion                                                                          CM 5009: Globalization, Memory and Visual Culture

     Barcelona                                                                                   Caen and Omaha Beach
                                          E  very year around the 24th of September,
                                             the city of Barcelona, capital of Catalonia,
                                          celebrates its patron saint with the week-long Fetes
                                                                                                                                        E  xperience the immortalized memory of World
                                                                                                                                           War II with this day trip to Lower Normandy.
                                                                                                                                        Departing from Paris in the morning to visit the
                                          de la Mercè festival.                                                                         city of Caen and its Mémorial museum detailing
                                                                                                                                        the timeline of World War II, as well as offering
                                          On the agenda are the Castellers or Human Towers,                                             a 21st century perspective on global war and
                                          a competitive Catalonian tradition where different                                            peace. In the afternoon, travel by bus to the D-Day
                                          acrobatic teams try to build the tallest tower                                                Beaches made famous during the summer of 1944.
                                          of bodies; the Correfoc, or procession of “fire-
                                          breathing dragons”; and the Giants parade. Also                                               This includes a guided tour to various World War II
                                          not to be missed are the Catalonian wine fair, free                                           sites and memorials, including the U.S. Cemetery in
                                          open-air concerts, and contemporary art exhibits.                                             Colleville-sur-Mer (Omaha Beach) and the Pointe
                                                                                                                                        du Hoc - where grass has grown over the craters
                                          Take this opportunity to relax with your friends                                              left by bombs and grenades, and the cement block
                                          early on in the semester: soak up some sun on                                                 houses are still standing for you to explore.
                                          Barcelona’s beach or climb the Montjuic for a
                                          breathtaking coastal view. Most importantly, take                                             You will return to Paris by train in the evening
                                          advantage of a rare opportunity to visit Barcelona                                            through the city of Caen.
                                          at its most festive time!

                                          Students should note that they will not be excused
                                          for their Friday classes and should discuss their
                                          absence with their professor(s).

     Friday, 22 September to Monday, 26 September                                                Saturday, 1 October
     Accompanying staff: Jennifer Larsen                                                         Accompanying professor: Charles Talcott

                                                                 € 290                                                                                          € 115
     Late cancelation fee: € 290                                                                 Late cancelation fee: € 100
     Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep                                                          Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep

     Cost includes: air transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast                      Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, entrance fees, guided visits and VAT.
6   Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                                                       Trips & Excursions   7

     AH 2013: Renaissance Art and Architecture                                                      AH 2011 : Ancient Art and Architecture

     Brussels, Bruges & Ghent                                                                       Nîmes, Pont-du-Gard, Arles
                                            T   he Northern Renaissance comes alive through a
                                                visit to The Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels and
                                            the Flemish cities of Ghent and Bruges, first under
                                                                                                                                             T  he Roman remains in southern France are far
                                                                                                                                                from in ruins. In this trip see the amphitheater
                                                                                                                                             and bath at Arles, a town made famous almost 2,000
                                            Burgundian and then Imperial rule.                                                               years later by its residents Gauguin and Van Gogh.

                                            Fifteenth-century Ghent was a flourishing                                                        At Orange see a Roman triumphal arch and a hugh
                                            commercial and artistic center. Visit the Cathedral                                              theater built into a hill that seats 10,000 spectators.
                                            of Saint Bavo which houses Van Eyck’s master                                                     Not only is it still in use, but it is the best conserved
                                            altarpiece The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Later,                                              Roman theater in Europe!
                                            see a striking Hieronymus Bosch at the Ghent
                                            Museum of Fine Arts.                                                                             Another active amphitheater can be found at Nîmes,
                                                                                                                                             along with the beautiful “Maison Carrée”, built
                                            In Bruges, discover impressive collections of Flemish                                            during the reign of Emperor Augustus.
                                            art in the Groeninge Museum (featuring works by
                                            Jan van Eyck, Memling, and many others), as well                                                 The highlight of the trip is the Pont-du-Gard, the
                                            as in the Memling Museum, housed in the historic                                                 practical and aesthetically-pleasing aqueduct that
                                            12th century Hospital of Saint Jean. Visits include                                              brought fresh water from the mountains to Nîmes.
                                            the Church of Our Lady, with its Madonna and Child                                               And at Nîmes we can even see the pipes where this
                                            by Michelangelo, and the Franc de Bruges, with its                                               water came in to be distributed to the town!
                                            spectacular 1529 chimneypiece. A boat ride around
                                            the city’s canals takes you through the heart of the
                                            old city, where you can marvel at churches and
                                            medieval houses reflected in the water.

     Saturday, 1 October to Sunday, 2 October                                                       Thursday, 6 October to Sunday, 9 October
     Accompanying professor: Kathleen Chevalier                                                     Accompanying professor: Anna Russakoff

                                                                    € 185                                                                                              € 400
     Late cancelation fee: € 150                                                                    Late cancelation fee: € 300
     Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep                                                             Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep

     Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, hostel accommodations with breakfast,          Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, on-site coach transportation, hotel
     guided visits and entrance fees and VAT.                                                       accommodations with breakfast, entrance fees, guided visits, and VAT.
                                                                                                                                                             Trips & Excursions   9

In memory of                                                                   EN 2020B: Writing and Criticism

Filiz Burhan                                                                   CL 4000: Paris Through its Books

                                                                                                                      R   ouen, the historic capital of Normandy, is
                                                                                                                          situated north-west of Paris on the river Seine.
                                                                                                                      The city’s artistic heritage is well-known around the
                                                                                                                      world; its cathedral was painted a number of times
                                                                                                                      by Claude Monet, who tried to capture the light on
                                                                                                                      the cathedral at different times of day.

                                                                                                                      The city also has a rich literary history, and is the
                                                                                                                      birthplace of French novelist Gustave Flaubert -
                                                                                                                      most famous for Madame Bovary.

                                                                                                                      After arriving in Rouen via train from Paris, visit the
                                                                                                                      museum dedicated to Flaubert in the house where
                                                                                                                      he was born. Later, travel to the nearby town of
                                                                                                                      Canteleu to visit Flaubert’s library.

                                                                                                                      Return to Paris in the evening via train.

                                                                               Saturday, 8 October
                                                                               Accompanying professor: Daniel Medin

                                                                                                                                                € 50
                                                                               Late cancelation fee: € 50
                                                                               Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep
The Cultural Program would like to pay homage to beloved art history faculty
member and avid study trip leader Filiz Burhan, who passed away on May 23.
Filiz will long be remembered by former students, whom she toured around the
                                                                               Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, entrance fees, guided visits and VAT.
museums of London, Basel, Zurich, Munich, Cologne and Dusseldorf every year.
10 Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                                                Trips & Excursions   11

      CM 5066: Branding Practicum
      CM 5067: Advertising Practicum                                                             IL 1010: Elementary Italian

     London                                                                                      Venice
                                           D   iscover one of the most important centers for
                                               international communications in Europe and its
                                           hotspots of contemporary media during this long
                                                                                                                                      W       hat better way to improve your Italian than
                                                                                                                                              to take a trip to Italy? Enjoy three full days in
                                                                                                                                      Venice exploring the sights and capturing the charm
                                           weekend trip to the British capital.                                                       of this unique city.

                                           Arrive in London early on Thursday morning and                                             The group departs from Paris via train late
                                           begin right away with professional visits in the                                           Thursday, arriving in Venice Friday morning.
                                           fields of public relations, new media, branding and
                                           advertising. Students will have the opportunity to                                         Visits include the Accademia Museum, San Marco
                                           visit with industry professionals and learn more                                           Basilica, the Guggenheim and Doge’s Palace. Also
                                           about the history of communications in London.                                             travel by boat to Murano Island for a tour of a glass
                                           Occasionally these visits lead to AUP student                                              blowing factory that manufactures the legendary
                                           internships.                                                                               Venetian glass.

                                           Plan on some free time to enjoy the culturally                                             Don’t plan on leaving Venice before riding through
                                           diverse metropolis of London before returning to                                           the canals on one of the city’s renowned gondolas!
                                           Paris Sunday evening.

      Thursday, 13 October to Sunday, 16 October                                                 Thursday, 13 October to Sunday, 16 October
      Accompanying professor: Peter Barnet                                                       Accompanying professor: Isabel Gardner

                                                                   € 390                                                                                       € 420
      Late cancelation fee: € 300                                                                Late cancelation fee: € 320
      Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep                                                         Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep

      Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, Tube pass, hotel accommodations with       Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast,
      breakfast, guided visits and entrance fees and VAT.                                        guided visits, entrance fees and VAT.
12   Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                                                Trips & Excursions   13

      AR 1010: First Bridge                                                                         BA 4003: International Business, BA 4025: Social Entrepreneurship
      CL 1000: First Bridge                                                                         BA 5020: Global Cross-Cultural Management

      Amsterdam                                                                                     Turkey
                                           T   ravel to the Netherlands from Paris with your
                                               First Bridge course this semester, stopping first
                                           in The Hague to visit the Mauritshuis Museum
                                                                                                                                            T   his trip is designed to explore the Turkish
                                                                                                                                                business environment. Students visit
                                                                                                                                            production and business operations of several
                                           which houses Dutch masterpieces like Vermeer’s                                                   companies in different industries, focusing on the
                                           Girl with a Pearl Earring.                                                                       differences between doing business in Turkey and
                                           Once in Amsterdam, spend the weekend exploring
                                           Dutch historical and artistic heritage by visiting the                                           Professor Majidi’s students interview and discuss
                                           Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt’s                                                    with executives about the Turkish business
                                           house, and the Anne Frank Museum.                                                                environment in order to understand their strategy
                                                                                                                                            and learn how they develop their international core
                                           Plan on bonding with your First Bridge classmates                                                competencies. After rigorous business meetings,
                                           over a group dinner for the first two nights of the                                              students have time to explore the sights of Turkey
                                           trip.                                                                                            and group activities will be offered.

                                           Return to Paris Sunday evening via high-speed train.
                                                                                                                                            Questions about this trip should be directed
                                                                                                                                            to Professor Majidi. Payment will be
                                                                                                                                            collected by the Cultural Program Office.

      Friday, 21 October to Sunday, 23 October                                                      Thursday, 27 Oct. to Wednesday, 2 Nov. (approx)
      Accompanying professor: Ralph Petty and Daniel Medin                                          Accompanying professor: Mehdi Majidi

                                                                    € 350                                                                                           € TBA
      Late cancelation fee: € 350                                                                   Late cancelation fee: € TBA
      Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep                                                            Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep

      Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast,
                                                                                                    Cost includes: TBA
      guided visits, entrance fees and VAT.
14   Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                                              Trips & Excursions   15

      CM 5009: Globalization, Memory and Visual Culture                                            AH 3057: Caravaggio and Caravaggism

      Auschwitz and Krakow                                                                         Rome
                                            K     rakow, with its strategic location in central
                                                  Europe, became the capital of Germany’s
                                             Central Government while the Nazis occupied
                                                                                                                                         D    iscover Rome as a living museum of history
                                                                                                                                              and art during this weekend study trip to
                                                                                                                                         Italy’s capital.
                                             Poland during World War II. During this weekend
                                             trip, students gain an in-depth understanding of                                            Professor Baltay invites students to explore
                                             20th century history by visiting World War II sites                                         Baroque Rome and the remarkable works of
                                             in an around Krakow, including the Auschwitz                                                Caravaggio. From private collections of Doria-
                                             concentration camp.                                                                         Pamphilii and the Villa Borghese to works still in
                                                                                                                                         their original settings in local churches, students
                                             Beginning the weekend with a guided tour of                                                 experience firsthand the painter’s particular vision.
                                             Krakow’s Old City, students admire the beautiful
                                             architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage city.                                            Visits also include the Vatican, Barberini and
                                             Later, visit the Krakow Ghetto and the Galicia                                              Capitoline Museums as well as many of the sights
                                             Museum to learn more about the Jewish history of                                            of Rome. Be prepared for full days of walking and
                                             Krakow before World War II.                                                                 museum visiting!

                                             On the second day, the group takes a guided
                                             excursion to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp
                                             and Memorial Museum. This important site
                                             in Holocaust history may provoke emotional
                                             reactions, however students should be prepared to
                                             respect their surroundings.

      Thursday, 10 Nov. to Saturday, 12 Nov.                                                       Thursday, 10 November to Sunday, 13 November
      Accompanying professor: Charles Talcott                                                      Accompanying professor: Christine Baltay

                                                                    € 500                                                                                        € 550
      Late cancelation fee: € 400                                                                  Late cancelation fee: € 450
      Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep                                                           Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep

      Cost includes: round-trip air transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast,           Cost includes: round-trip air transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast,
      guided visits, entrance fees and VAT.                                                        guided visits and entrance fees and VAT.
                                                                                              Trips & Excursions   17

                      PO 4090: Senior Seminar
                      PO 5058: Conflict Management

                                                           G     ermany’s largest city, Berlin was divided
                                                                 between East and West from 1949 to 1989 with
                                                           the East ruled by Soviet forces and the West ruled
                                                           by American, French and British forces. After the
                                                           fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the reunification
                                                           process began, with Berlin designated as the new,
                                                           unified, German capital.

                                                           This trip studies US – German – Soviet relations
                                                           during the Cold War and after, focusing on Berlin
                                                           as a pivotal point in these relations.

                                                           Students visit the Berlin Wall: Topography of
                                                           Terror, the famous Checkpoint Charlie, the
                                                           Reichstag or German Parliament building, Berlin’s
                                                           Underground Bunkers, the Hamburger Banhof,
                                                           Neue National Galerie, and participate in a
                                                           discussion of German Policy toward NATO and
                                                           Russia with professionals in the field. Professor
                                                           Gardner will confirm specific visits closer to the
                                                           trip date.

                      Thursday, 10 November to Sunday, 13 November
                      Accompanying professor: Hall Gardner

                                                                                  € 450
                      Late cancelation fee: € 400
                      Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep

      Venice, Italy
by Jennifer Larsen    Cost includes: round-trip air transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast,
                      guided visits, entrance fees and VAT.
18 Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                                                Trips & Excursions   19

      PO 4090: Senior Seminar, PO 5058: Conflict Management
      Open to all PO majors                                                                          MU 1031: Music Appreciation

     NATO Brussels                                                                                   Vienna
                                             D   uring this day trip to NATO headquarters,
                                                 learn more about NATO’s current activities
                                             and political direction.
                                                                                                                                          V    ienna has been a capital of music for
                                                                                                                                               centuries. Visits to monuments of Imperial
                                                                                                                                          Vienna - Schönbrunn Palace and Saint Stephen’s
                                                                                                                                          Cathedral, to music museums, and a concert at the
                                             Students hear lectures and briefings from three                                              Musikverein, Konzerthaus, or Wiener Staatsoper
                                             different NATO staff people, and have the                                                    will focus on the creative lives of composers
                                             opportunity to meet with an AUP alumna currently                                             who shaped Western compositional styles in the
                                             working at NATO.                                                                             two great Viennese schools: Haydn, Mozart, and
                                                                                                                                          Beethoven in the golden age of classicism, and
                                             After lunch in the NATO cafeteria, students return                                           Schoenberg, Webern, and Berg in the 20th century.
                                             to Paris by train via coach to Brussels Midi Station.

      Wednesday, 16 November                                                                         Thursday, 17 November to Sunday, 20 November
      Accompanying professor: Hall Gardner                                                           Accompanying professor: Randall Blatt

                                                                     € 90                                                                                        € 550
      Late cancelation fee: € 80                                                                     Late cancelation fee: € 400
      Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep                                                             Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep

      Cost includes: round-trip train transportation, on-site coach transportation, visit and        Cost includes: round-trip air transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast,
      guided lectures, lunch, and VAT.                                                               guided visits, entrance fees and VAT.
20 Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                                                Cultural Program Fall 2011   21

      CM 5063 : Topics: Sustainable Development Practicum                                          Sign-up starting January 17 on MyAUP or in SD-4...

     India                                                                                         Hors les murs
                                                                                                   The Cultural Program has put together the following visits and show reservations for you to

                                            T   his study trip is a four-week travel course.
                                                The group flies to Chennai after final exams in
                                            December to spend nearly a month working closely
                                                                                                   see something “outside the walls” of your classrooms this semester. Please note that spots
                                                                                                   are first-come, first-serve and generally sell out during the first two weeks of the semester!

                                            with NGOs based in Auroville, India. Professors
                                            Elder and Sauerwein guide students in a field and
                                                                                                   Orchestre de Paris - Cost: €38
                                                                                                   Thursday, 22 September at 20h
                                            culture they know intimately to help students gain
                                                                                                   Salle Pleyel
                                            a professional and cultural experience unique to
                                                                                                   See the Orchestre de Paris perofm this autumn alongside Yutaka
                                            AUP’s graduate community.
                                                                                                   Sado, Marc Coppey and Roland Daugareil in the recently renovated
                                                                                                   Salle Pleyel concert hall. They will be performing pieces by Igor
                                            For more information on registering for this course,
                                                                                                   Stravinski, Edouard Lalo, and Nikolaï Rimski-Korsakov.
                                            please contact your graduate department chair.
                                                                                                   Hôtel de Ville - Guided visit - Cost: Free
                                                                                                   Thursday, 20 October at 15h - Register before September 30.
                                                                                                   Paris City Hall
                                            Price will be confirmed during the first               Did you know that the impressive building of Paris’ city hall was
                                                                                                   burned by Commune extremists in 1871? Learn all about the history
                                            week of courses, September 2011                        of its beautiful structure, and what happens on a daily basis inside,
                                                                                                   during this free guided tour of the Hôtel de Ville. This visit is free,
                                            Open strictly to graduate students                     however, advanced reservation is required.
                                            registered in CM 5063.                                 La Source - Cost: €47
                                                                                                   Monday, 7 November at 19h30
                                                                                                   Opéra Garnier
                                                                                                   A contemporary take on a classic story : this production of La
                                                                                                   Source, choreographed by French dancer Jean-Emmanuel Bart,
      Winter break                                                                                 is premiering this season at the Opéra Garnier complete with
                                                                                                   costumes by Christian Lacroix. The story is a love triangle in Eurasia
      Accompanying professor: Charles Talcott                                                      during the time of the Khans, centered around the nymph Naila –
                                                                                                   whose heart is broken when the Khan chooses another.

                                                                   € 1600
      Late cancelation fee: € 850                                                                  The Sound of Music - Cost: €42
                                                                                                   Thursday, 8 December at 20h
      Last day to sign up/cancel: 19 Sep                                                           Théâtre du Chatelet
                                                                                                   So you’ve seen the movie a dozen times – but have you seen the
                                                                                                   musical? This show is back at the Chatelet after a popular run in
                                                                                                   2009, if you missed it last time be sure to catch it now! The classic
                                                                                                   story of a young governess in Austria during World War II is all the
      Cost includes: round-trip air transportation, accommodations, lecture fees, and VAT.
                                                                                                   more powerful sung right before your eyes.
22 Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                             Cultural Program Fall 2011 23

      Cheap options for a student budget...                       Travel smart with the Cultural Program...

      Affordable Theater                                          Travel Tips & Web Sites
                                                                  Hotels & Hostels                                     
      Opéra de Paris
      Fifteen minutes before the start of every show, under-
                                                                  The most important thing to do before booking        
      28s can purchase remaining tickets at lower prices (25
                                                                  a hostel is READ THE REVIEWS! Most hostel            
      for the opera, 15 for dance, or 10 for a concert).
                                                                  booking Web sites have user reviews and ratings.     
                                                                  It’s also nice to leave a review yourself after you  
      Opéra Comique
                                                                  get home.                                            
      Passeport AMOC – Under 28
      When you purchase a Passeport for 50, the AMOC
      offers you another 50. The total of 100 can be used to
                                                                  Online Travel Specialists                            
      purchase tickets to any show at the Opéra Comique.
                                                                  Worldwide flights, hotels and package deals:         
      Opéra de Paris and La Comédie Française
      Pass’Jeunes – Under 28
      The pass costs 30 (solo) or 20 (you and a friend each
      buy one). It allows you to purchase tickets for the
                                                                  Cheapest flights within Europe and the UK:           
      Opéra Bastille, Opéra Garnier, and the Comédie
      Française at reduced rates.
                                                                  Budget airlines in Europe and the UK:                
      Théâtre de Chaillot
                                                                  Flights to Spain and Italy:                          
      Ticket prices range from 10-17 for those under 26,
                                                                  Flights to Prague, Vienna, and Bratislava:           
      but special subscription prices allow you to purchase
      tickets from 8-14 if you purchase seats for at least four
                                                                  Train Travel
                                                                  Train trips throughout France and to selected destinations in Europe can be booked
      Théâtre de la Ville
                                                                  through the SNCF (see Online Travel Specialists, above, and Travel Agencies,
      Normal ticket prices for those under 30 are usually
                                                                  below). The Carte 12-25 provides 25-50% discounts on train trips in France to those
      10-13.50, but special subscription prices allow you to
                                                                  under 25. The card costs 49 and is valid for one year.
      purchase tickets as low as 8 each if you purchase seats
                                                                  For rail passes, see the Eurail Web site:
      for at least three shows.
                                                                  Travel Agencies
      Salle Pleyel
      Thirty minutes before the start of every show, those
                                                                  SNCF Boutique                               Voyages Wasteels (STA Travel)
      under 28 may purchase remaining tickets at a reduced
                                                                  78, rue St-Dominique                        113, blvd Saint-Michel
      rate of 10. Reduced price tickets are also available
                                                                  75007 PARIS                                 75005 PARIS
      through a special youth subscription: seats are 5 each if
                                                                  Tel: 3635                                   Tel: 01 43 26 93 92
      you purchase tickets to a minimum of four concerts.
                                                                                       Cultural Program Fall 2011 25

                        Cultural Program Policies
                                                                                       Policy Information

                        The following policies apply to those who participate in excursions, study trips,
                         and events offered by the Cultural Program Office of The American University
                                                                                                of Paris.

                                                                                          Payment Policy

                                 All activities must be paid for in advance. All payments must be made
                                    exclusively in euros, either online or at the Cultural Program Office
                                with cash, check or credit card (Visa/Carte Bleue, American Express or

                                 N.B. - Debts to the Cultural Program will result in blocked transcripts
                                                         and/or charges directly to students’ accounts.


                                   Tickets that are signed for are non-refundable, even if not collected.
                                    Students cannot register for other students and must present their
                                     American University of Paris student card when registering for an
                                       activity. Tickets signed for must be purchased upon registration
                                       and collected no later than 17h00 four days prior to the event. If
                                              the event falls on a weekend, tickets must be collected no
                                                                           later than Tuesday afternoon.

                                                 Cancelations are not permitted unless someone on the
                                                  waiting list replaces the student. Before a student can
                                                 replace another, both students must first sign a waiver
                                                                          in the Cultural Program Office.

        Venice, Italy
from Jennifer Larsen
26 Cultural Program Fall 2011                                                                                                                              Cultural Program Fall 2011 27

           Policies Continued...                                                                         Policies Continued...
           Excursions: Cancelation & Refund Policy (New cancellation policy for all trips)                                                                   Carte de Séjour

           Please note: There is a new cancellation policy for Cultural Program trips.               Any student who registers for a cultural excursion or study trip that
           This policy has been instituted so that the Cultural Program can function         involves travel outside of France and who does not correctly fulfill the Carte
           smoothly with our internal computer system. No cancellations will be              de Séjour requirements by providing the necessary documents to the Carte
           possible after 19 September.                                                           de Séjour Office at the start of the semester and is, therefore, unable to
                                                                                                    travel, will be held responsible for the cost of the trip. No exceptions
           Students who cancel after the stated deadline will be charged a late                    to this rule. See the Carte de Séjour Office if you are not sure that you
           cancelation fee. This fee is different for every trip and is stated on the trip                                            have the proper documents to travel.
           information page in this brochure. It is the responsibility of the student
           to cancel his/her registration, in person or in writing. A student who has                                                                                  Visas
           not cancelled by the general deadline of September 19 is considered to be
           registered and will be held responsible for any resulting fees.                           Students are also responsible for knowing the visa requirements for
                                                                                                      travel outside of France. If a visa is required, the Cultural Program
           Failure to contact the Cultural Program Office or to make payment by the                       Office will provide a letter that can be taken to the embassy or
           deadline does not signify cancelation. It should be noted that any student                    consulate of the relevant country to obtain a visa. It is advisable,
           who fails to cancel registration for a trip and who fails to notify the                           once registered for a trip, to contact the relevant embassy or
           Cultural Program Office before the date of departure risks liability for                   consulate as soon as possible to confirm the visa requirements, and
           the entire cost of the trip. If a student withdraws from a course with                        the cost and time needed to deliver the visa. Any student who is
           a study trip, the student remains registered for that trip unless the                         unable to participate in a trip because of failure to complete visa
           Cultural Program Office is notified before the cancelation deadline.                             arrangements will be held responsible for the cost of the trip.

           Day Excursions:                                                                                                                                          Conduct
           No refund will be made after the stated deadline (which
           appears in the brochure and on each registration sheet)                                                      Any behavior on Cultural Program study trips or
           or if the student fails to take part in the excursion.                                                          excursions that violates either the University’s
                                                                                                                   Standards of Conduct or local legislation is prohibited
           Study Trips and Weekend Excursions:                                                                           and can result in disciplinary action. In extreme
           Students wishing to arrange their own lodging or                                                          cases, students may be asked to leave the group and
           transportation must make this clear upon registering                                                       return home. See The American University of Paris
           for a trip. Special arrangements may NOT be possible.                                                          2008-09 Course Catalog for more information.
           In all cases, students will be charged for entrance fees
           and group-related fees.
28 Cultural Program Fall 2011

           Coup de Pouce
                    & Financial Aid
           Coupe de Pouce Information

           Coup de Pouce is a donation-based resource that provides a limited
           amount of financial aid to AUP degree-seeking students who are
           registered in classes with study trips and who are in financial need.

           The grants are funded by a combination of profits generated from
           vending machines on AUP’s campus and contributions made by the
           Student Government Association (SGA), Student Affairs and the
           President’s Office.

           The SGA, the Director of Financial Aid, the Cultural Program
           Coordinator and the Director of Student Affairs form the committee
           that distributes Coup de Pouce grants. A short application form must
           be completed in order to apply for aid. Please note that applications
           must be filled in completely and accurately or they will not be

           Applications may be obtained in the SGA Office in Bosquet
           or online at They must be completed and
           returned to the SGA by 14 September at 17h00.

           No late applications will be considered.
Cultural Program Coordinator:
Jennifer Larsen
Cultural Program Office
102 rue St. Dominique
75007 Paris

This brochure and online payment information is available at:

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